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      There have been a few times that there was a problem with liquidity with larger spreads after rollover. But it seems to be in line with most brokers I have used.

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      Ally Invest bietet eine Reihe von Plattformvideos und qualitativ hochwertigen Artikeln. Es fehlt jedoch ein Demokonto.

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      Spreads – Terrible. Double the standard spreads of other popular brokers on all instruments at all times.

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      b. conte

      Un buon sistema che prevede profitti costanti a lungo termine. NON ti renderà ricco dall’oggi al domani, ma fornirà un reddito costante a lungo termine. Un amichevole account manager altamente comunicativo che tiene tutti informati con post giornalieri su ciò che è accaduto sui conti e le sue opinioni su dove stanno andando i mercati

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      I open an account. After opening the account they call immediately. I invested 250 € but now they are not taking my call or calling me back if i send call request. I give a withdrawal request but it’s not giving my money back as well. Stupid thing is when you want to withdraw your money they charge 30€ fee. I think is broker is scam.

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      Kaylee Foster

      For some reason, no one here wants to compare positive and negative sides of this broker. I think it is a good idea so it might help us to prevent mistakes and focus more on weak sides of ally invest. I would say that according to the number of available services I can only give 6 points out of 10. The customer support deserves only 7 points. Back office works well and I can give almost 8 points.

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      Costantino Sala

      Ho avuto un’esperienza di trading di successo con il mio account presso Ally. Sono un broker introduttivo per Gain Capital. Il processo di finanziamento e prelievo è semplice e ha funzionato come descritto. Alcune volte si è verificato un problema con la liquidità con spread più ampi dopo il rollover. Ma sembra essere in linea con la maggior parte dei broker che ho usato. Una volta ho avuto un grande slittamento in caso di stop loss e hanno rimborsato parte dello slippage sul mio conto di propria iniziativa. Tutto sommato sembra una buona compagnia.

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      Finger weg von diesen Jungs. Sie sind überhaupt nicht professionell. Ich habe mein ganzes Geld mit ihnen verloren. Ich habe alles innerhalb von 5 Monaten nach der Investition verloren. Sie sind nur Spieler, die Grid-Trading und Martingale betreiben.

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      de luca

      Se stai cercando un buon investimento a lungo termine, questo è un buon sistema a lungo termine. Il servizio clienti e gli aggiornamenti quotidiani sono altamente da battere. Ogni giorno ricevi un rapporto sul conto e anche su ogni operazione da parte del venditore dove metti i soldi. Quindi ora sempre cosa sta succedendo con i tuoi soldi.

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      Just to express my dissatisfaction concerning an unpleasant and unprofessional demanding related to a withdrawal:
      – Some days ago I felt the necessity of suspend my trading activities, due to a persistent familiar problem. As such I sent an email to the customer support informing such a situation and at the same time requesting an entire withdrawal.

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      Bleib weg. Am Anfang scheint alles in Ordnung zu sein. Nach einer Weile werden Sie Verluste erleiden, die schließlich zu einem vollständigen Zusammenbruch Ihres Geldbeutels führen. Kritik ist nicht erlaubt.

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      they dont pay me out
      1.) only the same answer, “payment is being processed”
      2.) after they canceled the withadrawal in “Not accepted”, and the commision is deducted
      3.) only same answer, you have do make a new withadrawal.
      4.) same process starting again

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      Small Spread, opening closing of the positions fast, statement of the detailed monthly account.

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      El agente no te estafó y el comercio de automóviles del que me habló el agente nunca me entusiasmó. Perdí todo mi dinero. Los arrojó, manténgase alejado de ellos. No hay grupo de apoyo. Para chicos pequeños.

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      I am very satisfied with this system and with the superfast and helpfull support.
      Withdraws are always within 2 businessdays on my bankaccount without any problem.
      The best forex system with the lowest drawdown.

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      Ward Lewis

      I can’t get the money from Ally-Invest for a year already ( Deposit + profit). It’s scam.

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      It is 100% scam the trade results are bogus we watched him do a so called live demonstration on yahoo messenger.
      And he lost money and kept sending messages to revoke the losing trades and submit another one.
      Then when he lost a lot he just signed out and abandoned the demo.
      He is a LOUSY trader.
      Do not give this scammer any money it is based on free indicators and Support and Resistance it is NOT worth $1600.

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      I have had successful trading experience with my account at Ally. They are an introducing broker for Gain Capital. Funding and withdrawal process is simple and worked as described. There has been a few times that there was a problem with liquidity with larger spreads after rollover. But it seems to be in line with most brokers I have used. One time I had major slippage on a stop loss and they refunded part of the slippage back to my account on their own initiative. All in all it seems like a good company.

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      Right from the start they put so much pressure on me to trust them, so much talk about how they will change my life. Joseph Smith is the most smooth-talking salesman until you challenge him & then he becomes a true bully. luckily for me Joseph Smith has put it in writing via an email to me for me to share here. he really sucked me in & took advantage of my vulnerability
      I have asked for my profit to be sent to me & this is his response
      His words were:
      “You didn’t comply with the agreement; your account is on hold until you fulfil your side of the agreement.
      Once you deposit the 60K AUD, you will have full access to the profits, as we agreed. That is how business is done. You stick with agreements.”

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      Dorian G

      Are they crazy, manual accountant broker??
      Guys, IMHO Better stay away from this broker…

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      l matthews

      I wish I’d read all the terrible reviews about trade invest first, put £250 in and was making OK profit, then the agent calls, convinced me to put in extra funds, like a fool I gave him my bank details, told him to take £1000, he took £1750, then get a call to say he’s been called to a family emergency, lost £2000 in total, DO NOT INVEST WITH ALLY INVEST

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      Been with Ally-Invest for over 2 years. Maintained an average balance of $160K throughout. average of 3.8% per month profit AFTER FEES. Withdrawn over $100K with absolutely no problems whatsoever, always received the money within 2 business days. The guy from the support team is a great communicator who’s always willing to speak at any time. Easily the best investment service available when it comes to liquidity and consistent profits.

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      Ally-Invest is the best broker I have ever used. With low spreads and magnificent support 24/7 from the anager who goes an extra mile in assisting and mentoring clients.

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      Excellent broker, the best I have ever had so far, Withdrawals always on time, even on Weekends the manager helps you when you need his support, he is always there. Ally Invest is actually a broker in which you can actually make money unlike many others where your stop will be taken out by brokers spread. Spreads in Ally Invest are low. I really admire this Broker and I hope all goes well for this broker

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      Gavin Barnes

      For me ally invest is the broker I’ve always looked for. They have helped me a lot and continue to do so even now after 8 months, anytime I have difficulties. As for the comments on several websites of course there will be positive and negative comments. But people should consider on modifying their negative comments in case their problem is solved, it would be more honest. In my opinion, you won’t make a mistake to open the account, as a matter of fact you will see that you will be more than happy after the first month.

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      Ally out performs any other investment that I have tried. The manager provides excellent service.

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      Anna Maria

      Ciao, sono stata contattata da questo broker con numero telefonico del Regno Unito, mi è stata proposta questa nuova attività del trading on line partendo con una cifra minima di investimento mi verrebbe dato un bonus da loro per poter cominciare queste operazioni finanziarie comodamente da casa mia senza alcun rischio…sono cose vere? Posso fidarmi? Posso avere qualche informazione in merito e qualche consiglio su cosa sia più utile fare?
      Ovviamente come me molti si avvicinano a queste attività perché hanno problemi economici e difficoltà ad arrivare a fine mese con il proprio stipendio, quindi non vorrei andare a peggiorare una situazione già critica.

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      Estoy trabajando como agente con Ally Invest durante aproximadamente seis meses y estoy muy satisfecho con el servicio, la transparencia y la eficiencia. El pago es muy rápido y siempre a tiempo. Los retiros se ordenan minutos después de que se realiza la solicitud.
      La atención al cliente siempre está disponible y es de fácil acceso. Tengo comunicación constante con mi gerente de cuenta personal por teléfono, correo electrónico, Skype, Whatsapp, etc.

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      Un operazione sbagliato ti può costare tutto il tuo capitale su trading. Tutto si potrà perdere in un secondo, pero avere la direzione giusta, indicatori giusti puoi anche guadagnare il doppiamente o triplo del capitale. Con questo broker mi ha successo di guadagnare tutto e niente. L’importante e che al fin del messe ho sempre un rendimento positivo.

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      Steven Rogers

      The webinars are just amazing! I’m following them religiously and I always learn something new! Thanks AllyInvest!

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      Betrüger, sie haben mein Geld genommen, ich habe viele Male versucht, sie per Telefon und mehrere E-Mails ohne Antwort zu kontaktieren … danach habe ich sie durchsucht und festgestellt, dass sie nicht reguliert sind

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      Sig.ra Donati

      Insomma non si può fare trading!
      Io ho versato 250 euro alla ditta AllyInvest poi ho avuto sentore….che le cose fossero fasulle ed ho chiesto di ritirare l’importo versato prima ancora di fare operazioni, sono scomparsi tutti indirizzi mail numeri telefonici!! ora sto mandando tramite la polizia postale, all’indirizzo di londra che ho in possesso e vedrò cosa succede diversamente faro’ causa…

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      Spread is tight most of the time, but slippage is regular on any position When it is stop it is always bigger and on targets it is very small to none.

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      Ally-invest es, con mucho, el mejor corredor para mí, he disparado mi cuenta en 5 días. El retiro es súper rápido y conveniente, sin problemas. La ventaja número uno más que nada son los bajos márgenes, usted mantiene su dinero y creo que contribuye en gran medida al éxito en el comercio.

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      La mia consulente e’ riuscita a farmi investire più di 100.000€ con buoni profitti, quando ho avuto il sentore che non tutto fosse regolare ho provato a prelevare con esito negativo, a questo punto la TRUFFATRICE tenta una truffa nella truffa: inventando scuse sulle difficoltà di prelievo mi dice che per essere sicuro di riavere i miei soldi avrei dovuto spostare i miei conti su un’altra società (anche questa truffaldina) non prima pero’ di aver versato altri 20.000€, al mio rifiuto sono spariti tutti.

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      t. parker

      No control over trades; I nearly lost a potential winning trade because I could not EXIT. I inserted a STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT which the platform ignored! I lost out on a potential win of e170 but in the end had to settle for e114. To close this trade I had to insert another STOP LOSS VALUE and promote its value so it ran through the current price; It doesn’t use MT4 so I would not touch it! It really is a stealth gambling site
      I also noted that the green signal never changed at 62% throughout the trade even on other active forex sites, all the signals were RED; I had to get up at 3 am to try and stop this trade and could not; I eventually found a way at 7am fortunately in the profit margin!
      It was the broker who encouraged me to click on the GREEN BUTTON to try it out! Was there not another choice to be made? It would not have been my choice! I don’t think their signals are not consistent with reliable sources.

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      Marino Leone

      Ho perso €250.00 di un primo investimento con Ally Invest, danno il bonus per aumentare le rendite ma non si può prelevare mai e poi ti ossessionano di fare maggiori depositi di 2500 euro, ma non mi sono fidata appunto… ora voglio indietro i miei €250 iniziali e chiudere ma non fanno nulla…. sono dei disonesti!

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      Brandon Fadel

      Hey, I’m a new trader looking for a broker. I am currently still on a demo account until I gain more skill. I wanted to start my search for a broker early, just so I can see what’s out there. I hear the normal names such as FX choice and FXCM, you know the usual’s. I am wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge with Ally Invest Forex, I can’t find anything about it online. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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        Ortiz Hertha

        I’ve never used them. There’s a broker thread on here somewhere maybe have a look on there

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      Das Personal war sehr aufdringlich und logisch, Sie dazu zu bringen, mehr Geld zu investieren.
      Sie geben kein Geld zurück, obwohl sie Kontodaten haben.
      Wenn sie Geld zurückfordern, werden sie sehr defensiv und wütend. vertraue nicht

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      Jarrell Lebsack

      it sucks that generally the people who scream SCAM never even tried either of them they just google the fact they’re not regulated. i don’t mean to be the one bringing the bad news but you’re not going to find a $10 minimum deposit and 1:1000 leverage with any regulated broker lol. chances are you’re using an offshore broker because you dont actually have the capital you need to open the size trades you want, so remember they’re actually doing you a favor. i’ve never had a problem with either broker, not a single one. i use bitcoin to load my account and to withdraw the funds. most unregulated brokers don’t like sending huge amounts of money via wire transfer for obvious reasons, so stick to bitcoin and enjoy a smooth trading process. 🙂

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      Jack Jenkins

      I heard some negative comments about it. Other forums have many disappointing reviews. I know that the live account is more important than the demo one but as a beginner trader, I see no signs of scammers. Who knows how this broker works? Any personal trading experience is welcome.

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        Jessica J.

        I traded also with a demo account for 3 months, but I felt ready to go with a real one after practicing enough. So I guess it’s also personal. If you don’t feel ready to invest the real money do it when you are. Even so, in the moment you do it you can test their reliability by asking to withdraw money from your account before you invest more.

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          Jack Jenkins

          Thank you for the advice

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      Noemi Messina

      Io non credo più ieri a mezzogiorno avevo 1880$ e poi alle 15 il mio profitto non c’è era, era sparito insieme a una operazione senza parlare con me. Mi chiama ma quando rispondo loro mi chiedono vi sembra giusto. Io i considero dei ladri se io di quando lavoro su questa piattaforma o parlato solo 3 volte. Ma c’è un dio per tutti.

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      Lewis Joshua

      Me account was a breeze. Compliance Department took no more than three days to approve our respective applications. Wiring of funds took around twenty one hours and withdrawal of funds took a little more than double the time mentioned. Internal transfers was done within minutes. Relationship managers were extremely helpful at all times. Multi-terminal platform and multi-account manager platform extremely stable. No software issues whatsoever. Seriously, they’re quite good and all of us are staying on with them.

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      D. Morris

      There are details that I don’t like about this broker, like not being able to open smaller positions on commodity cfd’s. So you can choose either to not trade those instruments, or trade, but with overleveraged positions. In MT5 charts, they give you only couple of days of data on futures cfd’s. Plus some other details about their website, complicated system and interface, that I don’t want to go into detail here.

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      Evan Allen

      I opened 4 trading accounts, and they all participate in social trading. This is a good opportunity from allyinvest and good way to 4 times increase your profit, or 4 times faster to lose money but I hope that this won’t happen.

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      I am very happy with their service, it is excellent. The manager has been very helpful to me, his service is the best and even goes extra miles to help you. I am very happy being an Ally invest client.

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      I asked for a withdrawal of 304 Euro, just with a small profit of 54Euro.
      They became very angry and disappointed.
      Bitcoin trading in the middle of the transaction ended up with a total loss of 1000Euro.
      1) The withdrawal at my account 304Euro can been can be seen, but not reached
      2) Approximately 700 Euro in bitcoins- still in wallet Blockchain
      3) BTC direct, where the 2 transaction were reported and are seen at my credit card but are been considered SCAM at BTC Direct

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      Maria Luisa

      Salve, io ho fatto trading con Ally Invest e inizialmente le cose andavano bene e così per una necessità di salute ho investito tutti i miei risparmi. €46mila… ad oggi nessuno più mi risponde e pur volendo prelevare almeno il mio denaro non mi vengono dati. Sono disperata. Per favore se qualcuno sa e può indicarmi come e cosa devo fare per recuperare almeno i miei soldi…

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      Shaw Rob.

      Closing my profitable trade. This made me write this review, because it pissed me off today morning, when I found my profitable position closed. It was closed with profit, but I didn’t close it, my TP didn’t close it and I didn’t plan to close it so early. If they let this position run, my profit (and their loss) would be doubled by now. It’s absolutely unacceptable that broker interferes with your profitable positions like this.

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      Kayla Thompson

      I can see people here making comments that the broker is regulated. Regulated doesn’t mean well operated. Time after time, I face problems with order execution. Of course, the broker doesn’t violate any rules or standards but it makes me feel uncertain about the broker itself. I can confirm from my statements that ally invest has much higher spreads. Limited orders are not executed properly. 1 of 3 pending orders are canceled by broker due to price fluctuations or high volatility. These are all signs of a bad broker.

      • #16511 Reply
        Laura Allison

        I’ve been facing order execution problems as well. Sometimes the server slows down and the site doesn’t work properly so you can even lose the chance of placing a good trade

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      Leonardo Sch.

      Investing money it’s a very big decision and a very big risk. I invested my money on this broker and thank God everything is going great. I’ve earn some money and I also have withdrawn money from my account every time I need.

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      Economy guardian
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      Chris Hill

      Additional account opening – terrible, because you have to wait couple days. What is automatic 3 clicks process with other brokers (once your main account is approved), here it takes 3 days. They actually must approve your additional account. Or at least, this happened to me.

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      Zack Howard

      There’s nothing to scold this company for, they let you trade and earn, the platform works appropriately, the quotes are market quotes. The money is withdrawn within several minutes. So, at this point I don’t see clear reasons why not to trade with this broker.

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      ho stupidamente dato 250 USD a Ally Invest. Ora ho chiesto di chiudere il conto ma non lo fanno. Perderei più di 100 USD ma non mi interessa. Voglio che chiudano il conto e non capisco il motivo nel non farlo. Dicono che aspettano di farmi recuperare la totalità della somma ma io ho detto chiaramente che se la possono tenere. Hanno la mia carta di identità ma non i dettagli bancari e neppure la conferma del mio indirizzo che tuttavia è sulla carta di identità. Per quanto riguarda la carta di credito con la quale ho fatto il deposito, l’ho bloccata/ chiusa e controllando non vi è stato nessun tentativo di fare addebiti. Secondo voi come posso farglielo chiudere il conto? grazie mille!

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      Cletus Robel

      If you can’t find anything about them on the web then you’d better be off with another broker that are reputable and regulated.

    • #14638 Reply
      Liam Simmons

      This is a multifunctional broker with all spectrum of services that have no analogs in quality level. If you trade currencies, you won’t regret opening an account here. In access more than 50 trading instruments. You can choose from a variety of trading platforms. The minimum required to open an account. ECN type is available if you have at least $500. Otherwise, you can deposit just 250 dollars on standard account and start trading online.

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      Am still new to Forex Trading but due to Grinta-Invest was able adopt to the market, would like to give a shout to the manager, he have went far beyond the call of duty we appreciate your service man, thank you.

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      Ally Invest deposit and withdrawal can be improved. You can use only bank transfer, there is only USD as a base currency, and a high fee is charged for wire transfer withdrawals. As a plus, there is no deposit fee and transferring money is easy and user-friendly.

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      Ally Invest’s web trading platform is user-friendly, easy to customize, and offers a lot of order types. On the negative side, there is no two-step login and does not give a clear fee report.

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      Ally invest is a very good and transperant broker.
      The manager is very helpfull.

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      hill murray

      Ally Invest’s customer service is available 24/7 and give relevant answers. On the flip side, the speed of telephone support and live chat were average.

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      Ally Invest research tools are limited and can be improved. Sophisticated screener tools and diverse recommendations are missing. As a plus, you can find a handy charting tool, fundamental data for stocks and quality support for option strategies.

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      At Ally Invest, you can trade with different asset classes, from stocks to options, and even with forex. However, the offered products cover only the US market and you cannot trade with futures.

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      The Ally Invest mobile trading is user-friendly and well-designed. However, it lacks a two-step login, doesn’t provide price alerts, and mutual funds or bonds can’t be traded.

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      David Bledsoe

      I trade with them in the forex market since a few months but recently the spreads have been very high, and the mobile trading is not working well. When I informed the customer service about that they said is not problem of their server, while other times I’ve worked in the same platform and internet speed and never happened before. Very disappointed!

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      Walter Lietz

      I’ve previously worked with Schwab and Ameritrade and as for commissions and tools variety Ally is one of the bests. No fees for stocks and ETF trading and an accurate markets update.

      • #44684 Reply
        Barbara H.

        I very much agree with that. Don’t know why some say they have high contract fees. I work with Ally in investing and banking and they’re very efficient. I wouldn’t change them for any other broker.

    • #44685 Reply
      Chirs Pinton

      A friend told me about them and got interested to learn more. In their page I saw they’re a 24/7 broker. But how come? Is that possible for the forex market?

      • #44686 Reply
        aiden m.

        Forex is not accessible in weekends, the markets are closed. They might be a 24/7 broker only if trade cryptos.

        • #44687 Reply
          Chris Pinton

          They don’t operate with cryptos, so…

    • #44688 Reply
      charlie hawton

      I’m having troubles with my robot advisor. The monitoring is not accurate and helpful at all, they lost 2 market opportunities and made me lose like 400$ at least. I work with a managed portfolio and this is very inconvenient.

    • #44689 Reply
      Amelia Dawson

      I like the fact that as a big and very well-known brokerage company they offer the possibility to anyone to trade and with a very low first deposit amount. I started with only 200$ and after a few months already in 30% of profit.

      • #44691 Reply
        Erick L.P.

        They were not so very profitable to me as a broker. I have months operating in stocks and options and not a very notable gain as they’ve promised in the beginning.

        • #44692 Reply
          Amelia Dawson

          Don’t know but their investment strategies have been working quite fine for me. And the customer support is very polite and helpful too.

          • #44693 Reply
            Gerald W.

            I find them poor in trading tools too. At first it seems like their managers are going to help you a lot but than after just a few advises they leave you alone.

    • #44694 Reply
      Jamie Hepworth

      They promise you a lot of bonuses that in fact never get accredited as they tell you…

    • #50380 Reply
      Patria Burris

      Can I fund an Ally Invest account by transferring funds from an Ally savings account? If so, will the funds be posted to the Ally invest account immediately?

      • #50382 Reply
        Anthony Keffer

        Yes on both. 😉

    • #50384 Reply
      Clark McCullough

      Horrible company,avoid at all costs. If money is wired in to fund an account they place a 60 day hold on any ability to withdraw it. They don’t support any third part applications and seem to be proud of that (eg. Collective2 autotrading, any charting apps, etc.).

    • #50386 Reply
      Annabelle Shore

      ALLY INVEST, the most rude customer service people you will ever encounter. But the rule they have to hold any incoming wires or ACH deposits for 60 days before it can be withdrawn is unbelievable. Far better options for stock/options trading than Ally.

    • #50388 Reply
      Steffen Shuster

      Bisher eine sehr schlechte Erfahrung. Es bedurfte einer Tat Gottes, um mein Vertrauenskonto zu eröffnen. Schlechtes Follow-up und mangelnde Kommunikation. Ich habe das Überweisungsformular nur online ausgefüllt, um 2 Wochen später herauszufinden, dass ich erst nach mehreren Anrufen ein anderes Formular verwenden musste. Ich hatte zuvor ein gemeinsames Konto eröffnet, das nie verwendet wurde, und es geschlossen. Es bleibt weiterhin sichtbar und meine Trades verwenden es standardmäßig, obwohl es geschlossen ist. Ich mag es auch nicht, dass der Kontostand keine ausstehenden Transaktionen widerspiegelt, sodass Sie nicht wissen, was für den Handel verfügbar ist.

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      Heney Lachlan

      Honestly, I’m incredibly disappointed by my experience with Ally. They won’t allow the purchase of penny stocks, they don’t allow “fill or kill” trades, they hold your money for 6 – 10 business days when it is withdrawn directly from your account and the customer service has proven to be horrible. I am constantly being put on hold and told that there is nothing that I will just have to wait it out.

    • #50392 Reply
      Isaac Boyle

      Very disappointed and I will never use or recommend this site to anyone.

    • #50394 Reply
      Ashley Parkin

      I’m glad I was able to recover my funds, I would have had to file for bankruptcy, thanks to AllyInvest. I was able to get a hold of these scam brokers and take back my money.

    • #50396 Reply
      Lucy Crawford

      If you’re an active trader focused on costs, then Ally Invest could be a great fit, even if you’re not.. furnished with competitive commissions, helpful trading tools, and an easy-to-use trading platform.

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      daniele milano

      Sono nuovo nel settore. Sto visitando diversi forum e sto leggendo tutti i vostri commenti e da quello che ho visto mi sembra una piattaforma buona e seria.

    • #56298 Reply

      Mi sono appena iscritto e sono rimasto entusiasta. Mi è piaciuto particolarmente la piattaforma, facile da usare e con una vasta gamma di mercati.

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      andrew cox

      I have not found better service and fast replies anywhere else; I consider myself as a newly trader and still make some huge mistakes entering the market sometimes. But support is always there for me, whether it’s online chat or phone call when it needed. Most of provided services are helping me with the technical aspects of trading, upcoming news, interpretations and fundamental analysis. I do withdraws on regular basis.

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      Il loro più grande vantaggio è che puoi scambiare vari mercati (Forex, azioni, futures, opzioni) da un solo conto.

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      Jordan Lawson

      Incompetent rude customer service. Management needs to do a clean sweep there otherwise they will not have any customers left.

    • #56304 Reply

      Overall, I found the platform, customer service and execution (fills) were quite good from this broker, however, a couple of points to consider, especially for newbies. Commissions are unlikely to make scalping highly profitable and secondly, this broker does not provide the opportunity to trade micro or mini lots to beginners, so I would see this as a disadvantage too.

    • #56306 Reply

      Ally Invest is probably the best broker out there for most people, from beginners to small hedge funds, because of low-commissions, margin rates, portfolio margin, many worldwide markets in one universal account and so on.

    • #56308 Reply
      Zak Mitchell

      I have received from my bank a message telling that my money is deducted from my debit card and as well my credit card in total of USD 400!!!! I did not even make any transaction today using my cards!

    • #56312 Reply

      Io non ho riscontrato dei problemi di nessun genere fino a oggi. Continuano ad assistermi e posso ritirare quando voglio.

    • #56310 Reply
      Antonio Scutari

      Ogni giorno cerco di prelevare e ogni giorno l’dicitura è “Account is not verified”.
      Non rispondono più e non si riesce nemmeno a chiamare al numero.

    • #57836 Reply

      have used allyinvest extensively for the past 2 or 3 years. I think they are one of the best brokers out there……and I don’t like brokers.

    • #57838 Reply

      my account blocked for 5 months and i still get emails showing my account balance.i still trying to contact live support sending email.No replies.

    • #57840 Reply

      Not reliable, I had problems with them in just 6 months of trading, two time at a very critical time, when US market opens and I had open trades, their servers went down and I could not close my positions and open new ones.

    • #58296 Reply

      Im not doing this anymore. the service here is not great. My money was removed to buy a stock without my permission.

    • #58734 Reply

      The base for training at allyinvest is one of the best. There is a lot of useful material to study, there are good webinars. Well and most importantly, the demos are all free and not limited in duration, you can train as much as you like.

    • #58969 Reply

      I been warned by MANY cryptoholders to not use Ally at all, i picked competitors that actually lets you withdraw at any time or transfer the holdings to another wallet free of choice!

    • #59107 Reply

      It has been more than three months since I joined ally invest and clearly they made me evolve in my vision, personally and professionally.
      I was looking for a vehicle to reach my goals and I am there. I also was able to train in the financial markets at a lower cost compared to the other trading courses that I had found on the internet, markets online is not an under plan you have to work for it.

    • #59444 Reply

      Ciao a tutti,
      sono sulla piattaforma ALLY da circa 1mese. Vi volevo chiedere una cosa che non capisco. Fino a 3 giorni fa avevo disponibilità 0 ma con un patrimonio e dei profitti buoni.

    • #59711 Reply

      Mi sto trovando molto bene con Etoro!

      Mi ha sempre spaventato comprare azioni da loro, ma dopo una settimana nella loro piattaforma con soldi veri mi sono ricreduto. Ottima l’idea di connettere trader tra di loro, e ottima anche l’idea di analisi di esperti su alcuni stock, per uno alle prime armi come me è una manna dal cielo.
      Ovviamente ally non è un gioco e sí possono perdere dei soldi, quindi attenti ed informatevi molto bene prima di iniziare la vostra avventura.

    • #59842 Reply
      daniele marconi

      Qualcuno sa darmi opinioni su questo broker? E’ sicuro? E’ preferibile a Plus500?

    • #59921 Reply

      CUIDADO con las cuentas administradas. No corra riesgos.

    • #60063 Reply
      John Fliz

      I would recommend staying away from ally invest. Like most of you, I didn’t get along well with them.

    • #60144 Reply

      si prendono 50 eur ogni sei mesi se non fai operazioni. pazzesco

    • #60364 Reply

      Undervalued company. I used them to trade. Very good service. Been trading commission-free since the pandemic started.

    • #60528 Reply

      The aplication so lag in a view moment. deposit very fast used local bank. withdraw very fast too. oveverall. goodjob ally invest . next improve your aplication platform

    • #60778 Reply

      I have been trying to get someone on the phone for days and keep getting hung up on. When I try to access my account it doesn’t recognize me and keeps telling me to call. This is extremely frustrating because I am trying to enroll in the defer payment program due to the recent events. But I can’t get anyone on the line!

    • #61121 Reply

      Great Broker, niedrige Spreads hatten nie Probleme mit der Auszahlung von Fonds. Der einzige Nachteil ist, dass sie sich nicht mit Aktien hauptsächlich mit FOREX befassen. Ich hoffe zu sehen, dass sie einige australische und US-Aktien einführen. Daumen hoch von mir

    • #61315 Reply

      My experience with ally for the past 2 years has been quite good. I have been trading the MT4 platform for over 10 years with various brokers and allys has so far been the best overall. Their staff is helpful and to mention Ecaterina among their staff has been exceptional in her professionalism and service.

    • #61318 Reply

      Excelente servicio al cliente, el mejor que he experimentado hasta ahora. He estado operando con Ally durante ~ 1 año y mi enfoque principal son los pares principales “forex”, el diferencial es bajo, transacciones instantáneas, retiros rápidos “dentro de las 24 horas”.

    • #61484 Reply

      No doubt I will do well when I become more knowledgeable in how to know what to buy and sell and when I have never done shares before I am 72 and it is taking a little time to comprehend

    • #61618 Reply

      They took forever to approve my account. I have been trying withdraw my money for 3 months and they keep saying I have to do different things before I can request to withdraw. When I did those things they took forever to cancel my previous withdrawal request so I couldn’t make a new one. Honestly the customer service is poor, they’re so rude. I instantly get angry when I have to speak to them when they call, so I have avoided answering for the sake of my own mental health. I have used many brokers and this is by far the worst one. I hope I get my money soon but I fear I’ll never see it again.

    • #61840 Reply

      In breve: ho avuto un cambio di nome legale e non hanno accettato i miei documenti (COSA ???). E hanno chiuso il mio conto e hanno preso i soldi che avevo. Sono sicuro che guadagnano un sacco di soldi, ma non gliene frega niente dei loro clienti. Non supporterò mai questa piattaforma, ce ne sono molte altre che posso usare.

    • #61998 Reply

      I have removed my funds from my account due to choosing to trade through another broker temporarily. (leverage reasons)

      They have been helpful and professional. The data feed has been reliable and the platform (Ctrader has been highly effective).

      I would recommend highly and will return in the future.

    • #62131 Reply

      My experience shows that the broker is trustowrthy and has got non-suspicious trading conditions and executions. So far I’ve been using the service actively for 2 month and conducted above 100 trades already. My orders got filled fine and even stop orders didn’t have much slippages unless they happened on some rapid market moves when i.e I missed the time of the FOMC meeting.

    • #64138 Reply

      Das System fällt immer aus und hat langsame Reaktionszeiten. In Bezug auf die Zuverlässigkeit ist die mobile App auch sehr schlecht. Während ich dies schreibe, kann ich mich nicht bei ihrem System anmelden. In den letzten Stunden gab es Probleme.

    • #67989 Reply

      As for the trading conditions, ally offers quite good ones. There are many trading tools, assets, there are several trading platforms. The only thing that upset me is the small leverage but that’s the price for strong regulation..

    • #68114 Reply

      Questa una delle piattaforme Forex inaffidabili su Internet. Hanno un impiegato spensierato. Fanno tutto il possibile per farti perdere soldi, sono falsi su tutte le loro promozioni. Presentano qualsiasi problema per rendere difficile il ritiro dei tuoi soldi o renderli disponibili per il commercio.

    • #68264 Reply

      The spreads are so horrendous that this renders the platform worthy of being called a scam. I opened a buy position and instantly I’m -3.5% on the position despite there being no market movement. That’s criminal. Not to mention that your assets will be held for an extended period of time if you wish to cash out, for no good reason other than that’s what they think they can get away with. I made a big mistake depositing on this platform

    • #68380 Reply

      100 USD am 20. Dezember 2020 abgehoben, ich habe am 22. Dezember 95 USD erhalten, danke etoro, ich bin so zufrieden 🙏, ich habe gehört, dass einige Leute Probleme mit dem Abheben haben, ich denke, das liegt daran, dass sie ihre nicht eingereicht haben Dokumente oder sie ziehen Geld auf eine andere Visa-Karte ab, die sie zuvor hinterlegt haben

    • #69533 Reply

      I have been a client of ally for quite a long time now and I am immensely pleased with their services. They have a very wide range of available instruments to trade, fast order execution and excellent customer service that is available at all times during the week and is polite, helpful and professional. They also have quick withdrawal times and they offer a number of great trading tools that have been of great help to me. I highly recommend this broker!

    • #69654 Reply

      Manca una stella, perche credo che la piattaforma puo migliorare principalmente nella navigazione, per me una scuola dove ancora si impara ogni giorno.
      Disciplina e resistenza.

    • #72997 Reply

      Ich kann mich nicht beschweren … sehr gut in jeder Domäne …

    • #73119 Reply

      Informative platform, lots of instruments, low costs. All good

    • #75833 Reply

      ally invest customer service is the worst I have experienced. A company performed a forward stock split of 3:2… This means shareholders would get 3 shares for every 2 shares they owned. I contacted Robinhood because I thought I had 4 shares before the split and still only had 4. I was wrong and had 3 before so the split was performed correctly.

    • #75986 Reply

      Verbündeter ist sehr zuverlässig. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Kundenservice. Alle meine Abhebungen wurden genehmigt.

    • #76077 Reply

      not bad service , but could be better

    • #76193 Reply

      Awful, as my agent they should give me full access to the market. They have restricted when I can but and sell stock.

    • #76262 Reply

      Manipuladores del mercado. Elija otro corredor.

    • #76328 Reply

      For new users, Etoro sets an automatic stop loss meaning that if your position goes below a threshold it gets automatically closed. When people join Etoro to buy a volatile stock such as GME or BB or you’re guaranteed to lose your money without the chance to hold

    • #76410 Reply

      Absolutely terrible do not join unless you want to lose money down to their servers, changing or cancelling orders takes hours and you lose money while they ignore you, they have no contact number only email which takes 4 days to reply and when they do it’s a automated bot PLEASE DONT GO HERE

    • #76631 Reply
      Chrsitopher Watts

      Can’t login, regularly crashes, costs customers money, then never reimburse us for the money they’ve cost us. Either incompetent or a scam, either way they shouldn’t be allowed in the financial sector.

    • #76711 Reply

      Easy to use and one of the best in terms of withdrawal. Some problems logging in from time to time but nothing too serious

    • #76845 Reply

      Have used ALLY for some time now, great support
      support is great and if any issues they are resolved quickly.
      But Very expensive spreads unfortunately.
      I do not recommend for the person who is learning and seeking consistency.

    • #77397 Reply

      Very good support and a great overall broker.

    • #77683 Reply

      Very convenient and easy to use platform. Only I wish more ETFs such as UCO, and stocks could be included. Also the trailing stop system is a bit diffcult to understand, hope there would be a clearer explanation with some examples.

    • #78158 Reply

      They have really improved on their customer experience but I have had issues with my investments in the past and got a good lawyer off global reclaim ai .co that help handle my case and got all I invested back.

    • #78396 Reply

      Please include market opening & closing hrs on each stocks.

    • #79907 Reply

      I just received my first withdrawal and it was a success. I will keep on updating here.

    • #80062 Reply

      Ally Invest is easy and simple and the best choice for broker beginners.

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