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Radix is built to be both powerful and easy to use by combining professional-grade features and security, with lightning-fast execution.

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      Economy guardian
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      Rapatriement des fonds effectué rapidement et sans faille, Valutcoin est un partenaire commercial de confiance avec d’excellentes opérations et très fiable

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      Bon travail!! Un des meilleurs

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      Bon courtier, bon service, bonne conversation

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      mestaoui miled

      Excellent courtier forex avec une très bonne plateforme et un spread compétitif. le service client est super et les retraits sont rapides.

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      Frederic Christian Druck

      Courtier très sérieux, répond rapidement lorsqu’il y a une question ou un petit problème

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      Mélanie Emilie

      Quelle équipe et organisation formidables ! En tant qu’expert en trading, j’ai cherché pendant un certain temps une entreprise dont les responsables acc sont éduqués et réellement utiles, c’est un bonheur de trader ici !

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      Le service client est très bon, rapide et efficace. Chaque dépôt de retrait d’argent fonctionne très rapidement et est rapide. La vitesse d’exécution est également très bonne et les spreads sur le forex sont très compétitifs et les spreads des indices se sont également améliorés. Avoir recommandé le courtier avant

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      Yveline Etienne

      J’aime la simplicité des listes, les écarts très faibles et le service client. Beaucoup d’attention, d’écoute et de compréhension. Merci

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      Armand Paris

      J’ai appelé de nombreuses fois et je n’aurais jamais imaginé avoir un gestionnaire de compte aussi dévoué et poli ! J’ai parlé à quelques entreprises différentes et NULLE PART n’ai-je été accueilli et traité comme j’étais ici, je n’ai pas été pressé, j’ai été encouragé à poser des questions et j’ai toujours obtenu une réponse honnête ! Continuez cet excellent travail!

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      Agnès Durand

      ils sont très efficaces et très agréables à travailler

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      Mr White

      I find the Radixinvest web client to be very reliable and quick and easy to use. I can find companies and forex currencies immediately. The tools are also very good and very useful.

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      Mr keith bailey

      very good service simple easy to use. 5 stars for sure…

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      I’ve haven’t suffered with any issues trading with Radixinvest. Everything runs smoothly, and hassle free!

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      Jennifer Baldwin

      Great company. I cannot understand all the negative reviews. I always get my withdrawals the next day. Excellent service.

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      Excellent fast service from ordering to delivery. Product as described and delivered in perfect condition by Hermes.

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      Mr P Chand

      Excellent customer service and execution of trades. Radixinvest provides the opportunity to participate in the upside as well as in the downside of the Market at one of the lowest available costs. It’s a wonderful platform. Yes, I would love to see almost all the US stocks on this platform but I would still give 5 stars.

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      Peter Feeney

      I’ve been trading with this company for years and have never had a problem

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      Lawrence Chernoff

      Their currency specialists are the best in the` business…

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      This company is the best and hope everyone loves it too.

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      I have been working with Radixinvest for a lot of time, trading FX, Indices and FTSE 100 shares. I am very pleased with the quality of the MT4 and Advantage Trader Platforms, and with the quality of support.
      I have recently noticed an improvement in the quality of education provided, which draws me back to the website for additional services.
      Overall, very pleased.

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      P Shah

      I have had an account with Radixinvest for a few years now, I have not had a cause to contact them about anything, there are plenty of charts and indicators to choose from.

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      Alfonso Abbagnale

      He estado operando con Radixinvest, durante muchos años, el servicio es excelente, la plataforma es buena, gracias.

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      Ian M

      They are really good they leave me to do my own thing and give some Radixinvest but that could be much more thorough or useful.Can be very difficult to make phone contact sometimes.

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      Simon Churchill

      Great trading platform and always a helpful voice at the other end of the telephone if you need it.

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      Buenos diferenciales y contratos de opciones. Radixinvest es uno de los mejores corredores de MT4.

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      Ramesh Goyal

      Very easy to use web site.Value for money. When compare with other providers I am getting lot of benefits at third of price what others asking

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      Mi piace provare nuovi broker
      So che alcune persone hanno una fortissima fobia per i nuovi broker. Forse queste persone sono state dolorosamente vittimizzate da truffe e ora hanno paura di provare qualcosa di nuovo. Ho anche avuto diverse esperienze spiacevoli con società di brokeraggio fraudolente, ma non sono riuscite a deludermi nel trading indipendentemente dalle perdite che ho dovuto affrontare con loro. Forse è perché sono ottimista per natura e rispettivamente sono convinto che nessuno è in grado di farmi molto male e questa convinzione mi aiuta davvero.Perché ho deciso di provare questo broker? Avevo semplicemente soldi extra e volevo un conto extra per scambiare alcune attività con un margine separato. Il mio margine su altri conti è già occupato. Quindi, l’ho fatto. Fortunatamente, il broker non ha fatto nulla di male e posso continuare a fare trading qui. Non ha caratteristiche speciali ma è affidabile, quindi le altre cose non contano.

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      Catherine Olson

      I want to say a BIG THANKS to the Radixinvest team for the opportunity to learn risky crypto trading and make good money in a short period of time. I definitely recommend this trading platform. And I advise you not to trust anyone, think with your own head and do not rely on someone, rely only on yourself, constantly monitor and analyse the market and you will be happy!!

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      Peter Morgan

      Personally, I find it very easy to trade here. I have been using the platform for several years, on and off. I don’t recall having any issues. All my trades seem to go through as expected.

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      Gheorghe Popescu

      Buona analisi tecnica e fondamentale dei mercati, necessaria per identificare possibili tendenze future.

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      Matthew Clarke

      Great service, wouldn’t use any other provider.

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      Peter Stace

      Good honest service and an excellent way to ‘trade’ on financial markets for those who understand and appreciate the risks. I worry that some people may dabble without knowing enough about markets. One minor comment is that the opportunity to use guaranteed stop losses is perhaps not promoted enough and can be tricky to find on the trading platform.

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      Peter Evans

      Simple and efficient platform for someone like myself who is just simple! Been using them for almost 2 years without issue. Thank you.

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      Dr Mehta

      Best online web site All information is available Very easy to navigate Very simple to use
      32-Peter Morgan
      United Kingdom
      Personally, I find it very easy to trade here. I have been using the platform for several years, on and off. I don’t recall having any issues. All my trades seem to go through as expected.

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      Arnold Schmidt

      Radixinvest ist kein Betrugsunternehmen. Ich habe mit ihnen für ungefähr 4 Monate gehandelt. Ist investmarkets.com seriös? Ja! Sie haben eine Lizenz von Finmsa. Aus meiner persönlichen Erfahrung ist es wirklich möglich, bis zu 25% des in einen Deal investierten Geldes zu verdienen. Meine Wahl fällt häufig auf Krypto, da diese Branche ziemlich dynamisch ist und jede Menge Geld bringt. Ich bin stolz auf mich, weil ich den Weg gegangen bin

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      Berta Feininger

      Radixinvest ist eine perfekte Website für echten Handel und echte Auszahlungen! Als ich sah, dass sie die Plattform Metatrader 4 benutzten, ließ ich alle meine Zweifel hinter mir und investierte sofort 5.000 $. Am nächsten Tag tat ich dasselbe. Vertraue diesen Jungs total, denn sie haben mich nie im Stich gelassen! Mein Gewinn wächst relativ schnell, also funktioniert mein Geld und ich werde wohlhabender.

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      Teijo Auramies

      A company for trading is a serious step and I was seriously thinking which one to choose. After a week of searching, I settled on Radixinvest. This is a good broker that has Finmsa regulation. This means that the company is reliable and you the money is safe here. Then I learned that the number of assets to trade is serious. Here you can trade stocks and indices etc . This is more than enough for my successful trading. This is a good advantage over other brokers and a chance to increase your deposit!

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      Nicholas F

      When I’m reading’ the negative reviews about Radixinvest i get confused. In my experience it’s all very positive. I guess it’s all because of the lack of professionalism. Often people think that if they invest, they will have what they want or even more. The same case was with my wife. She thought there’d be no experiences needed. But when i explained everything, she regretted saying bad words about Radixinvest. Really, experiences matter. If you’re not confident just start with a demo mode!

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      Emile Simon

      The licenses and regulations are all ok here, so are the trading conditions. Perhaps they haven’t got some fantastic spreads here, but deposits and withdrawals are free (in case you don’t withdraw too often) and gold account is excellent for stocks and commodities trading.

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