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      Marius W.

      I created an account and started trading. When I requested to withdraw my money, those scammers hold my account on investigation then stole my 1500$ and then never replied my emails.

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      Sarah Campbell

      I noticed that sometimes trades magically close despite the chart getting nowhere near the stop and yet the closing price indicates it hit the stop. Charts are okay but some times they go down. For me, it lacks the quality of trading tools and streaming quotes alongside other basic platform options cost extra, pre and post hours tradings are not supported.

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      Sandra Hoppe

      My request to withdraw the money was at consideration for a week (I suppose, they thought that by this time I would lose all my money, so that there would be nothing to withdraw), the company asked me to confirm with an additional document my address (although, my account was fully verified at that time). When I went through verification for the second time and requested again the withdrawal of USD 187,89, transactions on my MT4 were restructured in such way as if I had lost all my money.

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      Alois J.

      Es scheint nur negative Slippage zu geben. Die Ausführungsgeschwindigkeit könnte auch schneller sein. Die Slippage kann manuell eingestellt werden, bei eingestellten 0,5 Pips hatte ich bisher jedoch nur ein- bis zweimal Probleme mit Re-Quotes. Den Spread sieht man optisch nur im Tick-Chart. In turbulenten Phasen ist die Kursstellung eine Katastrophe, Order zu eröffnen oder zu schließen wird nur zeitverzögert wirksam, trotz der 0,5 Pips Slippage. Manchmal wird die Order auch zurückgewiesen, was ich aber gerne akzeptiere. Habe auch den Eindruck der Preismanipulation, der Nachweis gestaltet sich jedoch schwierig.

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      barton ge.

      I opened an account with Dukascopy 7 months ago and managed to profit consistently from trading currencies and some commodities.
      Overall, the broker is very good, fast executions and low slippage.
      Spreads are pretty good and the support is reachable.
      As a negative point, JForex 3 seems a bit too slow. Sometimes it takes minutes to load some charts. The web platform is ok (like any other web platform, JAVA-based).
      Also, it would be so much better to improve the trading history aspect. In its current version it is not friendly at all. I tried to connect my account to some trading diaries available on internet but none works with JForex. I strongly suggest Dukascopy to work a bit on this issue.

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      Helen Rehfisch

      Have been looking for a broker for fx trading and with a fair amount of research came across dukascopy europe which seems good, anyone has any important complain regarding this broker?

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      Egon Freitag

      Ich habe nun seit über 3 jahren mein Konto bei Dukascopy. Ich würde mich als erfahrenen Trader bezeichnen und habe
      im Lauf der Jahre viele Erfahrungen bei anderen Brokern sammeln und dort auch mit mäßigem Erfolg handeln können. Dukascopy ist für mich bisher jedoch mit Abstand der beste Broker. Zwar zahlt man hier Handelsgebühren, diese kann man aber reduzieren indem man sein Konto über einen Vermiltler von Dukascopy eröffnet. Dafür bekommt man aber exzellente Spreads, eine hohe Liquidität auch bei größeren Orders und vor allem kann man handeln wie man möchte. Scalping ist hier zum Beispiel kein Problem. Der Service war immer freundlich und kompetent und Auszahlungen klappten immer problemlos und gingen schnell. Von meiner Seite eine klare Empfehlung.

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      P. Robertson

      I have a managed account at Dukascopy Bank so it’s a little bit different than the trading account. However, I’m absolutely satisfied with it. The customer service is always helpful and their all services are high quality like a typical Swiss bank. They are completely transparent and my account is available at every time.

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      Tommaso Barbieri

      Mi sento quasi pronto per aprire il mio primo conto reale e lo farò con Dukascopy.
      Purtroppo qualità del servizio e sicurezza hanno un prezzo e preferisco pagare spread alti e commissioni, ma essere sicuro della mia scelta.

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      Al Weber

      I recently opened an account at Dukascopy. The service was a bit slow, but followed in an acceptable manner. But for about a week I can no longer talk to my account manager. I already tried it by email and calling directly without success. The chat on the Dukascopy page does not respond and the email contact us also does not respond.

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      detlef weiß

      Die Software ist sehr gut, man hat alle erdenklichen Freiheiten. Serverstabilität ist auch super. Charting ist in Ordnung, mich stört dass man den Spread optisch nur im Tick Chart sieht und dass einige Einstellungen erst klar werden, nachdem man sie getestet hat. Im Gesamten finde ich die Software gelungen und weit fortschrittlicher als den Metatrader.

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      Very transparent broker interested in customer satisfaction and welfare. Active platform for trading community. Liberal trading ratio and excellent hedging terms.

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      Martin Alex

      Everything is fine until you try and get a withdrawal processed. It has now been three days since my wire request and they have not even started processing it.

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      Max Lawson

      They are not serious and lack of several things, starting from good spreads. They are too high and trading platform suffers from requotes all the time, so there is no way to generate earnings.

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      Frank Curtis

      I’ve had an account with them for a few years, they are a ECN broker, the slippage can sometimes be a bit much and the commission is based on the volume you are trading, so for small traders that are only trading micros, it can sometimes be to much. If you open with them you should have enough capital to trade mini lots, with a minimum 1000 deposit, then you can trade 1 mini. And you will get lower commissions because of it.

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      Andrew Davis

      Dukascopy is a good company, a friend of mine from Spain recommended me this broker. I had a trading account in another company but I opened an account here and started trading last year. I was very surprised that all the conditions here are good to get a normal trading process. Thanks to my trades in EUR/USD, I got profits of $400 a week. My deposit was of $1,000. I learnt new strategies here and I am fully satisfied with all my trading. I have the interface of personal area, which is very easy to use. Up to now, all has been positive.

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      Noah Luis

      I’ve had a bad experience with this broker since their demo account and real account are not the same, and that in term of execution, chart and spread. When I’m using the demo account it seems like there is no problem, everything going smooth but when I’m using their live account the execution is slow for 30 second after I execute the order, the chart sometimes has slippage that I can see on pair GBP/JPY and also the spread widen at normal hour, when there are no news event on that time. Because of this problem I already lost almost 100 USD. They also have a commission they charge after I close my entry and the commission is not small but quite huge and that makes me gain no profit because of their commission.

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      Alex Chavarria

      Así es como funciona la estafa Dukascopy:
      1- Los clientes depositan dinero en su cuenta comercial en Dukascopy.
      2- Los clientes abren puestos para estrategias a largo plazo (varios meses).
      3- Los clientes mantienen sus requisitos de margen, pagando tarifas / comisiones a Dukascopy.
      4- Un día, solo porque lo desean (“podemos poner fin a las relaciones comerciales por cualquier motivo”), le dicen que cierre sus posiciones dentro de una semana más o menos (su “aviso previo”) y retire su dinero >> la cosa es decir, como operador (especialmente un operador a largo plazo), usted no deciden cuándo se moverá el mercado, por lo que si sus posiciones aún no son rentables, el dinero que invirtió se perderá inevitablemente cuando Dukascopy cierre su cuenta. Cuanto más grandes sean sus posiciones, más dinero perderan cuando se vea obligado a cerrarlas en rojo.
      5- Último paso, Dukascopy cierra su cuenta. Mientras tanto, obtuvieron su dinero de las tarifas y comisiones, y también obtuvieron dinero de su comercio porque jugaron en contra de sus posiciones

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      Caterina M

      Uno dei broker più affidabili e seri. Mi sono ben informata prima di aprire un conto con loro e per 2-3 mesi ho operato anche con un conto demo. Tutto regolare e ben trasparente.

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      George Ellis

      I’ve been using dukascopy social signal trading since I’ve registered my account with them because I don’t have time to spend in analyzing the charts so I’m choosing this type of service that dukascopy provides that other brokers call copy trade. By subscribing trader signal provider, I can gain profit without trading myself and I just have to follow the right signal provider and accept the term and condition for this service. What I love about this social signal trading is there is no subscription fee, I don’t have to use VPS or keep my platform open 24/7, I can manage risks by setting up general Stop-loss level on my account and personal Trading ratio for every provider and I can manage my copied positions and orders using mobile platforms when I’m not at home. I’m using this service since a few years and I can enjoy my profit of around 300 USD or more depending on my signal provider performance and the market conditions. I can withdraw my profit without any problem and usually it only takes around 4 hours for them to approve my request for withdrawal.

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      D. Kaiser

      Zu Dukascopy kann man nicht viel sagen ausser das es ein Top ECN-Broker ist. Großes Volumen handelbar, Scalping erlaubt und dazu sehr enge Spreads…Wirklich nur zu empfehlen!!!

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      W. Rogers

      I would like to recommend you not to trade with this company because it has several mistakes in its services and promos. I felt attracted by its bonuses and I admit that I received $150 as a welcome bonus when I opened a trading account, but I could never use that bonus due to strict rules to use it. I must say that not all the rules were provided in the trading agreement. I realized that those rules existed when I contacted the support department. What they do is omit details and that is a serious offense. That’s why I decided to go to another broker.

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      Bradley M.

      I was thinking to change my forex broker so, I chose DukesCopy. I was wishing after I changed I would have better trading system and platform, but still not much different compared to the previous one. It has been 4 months with DukasCopy and I always noticed that there was happening a re-quote again and again. I have lost 30 pips in a last trade due to this problem. Mainly it is happening during the big news announcement. I was in Forex ECN account with them and seems they refused to accept my trade in fact, still have negative slippage. I am thinking to take other broker services as long as they are well-managed and without any financial corruption.

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      Harrison Gordon

      I’m trading with Dukascopy since 2 years ago, and so far I’ve had no problem with them. Thus, all my problems are solved quickly by Dukascopy support, and their withdrawal are fast. Last week, I earned profit with 250$ when I deposited 1000$ for trading. At that time, I needed money for some urgent reasons, so I made a request to withdrawal my profit. I received it in less than 24h. I think their executions speed is good and they provide convenient platforms compatible for lots of different devices and types of trading accounts! There are no limitations in trading, and no tricks. In my opinion, Dukascopy stands above all brokers. Therefore, if you are going to seek a reliable broker to trade, I will advise you to choose Dukascopy.

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      Rodolfo Martinelli

      Dopo un paio di mesi mi son deciso e finalmente sono in Live con Dukascopy.
      In demo, nei mesi passati, ho sempre usato un tool scaricato dallo J-store che mi mostrava su ogni finestra del cambio lo spread. Ora in Live ho provato a utilizzare di nuovo il tool,pero questo tool è utilizzabile solo in DEMO e non in Live.
      Voi come fate per monitorare lo spread in maniera immediata con Dukascopy?
      Suggerimenti? O devo continuare ad affidarmi al loro sito e quella tabella che mi ispira poca fiducia?

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      Ilaria Costa

      In comparazione con altri broker che ho provato e sentito i spread sono competitivi, non sò perché molti dicono il contrario. Generalmente mi sembrano seri e efficienti fino ad’ora.

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      V. Scherer

      Seit ungefähr 6 Monaten bin ich bei Dukascopy und bis jetzt läuft alles einwandfrei. Zwischendurch aufkommende Fagen wurden von den Mitarbeitern schnell und ausreichend beantwortet. Ausführung ist super! Da ich hauptsächlich in sehr kurzen Timeframes handle für mich wichtig: Schnelles öffnen und schließen der Positionen sind kein Problem. Gebühren sind auch in Ordnung. Für mich stimmt Preis und Leistung hier überein.

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      Tristan Ferguson

      Highly recommended. This brokerage house is providing excellent service, accessible minimum deposit and prime level of liquidity. Broker also has low commissions, choice of ECN accounts and unique solutions for better cfd trading. We are a small pool of managers trading through their API and have many happy investors.

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      Boby Thomas

      Actually, I am using Dukascopy for 2 months with a demo account. I was using my EA on their demo and it was working good, then I opened a live account and deposited $1000. First few days my EA was working perfectly and I earned a profit of $63 just in 4 days and I was quite happy. But from the last two weeks they are getting worst. They automatically disabled my EA with orders that are profitable. To check my EA I executed a few demo trades and live with the same EA and I noticed that the demo trades are running perfectly but the EA is disabled on live account trades. Same problem was mentioned earlier by a post of another trader as well. This is getting highly frustrating!

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      Cleo Z.

      Ho fatto richiesta a Dukascopy per aprire un conto reale e ho mandato tutta la documentazione richiesta, ma è passata una settimana e non mi hanno fatto sapere nulla.
      L’unica cosa che so è questa: Il conto sarà aperto non appena il dipartimento legale verificherà la completezza e correttezza dei documenti e delle informazioni fornite.
      Qualcuno sa in media quanto tempo impiegano per aprire un conto?

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      Jorn Bohm

      Als die Mindesteinlage für Kleinanleger Konten gesenkt wurde, habe ich mich direkt dazu entschlossen Dukascopy auszuprobieren und es nicht bereut. Habe nach einigen Wochen testen meine restlichen Einlagen bei anderen Brokern abgezogen und zu Dukascopy verlagert. Leider ist der MT4 immernoch in der Testphase und der Support meinte, dass es noch circa 6 Monate dauern wird bis die Tests abgeschlossen sind. Für mich aber nicht weiter schlimm. Die Jforex Software ist einfach, intuitiv bedienbar und läuft sehr stabil. Was für mich wichtig ist, dass man von verschiedenen Rechnern Zugriff auf sein Konto hat ohne eine Software installieren zu müssen. Orderausführung wie schon erwähnt sehr gut. Support kompetent und freundlich. Empfehlenswert

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      Arthur Coleman

      I am so thankful to my friend who is also a trader, who introduced me Dukascopy, and I believe this broker is brilliant and transparent. In fact, I have been using the service for a year and no big issues so far. Before I entered the real trading process I also worked on a demo account for a few weeks and for me it was good as it trained me before becoming a real trader. The spread offered also is okay and not too high. Last time I experienced difference in spread in different positions. I have traded on EUR/USD while during that time spread was 2.5 pips. But, recently I opened a position on USD/CAD but the spread was different, at 0.3 pips. Besides that, the online platform worked very well for me, which means any execution runs with no delay and is executed properly. There was a minor slippage at very low level, normally less than 1 pips. My advice for those who plan to join ECN broker is to try Dukascopy.

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      jacob f.

      I think Dukascopy has been on the rise for several years now, in a good way. You’ve got four trading platforms to select from, or should I say, four flavors with only one (MT4) being a real distinction with a difference. My major concern with the Dukascopy platform would be the longer-term issues which I hope they’ll fix very soon.

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      odino massimo

      Circa due mesi fa, ero intenzionato ad aprire con Lmax ma ho pasticciato ed ho lasciato perdere.
      Provando Dukascopy, ho avuto dei piacevoli riscontri positivi anche sulla piattaforma. Non è il massimo ma per l’utilizzo che vorrei farne io, va benissimo.

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      Die Gebühr von 7,5€ auf Auszahlungen, könnte wenigstens für die erste Auszahlung im Monat abgeschafft werde und eine Erweiterung der handelbaren Produkte um Indizes und zusätzliche Rohstoffe (nicht nur Gold und Silber) wäre wünschenswert.
      Ansonsten sehr zufrieden und würde den Broker wieder wählen.

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      christian matthews

      These blogs are very useful especially for newbies because you get to learn more from proficient traders about their experience and strategies. I’ve seen that Dukascopy offers a various number of services and instruments, but I would like to know more about which are the markets that guarantee you more profitable operations

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        Mason S

        I trade in forex with an ECN account and for the experience that I have in this market is going well so far. You can operate also in other markets like stocks or cryptos but I’d suggest you to be followed by an account manager at first, to guide you till you’re ready to go on your own. Their leverage is good though

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          christian matthews

          In fact, yes I’m not very experienced with the online investments, but I’ve invested before through the bank and since Dukascopy is a bank too I thought it would be safer to trade with them. I’ve heard a lot about the cryptos but I know also that is a very vulnerable market so I wouldn’t risk for the moment

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            Mason S

            It doesn’t have quite an incluence the fact that is a bank. The important thing about an investing company is to be reliable and transparent to its clients. As long as the services that they offer are correct and you can do fast withdrawals a regulator is note even so important according to me.

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      Habe sehr gute Erfahrungen mit Dukascopy gesammelt. Absolut empfehlenswert!

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      harrison george

      Dukascopy is a scammer and I would not recommend it to anyone. I was a victim of Dukascopy, and I lost my capital 2000$ last month. In the first time, I was attracted by exaggerating amounts of profits, so I opened an account with this broker. However, this broker stole my money in many ways after I had deposited to them. After getting many losses at this broker, I wanted to withdraw the rest of my money and close my account. Hence, I log in and check my account. Suddenly, I get shocked when I see my balance at zero!! I couldn’t believe this result, so I called their support. However, their support told me that it was my fault, not theirs. Thus, I loss all the money, and I decided to quit working with Dukascopy. Dukascopy is the most fraudulent CFD out there, and their support has no respect for their clients. They lured me in to opening an account with them with fake promises and eventually made me lose over 2000$. Be aware of them.

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      Felicia Baeza Esparza

      ¿Alguien tiene problemas de inicio de sesión en la plataforma? Intento desde tanto tiempo y no inicia la sesión ni en el sitio web ni en la plataforma. Mandé un correo electrónico en Dukascopy pero no hay respuesta en absoluto. Me siento un poco preocupada por eso.

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      I. Schott

      Bin überhaupt nicht zufrieden mit Dukascopy. Die Slippage ist teilweise katastrophal. Es kann nicht sein, das SL als Market Ordern verwendet werden, und dadruch bei schnelleren Bewegungen extrem Slippage generiert wird. Ansonsten sind die Plattformrmen und der Service ganz in Ordnun.g

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      I was checking out Dukascopy services, and decided to open an account to test their services, they are really on the ball and their account manager works perfectly. But they have so many limitations, as for example, is impossible to trade with commodities, index and shares if you want to. Also while trading, I could see that their platform was slow. I was trading with EUR/USD and USD/CAD, and I could see myself that the spreads can reach 2.5 pips. Sincerely is not the best broker I have seen.

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      Gabriel Heath

      My top choice. Really satisfied with everything they’ve given and taught me so far. I wasn’t a newbie back when I started, but I still learned so many things thanks to them! Webinars, seminars, blogs, etc. – what a great find. Go check it right now!

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      Abend K.

      Ich liebe Dukascopy! Sie haben gute Spreads, gute Ausführung und sehr schöne Plattformen. Ich schaue immer Dukas TV, da sie immer großartige Lehrer und großartige Inhalte haben. Es ist sehr beeindruckend, wie viel sie gewachsen sind, seit ich vor 7 Jahren mein Konto eröffnet habe. Sie sind reguliert, schweizerisch und haben eine Banklizenz. Sie haben gute PAMM- und CFD-Optionen, die heutzutage schwer zu finden sind. Das Zurückziehen ist bei diesen Leuten nicht einmal ein Problem, wie es bei Randmaklern der Fall wäre. Ich handele nicht binär, also kann ich das nicht kommentieren. Ich liebe Dukas wegen Dukas TV, Verbreitung, Unterstützung, Regulierung und Plattformen.

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      Alice Brennan

      I was a client of Dukascopy for about 3 months. They have poor services. I had a live account with a minimum first deposit. My trading with them was with currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/CHF and USD/CHF. I don’t like that I can’t trade commodities or shares with them. Also the platform has delays in execution sometimes, or the spread is changing from 0.2 pips on EUR/USD up to 2 pips during news release. I called their support team regarding my delays but they don’t answer. I lost my funds after the first month but I deposited again 500$ with the hope that I would make my money back, eventually I lost that money also and I closed my account because is impossible to trade with their platform.

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      roth harry

      Kann nur positives über Dukascopy berichten. Habe Duka von einem Bekannten empfohlen bekommen, der dort schon seit längerem sehr erfolgreich handelt. Somit war für mich klar, es auch mal bei Dukascopy zu versuchen. Bisher ebenfalls mit gutem Erfolg. Ich muss sagen die wichtigen Dinge wie Spreads, Orderausführung und Support sind bei Duka einwandfrei und ich kann wirklich über nichts meckern.

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      Andrew Spencer

      My friend recommended Dukascopy because he has traded with this broker for more then 2 years. I was interested in trading here, and 3 month ago I open my account and tried to make my first trading. I traded with variable success and I was able to earn around 15% per trading. Last month I traded with majors like EUR/USD but the trading platform was not stable to use which makes it hard to handle and the software was freezing. I have lost almost $500 because of the platform and when I call the support they give me a lot of reasons. Should I stop trading with this broker?

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      Ho aperto un conto con loro vincendo in uno dei loro concorsi e dopo aver soddisfatto i loro requisiti di prelievo, ho effettuato un prelievo e sono rimasto sorpreso di aver ricevuto i miei fondi entro 3 giorni dalla richiesta. Sono i migliori sul mercato e sono passati 6 mesi senza avere alcun problema con loro. Ottimo broker fino ad oggi.

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      mario coppola

      Sono stato con Dukas per circa 5 anni e mi permettono di gestire un account di valore molto piccolo per tutto questo senza alcun problema. All’inizio ho avuto lo stesso problema di uno dei commentatori, ovvero che lo stop-loss non è stato raggiunto, ma è stato nei miei primi giorni e ho potuto vedere che il mercato, non Dukas, impone come funzionano i prezzi. Non scambi il NFP, vero! Lezione appresa! Rispondono rapidamente e indagheranno su qualsiasi cosa tu ritenga essere un errore di sistema. Potrebbero aggiungere qualche altro campanello e fischietto ma nel complesso sono molto soddisfatto.

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      Giorgio Liborio

      Una piattaforma disponibile in vari versioni, semplice da usare e molto professionale. Spread accettabili e una esecuzione istantanea degli ordini. Veramente bravi secondo me.

    • #24289 Reply

      If you want to open a managed account, Dukascopy Bank is the best choice. They use PAMM system and capital protection is available. After I opened my managed account (managed by Perfecto FX), the personal manager called me within a few hours. He let me know the all necessary details about the account. I compare with other brokers and the spread and comission are very low. They are ECN broker which the best type.

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      Dukascopy mi ha prelevato 50 euro per “maintenance fee” a maggio, dopo 1 anno di conto. anche a voi è successo??

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      Rino Diamante

      Ho poca esperienza su questa attività. Dukascopy è il mio primo broker e ho notato che i CFD vengono negoziati al margine, o per lo meno cosi mi è stato spiegato. Non so se questa è una cosa positiva o negativa? Esiste meglio?

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      Alfio Cettina

      Depositi e prelievi veloci, entro massimo qualche giorni. L’unico problema è che per ogni transazione, la banca partner del Dukascopy prende un commissione di 2-2.5%.

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      romano neri

      Ti richiedono di raggiungere un certo volume per ritirare i prezzi. Una volta completato annullano i diritti sul volume per non darti il ​​prezzo del concorso.
      Non è assolutamente etico il modo in cui gestiscono i concorsi. Stavo consigliando Dukascopy a tutti i miei amici, ma ora ritiro indietro. Non si preoccupano nemmeno di dare spiegazioni sensate. Ho sbagliato così tanto.

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      Mancini Maura

      Ottimo broker per i principianti per il semplice fatto che offre la possibilità di avere ricerche e news di mercato, strumenti di formazione e anche trading tools. Ho circa 8 mesi che lavoro con loro è ho imparato moltissimo. Per di più, non ho mai avuto problemi senza soluzioni immediati da parte del support.

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      Ettore Marsella

      Sapete come funziona il trailing stop in Dukascopy? Se lo attivo la linea dello stoploss rimane immobile. Non si muove nulla.

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      rupert schultz

      Ich habe 2 Jahre bei diesem Broker und habe viele Vorteile, geringe Swap-Unterschiede, geringe Provisionen, gute Ausführung, guter Service und durchschnittliche Spreads für ECN

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      Pietro Basile

      Ho provato questo broker per le opzioni binarie, mi è piaciuto molto come broker, molto preciso e serio, peccato che le opzioni binarie siano ora diffuse.

    • #24257 Reply

      At first I felt in good hands with dukascopy. Meanwhile, I find the cost structure too confusing. In addition, I have the feeling that the low spreads are flawed.

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      Rinaldi Marta

      Ho 6 mesi che lavoro con Dukascopy con un conto demo e a dire la verità per quel poco che faccio io, mi sembra molto facile. Penso che sono pronto di iniziare con un conto reale.

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      Mark J.

      I have a great experience with Dukascopy in a corporate account. The Jforex trading platform is stable and they have a wide range of trading tools on the platform. The order execution almost instant and no slippage. I can trade automatically with an EA trading and my profit reached $450 and my payment is clear, so I am satisfied with them.

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      Naomi Watts

      I am trading with Dukascopy in a VIP account with the Jforex trading platform, which isn’t user-friendly. As when I want to open or close a position, it goes to 10 to 20 pips lower with no reason. Besides I am very frustrated with their bad service of withdrawing my profit via banking transfer, as the withdrawal always needs one week and always I have to email their support. So I say Dukascopy is a totally unprofessional broker.

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      der beste Broker, den ich gefunden habe, alles funktioniert gut …………………..

    • #24204 Reply
      Oswald Wolff

      Trade nun schon seit einiger Zeit über Dukascopy und kann nur positives vermelden . Wie ich gesehen habe, ist die Mindesteinlage dort auch auf 1000 Euro gesenkt worden. So können nun auch Leute mit kleineren Depots von den Vorzügen bei Dukascopy profitieren, die vorher nur größeren Anlegern vorbehalten waren. Der einzige Wermutstropfen ist, dass bei Dukascopy nur Währungen handelbar sind. Für den Forexhandel ist Duka ganz klar meine Nummer 1.

    • #20474 Reply
      Jay Hewitt

      I opened an account 3 months ago, Dukascopy keep asking me where the money comes from. The account manager never replies to the emails in time, and never had what I was promised, to open more sub accounts for me. He / she answered me to open it by myself online, but the system has problems. I did not even try to withdraw, I did wire transfer from my own bank account with the same name. Don’t recommend to use Dukascopy. I plan to make a full withdraw and to end the business with them.

    • #24323 Reply
      K. Hunt

      I learned about Dukascopy through review sites when I was looking for a good broker. I saw that it had good feedback from its traders and it seemed to be suitable for beginners so I gave it a try. It has an affordable and reasonable minimum deposit. I could say I am happy with my decision because this broker has excellent trading condition. There are no issues in the platform, I can reach the customer support any time, and I can rely on the daily analysis that it provides. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience.

    • #20498 Reply

      I am on a binary options demo account with Dukascopy. So far I find it very neat and clean and very fast in placing put or calls order. I do monitor the price action and bars with other trading platforms and there is no big difference in the strike rates. I hope once I switch to live account it should remain the same. I also hope withdrawing the amount wanted it will be easy as well.

    • #24322 Reply
      P. Roberts

      I can recommend Dukascopy to big investors. I’m sure that their investment will grow here given the excellent services provided by the broker. The platform is stable and the orders are executed almost instantly. But the only problem is that they have very high commission fees. I don’t think for small traders will be a worthwhile experience, it would be hard to profit in a broker with high fees when you have small capital. I hope Dukascopy would consider making a few adjustments to cater small traders as well.

    • #24203 Reply
      Vogel Gerold

      Ich hatte vor einigen Wochen ein Demo-Konto bei Dukascopy danach aber kein Echtgeldkonto eingerichtet. Seit geraumer Zeit bekomme ich vom Dukascopy zweimal täglich Spam Mails .

    • #20540 Reply
      Kirsten Kirsch

      Was das Trading angeht, ist die plattform hervorragend, da sie saubere charts und eine einfache navigation bietet. Ich mag die sofortige ausführung in weniger als einer sekunde und das ist der wichtigste teil für den erfolg des tradings. Eine sache, die ich nicht mag, ist, dass charts einige zeit brauchen, um geladen zu werden. Ich hoffe, es wird bald sein

    • #20541 Reply
      jorn krug

      Ich bin ziemlich neu in diesem Bereich, aber bisher waren meine Erfahrungen sehr positiv. Ich hatte keine Probleme mit der Geschwindigkeit oder den Kosten der Trades. Ich mag den einen Preis pro Volumen und vielleicht habe ich nicht viel Erfahrung, um dieses Unternehmen mit anderen zu vergleichen, aber ich würde sie ohne zu zögern empfehlen.

    • #24321 Reply
      Jane Doherty

      I have traded with Dukascopy broker, actually, I am satisfied on Jforex trading platform. I have experienced that Its execution is super and it is build-in with a lot of features. I have followed their economic news, technical analysis on the website. I am doing automated trading by an EA and the EA gave me $250 last June, while my first deposit was $200, but now it reached almost 1,2K in a corporate account. I was able to withdraw the profit. So I want to trade with Dukascopy for long.

    • #24319 Reply

      Constantly changing with no clear certainty. The worst possible bosses you can have for the department – poorly competent and ignorant. There is no growth in the department, just stagnant, monotonous work.

    • #24317 Reply
      A. Robinson

      This one is among the few brokers who run a true ECN platform and you can have more success with them. After trying other brokers, I’m convinced this one is the best. Only problem is that trading costs are a bit higher on spreads and minimum deposit

    • #24316 Reply
      Alex Bray

      I’ve tried many brokers for the past 5 years, and you will always find something wrong, especially on those new companies like exness. They are trying to get customers, and what they have that seems like attractive offers, trust me it’s not worth it. Use a true ECN broker like Dukascopy to be safe. Their leverage may not be as high, and the trading costs higher, but you will know your money is safe and there is no stealing behind the curtains. Cheap is never best.

    • #19988 Reply
      M. Caputo

      Salve, ho letto che dukascopy ha spread bassi, 0,2 pips sul forex EUR/USD o più bassi. Quindi si potrebbe scalpare in teoria… io sono con un altro broker demo per ora e quando apro una posizione ho capito che parto già da – 40…. alcune volte su alcune azioni di aziende parto da – 134 euro e non so perché. Qualcuno me la potrà spiegare per favore?

    • #20542 Reply

      Empleados extremadamente poco profesionales, cobran comisiones por las mismas condiciones comerciales que otros corredores y solo puede comerciar divisas. ¡No pongas tu dinero aquí!!!

    • #24315 Reply
      Aaron Briggs

      Dukascopy is a very good broker in trading because they are a true ECN broker and never take opposite trades. JForex is also a good platform but not like MetaTrader4 and you have to retrain using it. A negative aspect are the high charges and spreads and the high account requirements, but this is not a problem for me because I am a long time trader so spreads don’t affect me.

    • #24202 Reply
      Eric Moench

      Liquidität und orderausführung sind gut, aber die plattform ist schlimmer als Windows Vista, fehler ohne ende. Die mit unter sehr teuer werden/wurden. Support im chat einfach nur inkompetent!

    • #20544 Reply
      Carmen Girón Estévez

      ¡Dukascopy es brillante y hasta que alguien llegue con una prueba real de que no es un agente de ECN, continuaré usándolos y aumentaré mi saldo bancario! En lo que a mí respecta, están conectados a múltiples fuentes de liquidez y las fusionan en su plataforma.

    • #24314 Reply
      charlie buckley

      I love this broker. I have traded for more than 5 years without any problems whatsoever. Charges are high, but it’s worth it for the quality of service you get and if you don’t put in too many trades then you will not even notice. Speed is very quick when placing orders every time and requotes are rare only when there is volatile markets. I also like that I get positive swaps not like other brokers like FXCM, I think they were fined for this. As long as you learn Jforex, this brokers will not disappoint you.

    • #19969 Reply
      Manfredi Francesca

      Non pensavo che fosse così difficile aprire un conto reale con loro. Continuamente chiedono ulteriori documentazioni. Recentemente è stato aperto il mio conto dopo più di 2 settimane d’attesa. Vediamo come andrà adesso.

    • #19811 Reply

      Just opened a live account with Dukascopy, loved the demo, traded 4 months with it so I’ll see how it goes. Hoping for the best.

    • #19803 Reply
      victoria harper

      I was interested on opening a live account with Dukascopy but I have to find a VPS server as close as possible from their systems. And to do that, I need to know if their location is in London or Geneva?

      • #19805 Reply

        I was having the same problem a few months ago and I wrote to them and their systems are in Geneva so you must find a VPS server near Geneva.

    • #20546 Reply
      Fabio Mazzotta

      Ho sempre desiderato aprire un conto live con Dukascopy, ma c’è un grosso problema che mi trattiene, è la loro politica sui requisiti di margine per il fine settimana. Il mio trading a volte è rapido da chiudere, ma a volte potrebbero volerci diverse settimane per finire, soprattutto quando faccio una mossa sbagliata che va in un’altra direzione. Anche se, sono molto attento all’aspetto della mia gestione dell’account, il mio commercio andrebbe bene se fosse lasciato in condizioni normali durante i fine settimana, ma non con una variazione del margine del 300% da Dukascopy. Ciò può comportare una richiesta di margine e costringere a subire una perdita. La mia unica speranza è che Dukascopy possa un giorno interrompere questa politica “unica nel suo genere”.

    • #24258 Reply
      A. Hennig

      Es gibt sicher hier und da ein paar Schwächen bei den Indikatoren, aber im großen und ganzen bin ich zufrieden. Man sollte darauf achten den Java Cache einmal in der Woche zu leeren, denn die Kurse lassen sich historisch en Detail zurückverfolgen, was den Cache sehr groß werden lässt durch die Datenmengen welche hieraus entstehen.

    • #14787 Reply
      Amy Bradshaw

      This broker is reliable, its regulator is pretty good, which I’ve never had to use in all the time I’ve been trading with this broker. The broker has its own terminal, where it’s easier to do analytics and build graphic figures. Although the terminal takes time to get used to.

    • #24201 Reply
      Michael Neustadt

      Probleme mit der plattform hatte ich bis jetzt noch keine. Liquidität und ausführung sind wie bereits erwähnt gut. Das Preis/Leistungs Verhältnis stimmt für mich. Support kann ich schwer beurteilen weil ich ihn bis auf einige fragen vor und zu der kontoeröffnung noch nicht in anspruch nehmen musste. Hier war ich mit dem service allerdings zufrieden.

    • #24313 Reply
      Neil Lewis

      I have been trading here for almost one year. During this term, I hadn’t any problems, because all of them were fastly resolved by support. They are constantly improving the execution and are highly qualified like a usual swiss bank. I’m really satisfied by the work of this organization.

    • #20473 Reply
      keith joyce

      Dukascopy is a scam and here’s why.
      My account with them is compromised by the numerous requests and unreasonable demands of the compliance and legal department which keep on asking questions regardless of whether they have already been answered and they have even frozen my funds. To look at the sequence of events, having received numerous emails from the compliance department requesting information in duplicate and even demanding without reason the format in which the information must be submitted on self-certification documents which means them taking in active role in targeting clients based on their own interests even if the information was up to date and submitted in the correct format.

    • #20475 Reply
      easter olson

      The worst I have ever tried, so disappointed, I regret to have opened my account with them, though I’m not a new trader and been in fx for years ago.

    • #24408 Reply
      Joseph McCurdy

      I’m working with them for more than two years. I’m not one of those who’ll say everything’s perfect, because it’s not. Some issues may occur from times to times, but everything is solved rather quickly with a simple skype call to the support team. If they weren’t good, I wouldn’t stay with them for so long. Make your own conclusions.

    • #19820 Reply
      Kiana S.

      Dukascopy – security of funds, fast execution and good liquidity. I am trying to find out if Dukascopy are open 24 hours a day throughout the weekdays.

    • #20471 Reply
      zoe schimmel

      I have never had any complain in the performance of the platform as a manual trader. I think the trade executions by Dukascopy are top-notch because I get very decent entries and exits even at high volatility. Their agent also is quite punctual in replying to emails. This was three years ago. Now, I see a lot of complaints about Dukascopy’s customer support and this is true as I am still trading with them. I waited for a month before I got a response from my agent (who was quite polite I must say). I don’t think the problem is with the agents though. My guess is more like a shift in management (or in their policy) that started this downtrend on customer support. Probably too few employees or they aren’t paid enough.

    • #19987 Reply

      Io uso Dukascopy da ormai parecchi mesi in live.
      Uso per lo più ordini pendenti, ma alle volte, anche se molto raramente, mi ritrovo a voler entrare a mercato. Non ho mai riscontrato un singolo problema di ritardi o quant’altro. Secondo la mia opinione, è il miglior broker fin’oggi.

    • #24261 Reply

      Ich bin bei mehreren Brokern, jedoch ziehe ich Dukascopy vor. Alle Themen werden klar und kompetent kommuniziert. Im Vergleich zu MT4 Brokern gibt es keinen besseren Broker der vor allem durch Transparenz und Fairness glänzt.

    • #20500 Reply

      I had several bad encounters on the bad connectivity of their JForex Trading platform especially when the market runs and I am executing market orders. It happened again today when there was a run on the USD/JPY pair. I was stuck for 30 mins, couldn’t get any trader or technical support to help me online. I was put on hold twice on the phone by technical support and they have not responded to my call back request.
      I will definitely not recommend Dukascopy to scalpers and day traders due to the connectivity issues of their trading platform.

    • #24407 Reply
      C. Ward

      I’m a scalper, so as you guess I do need certain conditions. I’m quite satisfied with dukascopy – they offer large liquidity and have the option of one click trading. I’ve earned nice profit thanks to them.

    • #19813 Reply

      If I win a lot with binary options on Dukascopy, will they let me get my earnings, every day? Coz’ I think I have developed a good indicator that helps me “predict” the direction of some instruments for a couple of minutes, but I’m concerned that if I win a lot of money and ask for withdraw daily, I will be banned from the broker or they change the rules.

    • #42139 Reply
      Chris B.

      Of course you can’t ask for withdrawal daily mate, why are you working for than? You have to have liquidity in order to take profits. They are precise and serious but though… I don’t think there is any broker that allows you to make daily withdrawals

    • #20506 Reply
      Miguel Calderón

      Buen broker, gran equipo de profesionales que se preocupan por tus necesidades y listos para escucharte. Si todo sigue así, me quedaré con Dukascopy por mucho tiempo.

    • #19992 Reply
      roberto rizzi

      Con Dukascopy è possibile annullare un ordine pendente se tocca un certo livello e lo stesso ordine non è stato attivato?

    • #20497 Reply
      Christopher Cole

      I’m very surprised that this broker gained such a high score. I’ve experienced a bad customer service, no reply to mails or calls, low leverage, needs triple leverage on weekends. Not satisfied at all.

    • #24262 Reply
      Erik Holzman

      Wirklich guter kundenservice. Kontoeröffnung in der EU ab 200 EUR min deposit möglich. Dabei handelt es sich um ein “instant account”, d.h. max deposit 2500 EUR. Gut geeignet für anfänger. Die benötigten Unterlagen werden per email gescannt verschickt. Beim instant account benötigt man keine beglaubigte ausweikopie oder änliches. Kontoeröffnung mit einzahlung ca 4-5 tage. Der support beantwortet alle fragen schnell. Man hat das gefühl, es ist immer jemand da falls es brennt…

    • #20479 Reply
      Lino Correale

      Dukascopy non rispetta gli ordini dei clienti. Ho aperto 2 contratti sull’indice tecnico degli Stati Uniti Ho provato a chiuderli dopo mezz’ora con un piccolo profitto, 4 volte tutti gli ordini sono stati respinti. Questa è la seconda volta, la scorsa settimana la stessa cosa accade con lo stesso indice. Si sta facendo pesante, se continuano così sarò dovuta a chiudere il conto con loro. Dei broker ne sono in abbondanza con quali operare.

    • #19808 Reply
      keith morley

      Does Dukascopy work with other brokers? I got a call today from Perfectofx, offering me to start trading with them and they said that they work with Dukascopy. Their gains are outstanding and they seem reliable but I don’t know if I should trust them. I’ve been working with Dukascopy for 2 years and they have never mention that they work with other brokers.

    • #19991 Reply
      Ione Calabro

      Qualcuno sa per cortesia dirmi come sono con i prelievi i Dukascopy?

    • #24406 Reply
      alan evans

      First of all Dukascopy is a very good broker. I’ve read the comments and most of them are positive. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a trustworthy broker as many are not regulated and it’s very sad. Also, I like chatting with them online when I have questions.

    • #24270 Reply
      G. Esposito

      Dukascopy non ha spread alti. Se poi la somma degli spread+ commissioni sia meno competitiva di altri broker può anche essere ma questo non toglie a Dukascopy di essere uno dei broker migliori accessibile ai piccoli investitori.

    • #24199 Reply

      Kann ich bestätigen.Liquidität und Geschwindigkeit der Orderausführung sehr gut.
      Schade, dass man nur FX und Metalle handeln kann.Wenn man bei Duka auch Indices handeln könnte, bräuchte ich wohl nur noch einen Broker

    • #19968 Reply

      Non mi sono trovato per niente bene con la piattaforma. E quella è stata la causa principale che mi ha fatto (almeno temporaneamente) scartare Dukas. Chissà in futuro.

    • #24271 Reply
      Daniele Amato

      Oggi ho aperto un conto demo per provare la JFOREX.
      Rispetto alla Metatrader 4 al primo impatto mi è sembrata più difficile da capire, ma fondamentalmente non è molto diversa.
      Intanto farò pratica per 14 giorni e poi aprirò il mio primo conto reale con Dukascopy.

    • #11062 Reply
      Miguel Ramos

      La última vez que verifiqué, el mínimo de la cuenta de Dukascopy era de $ 50K. No sé qué ha cambiado desde entonces. Pero sí sé que fueron mi primera opción, y si hubiera tenido el capital en ese momento, habría ido con ellos. Todavía puede en el futuro.

      • #11066 Reply

        Hola Miguel, ¿podría compartir POR QUÉ habrían sido su primera opción? Por cierto: el depósito mínimo de la cuenta minorista es de $ 1.000. Lo que me preocupa por ahora es que no tienen ninguna licencia bancaria en este momento.

        • #11070 Reply
          Miguel Ramos

          Sí, esa licencia solo se solicitó en la última fecha. No haría ningún negocio con ellos sin esa licencia. Pero Oanda y IB son las 2 mejores opciones (por desgracia, sin MT4). Ejemplares eficientes, mínimos (reales), estabilidad financiera, API y sin sorpresas. Saludos cordiales

    • #24198 Reply

      Aktuell habe ich schon länger ein DEMO-Konto dort laufen. Bisher der Beste Forex Broker, den ich für mich getestet habe. Schnelle und sauber Orderausführungen, Java-Plattform sehr stabil und übersichtlich. Für mich ein Mix aus Java und MT4. Ich mag den MT4 überhaupt nicht, aber einige Features sind in Kombi dort sehr gut. Es sollen wohl in absehbarer Zeit noch die Indizes und Rohstoffe mit ins Portfolio aufgenommen werden, was ich sehr begrüßen würde. Allerdings, was mich aktuell am allermeisten stört ist der katastrophale Support dort. Wenn Dukascopy dort noch extrem nachbessert, ist es einer der für mich Besten Broker, den man zur Zeit für als MT4 Alternative bekommen kann.

    • #19990 Reply

      Una domanda semplice: dukascopy può fare anche da sostituto d’ imposta?

    • #24405 Reply
      dominic gilles

      Ducascopy is very reliable and honest broker. With their FINMA license I feel myself safe. Trading conditions are also good. Only the registration is quite difficult.

    • #14778 Reply
      Brenda Weaver

      Been trading with Ducascopy for around 7 months and overall would say my experience with them has been improved dramatically. The master classes they hold are very informative, I just wish there were more open webinars on stock and futures markets. I also see how my trading style has changed over 7 months. Things like capital management and pattern recognition are heavily emphasized in all of their seminars and courses. I’m happy to trade with Ducas and see how my balance gradually growing over time. Probably the most recognizable and reliable forex broker in Europe!

    • #24272 Reply

      Ho fatto richiesta a Dukascopy per aprire un conto reale e ho mandato tutta la documentazione richiesta, ma è passata una settimana e non mi hanno fatto sapere nulla.
      L’ unica cosa che so è questa: Il Conto sarà aperto non appena il dipartimento legale verificherà la completezza e correttezza dei documenti e delle informazioni fornite.
      Qualcuno sa in media quanto tempo impiegano per aprire un conto?

    • #24387 Reply

      What I like about this broker, is that instead of luring clients with promises and bonuses they simply do their job. They provide security, effortless trading and good customer service. For most of traders, easy and guaranteed withdrawals are highly important. And this is something that Dukascopy clients can not complain about. I have a long history of trading with them , I have done withdrawals many times and have had no problems so far. Also never heard about any cheating our manipulations from them. With years, they don’t spoil, only become better.Keep it up!

    • #20501 Reply

      I’ve been trading with them for a few months, mostly in forex market. I’ve seen considerable profits so maybe now is the time to try more things with them. I suggest them!

    • #20503 Reply

      Seitdem ich diesen Broker benutze, habe ich keine Probleme wie Betrug usw. festgestellt. Aber der technische Support ist, gelinde gesagt, entsetzlich.
      Ich gehe gerade von einer Erfahrung mit ihnen aus, dass es surreal ist.
      Wenn sich jemand in Dukas wirklich um sein Geschäft kümmert, kann er sich an mich wenden und ich werde alles erklären, damit er es hoffentlich regelt.
      Solange die Support-Systeme nicht wirklich Support leisten, würde ich vorschlagen, dass Sie diesen Broker verwenden, wenn Sie ein paar Dollar oder Euro zum Spielen haben. Und ich meine im Bereich von 100 und nicht mehr.

    • #19819 Reply
      Taya G.

      I was searching for a broker and came across Dukascopy. They looked promising and reliable so I tried to contact them but the chat session is available only during European office hours and left unanswered after 30 mins. Not feeling so hot about them now.

    • #20548 Reply

      Ho un conto live da due anni e ho pensato che sarebbe stato opportuno farVI sapere che non trovo nulla che non funzioni in Dukascopy. Buon helpdesk, buoni spread. Certo a volte c’è uno slittamento ma è normale. Per me uno dei migliori broker.

    • #17551 Reply
      Carlo Sartori

      Promettono mari e monti ma alla fine non è che offrono un gran che. Serve una marea di cose per generare reali profitti. Non ci sarei entrato che sapessi che fosse così.

    • #24197 Reply

      Supportmäßig einfach nur mäßig. Die Reaktionszeit nicht unter 24 bis 48 Stunden. Einzahlungen mit horrenden Gebühren und mindestens 3 Tage Dauer. Kein Metatrader sondern eigene Software die träge und schlecht zu bedienen ist.

    • #24402 Reply

      They’re one of the few forex brokers you can trust. Dukascopy has the Swiss FINMA license and offers absolutely perfect conditions and fast withdrawals less than 24 hours.

    • #24180 Reply

      worst experience ever! They are not honest and know well how to go against you. Big spread gap especially at the market opening. High slippage. Late market opening after weekends, takes sometimes more than one hour. Poor costumer service. The funny thing, they appointed to me an account manager who was following me with every step and was nice and polite, till I deposited the money in my account, that guy disappeared and contacting him was real pain. I have forgotten my web account password two months ago, till now am not able to reset it.
      I don’t recommend it!

    • #24274 Reply
      Quirino Russo

      Quando avevo aperto il conto (con EU) mi avevano dato l’impressione di essere molto diffidenti verso di me, forse perché siamo italiani. Dopo 2 o 3 giri di mail con l’account manager che mi seguiva e mi continuava a pressare con la storia della legittimità di provenienza dei fondi (stavamo parlando di un misero milioni!!! manco fosse 1 milione) mi sono rotto e gli ho mandato di mia sponte una scansione dell’ultima mia busta paga. Questo ha fugato ogni dubbio e dopo finalmente mi hanno accettato l’account!
      Che dire…sicuramente indice di estrema serietà ma io che odio ogni eccesso di burocrazia mi ha un po infastidito la cosa…

    • #24251 Reply
      N. Kuhn

      Plattform ist funktional und umfangreich. App für Mobile-Trading enthält alle wichtigen funktionen. Nicht ganz so Übersichtlich und schnell wie MT aber dafür ebenfalls komplett.

    • #20553 Reply
      Gavino Basile

      Dukascopy ha importanti problemi di slittamento durante le normali condizioni di mercato. Le schermate e le domande relative allo slittamento negativo costante vengono ora ignorate. Questo è molto deludente vista la reputazione di Dukascopy. Sembra che Dukascopy non abbia più la liquidità necessaria per eseguire le tue operazioni in modo professionale e, se lo fanno, sarebbe immorale. La mia esperienza con Dukascopy è quella di un market maker e non di un ECN. Inoltre, gli spread sono più ampi di ECN comparabili che ho usato. Inoltre la procedura di apertura del conto è piuttosto ardua. Ti aspetteresti spread stretti e una grande esecuzione con uno slittamento molto limitato, ma non è così. Molto deludente.

    • #20552 Reply

      1.bad connection of Jforex.
      2.bad spreads compared to other ECN brokers and the commission is also not cheap if you start with a small mount of money.
      3.high fee for withdraw, they charge me 35USD for the withdraw.

    • #10952 Reply

      I’ve been trading with this broker for over 5 yrs already and they are very efficient.Their MT4 platform is very user friendly and they have a fast order execution.

    • #20504 Reply

      Dukascopy ist ein guter Broker, ich habe ein paar Jahre lang ein Konto bei ihnen, und ich habe immer wieder mit ihnen getauscht, ich hatte nie unfaire Tricks, sie stören Ihre Trades überhaupt nicht, sie sind eine Bei ECN-Brokern kann der Schlupf manchmal ein bisschen viel sein und die Provision basiert auf dem Volumen, mit dem Sie handeln. Für kleine Trader, die nur mit Mikros handeln, kann er manchmal zu viel sein.

    • #24275 Reply
      C. Negri

      Dopo 10 giorni mi hanno chiesto ulteriori documentazioni. Spero che non mi chiedano anche l’analisi del sangue e delle urine.
      Non pensavo che fosse così difficile aprire un conto reale, soprattutto perché si tratta di un piccolo conto.

    • #10956 Reply

      With all the tools Dukascopy has been giving to me I am finally building the success that I have not been able to achieve before.

    • #17554 Reply
      Irene Ferrara

      Secondo voi, vale la pena fare trading?

    • #24401 Reply

      This Swiss broker is one of the best in my experience, especially for their reliability and perfect execution on ECN account. And this is besides the fact that the ECN accounts are available just from $1000.

    • #24388 Reply
      Y. Clarke

      I found this broker is not secure to trade in forex market. They don’t provide too much help to clients and customer service attention is bad, they delay a lot in replying your emails or call phones. Spreads are too high, especially in the release of economic news and there is no way to generate profits.

    • #24196 Reply

      Also ich kann mich den letzten Kommentaren nicht anschließen. Die JForex-Plattform ist wirklich sehr stabil und außerdem habe ich Aussetzer auch beim Meta-Trader. Insbesondere die Order-Ausführung ist beim MT4 viel länger. Wer ECN handelt, muss mit Slippage rechnen, allerdings habe ich bei Dukascopy oft positive Slippage 🙂 Den negativen Slippage hatte ich auch schon. Den gibt`s aber nur bei News-Trading. Also einfach draußen bleiben!
      Ja. Die Kontoeröffnung ist nervig, aber nicht ungewöhnlich für Broker im stark regulierten Ländern. Das muss man einfach aushalten, dafür hat man danach Ruhe und kann alles nutzen und bekommt vor allem bei komplizierten Fragen schnell eine hilfreiche Antwort.
      Die haben mir sogar kostenlos meinen super Indikator aus dem MT4 für die Dukascopy Plattform umgewandelt. Gute Arbeit würde ich sagen!

    • #17570 Reply
      Ursula M.

      Sono curiosa a sapere quanti clienti ha questa società. Ci sono ancora delle persone che lo credono?

    • #24399 Reply
      W. Roberts

      Very good service overall. Support managers are competent and polite. Execution is fine, but spreads are far from best.

    • #20554 Reply

      Le esecuzioni furono veloci. L’unico problema è che a volte la piattaforma impiega un po’ di tempo per caricarsi. Ho prelevato più di 30.000 EUR da loro senza alcun problema, ci vogliono solo 2-3 giorni lavorativi prima che raggiunga il mio account.

    • #24195 Reply

      Super! Danke für die Info – Tobias. Wenn man die MT4-Indikatoren einfach umwandeln kann und die auf der JForex Plattform laufen lässt, dann ist die Kombination einfach Spitze! Ich kann nur die Plattform und die Dukascopy weiterempfehlen. Die Orderausführung ist wirklich sehr gut und mit dem Slippage kann man leben. Zusammenfassung: Orderausführung – sehr gut; Service – sehr gut; Plattform – gut; Webseite – befriedigend.

    • #24278 Reply
      P. Moretti

      Sono circa 3 mesi che uso la Jforex con un conto reale e non ho avuto problemi.
      Solo in un occasione ho trovato la piattaforma resettata, forse per un aggiornamento, ma è bastato caricare le mie impostazioni personali e tutto è tornato normale.
      È risaputo che i programmi scritti in JAVA sono pesanti, infatti è meglio avere un buon PC. Da un paio di settimane ho sostituito il mio vecchio Hard Disk meccanico con un SSD e devo dire che le prestazioni della piattaforma sono migliorate.

    • #24255 Reply
      P. Forster

      Sehr freundliche kundenbetreuung, kontoeröffnung hat aufgrund kleinerer probleme recht lang gedauert, aber ansonsten sehr zufrieden mit dem service.

    • #24176 Reply

      It’s high time we get wise on who we invest our money with. I tried investing my money with Dukascopy bank and up till date I have not received my pay. It’s been over a year now since I invested $10,500 with them thinking they were the best for me. They tried to outsmart me when I wanted to make withdrawal, but though I’m grateful to Mr Brown who has made me believe that trading is real.

    • #11389 Reply
      Loretta Bissoli

      Mi sembra un buon broker per investire, ma ancora devo provarlo bene. Mi sono iscritta da poco con loro e devo dire che non è male. Vedremo poi come andrà. Al momento ho fatto un piccolo investimento perché ancora non me la sento di alzare il tiro. Speriamo bene!!

    • #17552 Reply
      T. Robert

      I was reached by Dukascopy a few months ago and as a newbie I thought to try and be a trader. As a first experience, it went very well and I learned a lot. The account manager is very professional and gives me efficient advices.

    • #24279 Reply

      Conoscete qualche modo per lavorare coi cfd di dukascopy? Mi riferisco in particolare agli spreads altissimi, nell’ordine dei 200 pips. Ho notato che alcuni cfd hanno un andamento ideale per lo scalping di qualche secondo, se lo spread fosse 1/3 dell’attuale si guadagnarebbe agli occhi chiusi!

    • #24194 Reply

      Nun habe ich endlich Zeit gefunden die Dukascopy Europe auf Live durchzutesten. Gleich nach der Demokontoeröffnung stand ich regelmäßig mit meinem Kundenberater in Kontakt. So persönlichen Service habe ich bisher noch nicht erlebt. Somit war auch die etwas längere Live Kontoregistrierung zu verkraften.
      Die Java – Plattform geht nach einer kurzen Eingewöhnungsphase locker von der Hand. Mit Hilfe der deutschen Tutorials findet man sich wirklich sehr schnell zurecht. Ich hatte zwar für einen Moment mit der MT4 Bridge geliebäugelt, doch Charting und Orderausführung waren so super, dass ich doch bei JForex geblieben bin. Ein Klick und die Order ist durch und das zählt für mich als Scalper.

    • #24398 Reply
      D. Turner

      This broker has been the worst I have ever used, I even communicated this to my so-called Account Manager. Everytime I try to make a withdrawal from my account it’s a battle, either they come up with some excuses or they just don’t respond to my request or my subsequent emails that I send.

    • #17553 Reply
      maria taylor

      Great customer service, support and advises. I was able to learn a lot from them.

    • #20551 Reply

      I am a professional trader, use dukascopy since 09/2011,
      Strength : spread , commission both are good, excellent order execution compared to other brokers
      weakness : chart candles some times are missing , slippage, some are acceptable, some are not
      Over all, dukascopy is a good broker, I will continue to invest money and keep trading to see my account grow.

    • #24193 Reply

      Es fehlt mit Sicherheit nicht viel, dann wäre Dukascopy lange mein Favorit geblieben. Da ich keine 5000 Euro zur Kontoeröffnung hatte, blieb mir nur die Kontoeröffnung bei der Dukascopy Europe übrig. Was nicht heißen soll, dass das schlechter ist. Aber irgendwie fühlte ich mich daher wahrscheinlich als Kunde 2. Klasse. Der Sitz der Dukascopy Europe ist in Riga und somit telefoniert man auch mit dem Support Desk in Riga. Es gab keine größeren Probleme, aber doch hätte ich glaub ich ein mulmiges Gefühl, mehrere Tausend Euro auf ein Konto der Dukascopy Europe zu überweisen, obwohl diese eine 100% Tochter der Dukascopy ist. Die javabasierte Handelssoftware war meist recht stabil und auch bei der Orderausführung ging es immer sehr schnell. Macht wirklich einen sehr professionellen Eindruck. Eingezahlt habe ich immer per Kreditkarte, obwohl ich wahrscheinlich lieber überwiesen hätte um Gebühren zu sparen. Man musste auch erst den Account Manager kontaktieren, um dann die Bankverbindung mit entsprechenden Verwendungszweck zu erhalten. Das schafft nicht wirklich Vertrauen, obwohl man wirklich zu fairen Bedingungen traden kann. Die Gebühren haben mich nie gestört, da der Spread meist sehr eng war.

    • #24397 Reply

      For me, a good broker entails honesty and integrity. Dukas has shown dishonesty when I asked them regarding the computations of my profits. They gave the wrong answer in order to save themselves.

    • #10039 Reply
      Economy guardian
    • #14643 Reply
      Markus Beyer

      Dukascopy is not really perfect but it works. I have made money with this platform and it works. The only issue I have is with its customer service. You barely get a response from the support email, but in the end, they work flawlessly with my strategy the Fib Fusion Strategy, I make thousands daily but the withdrawals can take quite some time to come through. If you want a strategy, I recommend you search for it on the internet.

    • #24396 Reply

      Generally good broker but their execution needs major improvement. I understand they are an ECN broker, so slippage is inevitable. However it wouldn’t hurt to have instruments to control it. I’m paying commissions so I would prefer to have better execution and better service. What I like about them is that their system is quite clear and open, they don’t hide from you and don’t interfere with your trading process.

    • #17584 Reply
      Rita Ferri

      Ho bisogno di segnali giornalieri oppure settimanali per poter operare perché il consulente del Dukascopy mi ha abbandonato perché non ho aumentato il capitale nel mio conto e adesso ho bisogno di qualcuno che ci possiamo mettere in contatto e operare insieme.

      • #17586 Reply
        Marco Pagano

        Ciao, le posso aiutare io con piacere. A me è successo la stessa cosa con un’ altra società e mi sono forzato ad imparare a far da solo. È molto semplice infatti, basta sapere interpretare le notizie, pero devi aver tempo a disposizione perché non e così facile.

        • #17588 Reply
          Rita Ferri

          Buon di, grazie per la disponibilità. Io infatti non ho molto tempo a disposizione e mi dispiace anche perdere i miei soldi. Cosa mi suggerisce lei di fare?

          • #17590 Reply
            Marco Pagano

            In questo caso l’unica scelta è di prelevare il capitale e investirlo con un altra società dove sarai sicura che ti seguiranno.

            • #17592 Reply
              Rita Ferri

              Grazie mille per il suo aiuto.

    • #17560 Reply
      Marchetti Silvia

      Vedo che ci sono tanti commenti negativi riguarda Dukascopy e non ci posso credere perché io sono un cliente di questo broker da 3 anni e non ho avuto mai dei problemi. Mi hanno consigliato sempre per bene, ho depositato tante volte e ho anche prelevato spesso.

    • #14650 Reply
      Sam Wallace

      I received a call yesterday from a dukascpy’s consultant who offered me to start trading. I don’t have much experience because I have only worked on fictitious platforms but I wanted to start the real thing so I opened an account. Reading some comments on several forums I’ve seen that they are generally positive but I don’t know to believe them or not. I was attracted by their conditions but it didn’t cross my mind to get informed before opening the account. Is there anyone who can tell me if dukascopy is a reliable broker?

      • #16140 Reply
        Aiden Gray

        Is a swiss regulated bank so it’s reliable no doubts, but you should get informed first before entrusting your money to anyone. Knowing also that the minimum to open an account is considerable.

    • #24395 Reply

      This is a recommended company for people who prefer ECN model and floating spreads. Also their platform is quite specific. so I would say it’s a question of taste with this broker. I’ve been testing them for about a year and have no questions as to their stability or reliability.

    • #24186 Reply

      In zwei Worten: Sehr gut!Dukascopy ist wie ein Restaurant was nur 10 Gerichte auf der Karte hat.Die Auwahl ist zwar begrenzt, aber dafür ist die Qualität top.Andere Broker bieten zig tausend Werte an und können alles nur so halb.Wer nur Forex traden will ist bei Duka sehr gut aufgehoben.Man zahlt niedrige Spreads + Kommssion und kriegt dafür zackige Ausführungen ohne Fisimatenten wie große Slippage, hängende Plattform oder Stophunting.Auch bei “größeren” Orders keinerlei Probleme.

    • #24282 Reply
      E. Watson

      My account is with Dukascopy for years now. They are simply the best, never had any problem with them.
      You are free to do whatever you would like to do with this forex broker: scalping, news trading, spike trading, you name it. Any trading strategy is allowed. The most important thing, if you make money with Dukascopy, you make real money on a Swiss bank account.

    • #24177 Reply
      O. Kelly

      I’ve been with Dukascopy for over six years, I have never experienced any problems with the trading platform (JForex) or in my communication with support or account managers, nor do I consider them to create an unfair trading environment for retail customers. This is possibly due to my method of trading, any negative reviews, in my opinion (I could be mistaken) are usually from trader who have highly speculative trading techniques or try to day trade in choppy market conditions. It is true that spreads can vary and this could make it harder to trade smaller time frames. I can only comment on FOREX markets.

    • #17568 Reply

      Ist dieser Broker in Deutschland tätig?

    • #17559 Reply
      Stefan Hall

      I’ve been doing for quite a while now with different brokers. Dukascopy was my fourth broker. I thought I would do better than with the first three ‘coz I knew how to trade, but I was wrong. As soon as I started trading with them, I noticed something was wrong. My account manager didn’t call the first week, customer service didn’t respond to my calls, email and everything else. The first moment I made a withdraw request, I received the call. Anyway, I started trading and within the month I lost all my money. It has been 2 months and still not an explication from them to where my money went.

    • #16460 Reply

      Davvero facile da usare. Semplice da effettuare ordini, anche l’esecuzione di ordini condizionali è abbastanza buono. Da migliorare alcune cose , pero in grandi linee tutto regolare per ora.

    • #17561 Reply
      Moretti Fiorenzo

      Volevo un informazione di come mettersi in contatto con questa società perché mi sembra interessante.

    • #24394 Reply

      I have found a failure with Dukascopy’s internal transfer . It only seems to work from USD account to another USD account. It does not work when you have an EUR account and want to make an internal transfer to your other EUR account. Then it starts to convert USD to EUR instead of EUR to EUR. Seems to be a programming failure on their site. So I made a withdrawal to Perfect Money, which was completed during 4 hours and after that I funded into my other EUR ECN account.

    • #17579 Reply
      Saúl Beñatez

      ¿Hay alguna persona en España que esta operando con este corredor? Quiero comenzar a operar, pero no sé cuál es la mejor opción para mí.

      • #17581 Reply
        Manuel Galván

        ¡Buenas tardes,
        Estoy operando este corredor por 5 meses y me siento genial. Tiene muy buen servicio, adecuado para principiantes y los consultores son muy amables y pacientes. Personalmente me han enseñado todas las cosas necesarias.

    • #24184 Reply
      H. Voss

      Dukascopy gibt an bis 7.500 € kann ein Konto mit Kerditkarte befüllt werden, ohne zusätzliche Prüfungen.
      Bei mir wurde bei einem Betrag von 2.500 € Unterlagen gefordert die selbst meine Bank bei der Finanzierung meiner Wohnung nicht gefordert hat.
      Man fühlt sich bei diesem Broker derart krimminalisiert und alles unter dem Deckmantel ” Terrorfinanzierung ” dieser Broker ist schlichtweg eine unverschämtheit.

    • #24393 Reply

      I can’t trade with Dukascopy, because the way they provide in trading isn’t suitable for me that I’m still a newbie and recently tried trading forex. Their platform is very difficult to use and bad when it wants execution. Many think that I didn’t understand about their platform, but when I wanted to ask some questions, they never gave the obvious answer that I could understand. And consequently my deposit was reduced continuously day after day.

    • #17569 Reply
      Roger Menzel

      Ich bin der erste Dukascopy-Kunde in Deutschland. Ich fühle mich großartig mit ihnen. haben einen sehr guten Kundenservice und wissen, wie man mit alten Kunden umgeht. Dank der Dienstleistungen, die sie mir als erstem Kunden angeboten haben, konnte ich alles kaufen, was ich vorher konnte.

    • #17562 Reply

      I have been trading for 10 years and trust me when I say that Ducascopy is definitely NOT the right choice.

    • #17351 Reply
      Paul M.52

      I found this forum online and I didn’t have time to read all the comments here so I ask someone to reply, please. I want to learn how to trade and eventually become, maybe not a professional trader, but to be able to operate on my own. So, can anyone tell me if they can offer me the assist to do that?

    • #17577 Reply
      Evelyn S.

      Dukascopy is the best broker I have been trading so far. Their advisors has brought me a profit of 36% a month. I can withdraw every time I want and face no problems.

    • #24390 Reply

      It’s very difficult for me to trade money with this. I have lost too much money because their services are complicated to understand and there are requotes in the trading platform all the time. Also, customer service is not available at any time, so it’s very hard to find a solution.

    • #20550 Reply

      Il broker perfetto non esiste … Le persone che in realtà cercano broker con 0,2 pip spread, no commissione, no slip, di solito sono principianti … Questo è un broker di altissima qualità .. Non ci saranno giochi con le tue operazioni.

    • #24389 Reply

      Doing trading becomes very difficult with this broker. I just got little bonus by the broker and their server quality is too bad. Trading process is often error and then stopped in the middle. My account made automatically logout. I convey my complaint via email, but the reply from the customer support is unclear and did not fix the problem. My next email didn’t get any reply. I have done a few times deposit, but withdrawals profit only managed once and I still have a profit in this broker that I can not access because of the server malfunction.

    • #24178 Reply

      Dukascopy’s JForex platform may not be for everyone… but I like it. The platform offers the usual pre installed indicators and the ability to install custom indicators and develop custom strategies. I will only ever trade from a pc or Mac. Although the JForex tablet/phone app allows me to check on market conditions when I’m away from the computer.

    • #20549 Reply
      U. Martino

      Se stai negoziando un conto piccolo (operazioni inferiori a 1 lotto) e hai ottenuto lo slippage è perché interbank accetta solo operazioni a partire da 1 lotto standard. Dukascopy ha creato un sistema per portare tutte le piccole operazioni in un unico pacchetto e inviarle sul mercato. Questo è il motivo dello slittamento.
      La mia opinione personale su Dukascopy è superba, non conosco nessun altro broker che può avvicinarsi come Dukascopy è … forse Citi Fx, ma non l’ho provato correttamente.

    • #24183 Reply
      Reimund Heller

      Ich mag eigendlich alles an dem Broker, hätte auch gerne zu denen Gewechselt die JForex Platform hat mich sehr angesprochen. Aber Komissionen auf FX das geht ja mal gar nicht, da bringen die Günstigen Spreads nix da ich mich gerne zu tode scalpe, echt schade. Vieleicht ja in der Zukunft.

    • #24182 Reply
      F. Walker

      This is by far my top 5 broker. They are one of the few to have a bank license, insure your investment up to 100k chf, and now have more features and benefits like lower investment. Many years ago it used to be 20k chf min, now its minimal, also mt4 is almost available with them, both mt4 and forex will offer 0.01 units or 1000 units min trade size. A fun interactive website, competions etc, top service all round, very solid security, best of over 100 brokers ive been with. Reputable location and regulation.

    • #24288 Reply
      tom bell

      In general, they are a sound and safe company, but too much red tape. Opening an account with them is tedious. Too highly regulated. Another thing is Dukascopy offers only a third party MT4 that is very expensive. Even if you have made some profits for the day, you will end up in the negative area due to the commission plus the cost of the rented MT4 platform.
      Warning: do not use this broker with a bridged Fairtrade mt4 option. The costs are very high. As far as I can see on my account, they charge me for the same open lots every day.

    • #24179 Reply
      N. Lee

      Dukascopy is not really perfect but it works. I have made money with this platform, the only issue I have is with its customer service, you barely get a response from the support email. But in the end they work flawlessly with my strategy the Fib Fusion Strategy. I make hundreds daily but withdrawals can take quite some time to come through. If you want the strategy I recommend you to search for it on the internet.

    • #42143 Reply
      Benedetto Aruta

      Un amico sta operando con loro da alcuni mesi ed è ben soddisfatto quindi ho deciso di fare delle ricerche su di loro. Il sito è ben organizzato e sembrano affidabili ma vedo qua parecchie recensioni negative. Ho visto che si possono aprire conti demo su diverse piattaforme. Qualcuno che ha provato prima mi sa dire se sono uguali con i conti reali live?

    • #42145 Reply
      Cinzia Amato

      Io ho operato qualche mese fa con un loro conto demo forex/cfd per anche imparare un po’ dato che ero neofita. Ho cominciato da poco con il conto reale e tutto sembra che sta andando bene. Comunque puoi sempre iniziare con il minimo richiesto.

      • #42147 Reply
        Benedetto Aruta

        Ho già cominciato infatti da un paio di settimane. Vediamo come va perché fino ad’ora mi sembra tutto ok. Grazie!

    • #43467 Reply
      Leon Morton

      What’s to be appreciated nowadays about choosing a broker is its regulation and reliability (according to me at least). Based on that I chose dukascopy because they’re a regulated swiss bank and offer a client’s deposit protection of more than $100k. That’s a good path to start your journey with a broker I think.

    • #43468 Reply
      Stefan Frueh

      Sie haben mich “verführt”, ein Live-Konto bei ihnen zu eröffnen, mit der Tatsache, dass sie 100% Bonus auf den Startbetrag bieten. Ich habe vor ein paar Tagen das Konto eröffnet und der Bonus wurde gutgeschrieben. Bisher scheint alles reibungslos zu laufen

    • #43469 Reply
      C. Darren

      They offer a vast number of assets for experienced traders. If you wanna work with professionals they would be a good choice!

    • #43470 Reply
      vittorio d.

      Per depositi di meno di 5000€ i commissioni sono troppo alti. Io sono un forex trader e per i trading con le valute ci sono assai di altri broker che offrono migliori condizioni e la possibilità di cominciare con importi minimali di anche 500€.

    • #50206 Reply
      Anthony Berry

      I’m actually contemplating of opening an account with them because their terms and conditions are more competitive than others.
      Can anyone write to me and advise me accordingly please?

    • #50208 Reply
      Robert Hernandez

      I’ve just successfully opened an account with them. Utmost best of luck to myself. 🙂

    • #50210 Reply
      Andrea Gerste

      Bitte lassen Sie uns wissen, wie Dukascopy funktioniert!

    • #50212 Reply
      Lisa Richter

      Es gibt einige ziemlich unangenehme Bewertungen bezüglich Kundenservice und Ausführung.

    • #50214 Reply
      Hipólito Roybal

      He estado operando con Dukascopy durante 4 años y nunca tuve ningún problema, Dukascopy cobra comisiones pero puede abrir una cuenta a través de corredores de presentación que están felices de devolverle el 35% -40%, hay varios, grandforex. net y Molecule6.com son los que tienen las devoluciones de reembolso más altas, lo que significa que si sus operaciones están ganando o perdiendo, aún obtiene un 35% -40% de devolución, que podría ser una cantidad sustancial que de otro modo no tendría, y ofrecen un servicio gratuito servicio a sus miembros y mucha ayuda con su comercio, para ayudarlo a tener éxito,

    • #50216 Reply
      Harry Wells

      If you are planing to open account with this broker you should consider this , this will reduce the cost per trade.

    • #50218 Reply
      Edward Byrne

      I have just found out that Dukascopy (ECN Broker) has the Metarader4 platform for live trading now. this was the problem with Dukascopy but it looks like they have fixed the problem now , good broker but was limited specific platform.

    • #50221 Reply
      Mandy Furst

      Gut zu sehen, dass Dukascopy Metatrader anbieten wird, obwohl auf der Website angegeben ist, dass es sich um einen Beta-Test handelt.

    • #50222 Reply
      Patrick Crook

      I have an account with them and presently use a bridge they supply so you can run an EA on a meta trader 4 demo account and have it do live trades on your Dukascopy account. Having their own meta 4 will save some extra setup time.

    • #50233 Reply
      Emily Weber

      Spread is a free Dukascopy JForex utility tool (Strategy/same as Expert Advisor for MT4) very useful for monitoring spread levels.
      This is why I chose to operate with Dukascopy. 😉

    • #50246 Reply
      Calíope Arredondo

      He estado trabajando con este corredor Dukascopy durante unos meses y no puedo decir nada negativo, sin comisiones, excelentes spreads.

    • #50248 Reply
      Jesse Plummer

      I had a lot of expectations from them.
      Passed through qualifications and opened good deposit account.
      Compared to Oanda, the first impression was quite positive, but still not to extent to consider them real thing.
      After a while, I noticed glitches and non-execution (or to be clear, not right execution speed) at several critical moments of trade.
      Maybe such is nature of pseudo ECN.
      It is hard to say what to expect from them, but I decided not to continue and figured out how to make right direct access to the FX market.

    • #50251 Reply
      Evan West

      I demoed with this broker, I have an ecn account with them but I have not financed it. My problem is that I don’t know how to withdraw from them.

    • #50254 Reply
      Felix Grover

      I tried using their bonus to see what the broker is like, but they blocked my IP while I’m using a cellular Internet. I will try again when I have a broadband cable network with a constant IP address.

    • #50250 Reply
      Erik König

      Ich habe JForex von Dukascopy installiert und kann dies sagen, nachdem ich es einige Tage lang getestet habe: Es ist MT4 weit überlegen. Stabilere, mehr Standardindikatoren und eine schnellere Schnittstelle zur Auftragserfassung. und es ist in Java geschrieben, was bedeutet, dass Sie nicht an einer hässlichen Windows-Box hängen bleiben!

    • #56178 Reply
      Archie Walt

      I have made a decent profit with them, and then had to withdraw the money for personal reasons. I was able to withdraw easily and hassle free straight to my bank. It took two days before it was there. I also really like the app and website, they’re very user friendly.

    • #56180 Reply
      Griffin Baker

      Their customer service is poor, server is down sometimes, i could not close trades at times, lost money in a few trades because of that called a few times and when did not get response eventually gave up.

    • #56183 Reply
      Patrick Kemp

      I traded on their platform with success. This is not for serious traders. Good for beginners. It is in the form of a forex game. It puts the fun back into trading.

    • #56200 Reply

      Dopo tre giorni e tre email mandate con la richiesta di chiudere il conto e cancellare tutti i miei dati mi è arrivata finalmente una risposta che il mio conto era chiuso e se avessi voluto ri iscrivermi avrei avuto bisogno di una nuova email.
      Ho allora provato a fare il login e mi son reso conto che il mio conto non era stato rimosso ma soltanto bloccato.
      Morale della favola: tutti i miei dati sono ancora salvati nei loro server.
      Molto male… non fidatevi

    • #56205 Reply
      Gianni L

      Per ora posso solo dire che depositando 600 euro con paypal (quindi con accredito immediato nei fondi) me ne sono ritrovati 585. Dukascopy non dichiara commissioni, tuttavia è evidente che non si tratta di un problema di cambio in quanto l’accredito da paypal è stato istantaneo. A cosa è dovuto questo scarto del (ben) 3%dal depositato al reale sul conto?

    • #56210 Reply
      Austin D

      I highly recommend this trading company. Besides trading I have the debit card, I can pay Bills, transfer fund. The best way to make money is to trade every day. I made mistake last year by keeping for 6 months but didn’t want nowhere. Now every day is better than I thought. You can make living with this income.

    • #56216 Reply
      Jay Harper

      What was your starting buget? I won the weekly challenge third place and they invited me by email to make my first deposit

    • #56220 Reply

      Un operazione sbagliato ti può costare tutto il tuo capitale su trading. Tutto si potrà perdere in un secondo, pero avere la direzione giusta, indicatori giusti puoi anche guadagnare il doppiamente o triplo del capitale. Con questo broker mi ha successo di guadagnare tutto e niente. L’importante e che al fin del messe ho sempre un rendimento positivo.

    • #56222 Reply
      George Bryant

      Not sure about the customer service, but I doubt that would matter much in the long run.

    • #57806 Reply

      voi i Bitcoin li tenete in earn?

    • #57808 Reply

      i volumi però sono ben lontani da quelli della salita del 2017

    • #57810 Reply

      Che potenza oggi il bitcoin…e’ incredibile

    • #58286 Reply

      il sistema e facile ma alcuni mercati erano bloccati anche se la borsa americana era aperta…

    • #58638 Reply

      Tried out the demo account. It somehow got shifted to a foreign language. There wasn’t any timely response on how to correct the issue. Glad I didn’t have a live account with them. It’s been almost 24 hours with the issue. I’d look for a broker with a better help line.

    • #58724 Reply

      If you feel like donating cash, trade with dukascopy. They freeze platform during volatility and news.

    • #58956 Reply

      they are scaming if you win some money they will close your positions and hit your sl i swear they are market maker’s scammer’s thiefss

    • #59096 Reply
      dom IV

      Anyone use this website signals ? (кто то использовал сигналы этого сайта ? )

    • #59428 Reply

      Tutto ottimo, tranne forse che alcune azioni appena quotate non son disponibili subito.

    • #59430 Reply

      Sono un utente dukascopy da giorni in attesa di trasferimento dei miei investimenti al wallet di eToro, ma ovviamente temporeggiano rallentando il tutto per chissà quale motivo. Servizio clienti inesistente. Ticket aperto, prima via chat, completamente ignorato. Il mio agente è irrintracciabile. Se in breve tempo non riceverò nessun riscontro positivo agirò per vie legali.

    • #59683 Reply

      Appena depositato 3500€ … subito diventati 3420!!! C’era scritto che non c’era nessuna spesa di commissione!!

    • #59829 Reply

      DUKASCOPY is a SCAM! I put some money in, my account has been verified.When I decided to take it back, they forced me to get a skrill account-even if I sent my money through a credit card. Then they asked my credit card pictures both sides, then they said, they don t want a picture but a PDF, then they said, they want a picture….etc…THEY KEEP INVENTING FANCY REASONS TO KEEP MY MONEY!!!

    • #60052 Reply

      Anche se dukascopy è un broker autorizzato, non mi sono trovato bene con loro. Non capisco come possa essere una società partner con la squadra di calcio della Roma. Ovunque ho letto opinioni negative su di loro.

    • #60133 Reply

      Recentemente ho avuto una brutta esperienza con un broker (soldi volatilizzati), conseguentemente ora il mio obiettivo e ottenere la maggior sicurezza possibile.
      La mia scelta ricadrebbe su Dukascopy.
      Cosa ne pensate?
      Lo step successivo e la scelta tra la sede Svizzera e la sede in Lettonia.
      Quale scegliere?

    • #60379 Reply

      Penso sia un broker molto affidabile e che possa essere di valido aiuto.
      in un panorama di truffatori ava è molto concreta

    • #60519 Reply

      I love the fastness in deposit and withdrawal. The app is easy to use, no stress using the local bank deposit.

    • #60769 Reply

      I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to deal with this bank by far the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and they do not give a damn about you you’ll find yourself having to call them multiple time to get a simple question answered a lot of time they’ll just hang up and 99% of their employees hardly speak any English don’t do it to yourself

    • #61103 Reply

      I am very grateful for the online chat support I was given today by Firas – thank you for sorting my problem out so quickly and efficiently!

    • #61295 Reply

      Ia iz Gruzii (I am from Georgia).Ia sshitaiu, sho dukascopy velikolepni broker. Nariadu s regulaciei, ochen visokovo standarta FCA, u nevo absolutno polnocennaia podderzka na raznih iazikah, vtom chisle i na Russkom. Vsio eto kasaetsia i abuchaiushih vebinarov. Imeetsia velikolepni arhiv vebinarov. Vsio shto realno imeet znachenie v treidinge, vsie evo raznovidnosti, raziasniaiutsia realno deisvuiushimi, opitnimi treiderami. Eto vsamom dele redkost. A dalshe uze kak govoritsia, u kovo kakie spasobnosti.

    • #61293 Reply

      They are correct partner!

    • #61297 Reply

      The support staff member was extremely helpful, prompt and efficient in dealing with my issue.

    • #61474 Reply

      Just a beginner at this and eager to learn more as it is something I’ve wanted to do for years and this is it for me.

    • #61609 Reply

      I ragazzi del servizio di contatto stanno aiutando enormemente ogni richiesta e vanno oltre per aiutare i clienti. Una piattaforma così bella su cui investire. Oggi era il mio quinto pagamento.

    • #61827 Reply

      Il servizio clienti è eccellente. Nonostante le differenze di fuso orario, sono riuscito a ottenere l’aiuto di cui avevo bisogno. La guida offerta dalla loro finanza è anche un’ottima intuizione per le attività di trading. Il rappresentante dell’assistenza clienti con cui ho parlato è stato molto caloroso !!

    • #61986 Reply

      Ellen has been very kind in getting my account up live and running. Was very helpful.

    • #62118 Reply

      Well, may be experienced traders will laugh now, but I will point of the cost calculation tool that is avaialble at dukascopy website. Before I do a trade, I can actually see all the trading fees including swaps. That’s a very handy feature that helps beter asses the trade’s potential and see if the risk to reward is worth bothering to send the orders.

    • #64117 Reply

      Ich habe es gewählt

      und bereute es bisher nicht. Wie ich sehe, haben alle Händler unterschiedliche Kriterien, um einen Broker zu überprüfen. Ich kann nur sagen, dass ich meine Erwartungen an einen netten Makler mit Dukascopy erfüllt hatte.

    • #67969 Reply

      I’m not one of those traders who can deposit $100,000 or more. My income isn’t so huge. But I want to say that I’ve increased my income by about 50% thanks to trading here.

    • #68103 Reply

      Esperienza pessima. Bug continui, è successo diverse volte che aprendo posizioni a un prezzo, l’app presentava un bug temporaneo a causa del quale la posizione non si apriva. Dopo qualche minuto si apriva ad un prezzo più alto. L’assistenza segnala o i problemi come “risolti” rispondendoti semplicemente ” lo sappiamo che abbiamo avuto problemi tecnici, ci scusiamo per il disagio, indagheremo se lo ritiene necessario” se apro un ticket è scontato che sia necessario, e poi ti fanno aprire altri ticket e un altra settimana di attesa per chissa quale chicca di saggezza.

    • #68250 Reply

      My account was blocked because I made a second deposit of funds using my wife’s credit card that is a shared joint account with me. They notified me that they have blocked my account and need a bank statement as proof that it is a joint account credit card. I provided the proof but it’s now 3 days waiting for them to get back to me while I watch my demo account show me profit figures that I would have made if I had not been blocked. Really not impressed at all with the service and it shouldn’t take that long to fix

    • #68367 Reply

      Ich benutze dukascopy seit 2017 ziemlich intensiv (ungefähr 300 Trades) und bin überrascht von dem, was ich hier lese. Meiner Meinung nach ist dies die beste Plattform auf dem Markt für Anfänger und Händler. Es ist sehr intuitiv und bietet Tausende von Aktien und anderen Instrumenten. Mein Bargeld ist für 1 Mio. Euro in Lloyds versichert. Ich hatte nie ein Problem mit Geldabhebungen oder Einzahlungen. Das Zurückziehen dauert einige Tage mit Revolut, aber das ist normal für mich. Die Einzahlung dauert Sekunden. 99% meiner Bestellungen werden sofort ausgeführt. Ich hatte einige Probleme mit der Ausführung neuer Bestellungen in sehr volatilen Zeiträumen. Hatte nie ein Problem mit Stop-Loss-Aufträgen. Ich investiere in Aktien, ETFs verwenden manchmal CFDs. Großartige 0% Provision für Aktien, hohe Streuung für Kryptos, die ich nicht anfasse. Die Plattform bietet eine erstaunliche Community, alles ist klar und einfach für mich. Copytrading ist ein bahnbrechendes Konzept, aber es ist kein Gelddrucker. Sie müssen lernen, was Sie wie alles auf den Finanzmärkten tun. Hatte nie ein Problem mit dem Helpdesk (muss nicht oft verwendet werden). Meine Empfehlung ist, zu versuchen, Ihre Selbsteinschätzung durch Lernen und Verwenden zu finden.

    • #69442 Reply

      Total scam!

      – Expensive
      – not your coins, not you’re crypto
      – quit in the Netherlands and no compensation
      – no communication

    • #69514 Reply

      5 stars just for you dukascopy, Excellent and I would recommend.

    • #69638 Reply

      Piattaforma semplice e ben strutturata ma ha spesso dei problemi tecnici, e questo è inaccettabile perché dentro ci sono i risparmi delle persone.
      Settimana scorsa ho aperto una posizione di vendita, e risultava lo avessi fatto a un valore inferiore a quello effettivo, perdendo un margine di profitto.
      Oggi, come tanti altri giorni, la piattaforma fa in automatico il log out e da circa due ore non mi permette di accedere.
      Non voglio la vostra risposta “prenoti un ticket per il servizio clienti”.
      Ci mettete almeno 3 giorni a rispondere, mi spiegate come posso aspettare 3 giorni mentre non ho nemmeno la possibilità di vedere l andamento dei miei investimenti e eventualmente chiudere delle posizioni?
      Investo in crypto anche, capite che bloccarmi l’accesso per problemi tecnici per delle ore, mi potrebbe costare centinaia di euro?

    • #72981 Reply

      Beste Handelsplattform aller Zeiten !!

    • #73102 Reply

      the company is so incompetent its ridiculous. I have explained I will be taking legal action now via the small claims court for loss of £1,500 due to dukascopy unlawfully holding my funds and stopping me the ability to trade. I only intended to buy 50% of a bitcoin but this experience has left me questioning that now and put me in a bad place. I live in hope my 16k will be returned this week!! Second by second trading? Not with dukascopy, be careful.

    • #75823 Reply

      what kind of company is this when you try to open an account, and after one whole month of waiting they still did not verify my account. I gave them all what they ask for, and now they even stopped answering my emails. They have my bank account information and my personal information, and now I feel unsecure with what they have. I recommend to go use a different app than robinhood. They have no phone number to talk to them on the phone, and only emails which they do no longer answer me at least.

    • #75898 Reply

      Il team di supporto è veloce nel rispondere ed è eccellente nel fornire le informazioni necessarie

    • #75973 Reply

      Vermeiden. Ich habe zwei Wochen lang versucht, meine Telefonnummer zu registrieren, die ich in einem früheren Konto verwendet hatte. Bei der Registrierung wird eine Fehlermeldung angezeigt, die mich auffordert, den Kundendienst zu kontaktieren. Ich habe mehrere Tickets geöffnet und sie schließen sie einfach mit einer Standard-Hilfe, die nicht funktioniert. Selbst wenn ich erkläre, dass ihre Hilfe nicht funktioniert, senden sie mir einfach die gleichen Anweisungen erneut und schließen das Ticket. Sie lesen die Tickets überhaupt nicht.

    • #76067 Reply

      I’ve just registered to dukascopy yesterday and right now I am still awaiting for verification. But when I tested virtual trading it shows copy trading is not available here in new zealand and that’s the only reason why I joined 🙁 Not sure why i won’t be allowed.

    • #76184 Reply

      Similar to many other interactive brokerages, etoro disabled buying ability across a number of shares whilst keeping the ability to sell still open. This is text book market manipulation and as a result I shall be terminating my use of their service

    • #76254 Reply

      Confiabilidad terrible. Atención al cliente inexistente. Con mucho gusto aceptarán cualquier dinero que deposite, pero inventarán todo tipo de obstáculos cuando intente hacer un retiro. Evite estos cabrones a toda costa.

    • #76317 Reply

      Now is already one month and still no news.i transferred 2.400 euro and they lie to me telling me that i never transferred that money when actually i have all the proves.I will sue them this week if they don t give me back my money.

    • #76400 Reply

      You took off fraction trading ..limit the activity and you shut me out of bitcoin anf gms and amc

    • #76621 Reply

      Rubbish app, missing multiple good stocks. $5 fee for withdrawal, multiple other hidden fees. Waste of time

    • #76699 Reply

      Not the best spread you can find but overall good experience.
      I had a lady named Anna as an account manager she was extremely supportive.

    • #76834 Reply

      Piattaforma molto funzionale dove anche un principiante come me può imparare qualcosa dal trading e soprattutto può iniziare a guadagnare qualcosina sensa impegnare grossi capitali non sei seguito da nessuno che ti chiama tutti i giorni per farti comprare o vendere dove più gli piace e per come sono fatto io e un grande pregio di questa piattaforma qui ai la possibilità di decidere tutti i tui investimenti e se sbagli sbagli con la tua testa

    • #77388 Reply

      Simple and easy to use. I like the speed with which deals can be done and the simplicity of the one touch format.

    • #77674 Reply

      In 4 weeks of my relationship with dukascopy, I haven’t received a single communication apart from system generated. I have opened 4 tickets and each one of them was immediately flagged as resolved by dukascopy, without even dropping me a single line.

    • #78005 Reply
      René Richter

      Bisher einfach zu bedienen, haben noch keine Trades geschlossen, also sehen Sie, wie das geht

    • #78147 Reply
      Morgan Marshall

      Very good app for trading just the charts could be a bit better, but apart from that very good service.

    • #78383 Reply

      Kept my money, they haven’t opened an account, when I asked to close my account and refund my money they said that my account is under review.

    • #79896 Reply

      Dukascopy is a great Forex broker, with excellent executions and a fair cost.
      They have their own platform (Jforex) which is multiple times better than MT4 or MT5.

    • #80040 Reply

      they have good chart but high spread and commission check it before you deposit your money

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