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      Alberto Fabbri

      È da 3 anni che opero nel trading. All’inizio sono stato un ignorante non sapevo nulla. Ho avuto esperienze dalle più brutte, ho perso tantissimo ma ho anche imparato molto da tutto ciò. Adesso sono tranquillo e non ho procurazione se posso o non posso prelevare.

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      Jarne Collin

      I do not recommend, after they see that you do not want to invest anymore, they no longer answer the phones or answer emails, I do not advise it! It is a full-fledged scam that for my part have stolen a lot of money.

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      Has anyone heard of this broker?
      Conditions look very enticing but how is it in real trading and other respects?

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      Claire Nichols

      Forex offers stability and security. They are regulated and legit which means that they will not scam you. However I will recommend to be careful in the Forex world and use a simple trading platform, something for which Forex is known for. Their platform and MT4 are simple and user friendly.

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      Devin Wanger

      I trade mainly by the method of scalping, but sometimes I put medium lots. And I noticed that scalping does not always work well because of peculiarities of quotations. For example, Yen/USD pair works perfectly only on Forex platform, although Yen/EUR pair operation is always smooth on all platforms.

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      Ennio Evanelisti

      È da un po’ di tempo ormai che faccio trading con e sono soddisfatto perché mi offrono l’assistenza giusta, e mi sta andando bene non ho avuto dei problemi con i prelievi oppure con l’account manager.

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      Stephen Snyder

      Trading with Forex is a great experience. I learned a lot during the past few months and I am glad for the platform. Its uniqueness and its simplicity it’s what makes it great.

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      I deposited $50,000.00 using my chase Account I made way over that amount. WITHDRAWAL takes to long. And they will hold your money for no reason. STAY AWAY. IM STILL WAITING FOR MY MONEY BACK

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      Let me tell you this. They are many Brokers who can tell you beautiful things and promise you a great bonus if you deposit some big amount. One thing you must know, you have to educate and learn about the broker before you start trading.
      I’ve been with for about 2 years, I have never get any problem with trading, Also I have never got any problem withdrawing money.
      And when I have a problem I talk to support and they give me the right explanation.
      Also you got to understand when you a pending trading between 5:00pm and 5:01,pm EST you will get a swap charge.
      So I can say they are good brokers.

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      I deposited 16000$ and start trading after getting 10k profit i request to withdraw all my funds. After i request withdraw next day i receive an email where they require some documents to process my withdraw. I submit all my documents and wait. After a month they told me that they have close my account . Then I email them that they have to pay my withdraw and they said that its been processed. Now its 2 month I am still waiting for my withdraw but nothing . I advice all traders to stay away his broker.

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      Ho soldi bloccati sul conto. Ho provato a fare il prelievo tramite l’app ma sono passati quindici giorni e ancora niente. Prima quando volevano che aggiungessi altri soldi chiamavano tutti i giorni. Ora che hanno capito che non ne ho altri sono spariti. Qualcuno di voi ha idea di come possiamo fare per sbloccare quei soldi? Ci sarà un modo per recuperarli… o è solo utopia?

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      Aaron Stone

      I’m the type of person who likes new experiences and started this new experience as an adventure thinking that it would be a brief one. My lack of information on economy and finance made me think that I wouldn’t have stayed for long in the world of trading. It’s been a year now and I find myself with a good profit and I have to thank my account manager for this. He has guided me in the right path making me have monthly profits. The beginning wasn’t easy and several times I lost interest but after operating with my account manager’s signals and advices I noted that it’s really possible making money from trading. I’ve made a withdrawal and I’m looking forward to raise my deposit and have the possibility to gain more.

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      Leopoldo Fragale

      Il mio consiglio è di affidarsi a se si sta praticando il trading per la prima volta, considerando anche le commissioni sugli ordini quasi inesistenti, mentre a coloro che fanno del trading il proprio mestiere consiglio di ricercare una piattaforma più reattiva ed idonea alle proprie esigenze.

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      Son un montón de mentirosos y tramposos. Tienen tasas de intercambio altamente irrazonables y su aplicación nativa y mt4 tienen diferentes spreads. Su servicio al cliente es altamente ineficiente y podría agregar también imbécil. También experimentarás sus cargos embriagadores e indulgentes si decides unirte a ellos. Solo es una perdida de tiempo. No te unas a este corredor.

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      Greco Rossi

      C’è un modo per recuperare i soldi? Sto avendo problemi a contattare il mio referente Non sono sicuro di cosa fare ora.

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      x. waters

      closing trades saying “margin call” when my margin % was 170%!!
      they open spreads over 40-50pips when scalping so your bid or ask line wont go into profit. they also will just disconnect your account during moves where your trade will be in profit. just to turn back on once price comes back to your entry or worse.
      STAY FAR AWAY FROM!!!!! they’re who picked up FXCM’s castaways once FXCM USA division was shut down for FRAUD!!!

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      Son grandes mentiras. Tengo dos cuentas con ellos. Una comisión y una no comisión. Anuncian con comisión que hay 0.2 pips pero cerraron mi posición con 2.20 pips en mi cuenta de comisión. Puse una orden de compra cuando EUR USD estaba en 1.12079 pero su operador la colocó en 1.12246. Me voló la cabeza cuando vi eso. Les envié un correo electrónico para explicármelo, de lo contrario iré a la corte y me quejaré. ¡MANTENTE LEJOS Y LEJOS de estos estafadores! ¡Te prometo que te arrepentirás!

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      Nicola Schettino

      In passato ho un po’ letto e provato a capire di analisi tecnica, resistenze, medie etc ma alla fine non sono mai riuscito a focalizzare un vero metodo, che fosse in qualche modo standard. Intendo dire magari ho solo due segnali di entrata nel mercato al mese ma che siano chiari e invece, alla fine mi sono sempre perso sulle interpretazioni. Adesso è da un po’ che ho ricominciato come si deve con Forex

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      This broker is just terrible. I live in Mexico but I trade with UK because of the high leverage. I’ve been their client since 2011. When I opened my account with them I didn’t know they were Market Makers; which means they take the opposite side of all your trades. In other words they bet against all their retail clients because they know more than 90% of them loose money; so that’s their main source of revenue.

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      I tried to withdraw/close my account with Submitted all documents requested, final step was to “chat” with someone in the UK, just the basic run around; they kept my money.

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      Samantha Murray

      This broker is made for professional traders or for new traders who desire to become good at trading currencies. I tried some brokers regulated by FCM and NFA, but forex is providing excellent services and I’m planning to replicate all my results on metals and futures with them. I want to ask any member of this forum to give me feedback about trading spots on precious metals and futures through forex.

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      Tre anni fa mi sono registrato con un broker, nome il quale non voglio fare pubblico, il quale mi ha ingannato. Per molto tempo ho lasciato perdere il trading, ma 9 mesi fa ho iniziato di nuovo. Grazie a una telefonata di uno degli account manager di ho riniziato a fare trading. Sono 9 mesi ormai che faccio trading con, non posso dire che sono sempre stato nel positivo perché ogni persona che fa trading lo sa questa cosa non e possibile, pero ho preso l’assistenza giusta, mi hanno seguito e non mi hanno mai lasciato da solo.

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      I’m a newbie trader and making a lot of mistakes , but I’m not stupid for sure ( I will be if I’ll stay with .
      First. spread is just ridiculous when it’s coms to daytrading, when it come to the best entry point they just pumping up spreads in seconds, wich makes it really hard to follow RR ratio and have a profit.
      Second. Price difference, not ones have seen how they got different price even in their platform webtrading platform and mobile wich have difference sometimes up to 5 pips ( freaking 5 pips!!!!) . So where ever either web or mobile the price comes close to stoploss (not touching it) they close the trade.
      So that’s anough for me to understand that it’s pretty legit way to collect money, not only collect but constantly milking , from their costumers, trying to show that it’s their mistakes. So I would say I’m trying 3 different brokers and so far this one was the worst one because of the reasons described above ( never had have happened shit like this with the other brokers).
      So just be aware and do your own research!

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      e raynor

      The only thing I can tell you based on my experience with is – STAY AWAY FROM THIS BROKER!

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      I just asked why people dont get approved for forex trading and they refuse to answer ( its our secret and wee dont want to share ) ok you dont want a new client , nop they dont want a new client like me . Its a civilized mafia rule .

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      Just Stay Away. if you must Fool with them open a DEMO… They are Rascals and Cheaters .They make Miracles Happen in their Favor. They know how to Hide their Unethical behavior. Do yourself a Big Favor Trade with another Broker.!

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      Stay away from this company…I had two computer screens open for two different accounts trading the same currency pairs (USDJPY). I was short on my trade and there was a big fall in my favor, close to 60 pips drop, they showed me as being negative until the trade turned against me and that’s when they showed the real numbers. They’re manipulating the numbers in their favor.

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      Jonathan Daniels

      Forex is a well-organized and reliable broker and I experienced trade with them for 2 years. During early stages of trading my experience was too small and I have learned a lot of forex education mostly through Forex main site. I used to practice on demo account more than 3 months to enhance skills and understanding about trading system. I mostly traded on favorite pair EUR/USD and I don’t have any issues about increasing spread, so far it is maintaining and fixed at 3 pips. Frankly speaking, I don’t take profit every day! In fact, it definitely occurs so that I will always keep on improve trading plan. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Forex which allowed me to generate additional income and withdrawal process always run smoothly. Thanks Forex!

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      P. Ferri

      Ho appena aperto un conto con e sto operando autonomamente. è troppo presto per dare un parere, ma non so se ho bisogno dell’aiuto di un account manager o no.

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      I am literally disgusted by this broker and they will literally steal your money off of slippage, huge spreads, and EXTREMELY SMALL leverage which they use as an excuse to close your trades early!! I started with them a couple days ago and I have 4 trades that finished negative before turning profitable because THEY KEEP CLOSING MY TRADES before my stop loss!!!
      AND THE REASON I AM WRITING THIS REVIEW TODAY is because their MT4 platform was showing IMMENSELY different prices from the chart and the actual trading screen. This lead the sell trade to hitting my stop loss at 1.08206 when the price NEVER EVEN WENT ABOVE 1.08100. I lost a ton of pips and they’re coming up with BS excuses like the market time session, etc. P.S MY SPREAD ON MY TRADE WAS 13 PIPS!!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE JACKASSES

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      jon mitchell

      do not trade with this company, they started canceling my trades saying i was in margin call when my account was well over funded in cash. and only 40 % of funds where invested. also the worst they started canceling my trades as they were seconds away from mark casing losing bets that were actually large winning bets. I had been winning quite consistently. they are using you as dummies and betting against you calls making money on the back end DO NOT JOIN DO NOT JOIN SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMERS AND I WILL BE FIGHTING THEM IN SMALL CLAIMS. LOOK FOR LAW SUIT COMING FROM FRESNO, CA WITHIN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS.

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      Massimo Lucati

      Per me la parte più difficile del trading è capire l’analisi tecnica e il momento in cui è necessario mettere il take profit. Poi tutto il resto mi sembra interessante e molto affascinante. Ho delle grandi aspettative nel guadagnare da questa attività con loro.

    • #14758 Reply
      Eric Price

      That’s my first post ever regarding It’s not about my experience but about real info regarding this broker. All these negative comments are not true. No problems in withdrawals. No problems with spreads during rollover. I trade an Expert Adviser on MT4 that can’t stand 6 pips spread on crossing pairs like gbp/jpy, etc. Positions are opened exactly at 5pm and there is no spreads above 5 points. I have been trading for 2 years and have a good experience overall. All negative comments are due to lack of experience and definitely not because of the broker.

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      Brokers are worth the attention and many know about them. I’ve been trading on forex for a long time, I have developed my own opinion about them, I think it should be considered when thinking about which one to choose.

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      I have been trading with for sometime now and a few months most of all my trades have experienced slippage, the connection has been removed in the most critical times of the trade – stop losses are well above or below the Hi / Lo .
      Will not be staying with this broker.

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      I had two accounts with them, I had active positions +1700$ valued, they just closed 0.30 lots without telling me nothing and transferred 864$ to my another account claiming they want to cover my negative balance in the other account! I told them you could’ve tell me I would take care of my another account to bring it to zero WITHOUT letting me close my + 0.30$ and unnecessarily pay for your spread.
      There is a lot of brokers over here just avoid this one if you care about the transparency.
      so simply they control your account without even telling you!

    • #19446 Reply

      I’m trying to withdraw, I’ve been trying for already 2 months, my advisor doesn’t now what stupid excuse to invent now: he’s sick, there are problems with the processor, my documents, the contract. The only real thing is, I CAN’T WITHDRAW MY MONEY.

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      Io sono stato contattato da loro, ho aperto un conto con 250 USD. Stanno facendomi vedere che operano con così pochi soldi. Ma non capisco se sono ladri o in buona fede.

    • #14692 Reply
      Jack Ellis

      Forex offers the MT4 and Mobile platforms to trade online. It is top forex trading platforms. Company delivers tens currency pairs and other trading instruments. Slippage size is the smallest one among other brokers out there. Based on my logs of executed orders I can also confirm tight spreads. Absolutely no server disconnections in the most active trading time in all sessions.

    • #22308 Reply

      Disappointment…My account moved to from FXCM. They do not have ECN unless one has high account value, so as a retail trader I could not find them appealing.

    • #22289 Reply

      Stay away from it’s a total scam. They only care about ripping you off. I have only been with for almost 3 months, but it’s been blood, sweat, and tears. They have poor services you can ever imagine. Their web trading platform is just a crook. You can’t even save your worked trading indicators. They have executed sell order many times below stop loss and ripped off my money. Everything does not work with. I wish I knew what I know now. Don’t take your hard earned money to or you will end crying. are total dishonest.

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      Economy guardian
    • #19452 Reply

      I’ve got an account with and I’ve seen good reviews about it. I’d recommend opening an account with this broker.

    • #22290 Reply

      I have been using for about a year. Though I am not doing heavy trading, I have had only good experiences with them. When you withdraw funds, they hit your bank account right away.

    • #14697 Reply
      Anna Reyes

      This broker is organized in a way that allows me to apply trading styles that suit me best. In my case, my main focus was to double account balance for 6 months using small trades on small account. During trading, I noticed that almost every trade I made has strong short-term profits but not working in opposite direction. My problem was timing the entry that was not optimized for buy positions and appropriate timeframe. Using another timeframe, I was able to enter on several pairs that changed all my game. All I want to say that if you have something suspicious with your broker, just check it twice because most of our problems lay out in our own misunderstandings. I’ve made just around 60% but see nothing wrong with the broker since all my issues were because of me.

    • #22291 Reply

      I have been a customer of a a six figure account for over 5 years. Never had a problem with execution, withdrawal, whatever. As a USA customer and they are USA regulated here, perhaps, but who knows, maybe this makes a difference. I am not surprised by the mostly negative feedback for “all” brokers as my experience in all things in life are that losers whine and winners mostly keep quiet. While there are scammers in “all” industries, Forex being no different if not higher, has been just fine in my fx 5 yr term. P.S. I have been a trader of many venues for 20+ years and it does take lots of screen time to get even moderately good.

    • #22292 Reply

      They are slow in email responses. If you’re in a hurry than don’t bother communicating to these people. It is a waste of your precious time if you expect them to even adhere to their 2 day response email service. They are just so slow. That’s all.

    • #22293 Reply

      I cannot get a good price! In other words, when the price is outside the spread parameters of the Buy and Sell, it will not allow me to enter the order. It is almost as if the “spread” is indirectly made larger. I Spoke to a customer rep and he wasn’t sure what was going on. Told me to send in a photo. Later on I received a call from someone who said he was out of NY and wanted to make sure I was happy. I told him “no” and explained why. We had a scheduled meeting to talk about further, but never called me. I also told him I was frustrated with the screen not maintaining the darker wicks. I have to change them frequently everyday to see the wicks or they revert back to soft colors. I am not happy with them and will be finding another. I really think something strange is going regarding the “spread.”

    • #17490 Reply
      Mattia Neri
      Guest e uno dei miglior broker che potevo trovare. Quando ho iniziato non mi intendevo proprio della economia, finanza, mercati, ecc. Adesso opero in autonomia (sempre con, e tutto ciò e grazie al team di questa società. Sono molto bravi e sano come accontentare il clienti.

    • #17491 Reply

      Sono contatto da questa società causi 1 settimana fa. Siamo ancora in contato e mi stano proponendo passo a passo (perché non ne capisco) i progetto che hanno preparato per me. Dalla apparenza e quello che dicono sembrano abbastanza affidabili. Volevo un opinione, vale la pena diventarmi operativa o no?

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      I have a Forex Trading business account with from which I am trying to make a cash withdrawal. The business was dissolved and business’ bank account closed as a result. Therefore, making it impossible to withdraw my money in the same manner it was deposited as required. I called customer service where they told me it is possible to make the withdrawal to my personal if I provided the relevant documents showing proof of ownership. I provided all the required documents and they still refuse to withdraw my money. Every time I call them I get a different representative on the phone giving me a list of different requirements or telling me to provide documents that I’ve already provided. They are basically sending me in circles to keep my money and prevent the withdrawal process. is a total scam. Stay as far away as you can.

    • #22296 Reply

      Every time I have called customer service they have been great and informative and even sorted out an error they made efficiently.
      My withdrawal took 4 business days (around a bank holiday) but my exact amount came out.
      People that talk about the pip difference here and there clearly don’t know how brokers work (or at least this one and how they make money) and those who are whining about losing money how about learn to trade. I am no expert but I have turned £500 into £1400 in my first 2 days and often make £300-400 a day (i don’t trade ever day). This is not me bragging this is me telling you that I spend hours learning how to trade better, readings what top traders look for in trades, what headlines to read, what news releases are important. This is real money and there is big money to be made and if you whine about it expecting its an easy way of “winning the lottery” withdraw now and stick to you day job. Forex can be very lucritive but we ALL MAKE NEGATIVE TRADES and we ALL AT SOME POINT OSE MONEY.
      Seriously, stop whining about this and that and as I say I cannot speak on experience outside of the UK but my experience in the UK with them has been fantastic.

    • #22295 Reply
      Guest hat lächerliche Gebühren und Spreads. Ich habe ein Live-Konto bei ihnen seit über einem Jahr, aber vor kurzem haben sie zusätzliche Gebühren beim Handel hinzugefügt. Irgendwann stieg der Spread auf 8, um den Handel einige Tage offen zu halten. Es wurden auch andere Gebühren erhoben, und anstelle einer positiven Rendite ergab sich eine negative Rendite. Ich habe versucht, mein gesamtes Geld abzuheben und mein Konto zu schließen, aber der Kundendienst hat mir mitgeteilt, dass eine Gebühr für die Abhebung aller meiner Gelder erhoben wird. Da die Finanzierung für mehr als 6 Millionen Euro erfolgte, ist das ihre Politik. Lächerlich.

    • #22306 Reply

      I haven’t had any issues depositing or withdrawing any of my money. I received my withdraws within 3-5 business days. (Excluding weekends)
      They seem like an okay broker.
      I dislike the very low leverage. If it was a leverage of at least 200:1, then that’d be great, but it’s 50:1.
      Their customer service is average, the only thing I dislike about their customer service is how long you’re placed on hold.

    • #22309 Reply

      This company is a dealerdesk and has so many customers only because they are one 1 of 3 players left in the united states. In this country just by googling forex, they pop up all over the place, so they are excellent at generating traffic. They also are excellent is receiving customers through referral services through major banks (Ally Bank and a few others). When you get enough forex experience, you will realize that the entire purpose of their existence is to provide a forex trading platform for the ill-informed trader to legally take your money for as long as they can legally do it.

    • #22282 Reply
      sarina kunze

      Absolutely 100%scam stay away from them
      Buy and sell same pair at the same time with different account bough failed same time I think that’s proved it’s scam to me they are eating your money

    • #22297 Reply

      I am shocked by the negativity of some users towards this broker. I have never had ANY issues with them whatsoever. Fast, 24,7 support and never anything but fast withdrawals and execution of my trades. Even though we have very few US brokers left, these guys are constantly proving to be a global leader in retail FX trading.
      No complaints ever and will continue trading with GAIN for years to come I certainly hope!

    • #44942 Reply
      Janine F.

      Very unclear and not supportive when it comes to the customer service. I had a problem with my withdraw and they didn’t assume any responsibility. Very disappointed and angry with them!

    • #44943 Reply
      Joe Clith

      At first when I began trading with them they proposed me to open an account with them promising that I would have at least a 16% profit a week. So far after only 3 months of trading I’ve lost 60% of my capital and asking a withdrawal has been a nightmare since they always advice me not to. Make your own conclusions…

    • #44944 Reply
      freddie c.

      Been trading with them for almost 1 year now and so far is going well. They’re transparent with the fees and the commissions and the spreads are reasonable. I trade online as a secondary job so can’t say that I’m having great profits of it because I don’t open a lot of positions, but though as a second income is alright.

      • #44945 Reply
        Ellis Rowley

        Are you trading in forex or crypto with them?

        • #44946 Reply
          freddie c.

          I trade in the forex market. Always traded there.

    • #44947 Reply
      Charlie P.

      I’ve left this broker a few months ago to trade with fxpro, just because the spreads where far beyond high. Especially during important market news when the volatility was high. I’m an intraday trader and with all the trades I open a day can’t afford these king of spreads.

    • #44948 Reply
      Louis k.

      I wouldn’t recommend this broker for those who prefer the mobile trading. Their mobile platform sucks. Slippage 3 times a day and server problems very often. Can’t say that I’ve tried much the web one.

    • #44954 Reply
      Amelia M

      Can someone tell me if they offer demo accounts? In their web page I don’t see it as an option.

      • #44955 Reply
        C Birtch

        They don’t have demo accounts but you do have trading courses for different levels.

        • #44956 Reply
          Amelia M

          I never really understood much of the trainings without practically trying them or someone to explain me.

          • #44957 Reply
            C Birtch

            You can try demo accounts with other brokers if you want, and if you’re more interested in their conditions open a live account with them.

    • #44949 Reply

      I have not had a good experience with as they have caused me problems with the document proving my residence. They give a week to produce a bill or an account statement or a certificate of residence electronically, I explained to them that I have not yet received the first bill having changed my residence for three months, I cannot have a certificate of residence because the municipality of my city is in isolation, I sent him the contract of electricity made in February where my residence address appears but they refused it. I contacted support via chat several times and after seven times they told me to call my municipality or send them a bill and I replied NO, so they refused to make me withdraw my money. Be aware of them!

    • #49966 Reply
      Owen Mansfield

      The experienced specialists you consult with are not expert advisors of the company, just traders like us but with a further experience in investments and a richer portfolio.

    • #49968 Reply
      Edgar Lower

      At least they give you this oportunity.

    • #49970 Reply
      Emilio Tassone

      Ho fatto trading con dove sono stato supportato dal mio personal broker, mi sono trovato benissimo con i suoi segnali ho guadagnato il 23%
      sul Bitcoin nella mia prima settimana di trading.
      Consiglio a tutti di scegliere questo ECN broker perche’ ti da l’ opportunita’ di essere seguito tra le altre cose da un broker esperto in maniera totalmente gratuita

    • #49972 Reply
      Angelo Nuzzi
      Guest non è assolutamente affidabile. In più Forex è uno scam! Investi soldi, puoi anche andare bene (io sono andato bene per un po’, ma poi mi ha svuotato il mio conto), ma non ti fanno prelevare i soldi investiti, né quelli guadagnati! È una truffa! È finto! State lontani da!

    • #49974 Reply
      Deborah Mazzanti

      Sono piuttosto disperato, le mie operazioni con perderanno sempre 🙁
      Mi hanno ingannato !!!

    • #49976 Reply
      Alfred Kent

      On March 1st they scammed me the 200 euro because after the payment they disappeared, even if they had sent me an account number and a password to operate on the MT5 platform, but after logging in I was still a perfect stranger.

    • #49978 Reply
      Stephan Kastner

      Leider kann ich nicht hoch über sprechen. Ich wurde von meinem Account Manager kontaktiert, der mich drei Wochen lang dazu brachte, alles nach seinem Rat zu tun, aber in einem Monat ließ er mich auch das gesamte Kapital und seine Spuren verlieren. Er ist nicht aufgetaucht, auch wenn ich seine Nummer 10 Mal am Tag angerufen habe. Wenn ein Unternehmen mit Experten zusammenarbeitet, muss er sich darüber informieren, dass sie ihre Arbeit erledigen. Außerdem hat jeder Anruf 3 Euro pro Klick … Ich habe Hoffnung und Kapital verloren .

    • #49980 Reply
      Finn Rutledge

      This broker is shady. And this is how you’ll know when every issue you present it’s always returned to sender. No accountability and they try to make you feel stupid or like you do t know what your doing or talking about- this is shady behavior.

    • #49982 Reply
      Geselle Fajardo

      Tenga cuidado con este corredor. Si su porcentaje de margen llega a cero, perderá el comercio. Si no tienes un maestro, fracasarás.

    • #49984 Reply
      Jai Torres

      Customer service is not that great.Depends on who answers phone,make the selection of customers :/

    • #56461 Reply

      Ciao, sono stata colpita dalla presentazione di Forex, mi sapete dire se è un broker serio o no?

    • #56464 Reply
      Michael W. Narvaez

      I was considering on working with them but there are several tools they don’t offer that I can find in other international brokers. I’d prefer not to start

    • #56467 Reply
      Randolph G. Wright

      It has many hidden charges, bad customer services. Apart from earning money from you they are not supporting any of your investments. Believe me I am a genuine user and I am very disappointed of the platform and services.

    • #56469 Reply
      Larry C. Woods

      Good One. Easy to Understand & Trade for New Comers.

    • #56471 Reply

      You have to be a pro to profit from investments working with them. As an intermediary they’re not quite helpful I’d say

    • #56473 Reply
      Gary K. Weems

      I have been pleased thus far with my experience with Forex I opened a brokerage account in February, and recently opened a cash management account and awaiting rollover of traditional IRA. The only minor problem experienced with the cash management account were the 4-7 day delays in making deposits from my former bank account into the CM account.

    • #56477 Reply

      Can’t say much other than I’m grateful for these past months. I feel like I’m on an another level entirely, trading-wise. Feels awesome!

    • #56479 Reply
      August G. Purcell

      I trade stocks with them and I can chat with an experienced trading specialist everytime of the day. I consult my trades and operations with them and it helps me a lot. And I have no commissions at all.

    • #56481 Reply

      They do not take order flow payment for stock trades and that’s very important for me as a trader. These are some things that make the difference between brokers

    • #57866 Reply

      I have many experiences with forex brokers. forex is the best one and I am very satisfied. In particular, online support is very responsive. Support team solved my problem instantly.

    • #57868 Reply

      Since you’ve dealt with other brokers too, is forex the only one you recommand?

    • #57870 Reply

      At this moment, I’d say that forex is the right choice for everybody. I don’t know if in the future we’re going to find something better.

    • #58317 Reply

      Not professional at all. The customer service is nonexistent through email. The broker will sell your shares within hours if you get into a margin call.

    • #58739 Reply

      I opened account on Saturday and deposited lot of money the very same day but the money i deposited is not reflecting in my trade account, I am I scammed or I have to be patient guys since I deposited on weekend?

    • #58981 Reply

      Etoro is a a scammer they closed my account with 500$ after withdraw request, they tell me that i allowed a 3rd party to trade on my account, and this is allowed.

    • #59124 Reply
      max Hundhausen

      Worst customer service in the whole…

      Worst customer service in the whole world.

      Chat waiting times: 50 minutes +
      Emails: Not getting answered – only templates being replied to call customer service
      Customer Service: Infinite waiting times

      NOBODY in this company can help a customer

    • #59455 Reply

      Absoluter Betrug, die App hat eine Woche lang einwandfrei funktioniert. Dann konnte ich mich plötzlich nicht mehr einloggen. Es wurde versucht, das Passwort zurückzusetzen, und es wurde nie ein Link zu meiner E-Mail oder meinem Spam gesendet. Sie haben keinen telefonischen Kundendienst. Es gibt eine falsche Nummer zum Anrufen, die automatisch auflegt.

    • #59724 Reply

      Sono su forex da 8 mesi e devo ammettere che mi sto trovando decisamente bene, forse le commissioni non saranno le più basse in assoluto, ma ha funzionalità che non ho trovato nella concorrenza, come la possibilità di guadagnare essendo copiato dagli altri investitori e grafici con statistiche sempre aggiornati oltre a un’esperienza di utilizzo semplice e intuitiva anche per i meno esperti.
      Credo che continuerò a investire con loro in futuro.

    • #59852 Reply

      Sono riuscito a guadagnare tradando su e mi hanno sempre consentito di prelevare i miei soldi. Non ho avuto nessun problema, a differenza di altri broker.

    • #59931 Reply

      Operar con Avatrade es confiable, desde todos los puntos de vista.
      Saludos Leonardo

    • #60074 Reply

      Ho avuto il piacere di usare la piattaforma di forex ed essere seguita da persone competenti e disponibili. Anche oggi in tempi di crisi ho disinvestito una parte del mio capitale ed dopo due giorni era nella mia carta di credito.

    • #60154 Reply

      They seem to have stopped being able to convert files so easily just these days:
      However, you could tell from the message in the terminal whether the conversion was successful.

    • #60398 Reply

      Servizio clienti molto buono, ho avuto modo di interfacciarmi con diversi utenti del personale, risultato disponibile, garbato e in grado di risolvere le problematiche.

    • #60541 Reply

      I’ve been with a few broker. It’s comfortable to be part of this broker. But there still some point that forex can improve.

    • #60788 Reply
      brad mills

      Fair customer service; they usually answer my call within 10 min. Rather lopsided operation when opening new accounts; they’ll ask for photos of drivers license, social security card, and even permanent residence or passport to be sent in, but they told me that their email is not secure. If you’re gonna ask for that kind of highly confidential document, shouldn’t you have high security, at the level of ID confirmation that you ask for your customers?? Great rates though, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Join at your own risk.

    • #60791 Reply

      forex reserves the right to close your account without notice,
      if you have all the paperwork from the goverment, that’s not enought because
      they do not care and they have their own strange rules

    • #61129 Reply

      Ich bin sehr erfreut. Mein Problem ist vollständig gelöst. Der Agent, der mir geholfen hat, war sehr nett und er war qualifiziert für ihren / seinen Job und ich freue mich sehr über den Service, den ich bekam 🙂

    • #61338 Reply

      Slippage on my scalping trades are minimal, and spreads don’t widen as much as the other brokers even at night and equally important as their trading conditions, their deposit and withdrawal process takes less than 1 hour. They tick both boxes, easier to win and easier to withdraw money.

    • #61340 Reply

      Acabo de abrir una cuenta real. No hubo problemas.

    • #61494 Reply

      Always fast withdrawals and no dramas. Have told friends about forex and 3 of them have now used it too!

    • #61627 Reply

      I’ve worked with forex for a few months and I can say that they are reliable. I like the way of their work ethic. The customer support is on point and I’m very satisfied. Their predictions are reliable. The user interface is well-organized and user-friendly. I’d recommend this site for all interested in getting into the trading world. All in all, I give them a score of 5/5 stars.

    • #61850 Reply

      Ottima esperienza di trading con la loro piattaforma, sembra più come giocare. L’interfaccia dell’app è facile da navigare per i principianti. Tuttavia, non hanno alcune delle azioni elencate sulla piattaforma. Lo spread per le criptovalute è più alto rispetto ad altre piattaforme di trading.

    • #62014 Reply

      I am very grateful for the online chat support I was given today by Frank – thank you for sorting my problem out so quickly and efficiently!

    • #62146 Reply

      I don’t trade professionally, but the brokerage suits my needs fine. They’ve got a nice mobile app that I use on a daily basis monitoring the performance of the stocks. I invest only, don’t really trade much, so spreads don’t matter for me, but I guess scalpers would find it difficult to trade here.

      Speaking of the positive things – some of the stocks they offer here are rather unique and have got exceptional growth potential. Some pharma stocks and AI – worth having a look 😉

    • #64151 Reply

      Sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Gut informiert. Ich werde auf jeden Fall vorschlagen, dass Sie sie verwenden.

    • #68013 Reply

      Because I decided that trading can be a matter of my life. And while my expectations are being met, because every day I navigate the market better and my capital is getting stronger. And of course it pleases me and adds strength to my further work.

    • #68138 Reply

      Ritengo la leva al 30% sia troppo bassa per il mio modo di fare trading.

    • #68285 Reply

      Quick payments
      Well, there is not instant payments here but at least I know the payments are done quick. For the first time, while I was testing the platform, I withdrew my profits and it took about 52 hours for it to reflect in my account. Instant payments are ideal, but I have no problem waiting for a day or two for huge payments.

    • #68393 Reply

      Einfach die schlechteste Handelsplattform. Keine Aktie erwartet Tesla und Apfel. Es ist sehr schwer, eine Position zu eröffnen, Abhebungen brauchen Zeit. Nichts Gutes….

    • #69549 Reply

      Very Excellent broker either plateform or support.

    • #69678 Reply

      Scrivo questa recensione con la speranza che la piattaforma migliori un aspetto molto importante, cioè la Varietà di azioni disponibili sono davvero troppo’ poche. Il Sito è ottimo facilissimo da usare innovativo per il Copitrader,intuitivo

    • #73027 Reply

      Dies ist der schlechteste Broker, mit dem ich je gearbeitet habe.
      Glaubwürdig ja, inkompetentes Personal und veraltete Technik – ABSOLUT.
      Es ist buchstäblich wie etwas aus dem Jahr 1984. Sie fragen nach einer Sache und bekommen eine andere. Sie haben eine sichere Plattform, akzeptieren jedoch unsichere E-Mail-Anweisungen, die die DSGVO in Teile zerlegen.
      Kundenservice durch eine Dame, die ihr Bestes versucht, aber regelmäßig Fehler macht, und ich kann sie die halbe Zeit nicht erreichen. Ganz und gar nicht ihre Schuld – sie arbeitet für Idioten.
      Im Ernst, Forex reißt euch zusammen! Stellen Sie die Kunden an die erste Stelle, aktualisieren Sie Ihre Technologie und bieten Sie einen gewissen Service.

    • #73146 Reply

      I have been trading for a while now

      Started using

      I have been depositing in pounds sterling and the same amount comes up in dollars US, there appears to be no conversion carried out as their policy states.

      I have been waiting for an email response from 2 emails, still no response.

      I now find myself having to have further conversations with FCA and my solicitor concerning this matter.

    • #75914 Reply

      Per chiunque sia alla ricerca di una piattaforma di trading, spero che leggerai questo e stai lontano dal forex!

      il forex non vale nemmeno una stella. Ho effettuato il primo deposito l’8 / 1/2021, ho caricato la mia transazione e i dettagli del conto bancario come da loro richiesta l’1 / 9/2021. Fino ad ora, i soldi non si vedono da nessuna parte nel mio portafoglio. Non hanno telefono e servizio di chat dal vivo qui in Australia. L’unico modo è aprire il ticket online, ma il team del servizio clienti risponde a malapena. Ho iniziato a sospettare se questa fosse una truffa!

    • #75994 Reply

      Ich handele jetzt mit ihnen. Bevor ich anfing zu handeln, habe ich zuerst Geld eingezahlt und es am nächsten Tag abgehoben. Dann erhöhte ich die Anzahlung und tat dasselbe, d. H. Zog sie zurück. Bisher gab es keine Schluckaufe. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt bin ich glücklich und habe eine kleine positive Bilanz.

    • #76085 Reply

      I found the platform to be very good providing an excellent trading experiance.

    • #76203 Reply

      Scammers, they dont let you buy in the dips by many ways, also dont let you sell many times when market are tanking… They never give you money back when u file complaints even providing videos!! This happens to me me very often(not only recently) and only kept trading with them as people said it takes long time to get your money withdrawn and I dont want to lose many days out of the market!
      Dont use it!

    • #76270 Reply

      The charge big fees and they hide the fees in the amount of money you don’t trade! so in win tradings it seems you have a positive trade but in reality you lost money without knowing, also they stop people from buying or sell spesific stocks at any time when they want without reason, this is market manipulation and it is illegal.

    • #76336 Reply

      Poor customer service. When investing, you don’t need a minimum 3 working day waiting for a query. Hidden fees and just a really awful company. Avoid and do read all the reviews before me.

    • #76419 Reply

      I’ve used forex for 12 months now. It let’s you down at the most crucial times so it costs you money. Then today i bought 8000 hcmc shares to hold and ten mins later a box popped up saying it had filled my sell order of 92 shares at 2 points below what I had paid. I did not make the sell order so be very careful if you do use this app people.

    • #76640 Reply
      JOSEPH lyon

      For some reason my account is limited. I have balance that they need to send back to the paypal’s owner account. I cannot contact customer support and they stopped answering to the emails. Their phones are literally dead. I have money inside and i can only login. i cannot make trades or even withdraw my money

    • #76720 Reply
      Joe Hetherington

      FOREX is suitable for beginner traders like myself and it is very easy to trade with.

    • #76855 Reply
      Mark R

      Low spreads, no commission fees, but if you have any problems, you have to deal with everything yourself. Customer support is listening, picking up an answer from the “book”, and then keeps repeating same phrase over and over again, despite of me explaining absolutely different problem.

    • #77409 Reply

      They limited my account 3 months ago and froze my assets. I provided them information, wrote to them numerous times, still haven’t received any response.terrible customer support and I think its illegal to freeze funds so long after all the information is sent. they are not even reviewing it or giving any information, NOTHING!

    • #77692 Reply

      cannot call options, cannot leverage, high fees
      cannot set take profit, buggy
      market is closed all the time GME AMC BB

    • #78166 Reply

      Super slow withdrawals, buggy app, crashes often.
      Don’t use this platform if you want to trade in a quick manner.

    • #78404 Reply

      Very user friendly application, easy accessible and keep you updated wherever you are…cannot imagine not connected to forex

    • #79919 Reply

      I like using the platform, good customer service when I need it.

      I go to other sources for technical and fundamental information.

    • #80069 Reply

      Have been using it for a week and it has been good but not great

    • #80067 Reply

      support really helpful, not used it yet but my friend says its good

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