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      Ludwik Stephan

      Ich bin mit trading auf FxPro voll zufrieden. Ja manchmal habe ich die Spreadserweiterung nach dem Börsenschluss bemerkt, aber nicht so oft. Für mich waren die niedrige Spreads von grosser Bedeutung. Ausserdem die Auszahlungen werden sehr schnell bearbeitet und sind kostenlos.

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      Questions are answered instantly and I don’t have to wait for payments. I brought a friend here and I’ve been credited with generous percents. I am very happy with this company.

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      noah pagano

      la loro versione metatrader ha un odore. il terminale sembra manipolato poiché la sezione profitti e perdite è inferiore di 3 pips rispetto al prezzo di mercato corrente. a loro piace che perdiamo, eh?

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      sig.ra martinelli

      Uso questo servizio solo a scopo di lucro, quindi non sono interessato alle loro offerte e promozioni.
      Pagano lo sconto senza indugio, la percentuale è buona.
      In caso di domande, il personale di supporto è sempre a portata di mano.

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      Y. Sanna

      Quello che mi piace di FxPro è una buona scelta di broker, condizioni adeguate e pagamenti veloci. Mi piacciono le offerte e le proposte dei broker. Buon servizio!

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      they so slow. at the terns they say your job is done at 1 workday. it is a big lie. i am waiting for nothing. the live chat has nothing to do. they just say hello’ we will work on it but nothings happens.

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      Anyone has experience with earning huge amount of money at FxPro? Tens or hundreds of thousands of USD.
      Since they are market maker they sure don’t like it.

      Do they start to cheat you big, or the forward your trades to the market and let you earn big money?

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      I have been trading with a demo account now for over a year. The first 6 months I traded very instable and without any structure. And i frequently lost “my” money. So I hade to start allover. So after this 6 months I said to myself. I´m doing something fundamentally wrong here with my trading. So… I started to read, and read a lot. Now I feel more comfortable, especially physiological, and how to handle leverage according to my account size, money management etc. The most difficult thing these last 6 months was to think in term, “How much am I willing to risk?”. It was very difficult to handle. My previous trading didn’t handle this types of question. I have been in a diffrent state of mind. Before I didn’t want to lose any “money”. So I moved my Stop Loss and some times I enter a trade without stop loss. Now this 6 months that has passed has teached me a lot, thinking in probability and risk.

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      It’s quite profitable to deal with them – they offer interesting promos and offers, many of which I took part in. Spread is paid in time, high percents, and a really cool website. Technical support is fast to help to solve all issues.

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      So my first withdrawal attempt has gone missing my bank has received nothing and apparently their money transfer provider has sent it ….. It is being dealt with by an accounting supervisor which is good.
      Still waiting for funds to be returned, looks like the company fx pro use for wire transfers have lost it. how it can’t be traced or tracked these days is a mystery, at least I can still get funds from account through mastercard…

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      I only have a demo MT4 account with FxPro, but if it is anything like their real account I would be very hesitant to open a real account with them. Two things that immediately stand out to me on their demo MT4 platform is how they calculate required margin and how they credit/debit swap…
      1) Required Margin seems to be calculated off the total position value and not the standard formula which uses CURRENT PRICE multiplied by total position size.
      2) Swap credit/debit method: By not crediting/debiting swaps from the realized balance and instead applying it to unrealized balance, inexperienced traders are more likely to close a positive swap gaining position sooner and leaving a negative swap position longer. In the grand scheme of things, the broker stands to benefit from this.
      Again, I only have a demo account and can’t say for certain if is the same as a real account, but it leads me to believe they are the same. Why would these be different from demo to real?

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      EUR/GBP spreads have been reaching 4 pips lately. They were one of the best brokers for their spreads and have been advertising it like crazy, but have raised them now just like everyone else.

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      Ich handele in Vollzeit mit Forex und kann uneingeschränkt sagen, dass Fxpro einer der besten Broker ist, die wir derzeit im Einzelhandel haben. Wenn Sie ein erfahrener Trader sind, der keine Probleme mit Provisionen hat, ist die cTrader-Plattform das richtige Handelsinstrument für den Markt. Ein großer Rückschlag bei Fxpro ist die Provision, die ich für zu hoch halte. Ich hoffe, das Management wird dies untersuchen, um zu sehen, dass die Senkung der Handelskosten mehr Händler anzieht.
      Die Ausführung mit ihrer ECN ist fantastisch. Die Lose werden ohne Requotes gefüllt und ich kann Ihnen sagen, dass ich noch keine erlebt habe und mit Standard-Losen handelt. Die Ausführungsgeschwindigkeit ist erstklassig.
      Bezüglich der Auszahlung kann ich ihnen noch nicht den Daumen geben, als ich letzten Monat ein cTrader-Konto eröffnet habe. Wenn der Widerruf erfolgt ist, werde ich hier sein, um weitere Bewertungen abzugeben.
      Insgesamt würde ich jedem ernsthaften Trader die ECN cTrader Plattform empfehlen. Ich bin auf lange Sicht bei Fxpro und mit meiner bisherigen Erfahrung mehr als ein zufriedener Kunde.

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      fxpro has good customer service but terrible to trade with; delayed executions and frequent disconnects were majority of the problems; the charting software (MT4) also kept jumping all over making it very difficult to trade with. fxpro is only good for trend trading using longer time frame in my opinion.

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      I submitted my withdrawal request 3 days ago but no one is processing the request yet. I encountered “withdrawal is declined” several times as the fxpro website never clearly informed customers about the withrawal rules. I have the impression that they tried to delay the withdrawal payments and let customer faced various withrawal problems. I have an email reply from accounting confirmed that I can withdraw profits by Bank Wire even I never use Bank Wire to deposit before. But when I made a Bank Wire withdraw request, I got rejected due to “you need to withdrawal with the same method you deposited”. That means each person in the accounting dept has their own ways of handling the request and there is no standard rule. Their withdrawal service certaily is below professional standard, even their rejection email looks amateur.

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      v. kramer

      Ich bestelle ihren Grundplan für ein Jahr für nur 2,99 USD / Monat, Sehr gutes Ergebnis mit meinen EAs und kann problemlos 2 MT4 ausführen. Ich habe fast 8 Monate vergangen und noch keine Ausgabe bekommen.
      Ich weiß ihren Service zu diesem Preis wirklich zu schätzen.

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      I demo-traded with them for a while and decided to go live. I went through their general risk page but still decided to give them a try. I paid in money to their account via wire transfer and till now they still claim not have got it. Subscribers should be wary of Brokers with an extra level risk to the risk we are already taking trading forex. This people are surely a scam. Right now, they keep referring me to their accounts department who never reply my mails anymore.

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      I’ve opened an account with them since 1 week ago. So far everything seems to go just fine. We’ll see in further future

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      Honestly, this broker is pretty good when it comes to spreads and margin. Also, they allow you to fund your account quickly.
      However, I am a little concerned with the way they handle access to your funds. I have been trying for 3 1/2 weeks to obatin access to my funds, but I still have yet to see them.
      The accounting department is incredibly rude and non-helpful. The people who assist with the live chat say one thing and the accounting department says another. It is one big game of cat and mouse.
      I truly recommend going with a different broker.

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      i have been with them for a month now surely they are not good for news traders like me. they increase spreads during news and if you watch carefully they also do it during normal trade entries. well I guess like other retailers they try to cheat and make from traders as much as posible.

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      I would never have thought of FXPRO if I was not directed to them by Northfinance. I have been trying to open an account with them for over three weeks now. I was chatting with one of their operator on their live chat after many attempts and the operator left the conversation without the courtesy of excusing himself.
      They have not only lost me but also my students who have learnt forex from me will not open a live account with them.

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      It is almost three weeks that I have open an account with them. the orders does not get filed and you can wait minutes to get filled. Trailing stop works at its own pleasure, when you asked them they say they never received the order to modify or internet connection, but I does run the same trade with others non of them happened. Called for customer support and they do call you back, but quite non of them knows anything about the platform itself and ask you to read the manual. I had an account with Fibo Group and I thought they were bad, but these are worse.

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      Ich habe ein ernstes Problem mit FxPro. Anfänglich war mein VPS am Wochenende länger als 24 Stunden außer Betrieb und ich konnte mich nicht anmelden, um meine EAs zu verwalten. Ich habe zum Glück festgestellt, dass mein Server ausgefallen ist. Sie haben mich nicht darüber informiert. Ich habe ein Ticket geöffnet und sie sagten, dass das Netzwerk aktualisiert wird und in den nächsten Stunden das GPS wieder aktiv sein wird. Die Zeit verging und die Märkte öffneten sich. Ich blieb 11 Stunden nach der Eröffnung der Märkte und kein EA verwaltete mein Konto von VPS. Nach 11 Stunden fordern sie mein Passwort an, um den VPS zu reparieren. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt stieg ich aus und beauftragte einen anderen VPS-Anbieter. Auf der Seite “Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen” steht “99,99% Verfügbarkeitsgarantie”. Es ist eine Lüge. Sie garantieren nichts und haben mir den bezahlten Wert nicht zurückerstattet, als ihre Garantie gebrochen wurde. Also war ich beeinträchtigt und warnte alle, sich von ihnen fernzuhalten.

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      I have traded live with FXPRO for the last seven months (Jan 2008) their has been no problem with deposits or withdrawls. I have traded with a few different fx brokers and find FXPRO to be as good as any other broker out there. I find most faults people have with legitimate brokers are usually attributed to their own mistakes or inexperience.

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      Tan Guay Choo

      Poor Customer/Client services! Complaint sent to compliance@fxpro.com is being ignored. No response whatsoever. There is a well described procedure for complaint but FxPro is not following it. Complaint sent is supposed to receive a response (at least an acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint) within 5 days and a special number. This is NATO (No Action Talk Only). Have chat on your Live Discussion, answer is sorry, we cannot give you an answer right now. Will let you know as soon as possible. This has been carried on for the last 4 months. What do you think I can do? Please advise

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      Soare E.

      After opening an account last year I reviewed the company giving them 4 stars! I apreciated the efforts they made,in helping customers.
      They are still very polite when you contact them,but things around there seem to be very massy.Several coppies of my credit card and even papers I send for opening the account where not to be found!More than that I was informed by a lady called Sarah that direct withrows made by credit card,can be done just for the amount of monney you deposit.For withdrows of profits you have to make a special request!!!!Conclusion:a very massy broker who does not seem to know what their left hand and their right hand is dooing!!!!!

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      I’m a full-time trader and am looking into switching to FxPro. I have spent a lot of time on the live chat and emailing back and forth. I have to say, live chat support is very fast and helpful. Emails with lots of detailed questions get answered quickly as well. And as it seems, there’s active support on this forum too.
      I’m also impressed by their systems, meaning backoffice website and webtrader software.

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      I have been trading with this broker for six months. They have widened the spreads of all the pairs a lot, even the eur-usd, when all brokers have 2-3 pips, fxpro, sometimes, at night, even until almost 5 pips. To withdrawal, not the profit, but the deposited money, is very complex, and they allways find a reason for delay the transfer. If you have funded with credit card and paypal in differents dates, you can estimate, including delaying and emails crosses, almost one month for your own money will back to you.

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      FxPro permette l’apertura di un conto Forex CFD con saldo negativo protetto. Il problema è che in quest’ultimo caso sto scommettendo con contratti per differenza.
      Vorrei iniziare con un versamento di circa 1000 euro, naturalmente con leva alta per poter incrementare il conto velocemente dato il basso capitale a disposizione. Pero non so se FxPro e la miglior scelta.

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      One interesting thing I found when I was at FXPro was that prices would be reached before the candles would paint on the chart. There was a deliberate in-built lag of a couple of seconds.
      I had an indicator set to ring by price: every time it would ring (price would be hit) before the candle would paint. If you were going visually by the candles painting on the chart, you would be late by a few seconds every time. The price had already been hit.

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      Let me say, last thursday I got almost 10 pips FAVOURABLE slippage for a 80k limit order, on eurusd. And I often get favourable requotes for market orders so I can’t complain this company.
      Never had problem withdrawing my money, of course I don’t trust holding big deposits on ANY market maker account, neither Fxpro, I just keep the margin for some SLs.
      PS: I don’t scalp.

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      I have really liked how quick their setup of an account was from start to finish to fully funded. The money that I deposit is quickly available as well. When I first created the account it took about a total of 2 hours from clicking the Create New Account button to having an email from their sales team with my login information and information on how to fund the account. I then started the funding process and within an hour the money was available to use in live trading.

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      Lambert Fisher

      Not bad broker, spreads are quite tight and 1:500 leverage is very good. 100$ minimal deposit I think is normal for a regulated broker. I also tested their demo accounts. It’s pretty good to feel the platform before the real trading beginnings. The execution is almost the same.

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      I’ve a Fxpro demo account with MT4 platform.
      I don’t know what’s up, but this broker only allow me to open a pending order Buy Stop or Sell Stop with 50 pips minimum distance from market even on EURUSD.
      With this limitation it’s pratically impossible open pending orders because that range represent almost half of day trading.
      I wonder if somenone has the same limitation with FxPro?

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      Is FxPro live as smooth as the demo? I suspect it might be as smooth for small lot sizes but would get more requotes and slippage for medium-large lot sizes…

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      This company is pathetic. I can’t trade because they lost my verification documents I uploaded. I can’t withdraw my money because the website doesn’t work right. The customer support stopped talking to me. THIS LOOKS LIKE A SCAM!

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      Ricky Vallio

      There are so many scam brokers in the market nowadays, but fxpro is not one of them. FxPro is regulated by Cysec, FCA and other regional financial regulatory authorities. It means that they insure client funds. And they also provide negative balance protection. These are very important points to date. For all other indicators, they are no worse than other large brokers from Europe.

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      Paul David

      I came across FXPro while searching for MT4 brokers… I was with FXCM earlier but they were nasty and their Tradestation just sh*** So during my review of other brokers, I came across FXPro and did a whole lot of study about them, they looked decent to me, I just traded with their demo for a day to get accustomed to their platform and put in a small capital. Overall happy with them. The only thing that I haven’t tried to do with this broker is to request a withdrawal. If that works as well, then I guess should be a very decent broker…

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      Dan Newell

      I plan to change my actual broker. Planning to choose FXPro. Anybody can comment on this? How is the term of the Deposit and withdrawal system? The reason is to find a high leverage 1:200-1:500. Currently using IBFX but the leverage has been changed to 1:100.

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      Sam Brodey

      FX-Pro is SCAM
      Whenever I trade and I have profit, their server does not close my deal no matter how hard I try. All it says is “Modification Not Possible”.
      I lost $2,800 due to their SCAMing techniques…

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      randall joseph

      Fxpro are ok. Spreads are good but their execution isn’t the best and it’s becoming more of a problem of late. I have to say though their live support is helpful.

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      Daniele Marino

      Sono un utente esperto di FxPro da molto tempo. Di solito passo dall’uno all’altro che mi si adduce meglio. Attualmente sto usando il loro servizio, sono contento della loro considerazione del prezzo, ma rispetto al prezzo e all’importo delle risorse non sono molto contento ma, nel complesso, sono buoni.

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      C. Davis

      I am very happy with FxPro, they have very low spreads and a bulletproof withdrawal policy. Definitely not a scam. My account with them is up 337% in the last 2 months, I have withdrawn 200% of my starting capital. The only thing that worries me about FxPro is their low opening documentation requirements. Also one of their customer service people has a bad attitude. Overall FxPro is trustworthy, and I highly recommend them.

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      I’m a newbie at FxPro and at trading. Have no idea how it works but I’m learning. So far I have had a 20% gain and it seems okay but it is not enough. I don’t know how much I’m supposed to earn but I want more.

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        A 20% gain is more than okay. I suggest you don’t risk a lot ‘coz you’ll end up losing everything.

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      Davide D.

      Faccio trading con FxPRo fin dall’inizio della mia carriera di trader. In tutto questo tempo mai avuto seri problemi con FxPro, posso dire che l’azienda è molto affidabile. Inoltre, offrono una gamma abbastanza ampia di piattaforme e strumenti di trading. In generale, si possono scegliere le condizioni ottimali per se.

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      G. Sipes

      They publicize low spreads on their website but in reality they are much higher. In normal everyday market condition their spread is regularly double what they advertise.

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      Micheal Barlow

      Traded with fxpro for some months. Withdraw small amount 2 times; paid out ok; As for the platform was good until they changed to variable spreads straight away making my asia session scalping far less attractive. One suspect spike but apart from that little slippage. Changed to another broker with fixed spreads. There are true ECN brokers now and a dealing desk broker should stick with fixed spreads.

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      Esteban Lean

      I’m just learning to forex and I want to thank the broker for the fact that they pay much attention to training programs for beginners like me. FxPro broker includes materials ranging from trader-designed webinars, tutorials and videos to market commentary and strategy tips for all levels of trader. And they provide great demos. Thanks to them I learned a lot and I want to try my skills on the real account in the nearest future.

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        Eric Scheltz

        I had previously traded but without the help of any consultant. I started because I was curious how this market worked. I started with a small deposit as I had no experience, but I lost a considerable amount. I operated for several months but then I stopped because I wasn’t earning anything. Shortly thereafter I got called by a broker who proposed me to re-start trading, this time not alone but with the help of an account manager. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start again because I didn’t want to lose more money but in the end I decided and opened the account with them depositing the minimum required. After a few months, I saw that the account had risen to 40%, which was not bad considering the amount invested. I came to recover what I had lost working alone and there I realized that trading is a complicated thing and you can’t operate alone without someone who can help you. I recommend the broker.

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      David Browney

      I have a ctrader account with Fxpro. Almost nothing wrong with the platform, except some lagging moment (but still better than mt4). I have made some profits but haven’t withdraw anytime yet. Some people in this thread complain about withdraw problems and that made me feel worry. I know time to transfer to my bank can be 5 days or more but extending to few months is unacceptable. I wish this will not happen with me.

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      Marco N.

      Ragazzi bisogna approfittare delle notizie del momento perché in un domani non si sa mai e questo lo dico dalla propria esperienza personale. Già da tempo è passato il boom della bitcoin e ancora mi dispiace che non ho potuto approfittare.

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      Minerva Leach

      This might be good for people that like to create orders themselves with the help of indicators however if something goes wrong then support is extremely poor. If for some unknown reason the EA discontinues working it will be difficult to make any progress toward getting it to work properly because the support seems to be run by amateurs that have no intuition one expects from a technical support team… 7 year old students from my local primary school could do a better job.

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      maria ricci

      Quello che mi è successo a me con la FxPro è che nel momento che ho rifiutato ad investire più capitale, ho perso tutto. Non so se fosse destino o deliberato pero so che nella mia vita non faro più trading.

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      Charles Hanson

      Something very funny is going on at fxpro. I woke up this morning and tried logging into my account and was told its been deactivated. I asked why??? Cause I’m not a scalper neither am I a day trader, I don’t use EA and they just closed my account for no reason at all. These people can just wake up in the morning and do anything they feel like.

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      Duncan Martin

      I am thinking on opening an account with them but I would like to know who are the beneficial shareholders of FXPro before sending my money to them?
      Does anyone know please?

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      Matteo Bellini

      La mia esperienza con FxPro non ha raggiunto le aspettative. Essendo tantissime società in giro, FxPro deve migliorare il servizio.

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      kyle moore

      This guys built me a EA , works perfectly exactly like my main indicator. Very professional, excellent costumer service, great price, I’m very happy, I have planed to build another EA soon…

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      Beatriz Esteban

      Solía comerciar con diferentes corredores. Cambié unos cuatro o cinco. Fueron atraídos generalmente con bonos y acciones. Después de haber quemado severamente con estas empresas varias veces, me di cuenta de que todo esto es un divorcio para los ingenuos y para que nadie agregue dinero a su depósito. Desde entonces he estado trabajando con FxPro. Aquí, por supuesto, el depósito inicial no es pequeño, pero todo es transparente y confiable, y los servicios están en el nivel apropiado.

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      Adolfo Scaglia

      FxPro offre un servizio di un certo livello. L’usabilità di piattaforme di trading è sorprendente. La variabilità degli strumenti per l’analisi del mercato anche l’affidabilità di questo broker è stata provata facendo dei prelievi. Tra i vantaggi più grandi sono gli spreads bassi, rapidità di esecuzione degli ordini, conti demo quasi senza limiti.

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      Phillipp Gerste

      Ich arbeite seit mehreren monaten mit FX-PRO. Für die ganze zeit gab es keine probleme. Ihre website enthält relevante und nützliche informationen, ein praktisches Menü und eine breite liste von brokern.
      Ich habe autotrading für eine weile verwendet – es ist eine großartige option für unerfahrene trader wie ich.

    • #20707 Reply

      Ich habe einige Jahre Handel mit Fxpro. Meiner Erfahrung nach ist es nicht der beste Broker
      aber es ist kein Betrug.
      In letzter Zeit ist Fxpro.com jedoch weniger benutzerfreundlich
      da ihre Pips höher gehen.
      Ich denke ernsthaft darüber nach, umzuziehen.

    • #20267 Reply
      Aiden K.

      They are ok, most especially on the aspect of customer services. I have been with them almost two months now. All my wire transfer went through. I am trading live account with them and no problems so far. Hoping to try withdrawing next week.

    • #20705 Reply

      Fxpro ECN verringerte den Spread auf 0,3 Pips, erhöhte jedoch die Provisionen für jeden Trade. Daher bleibt die Gebühr für jedes Lot gleich.

      Newbie Attraktion Taktik muss ich sagen

    • #20275 Reply
      Nick Morley

      I am very disappointed with FX Pro. They anounce on their website that their spreads are between 0.5 and 2 pips on the EURGBP pair, but the reality is much different, with spreads as high as 4 1/2 pips on this pair. They will always win their discussions, because they have the terms and conditions as an excuse to do whatever they feel like and not treat their clients with integrity. Very bad operating policies for traders.

    • #20708 Reply

      Ich bin ein Neuling hier, ich habe 6 Monate lang mit FxPro gehandelt (ich kaufe und verkaufe normalerweise nur Aktien) und ich ärgere mich ein bisschen, ich habe sowohl Geld gemacht als auch verloren, aber meine anfängliche Einzahlung von ungefähr 5.000 beibehalten. ABER in den letzten 4 Wochen habe ich meine anfängliche Investition verdoppelt und jetzt ist alles plötzlich, obwohl ich genau die gleichen Einstellungen und Anzeigen verwende. Ich erhalte eine Menge Requotes und Slippage. Jetzt weiß ich, dass dieses Agenturmodellgeschäft nur ein anderer Name ist, um ein Unternehmen legitimer aussehen zu lassen, aber wenn das der Fall wäre, warum würde das passieren ?!

    • #11183 Reply
      Gianluca Scatto

      Ci sono alcuni motivi per quali ho scelto di fare trading con FXPRO. Prima di tutto è una compagnia vecchia e famosa, in possesso di un certo numero di licenze e quindi affidabile. Inoltre FxPro offre elevata liquidità, gli spreads sono spesso i più bassi del mercato. In più non ci sono slittamenti su esecuzioni istantanei. Anche il supporto clienti mi ha incoraggiato, lavorano giorno e notte nei giorni feriali. Un’altra importante caratteristica è che non ci sono restrizioni sulle strategie di scalping e forniscono una protezione del saldo negativo. Per me FxPro è uno dei migliori broker al mercato di oggi.

    • #11315 Reply
      Massimo Musso

      Fxpro si presenta come la migliore piattaforma a livello mondiale e offre anche dei corsi web binar per i clienti, differente da altri broker che al inizio ti promettono tanto e nel momento che investi non ti insegnano niente.

    • #20716 Reply

      I would advise against opening fixed spread account with Fxpro. I opened fixed spread account after getting attracted by spreads mentioned on their website. There is a special clause in their terms which says that higher spreads will apply in abnormal market conditions, i.e. news events. But I see that such high spread is applied a lot of times throughout the day regardless of news events. Right now their floating spread is 1.6 pips for GBPUSD, but on fixed spread account its the special higher spread 3 pips. Market condition is currently as normal as it can be which is evident by their very low floating spread. I think I should open floating spread account, paying double spread isn’t feasible as I scalp.

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      Emidio Marino

      Bisogna studiare bene il broker prima di iniziare una collaborazione. Così ho fatto io con la FxPro e sto avendo la miglior esperienza in questo settore. Dopo aver perso con 4 società diverse, questo broker mi ha fatto recuperare non solo i soldi persi, ma generare anche dei profitti.

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      I see all these positive comments here and I’m very surprised. It makes me wonder if they have been unpleasant on purpose or that’s just my experience.

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      Ellis Joyce

      I have been trading with FxPro for about 6 months and until now I really find it amazing, especially its customer service is unique.

    • #11129 Reply
      Diego Velasco

      FXPro es una empresa seria con un gran soporte técnico que facilitará tus inversiones y sabrá aconsejarte y guiarte. ¡La recomiendo!

    • #17647 Reply

      Mi potete aiutare con una maniera di come posso avere l’attenzione di questo broker? Ho fatto una richiesta di prelievo e non sto ricevendo più chiamate dal mio consulente neanche non stano rispondendo ai miei tentativi di contatto.

    • #11324 Reply
      Martino Mazzoli

      Dopo aver provato varie società di trading online in versione demo alla fine ho scelto questa aprendo un conto reale. I motivi sono semplici ma non banali: serietà, assistenza clienti ottima, pagamenti sicuri e autorizzato e regolamentato.

    • #11177 Reply
      Fernanda Castillo

      Operar con FxPro es un placer. Lo que me satisface más es la elección de herramientas, es mucho más que la de muchas otras compañías. Bajo las condiciones puedo notar una baja propagación, muchos intermediarios exageran los diferenciales, no lo observo aquí. Bueno, el mínimo, lo que hasta cualquier principiante puede comenzar.

    • #20699 Reply

      Ich habe heute ernsthafte Probleme mit diesen Jungs. Konnektivität, sogar ihre Website ist ausgefallen. Handels-Timeouts. die Werke.

    • #11309 Reply
      Fabrizio Mosca

      FxPro è una piattaforma molto conosciuta e molto affidabile. Rispetta tutti gli standard di garanzia e sicurezza.

    • #11422 Reply
      Domenico Fasciale

      Mi sono messo a leggere diversi forum e ho notato che la maggior parte delle persone siano contenti da questo broker.Per questo ho deciso di aprire il conto con loro.

    • #17650 Reply
      Master Evan

      If you ought to do trading with FxPro, you need to have another broker aside so everything you lose here, you can gain at the other. Trust me.

    • #10045 Reply
      Economy guardian
    • #17653 Reply
      jayden p.

      Great experience, great assistance, great broker.

    • #17649 Reply
      Dave Steele

      I love working with FxPro and my account manager. He knows how to keep me interested and maintain my trust. He has helped me grow a lot in this profession.

    • #17648 Reply
      Dale James

      When I first started trading with FxPro I wasn’t sure what I was doing but having the right help and a very good service, my experience has been incredible.

    • #17666 Reply
      L . D’Angelo

      Ho ricevuto tantissime chiamate da diversi agenti commerciali e mi hanno proposto diversi progetti. Una di queste società è anche la FxPro. Per telefono sembrano bravi e convincenti, ma questo broker è la miglior scelta che posso fare?

      • #17668 Reply
        Rodolfo Rossi

        Ciao, esistono tantissime società di trading in tutto il mondo e non direi che la FXPro è la migliore ma sono abbastanza bravi e di sicuro ti troverai bene con loro.

        • #17670 Reply
          L . D’Angelo

          Ma sono licenziati ed è sicuro che posso prelevare?

          • #17672 Reply
            Rodolfo Rossi

            Io ho 11 mesi che lavoro con loro e non ho avuto mai problemi non risolti, ma bisogna provare per essere certi.

            • #17674 Reply
              L . D’Angelo

              Grazie mille per la sua risposta. Di sicuro li testerò.

    • #17651 Reply

      I like these forums. Now I have a better idea with who I am dealing with.

    • #17349 Reply
      C. Santoro

      Since I like sharing my thoughts with everyone, I’m going to do that here too.
      In my opinion, forex is a good way to make some money but not the best. There are many broker who don’t know what FOREX or a CLIENT really is and you can lose all your money to them. I’ve been trading for quite a while now and I can’t say that Fx-Pro is the best broker out there but they are pretty good. So yeah, I would recommend this broker to anyone who asks.

    • #20697 Reply
      Angelina Luis

      The spreads are ok. But their execution are becoming worst and worst…

    • #20700 Reply

      Ich weiß nicht, wie ich mit einer angemessenen Gebühr Geld von meinem Konto bei fxpro abheben kann. Letzte Woche habe ich eine Auszahlung per Überweisung getätigt und ungefähr 20% in Rechnung gestellt, wie könnte es sein? Ich kenne die Gebührenstruktur beim Abheben per Überweisung nicht. Kann mir jemand helfen, diese Gebühr zu erfahren und mich zu einer angemessenen Gebühr zum Abheben zu bewegen?

    • #45127 Reply
      Steve R.

      I work with this broker since more than a year and I can definitely say they are very correct and useful as an intermediary. When it comes to withdrawals they’re among the very few ones that charge 0 commissions.

    • #45128 Reply

      ¿Alguien en España está negoziando forex con este corredor?

      • #45129 Reply
        anibal s.82

        Yo estoy comerciando con ellos desde hace unos meses. He negociado antes con otros corredores, pero he transferido todas mis cuentas aquí y hasta ahora va bien

        • #45130 Reply

          ¿Cómo son sus spreads, vale la pena negoziar? Por ahora estoy trabajando con plus500 pero estoy pensando en cambiar solo por eso. Alguien me habló de este corredor y estoy buscando opiniones.

          • #45132 Reply
            anibal s.82

            No puedo decir que estén entre los más bajos, pero no cambian de repente como con algun otros corredores.

            • #45133 Reply

              Son fijos o flotantes?

              • #45136 Reply
                anibal s.82

                Depende de la cuenta que vas a abrir. Lo eliges tu desde el principio.

                • #45137 Reply

                  Gracias por las respuestas.

    • #45138 Reply
      Oliver Barton

      I’m operating in the world of online trading since 4 years now and though I always look for improvement and better conditions I keep thinking that the collaboration I’ve had with Fxpro is among the best ones I’ve had. There is nothing such as a perfect broker that only directs towards profits, but if you’d have to choose better find a correct, supportive and regulated one.

    • #42555 Reply
      Lorenzo Sala

      Tanta pubblicità e tanto marketing per questo broker, ma secondo me ci sono altre società che con meno ‘rumore’ offrono condizioni migliori. Troppe burocrazie.

    • #43476 Reply
      Gianni Lucchese

      Scarsa d’informazione e mancanza di disponibilità dallo servizio clienti. I segnali che da il loro promoter 3\4 sono errati. Non suggerirei questo broker, sopratutto per chi non può operare autonomo.

    • #43478 Reply
      Peter W.

      Ich arbeite mit ihnen an ihrer FxPro Edge-Plattform. Ich habe mit 1000 € angefangen, nach einer nicht so positiven Erfahrung mit einem anderen Broker, und jetzt scheint es, dass die Dinge gut laufen. Ich habe in fast 2 Monaten einen Gewinn von 20% aus dem Anfangskapital erzielt. Ich erwarte natürlich später mehr, aber langsam.

    • #44488 Reply
      salvo baresi

      Nelle esperienze avute direi che non vale la pena fare trading. La maggior parte delle società ti fanno perdere e per di più anche se guadagni, non puoi prelevare i soldi.

    • #45145 Reply
      Alice Bray

      The markets are being very difficult to manage and the volatility is too high. Even my EA is facing difficulties in this odd times

      • #49155 Reply
        Oliver Evans

        Good service. I found a lot of teaching material available, I needed to get carried away.

    • #49691 Reply
      Brad J. Killingsworth

      There’s always people complaining about every broker. FxPro is no exception, doesn’t mean it’s not a good broker.

    • #49709 Reply
      Mason Sorlie

      Actually, I heard a lot about this company and I won’t tell you that it’s bad, but I don’t want to advise anything because I would like to try to cooperate with it, only after real experience I can help you, but in general I would like to hear something from people who have already collaborated with it and with real money)

    • #49711 Reply
      Giorgio Gravellini

      Io ho bruciato credo 3 o 4 conti.
      Poi alla fine ho capito che il problema era la leva.
      Se hai un conto con leva 400 o 500 sei già morto prima ancora di iniziare, al 0.00% possibilità di successo.

    • #49713 Reply
      Marko Köhler

      In diesem Moment gaben sie mir den gesamten Gewinn vom 3. Dezember und alle durchgeführten Operationen zurück.
      Zu diesem Zeitpunkt schien es richtig, es zu schreiben, gestern war ich wirklich sauer, aber am Ende haben sie mein Selbstvertrauen wiedererlangt, komm schon 🙂
      Ich bin sehr glücklich … im siebten Himmel

    • #49726 Reply
      Ryan Partridge

      FxPro is one, if not the, best available brokers. Sure, people are complaining (competitors posing as users), but from what i’ve heard from my friends and colleagues who trade with them, none of them had any issues. So these are some serious accusations.

    • #49728 Reply
      Mauro Simone

      Io uso da anni FxPro, ottima affidabilità i prelievi richiesti con skrill e neteller arrivano entro 15 minuti. Spread molto validi e swap migliori della concorrenza

    • #49738 Reply
      James Bohanan

      I´m with FXpro too but I´m not using an EA. I haven´t had any problems with them so far. I haven´t received any email regarding this mather.

    • #49742 Reply
      Max. L

      Stay light years away from FxPro!!! They stole around 99.9% of the balance on my trading account in January 2019. I had basically entire life savings there and they stole everything from me. When I requested refund, they closed my account.

    • #49746 Reply
      Gaspare Dal Bosco

      Secondo la mia esperienza personale nel trading con questo pessimo broker, lo spread era terribilmente alto tutto il tempo, anche se dichiarano ECN puro. Si sono ritirati di 30 USD dal mio conto come una commissione per l’inattivazione dell’account. È stato un accesso ridicolo e non autorizzato senza il mio riconoscimento. Si prega di stare lontano da questo broker!

    • #49744 Reply
      Vasquez Echevarría

      Estou usando a FXPRO desde Janeiro de 2020, eu não tenho nada a reclamar, os saques caem na conta com dois dias em média uma vez demorou 10 dias para cair na conta, o suporte disse que era problema no meu banco.

    • #49740 Reply
      Clark Taylor

      I´m not trading high volume on my FXpro account since I´m using my OANDA account more. Maybe I should close this account at FXpro if there is an indication that they are a shady company.

    • #56250 Reply

      Il servizio clienti è inesistente, ho scritto diversi tickets per problematiche, tra cui la peggiore, di non riuscire ad accedere al mio conto

    • #56248 Reply
      Ellis Knowles

      Website will log on with trading capabilities about 50% of the time, and when it succeeds, there is a delay. The representative said it was a server problem, but it happens regularly and makes trading a nightmare.

    • #56254 Reply
      Phil West

      I consider the service to be excellent, without fails, solid and reliable.
      I do not usually award the best score so that those responsible for the service always strive to improve it, but I would not know how to improve it.

    • #56252 Reply
      Edward Adams

      High expense ratio index funds and account fees. The services they offer do not justify all these commissions.

    • #56256 Reply
      Anna Maria

      Volevo qualche consiglio: secondo voi il sito/broker com’è? Qualcuno l’ha usato da potermi dare dei pareri?

    • #56258 Reply
      Ben Simmons

      I wanted to close my account with them and they took me 2 weeks through verifing documents and account statements. They make your life complicated when it comes to giving you what’s yours.

    • #56260 Reply

      If they operate in EU countries they should diversify their product range too I think

    • #57822 Reply

      Good One. Easy to Understand & Trade for New Comers.

    • #57824 Reply

      I have been trading forex for 2 years. I have been with etoro for about 6 months and traded live since I joined. I love their software and love the spreads!

    • #57826 Reply
      junior d

      Fxporo is a simple plain scam. They asked me to provide many things – my bank account details, copy of my passport and then most alarmingly, they want to have scaned copy of both sides of my credit card.

    • #58290 Reply

      Niente male come app, mi sono trovato molto bene nella versione demo e anche i primi giorni con un conto reale. Di problemi ne ha tanti comunque in particolare due secondo me.

    • #58728 Reply

      I personally have never had any problems with FxPro, everything is done in a very short time and very quickly, and always paid all the money I earned.

    • #58960 Reply

      You can never profit from them – Fxoro makers (trades against you)

    • #59101 Reply

      Ritengo la leva al 30% sia troppo bassa per il mio modo di fare trading.

    • #59436 Reply

      I love Fxoro. It gives me financial freedom to easily invest in stocks.

    • #59438 Reply

      Vendieron mis acciones sin mi permiso y transfirieron mi dinero a su cuenta que no estaba vinculada a mi cuenta.
      Lo vi desde el principio pero no pude hacer nada.

    • #59705 Reply

      In sé la piattaforma funziona come promette, ha diverse funzionalità ed è anche abbastanza intuitiva, ma presenta IMPORTANTI rallentamenti nell’aggiornamento del grafico, ritardi nell’apertura/chiusura delle posizioni e lo spread non è dei più bassi.

    • #59835 Reply

      Ich bin seit einiger Zeit ein fxpro-Kunde und kann dann nicht schlecht darüber sprechen … die Spreads sind da, aber von dem Moment an, in dem Sie nicht auf die Kopfhaut gehen und mit Miniloten arbeiten, wiegt es nicht mehr so ​​viel … stattdessen möchte ich die Frage des Market Makers mit Zenid untersuchen … haben Sie diesbezüglich negative Erfahrungen gemacht?

    • #60056 Reply

      Il broker fxPRO presenta più punti di debolezza che di forza. All’inizio tutto parte bene per continuare poi con le richieste per fare altri versamenti di soldi.

    • #60138 Reply

      Hello everyone! any of you know where I can find an ib code that works and if you can get discounts on commissions?

    • #60384 Reply

      Probabilmente la migliore azienda che abbia mai trovato! Ho avuto gia’ avuto a che fare con aziende simili, ma nessuna era come questa: staff serio e servizio impeccabile!

    • #60523 Reply

      I think fxpro is really not for inexperienced traders with small amount of capital, fxpro should have a video or videos with experts in fx showing the way baby steps to expert in the long run and now just having videos with stars saying all is easy for a newbie to earn money easily. I have been on many platforms and done thousands of trades, by comparing these, I think there are many more platforms that attract attention, guided trade(helpful brokers) and have lots of informations, know how, education on how to have small accounts profitable and big accounts to millionaires

    • #61107 Reply

      Ich habe sie einige Male per Chat kontaktiert. Jedes Mal antworten sie schnell (1 Minute) und geben umfassende Antworten auf meine Fragen. Super!!!

    • #61304 Reply

      Quick Response, helpful answer.

    • #61306 Reply

      Si está buscando un corredor profesional, piense en abrir una cuenta en fxpro

    • #61478 Reply

      These scammers just wont leave me alone.
      I get endless emails and text messages from them despite having unsubscribed from them 6 months ago.
      They do not respond to emails and good luck trying to ring them…..you cant….they’re number doesn’t exist.
      Unsubscribe me as I’ll never deal with you again.
      To all reading this review, steer clear of fxpro – they are scammers that will steal your money.
      Don’t take my word for at….simply look at all the negative reviews.

    • #61611 Reply

      NON INVIARE ALCUN SOLDI A QUESTA AZIENDA !!!!!! Questo è un fxpro della società FRAUD !!!! Non ti restituiranno mai i tuoi soldi e le persone dietro questa organizzazione sono ricercate da INTERPOOL.

    • #61832 Reply

      Impossibile aprire le negoziazioni ma è possibile chiuderle. Contattato il servizio clienti etoro il 05/12/20, messaggi automatici e nessuna risposta dal 07/12/20. Si prega di prendere una decisione informata prima di utilizzare questa piattaforma

    • #61991 Reply

      I have opened a live account about a week ago, sent my documents etc.. few days later a get an email from the so called account manager stating that my application is not complete and i should log in and complete it ! i logged in but i can’t see anything to complete. I emailed the manager and explained but he is not getting back to me and i contacted the live support and they said everything is fine and i should hear from someone asap. two days later i sent another email to the support team explaining that the manager is not replying and i am confused as to what is actually happening ! went back the next day to live support again (six times contacting them for a simple explanation) They were clueless and incompetent ! All in all i spoke with three different agents from different departments and it looked like they all been trained in the same establishment! at the end this matter became laughable so i asked them to cancel my application as i have no trust or confidence to fund my account and trade with them! Finally i got somewhere and my application was closed ! SUCCESS

    • #62122 Reply

      Calling 20 times a day from different number. Told then to stop calling and opt-out. No result, still calling 24h non stop, so I started making fun of them by playing music and saying random things.

    • #64133 Reply

      Ich bin enttäuscht darüber, wie die Dinge sind …

      Ich bin enttäuscht darüber, wie die Dinge gemacht werden. Ich möchte Geld abheben und sie sagten mir, dass sie Unterlagen zur Überprüfung meines Kontos haben. Warum haben sie das überhaupt gesagt? Ich habe vor einer Woche angefangen und keine Gewinne gesehen. Ich denke, es war eine Verschwendung von Zeit und Geld, deshalb bewerte ich sie mit drei Sternen.

    • #68110 Reply

      Ho fatto un’ordine di acquisto sul petrolio al prezzo di 20,55 ma non lo vedo nel mio portafoglio. Già mi è successo di mettere ordini a mercato e visualizzarli (e quindi GESTIRLI) soltanto successivamente dopo diversi minuti. Dato che la leva con cui opero è rilevante ho il bisogno di gestire TEMPESTIVAMENTE l’ordine.

    • #68255 Reply

      I am always very careful about my finances. So I studied everything carefully before investing money. But I failed … My broker deceived me, it was a scam. I never in my life advise anyone to have such an experience. I hope nobody will ever have such experience. I won’t go into details, but the total amount i lost was over $ 10,000.

    • #68369 Reply

      Ich habe fxpro gerade endgültig verlassen. Das zweite Mal, als sie mein Konto einige Tage vor der Eröffnung ohne angemessene Erklärung blockierten, habe ich anscheinend darum gebeten, schrecklichen Kundenservice. Sehr enttäuscht.

    • #69450 Reply

      An easy to interpret plataform.
      Ideal for everyone, begginer’s and experts!

    • #69518 Reply

      very low spread with no commission.
      good live chat support.

    • #69644 Reply

      Mi chiamo Davide e ho 18 anni… Veniamo al dunque
      Non si chiede la verifica dei documenti per depositare ma, la si chiede per prelevare..
      Attualmente vivo con mia madre e non ho bollette d’utenza.
      Come posso prelevare i miei soldi?
      Sono solo 205 dollari ma, in questo periodo, mi farebbero comodo
      Numero ticket. 01508383

    • #72992 Reply

      Gute Handelsplattform, aber ich bin nicht zufrieden mit den Blöcken auf Rohöl.

    • #73113 Reply

      my experiance so far was good and I have no issues using the fxoro platform.

    • #75826 Reply

      Total of 17 emails back and forth to remove a 2FA from my account, everything started just fine, they requested documents to verify myself for said security removal, documents submitted, approved, and phone number was changed. Then… because I am traveling I may have some issues logging into the app was my response from the team. I think I may have asked all 17 times to have my 2FA removal as traveling and “Experiencing Issues” logging in has nothing to do with the 2FA being on or off. This whole ordeal has been very frustrating

    • #75902 Reply

      Aufgrund der Nichteinhaltung der niederländischen Vorschriften musste ich eine große Anzahl meiner offenen Geschäfte schließen. Die Kosten für den Spread, den Geldwechsel usw. haben mich Tausende von Euro gekostet. Nachdem sie eine Beschwerde eingereicht haben, versuchen sie, den niederländischen Behörden die Schuld zu geben, aber viele andere Plattformen haben es geschafft, die Kryptodienste am Laufen zu halten. Sie haben es vermasselt, ich zahle den Preis. Wirklich gebrochen von ihrer Art des Geschäfts …

    • #75978 Reply

      Ja, am Anfang scheint fxpro eine gute Plattform zu sein, um Ihre Investmentkarriere zu beginnen. Obwohl es nicht lange dauern wird, bis Sie feststellen, dass Sie sich besser für einen seriösen Broker entschieden haben. Kritische Kommentare werden von der Plattform gelöscht. Sie können nicht verkaufen, wenn die Chance besteht, echtes Geld zu verdienen, und jetzt bin ich sogar an dem Punkt angelangt, an dem ich Angst habe, mein Geld von fxoro abzuheben, weil ich es möglicherweise nicht erhalte alles davon.
      BTW Hilfe wird lange gesucht. Der Kundensupport schloss meinen Fall immer wieder, nachdem er mir eine allgemeine Antwort gegeben hatte, die nicht einmal versuchte, das Problem zu lösen, dass ich nur etwa 2/3 meiner Auszahlung erhielt.
      Erst als ich FB kommentierte, bekam ich erste Hilfe, aber seitdem ist es wieder auf Eis.

    • #76071 Reply

      The trading is good but the withdrawal could be a bit faster. But overall satisfying broker with no need to change.

    • #76188 Reply

      My experience with this company is terrible. I lost my money to this people and no one was talking about a way out of the mess. The customer care representative I spoke to kept saying there’s nothing they could do and then they stopped picking my calls or replying my mails.

    • #76258 Reply

      Me sorprendió gratamente la rapidez con que estos muchachos se retiraron.
      Aterrizado en cuenta en poco tiempo, sin problemas.

    • #76322 Reply

      I wrote about an experience I had and it was the only time they immediately responded. So Im writing here again to get a response.

      You have not returned the $1k deposited from my husband’s account (for which I was advised it was not allowed and to which I understood and immediately chose to returned the next day). This was 6 Jan and it’s now Feb and still no return of money.

    • #76404 Reply

      this broker blocked my buying and selling for no reason, just because the big hedge funds were losing money

    • #76625 Reply

      Fractional trading, reasonable spreads, low fees, good market access….but it crashes (A LOT) and sometimes for hours. Not ideal for scalping, swing, or day trading.

    • #76705 Reply

      Awful experience. They where fast to take my money and took a long time to give back. Also they tooked more fees than the announced 5 dollars for withdraw and transactions

    • #76838 Reply

      Good Broker. All depends from your knowledge! If you think that you have it, it’s for you! If you don’t have it you are free to lose!

    • #77391 Reply

      Copy trader is the best feature for beginners and I am really enjoying it!

    • #77678 Reply

      I really like fxpro platform. Always accessible from iPhone and/or iPad, so simple to Use and good for updates/alerts/tips. Very low fees but spread on crypto is a bit high

    • #78152 Reply

      Am only dealing with crypto at present. It is good that i get a regular monthly call which did not have previously. Thanks you.

    • #78388 Reply

      Account maintenance commissions little higher above my

    • #79898 Reply

      FxPro is a good broker. I do not use it now, but I have traded a couple of times on a real account. The first thing I noticed here was reliable regulation. It is an essential thing in a broker because what is the point of trading if you are blocked in the end? FxPro guarantees the protection of your account and your funds.
      I think the broker deserves attention since here you can trade both beginners and professionals. You can find detailed tutorials on platform tools and functions. I wish everyone the best in improving their skills!

    • #80052 Reply

      This broker has minimal chances of slippage and good statistics on requotes.
      I also want to tell you that few brokers have as many trading platforms as FxPro does
      (MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXPro Edge).

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