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      Economy guardian
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      1) Short, but useful training. To be honest, ForexTB does not offer anything supernatural, but learning can still help you remember or explore some basic things. Sometimes it can be useful even for beginners. 2) WebTrader. I trade directly in my browser and do not want to install MT4. 3) Assets Calculator. Very useful feature that allows to project trades.

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      I’m trading 2 months with that brokerage. In general its typical brokerage, but it has some interesting features. Here is points that I like in this brokerage: 1. There’s assets calculator, it helps to calculate the trade before it’s placed. Very usefull sometimes, especially if you’re long-term trader. 2. Education opportunities. Nothing special, just common things about trading gathered in one place. 3. Quite responsive support. Sometimes you should wait, but the responses would be always informative. I don’t like their web platform, it looks like rofl, but that’s imo, you can always trade with MT4.

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      ForexTB has one advantage that I rate the most – multi-platform trading. If you want. you can trade directly from browser, or donwload MT4 and trade with MT4 desktop app. But I’m too often away from home, as I have very long business trips on my full-time job, so I also trade with the iOS app. The company introduced this app very recently, but now it is available and you can access it directly from your iPhone.

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      I have a very, very very bad expercience with this company. I completed my information on a website not owned by and within a minute I received 4 phonecalls from them.

      On the phone I told that i’m suprised they are contacting me, because I never applied on the website. I told them that I don’t want to do business with forextb and asked the person on the phone to remove my personal data. On that request this person got very rude and told me I’m not intelligent. This has nothing to do with client service, why is your personell so rude, and why do they just ignore my question to remove my personal data? Very bad marketing.

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      I’m investing my money with ForexTB, primarly in stocks, so for me the most important thing is brokerage safety and, therefore, safety of my funds. With FxTB everything is nice in this regard, as brokerage is CySEC regulated and, moreover, its the member of IFC, a compensation fund that gives money back to traders if brokerage will perform any of illegal actions. I haven’t found any story of FxPro trader that has used such compensation, but I think that’s a good sign, as it means there’s no shady stories behind the brokerage brand.

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      Appena si fa il deposito iniziale in euro, scalano subito dei soldi per il cambio (altissimo), e ovviamente ne scaleranno altri con il prelievo, da dollari a euro.

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      forextb are terrible brokers. execution on the account is constantly a problem. today I was up 9% on a trade, I closed my trade, and was very happy with 9%. by the time the trade finally closed as forextb were having problems, (they are always having issues), my trade went to just under 4%. was not happy at all.

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      Stai attento! Questa pagina è SCAM!
      Non appena ho richiesto il pagamento, il mio account è stato sospeso e non sono più riuscito ad accedere.

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      Complete honestly putting satisfaction first.

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      really bad experience.
      they are only good at receiving deposits and will give hell when you withdraw your money. I also lost a lot due to its slowness, and their chart and price are so different comparing to tradingview. 2 weeks now and my test withdraw is still not received.I’m so scared for my remaining funds, it just might vanish into their own wallet.

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      Absolute joke of a company. They don’t allow you to buy anything long on cfds during the biggest bull market in history. How can a regulated company get their exposures so wrong?! Absolute crooks. They are not fit to have a licence. STAY AWAY

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      João Mascar

      Awful experience. They where fast to take my money and took a long time to give back. Also they tooked more fees than the announced 5 dollars for withdraw and transactions. You don’t see the price you are buying, but you buy way way above the market price. Price was going up and yet i had to wait a lot to make profit

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      i have been waiting over 2 months for an explanation as to why the forextb algorithm sold my currency without permission. I have written a dozen times to ask for an explanation and am simply asked to provide the same info each time without any resolution.

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      roberto casalini

      funzionamento semplice da capire se qualcosa non è chiara basta chiedere alla chat e tutto diventa immediato. sopratutto dalla competenza e cortesia degli operatori

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      They just keep your deposit. Even if u place trade, they will not execute your trade in exchange. Their platform is just a virtual one.

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      Ich bin ein Neuling auf dem Kryptomarkt, also habe ich die Bewertungen gelesen und es schien, dass diese Seite der richtige Weg war. Ich habe in den letzten Wochen verschiedene Währungen gekauft und das Geld wurde von meinem Bankkonto überwiesen, aber ich kann es nicht in meine persönliche Brieftasche verschieben. Support ist NICHT hilfreich. Ich habe keinen Grund dafür erhalten. Jeden Tag ändert sich der verfügbare Betrag und ist meistens 0, wenn ich versuche, die Überweisung vorzunehmen.

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      Ich habe erst seit ungefähr einem Monat gehandelt und bin immer noch unerfahren. Ich muss noch viel lernen, aber bisher funktioniert alles sehr gut.

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      I like the overall quality of fxoro platform for trading. The only thing missing is the charting tools for drawing trendlines and fibonacci retracement.

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      tim roth

      Very impressed with your trading platform. Also with the ability to chat to and shadow fellow traders

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      I am giving them 4 stars because of verification of the account, takes me few days to prepare all necessary documents

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      I appreciate this brokerage service. It offers good trouble-free execution. So, I know that nothing bad will happen to my trades. I can enter the market at the chosen quote and the broker doesn’t prevent me from doing this

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      La experiencia general de negociación fue de más de dos años con ForexTB, y durante todo el tiempo, no hemos tenido un solo retraso con el retiro de fondos, acciones fraudulentas u otros.

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