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      Mirko Carbone
      Guest è una truffa !!!! Per favore, evitali. Pianificano che gli analisti lavorino con te e ti offrano scambi e poi, quando ne hai abbastanza, ti danno un cattivo commercio. Ti dicono di aggiungere più soldi per recuperare con i bonus e poi fare di nuovo la stessa cosa. Quindi alla fine smetti di contattarti.

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      klaus heinz

      Betrugsmakler. Ich dachte, ich vertraue ihnen, bis sie mein ganzes Geld verloren und mein Konto geschlossen haben. Dann hör auf mit mir zu reden.

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      daniel morar

      I’ve been working with with the demo account. 1 thing I will say about customer service is that they were all friendly to me, no rude ones, spoke on the phone with 2 different people and both were very polite. I was not even a customer and I was already assigned an account manager.
      BUT the assigned account manager who I spoke to on the phone, nagged me to send my documents so I can open a real account.
      I found this very disturbing because why the rush?
      It’s like stepping into a clothing store and have an employee following you all around to say ‘you like that one sir? how about this one?’ It’s annoying!
      If I like the demo platform and I am profitable, I will open a real account, no need to harass me about it.

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      F. Parisi

      Ho provato anche la piattaforma Qui mi hanno contattato diverse volte dicendo che potevo iniziare con un bonus di 25 euro, senza versare alcunché, bastava registrare il mio account.
      Così ho fatto. Dopo aver registrato l’account, mi contatta qualcuno spiegandomi come funziona la piattaforma e tutto. Mi ha detto che era impossibile iniziare con 25 euro, ma che dovevo versarne altri 100. Io ho chiesto: “perché allora fate pubblicità dicendo che date 25 euro per iniziare il trading se poi effettivamente bisogna versare altri soldi? Mi ha risposto che 25 euro era il bonus della registrazione ma per averlo dovevo versare le 100 euro in modo di avere sia le 25 che il bonus relativo alle 50 euro, cioè in totale 175 euro. Ho versato altre 100 euro ma di bonus neanche l’ombra. Mi contatta un Account manager chiedendomi se volevo iniziare a fare trading, mi ha detto però che avrei dovuto versare ulteriori 100 euro e che avrei avuto i bonus tutti in una volta, più 5 operazioni protette. Quando ho versato ulteriori 100 euro, nessuno si è fatto vivo, ho provato ad operare da solo e il conto mi è andato a zero. Dopo qualche giorno si fa sentire l’account manager dicendomi di versare altri soldi (solo in quel caso si è fatto sentire). Al mio rifiuto, dicendo loro che non avevano mantenuto i patti, lo stesso mi ricorda che è previsto un bonus del 10 percento per ogni versamento per cui mi dà un contentino da 20 euro.
      In realtà tutti i broker iniziano in questo modo: prima ti allettano con una cifra irrisoria, poi ti contattano convincendoti a versare dei soldi promettendo mari e monti, se vedono che versi cifre esigue ti abbandonano al tuo destino, ricontattandoti solo a scadenze prefissate (quando sanno che prendi lo stipendio) per ricordarti di versare altri soldi.

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      M. Davies

      The trading world is totally new for me, I have read several trading books and of course those related to technical analysis, I mean my basics in this world are good but always when you are starting you have to have someone else that indicates your mistakes, successes and provides up to some strategy. Markets does this and I got that help on time

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      cindy rice

      I’ve opened a demo account with and I must say, their platform is great! It’s very fast and I haven’t encountered any issues.
      They also have algorithmic trading which allows you to develop your own technical system just like an EA at mt4. But for me this was easier to understand because it is just like html code that you need to write and the system reads it and performs your strategy. I fell in love with algorithmic trading!
      But it does suck that the platform needs to be open to run the strategy, but you can’t have it all I guess.

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      Dennis Möller

      Alles was ich sagen kann ist, sich von ihnen fernzuhalten, wenn du nicht betrogen werden willst. Sie werben auf ihrer Website für diesen 25-Dollar-Bonus ohne Einzahlung. Als ich mich registriert und nach dem Bonus gefragt habe, sagten sie, dass ich meine Handynummer verifizieren kann. Wenn ich die Verifizierung probiere, heißt es, dass meine Nummer falsch ist, obwohl sie mich auf der anrufen gleiche Nummer, um mich zur Einzahlung zu überreden.

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      lvon Thornton
      Guest are not sincere brokers. I’m closing my account with them this week. Spent just two weeks with them. I initially placed an EA, they inactivated my platform from accepting trades from EA. I went manual, that was a disaster: To place and to close trades was a WAR, re-quotes upon re-quotes. Worst broker that I have ever dealt with. Run away from them.

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      k. oliver

      Son unos estafadores, en toda reglas, cuidado con este brokers es de lo peor, a mi estafaron y tengo pruebas, me bloquearon la plataforma para que no pudiera cerrar operaciones ganadoras, me llamaban para que invierta a la inversa y al final se robaron todo el dinero que quedó en la plataforma, cuidado con estos estafadores son muy peligrosos.

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      Keine regelung, keine antwort, wenn sie sich an den support wenden und wenn sie mit ihm telefonisch bei kritischen fragen sprechen, legt er auf. Muss ich noch mehr sagen …… bleiben sie fern von dieser betrugsfirma.

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      Iacopo Pische

      Ho avuto un account live per un po’. Gli spread sono fissi, ma solo nella media. 3 pips per EURUSD non sono realmente competitivi, la maggior parte dei broker offre spread migliori. Il prelievo di denaro è stato rapido. Media broker globale.

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      F Marshall

      So I used their platform and turned the initial bonus of 20$ into about 50$. Then I turned my 50$ into about 70$. I asked if it could get some more questions answered and the chat support told me that I would get a AM as soon as I deposited some money. I said ok and deposited 100$ just to get an AM to contact me – total balance now of aprox 180$. No contact happened of course. I then asked chat support if I could get an mt4 account and transfer some funds from my account over to the mt4 account since I wanted to use trailing stops. Live support created an mt4 account for me and said this was no problem. So 3 days later after requesting my 70$ withdrawal, I contacted chat support again to ask status of my withdrawal and why on earth suddenly my mt4 account had been disabled. Be aware! market maker that strangely enough care about small amounts rather than getting their name on the scam radar.

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      Mandy Lewis

      I am new to I deposited £100 on 9th may and started my trading. offered £25 gift and £100 bonus. And my open trading was in profit; so there was over £250 in my account on 17th May. But suddenly, there remained about £50 and £200 was disappeared. And I contacted to the but they told me that my bank has reversed £100 that I deposited to them. I checked on my online bank account but everything is fine and no refund of that £100. Is it possible the bank to reverse £100 after 8 days of completion of transaction? If yes why it happens? I wonder where is my money if is neither in my bank account nor in account.

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      Seit einiger Zeit vermarktet dieses Unternehmen. com ist aus dem Internet verschwunden, sie haben mir auch keine E-Mail geschickt, dass sie eine neue Website haben oder wo ich sie finden kann, also sind sie verschwunden und mit ihnen mein Geld, ich habe Vertrauen in meinen Handel und es macht mir nichts aus, einen Handel zu verlieren , das ist alles Teil des Spiels, dieser Finanzmarkt ist ein Hotspot von Kriminellen, und Sie können niemandem mehr vertrauen, als Sie spucken können. Es ist nicht die erste Firma, die ich als Betrug entdeckt habe. Es gibt zu viele, und die regulierungsbüros machen meiner meinung nach ihre arbeit nicht gut genug, auch regulierung macht kaum einen unterschied

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      Jürgen J.

      Sehr schlechte erfahrung, ich habe ohne einzahlungsbonus gehandelt. Ich hatte eine menge probleme, sowohl bei der verifizierung als auch bei der auszahlung. Tatsächlich habe ich den broker gewechselt.

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      Jesper Hansen

      STAY AWAY FROM THEM, they promise a lot e.g. signals and education (especially Philip Alexanders), but as soon as you have made a deposit, you are on your own – no contact over email or phone. SCAMMERS.

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      Dave Bray

      My experience with is amazing, they are very helpful and trustful, I advise anyone wants to enter the Forex market to choose

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      Nora Marroquín

      Mi experiencia ha sido buena ya que he aprendido muchas cosas del mercado de divisas, una es una cosa fácil pero poco a poco voy aprendiendo que es un trabajo de mucha destreza.

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      Fulvio M.

      Un tipico broker se non gli piace il tuo stile limita la tua capacità di trading, il bello è che il loro servizio clienti è fantastico, ma non è abbastanza buono quando il dealer si rovina. Dopo aver ottenuto la certezza, assicurati che non ci siano problemi con lo scalping. Quando sono stati fatti scambi di notizie a breve termine, il rivenditore ha iniziato le modifiche mettendo il conto sull’esecuzione del rivenditore in questi momenti – nessun avviso dato e se ne sono andati da lì, se non gli piace il tuo trading, allora è costantemente sull’esecuzione del rivenditore. Si sono lamentati dello scalping, ma gli scambi del mese scorso si sono tenuti in media per circa 18 minuti. Quindi qual è il vero problema ??

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      marion dean

      I would strongly advice anyone to NEVER use trailing stops with this broker as they could use it to their advantage and stop out your trade. Be sure to have a good solid strategy and always set your stop-loss above/below the recent highs/lows. That way you can always compare their chart to the ones on independent forex websites.

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      Owen Mills

      I have to say, that this broker is really a shame in the way they operate. For me, it has been a nightmare to be involved with this subpar broker.

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      Abramo Minervino

      Si sono rivelati un tipico broker, questo dopo 8 mesi di trading con loro. Hanno iniziato apportando modifiche, alcune annunciandole prima. IL LORO HELPING DESK NON PUÒ ESSERE AFFIDABILE!!!
      Apporteranno modifiche al tuo account senza dirtelo.
      Quindi devi perdere il tuo tempo inseguendoli. I rivenditori ti mentiranno!

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      Ruby Chambers

      I am newbie in trading, but I have gained some basic knowledge so far (and a few profitable trades). At the moment I am trading via (also known as SafeCap Investments). I have been spending a lot of time investigating whether this broker is honest or not, and I can not totally lay my finger on it. Some sites say this is the best broker but they seem to be advertising for them. Other sites say they are dishonest, but they are advertising for other brokers. I am desperately looking to make up my mind. Hope the clients of this broker can help me.

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      Albert Fuerderer

      I had opened an Account at and got a promise by phone: If I Invest $ 200 I will get $ 50 Bonus. So I invested the $ 200, but never got the $ 50 Bonus. 2 Times I had sent support requests, and got no answer. Also, the Spreads are very high. Do not invest money here: cheating admin and support!

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      philip graham

      I got into forex trading a few years ago and traded on some very restrictive platforms, can’t remember how I came to but have to say it is very user friendly, the admin process is easy, I have had the same account manager (Jason Forman) for over a year now. I appreciate that at the end of the day, any trading I do is finally down to me but Jason makes sure he stays in touch and passes on any tips he thinks may be helpful to me.

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      Within the market, traders always look for the best out there. Pricing wise, and most importantly the customer experience. I have traded with couple of companies since 2008 and see is actually my favorite in terms of training. Quick response from the customer service and an unbelievable follow up from my Trading Specialist. Definitely recommend it to both beginners and exports.

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      Lucia Lodi

      La mia esperienza con Markets è sorprendente, sono molto utili e fiduciosi, consiglio a chiunque voglia entrare nel mercato Forex di scegliere

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      Vera Montanari
      Guest è una grande società di frode. Il gestore dell’account mi chiamava 1000 volte chiedendo di investire. Mi ha convinto a iniziare con 200€ che alla fine ho fatto. Mi è stato promesso che avrei ricevuto 100€ su un investimento iniziale di 200€. Inoltre mi insegnerebbero a fare investimenti. Non accade nulla del genere e il gestore dell’account ha smesso di chiamarmi. Quando ho provato a ritirare un po’ di denaro, mi è stato chiesto di inviare molti documenti che ho fatto. Ho chiesto di restituire i miei soldi investiti che hanno chiaramente rifiutato. Sono ancora sotto shock.

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      leon waylon

      I wasn’t sure how legit this broker was at first, but I soon realized that this is one of the best out there. The spreads on most major pairs rarely change, and the trades execute fast. The platform is easy to use, and the charts are very nice. Was worried that the withdrawal process would be a problem, but I had my money within 3 days, and yes I had made a small profit. Can’t say for sure that the experience is the same for everyone though.

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      Schwarz H.

      Ich hatte ein Konto bei eröffnet und bekam telefonisch ein Versprechen: Wenn ich 200 $ investiere, bekomme ich 50 $ Bonus. Also hatte ich die 200 $ investiert, aber nie den 50 $ Bonus bekommen. 2 Mal hatte ich Supportanfragen gesendet und keine Antwort erhalten. Auch die Spreads sind sehr hoch. Investiere hier kein Geld: Betrüge Admin und Support!

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      k. boyer

      I’m using for about 3 months by now. I have a micro account (100$) and by this time I don’t have any complaints to them. If I had any questions or problems, support staff answered very fast by phone or by e-mail (from 30min to few hours). I would add their daily and weekly reviews as a plus too. Though I don’t like their mobile trading platforms as they work slowly.

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      Graham Norton

      I started with Markets .com and haven’t changed… so far very little to complain about. The platform is user friendly and has all the facilities and tools to analyse the charts.

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      ignazio amedeo

      Dopo tanti tentativi per trovare un’azienda seria ho trovato markets che ti affianca uno specialista per farti imparare a fare trading da subito e iniziare a guadagnare anche con piccole cifre iniziali, grazie !

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      leora paucek

      I have found that they are manipulating the currency rate. They run plug-in programs to control individual account, like the measurement and control calculations of the pips, bars, Margin forced attack for individual account. It’s clear they do have control over individual account. Not easy for every one to find out.

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      m. keeling

      GFC Markets is a great broker to deal with. Support people are always ready to hold your hand. I faced some problems with my account manager when he was not available about one week. But there was the mistake from both sides. He didn’t tell me that he was on leave and I didn’t try to contact any other. After that, sometimes even on holidays, I find their replies. Most of them have blackberries so they reply on unusual day too. My managers are polite. Once, I had a problem with my platform and there were more than 3 people to help me out. All the deposits made by me were timely deposited, the withdrawals as well. It takes around 7 business days. Changing names is building a good brand, now they are even one step closer by re-branding as GFCMarkets to They have great bonus offers every time and low spreads. You can choose from fixed/floating spreads. Wide range of services. Because of all these things, I have referred too many customers to GFC Markets and they are all happy!!

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      S. Phillips
      Guest have always supported me in my learning years; the staff is very polite, approachable and helps as much as they can.
      The trading platform is easy to use and any queries I’ve had on my account have been quickly resolved.
      Their seminars are not to be missed – if they come to your town, be there!

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      Guest ok, todo está bien, pero solo mi retiro se retrasó. Pido el apoyo de pero me dijeron que esperara unos días más

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      D. Marshall

      Where do I begin, truly a scam company, luckily I only deposited a 1000£ with the company, otherwise I would have lost a lot more. Phantom margin calls, terrible in loading, won’t close positions when you want to, and they won’t let you withdraw. TRUST ME stay away

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      Diego Amaya

      Plataforma con muy facil de comprender y amplia información, y muy buena atención por parte del equipo técnico.

    • #23769 Reply
      jennifer morgan

      Really easy to use. Simple to place orders, also the execution of conditional orders is pretty good

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      M. Navas

      He tenido muy mala experiencia con ellos. En 2016 comencé a comerciar con ellos y inicialmente obtuve ganancias constantes, pero luego mi gerente de cuenta me llamó con buenos consejos sobre en qué invertir. Todo eso estaba mal y comencé perdiendo dinero. Debido a eso, decidí dejar de comerciar con ellos. Pero durante otro año me han seguido llamando pidiéndome que volviera a comerciar con ellos. Me negué hasta hace un mes cuando alguien me llamó diciendo que eran especializados en ayudar a las personas que habían perdido dinero en el pasado. Prometían aumentar rápidamente mis ingresos del comercio. Acepté. Comencé a comerciar con ellos nuevamente confiando en el consejo de mi nuevo gerente de cuenta, ya que se presentó a sí mismo como un profesional que ayudó a muchos que perdieron dinero en el comercio. El consejo que me dio, me hizo perder la mitad de mi capital en la segunda semana de negociación. Esto es algo que nunca haría yo mismo, incluso si tuviera el peor día de negociación. Nunca volveré a comerciar con estos estafadores.

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      M. Longo

      Ho 2 conti con, uno in dollari e uno in euro, sono con loro da circa 2 anni e non ho mai avuto dei problemi. Il mio manager è stato il migliore. Ho effettuato prelievi e tutto è andato bene. Quando ho perso denaro, è stato a causa della mia decisione commerciale non a causa loro.

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      deborah w.

      Scalping is my favorite system. First thing I did when I was contacted by was to ask if they could offer me that and they said they could. They lied. 2 months with them, I’ve asked for my money back since the first week but no success.

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      Jessica Michael

      How is the actual spread during fast markets for EURUSD and AUDUSD?

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      ilang worth

      There is something people should know before signing up with them. is a market maker. My account manager lied to me about this claiming they do not take the opposite sides of our trades. However all of the support staff I had spoken to confirmed this.

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      sasha richardson

      Our account was closed with a 50% loss after 48 hours even with a credit card with full coverage for the loss. Smells like a comple scam!!! Do NOT go there!!!

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      Dylan Moore

      I signed up to this place about a week ago and since then have received incessant spam phonecalls from financial investment companies. I asked one guy how he got my number and he said through so clearly they have sold my details. I didn’t even invest – I just signed up to the platform to have a look around.
      When I told one guy to take me off the phone number list he said “No, not until you tell me why!”
      Today I told one lot to f-off ringing me and hung up, so he rang back from a different number to have a go at me.

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      charlie jones

      Shut down of instruments before communicating to customers, withdrawal errors, poor customer support + after you sign up several people start calling you in marketing purpose. Stay away.

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      freddie wilson

      Unstable trading platform. Whenever there are major movements on the market, the trading platform stops working, and a restart is necessary (up to 10 restarts per day)
      Support is incompetent; when you report an immediate problem they return 2-3 days later … “ we haven’t observed any errors – have a nice day”
      They are changing terms and conditions for trading randomly in their own favor.
      They are also manipulating with the spread.
      My contact info was apparently sold to; stay away from them

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      colin ladner

      I am a Canadian “permi. resident”, currently looking at “” This forex company is based out of Cyprus and is registered with the Cyprus, European regulatory bodies. I have never used this company, as of this date, but considering it for the future. Can you tell me if it is worth investing my money with them?

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      Guest vermitteln durch den Anruf eines Beraters Vertrauen. Sie müssen sich um nichts kümmern. Machen wir alles. Das ist schon einmal eine Lüge. Es wird nichts gemacht. Es wird angerufen aus London, Anrufer nicht zu verstehen. Anfangs wird aus Frankfurt angerufen, dann aus dem Ausland? Nicht zu verstehen.
      Weiter wurde geschrieben: Steigen Sie jetzt mit 250,- Euro ein, dann erhalten Sie von uns auch noch 250,- Euro gratis. Nicht wahr. Das erhält man erst bei einem bestimmten Volumen. Steht nicht in der Werbung. Ich habe nicht verstanden, welches Volumen, konnte mir auch nicht erklärt werden. Innerhalb von 2 Wochen habe ich 190,- Euro verloren. Ist doch kein Problem, schießen Sie nach, heißt es. Zum Lachen. ich wollte in Bitcoin traden, geht erst ab 2500 Euro. Auf meine Frage, warum das anderswo geht, war die Antwort: “Mit so wenig Einsatz ist das Geld verloren, sobald es auf 13.000 sinkt”? Mein Geld ist auch verloren, obwohl es nicht in Bitcoin war. Warum das? Konnte auch keiner erklären.
      Vom ersten Moment heißt es investieren, einzahlen. Warum wird dann mit 250,- Euro geworben? Keine Antwort auf diese Frage.
      Alles sehr nebulös. Nicht zu empfehlen.

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      Ray Lambert

      I see some negative comments about this broker. I wonder if they are just people angry because of a certain situation (because if so, you should be a bit more patient before affecting someone’s work) or they really have tried everything and there’s no reply from the other side

    • #23763 Reply
      Jason Jones

      They are just very smart criminals. Try and check the address on the homepage, it is fake, the help-support does not exist. Hope the police is doing a good job and soon puts them behind bars.

    • #23762 Reply
      Martin Grant

      I have been using for just about 1 year now. The user interface of the website is very good and easy to work with. However the mobile app is not so good, this does not bother me as I use yahoo finance to track my holdings. I have contacted a couple times and they responded within a day with a good answer. A lot of people have given a bad review of this website, maybe because they do not know how margins work; they think their account was closed for no reason….
      I am going to continue using as long as they behave the same.

    • #23761 Reply
      tom douglas

      They are ok for certain things but for cryptos look elsewhere. And do not trust them with large amounts of money because when you read someone lost 10K, it is TRUE. What they’ve done with cryptos, who’s to say they won’t do it with certain stocks one day? They probably have some small print to cover it too, but it is still very wrong.

    • #23781 Reply
      Dennis Alexander

      Markets is the best place for operations in the forex market not only for the technologies that are available to its customers but also for the reliability, accuracy and expertise of its consultants.

    • #23743 Reply
      allen carmen

      At some point I received an email from informing me that crypto positions would be automatically closed after 10 days, EVEN positions opened prior to this disposition being announced. That day, I decided I would never trade cryptos again on and lucky for me, I didn’t have any open crypto positions (I use this website only for stocks, indices, forex). I was not personally financially affected, but I feel for the people who lost money because changed the rule retroactively and betrayed their trust (there is a review on here where someone says they have lost 10K). While I didn’t personally lose money over this, I still received the shocking email and this is taken into account in my star rating. I would have given 3 stars at least if it were not for this awful breach of trust.

    • #23742 Reply

      The phone app is poor. It’s usable but lacks some information, for instance your opening price only appears in the position edit window, and that cannot be accessed when the market is closed. Well sometimes you want to review your trades while the market is closed! It also displays the chart full screen only when you tilt the phone horizontally, and then reverts for no reason. Also, you cannot display any TA indicators on the chart on the mobile app: no RSI, moving averages, etc

    • #20604 Reply
      Ronald Walsh
      Guest is the first and only broker I traded with. I deposited 200$ to try and see for my self. They promised to guide me and give whatever I need to make some profits. After 3 days of trading I lost almost 90% of my tiny 200$ because I didn’t find what I expected from them. My AM didn’t help me enough, he said if you want our signals you have to deposit at least 2000$. I changed my AM and she was great. She gave me my bonus and some advice that I misused. I lost all my money. I wasn’t angry at them yet. After short time they contacted me and said you have to send a new proof of address. I said, I don’t want to trade anymore. They said there is a bonus of 50$ if you send it. I sent what they needed and didn’t get any bonus. I was trying to contact her for almost a week. They always say she’ll contact you!! I don’t see a reason for lying.

    • #20007 Reply
      Abramo Fosca

      Ho lavorato con loro per circa 3 mesi e devo dire che non era un’esperienza da ricordarsi. Non sono stati corretti nei miei confronti in quanto riguarda i prelievi che è da quasi due settimane ormai che l’aspetto ma che ho perso le speranze oramai. Ed erano solo 500€, non vedo perché devono perdere un cliente per una somma miserabile.

    • #20587 Reply
      S. Binder

      Ich würde dieser Firma nicht vertrauen. Nachdem das Unternehmen technische Schwierigkeiten hatte, weigerte es sich, mein Geld zurückzuerstatten, obwohl ich aufgrund eines Fehlers auf ihrer Website nicht auf mein Konto zugreifen konnte. Sie gaben zunächst zu, dass sie einige technische Schwierigkeiten hatten. Dann zogen sie ihre Erklärung zurück und sagten, dass ich keine Mittel zur Verfügung habe, um das Konto zu finanzieren, obwohl ich nicht auf das Konto zugreifen konnte, um Aktien zu verkaufen oder zu kaufen. Die Tatsache bleibt, dass ich Geld verloren habe, weil ich nicht auf mein Konto zugreifen konnte, um zu tun, was ich will.

    • #23833 Reply
      Frida Gonzalez

      Es un bróker que se preocupa por el cliente: lo forma con buenos cursos gratuitos, tiene un seguimiento diario, en definitiva, quiere que sus clientes ganen dinero.

    • #23832 Reply
      Luis Geiger

      I´ve tested 3 other companies and this is the most formal, honest and is the one that gives more support and information everyday in order to help you do the right movement.

    • #23831 Reply
      f. bueno

      Markets es una empresa seria, confiable y con un gran servicio de atención al cliente

    • #23741 Reply
      Scott Heyer

      The webpage sometimes stops responding properly (won’t display the price chart anymore), and on refresh I need to log in again. This isn’t good in a context where certain actions can be time-critical. It’s not possible to close multiple positions on one instrument at the same time (for instance, you have 5 trades on Microsoft opened at different times, and the price is going down, you have to close them one by one and meanwhile the price drops. Some brokers do that better!)

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      Pauline Preston

      Good broker, had account with them for a while, fast withdrawal.

    • #20586 Reply
      charlotte hohmann

      Das gleiche passierte mir mit anderen hier, die gerade einen Demo-Account registriert hatten und wenige Minuten später angerufen wurden. Der Anrufer, bei dem es sich meiner Meinung nach um einen Kundenbetreuer handelt, sagte mir, ich solle mein Konto in ein echtes Konto umwandeln, also habe ich es getan. Danach sagte er mir, ich solle 100 Dollar einzahlen, aber ich weigere mich, weil ich ihm sagte, dass ich nur Dinge über den Handel erforsche. Aber er besteht darauf, dass ich mir keine Sorgen machen sollte, wenn ich nichts über den Handel weiß, denn die Mitarbeiter werden mich dabei unterstützen. Aber ich zögerte immer noch, weil ich anfangs ein Demo-Konto hatte und nicht wirklich ernsthaft handeln wollte. Er wies mich sogar an, meine Kreditkarteninformationen einzutragen und versicherte, dass dies nur zum Testen der Lesbarkeit meiner Karte für Einzahlungen gedacht sei, was ich auch getan habe. Er hat mich wirklich unter Druck gesetzt, innerhalb von 2 Tagen 100 $ einzuzahlen, damit ich meinen Bonus bekomme. Da ich wirklich keine Einzahlungen tätigen möchte, habe ich die Anrufe das nächste Mal nicht beantwortet und alle meine persönlichen Informationen auf der Website einschließlich meiner Karteninformationen geändert. Dann erhielt ich am nächsten Tag Anrufe, bei denen keine Nummer registriert wurde, von denen ich glaube, dass sie damit zusammenhängen, da dies die einzige Website ist, auf der ich meine Nummern angegeben habe, bevor es zu nicht registrierten Nummernanrufen kam.

    • #20003 Reply
      Henry Rowe

      I have been trading manually since 2017 now, but the success could be better. I’ve started with but they can’t be trusted, so if someone wants the same things that I do, stay away from this broker. Now I will start with automated trading with another broker.

    • #20602 Reply
      davide sanna

      Un’azienda è brava quanto i suoi dipendenti in questo caso il tuo insegnante / consulente. Quando mi è stato presentato il business del forex non ho avuto molto successo, tutti volevano più soldi. Sono entrato in markets circa 8 mesi fa e ho fatto rete per il 20-30% al mese. Tutto grazie al mio consulente che dà al mentoring un significato completamente nuovo. Sono venuto da lui un principiante ancora bagnato dietro le orecchie e sono orgoglioso di dire che ora sono un commerciante a tempo pieno che è stato addestrato a fare affidamento a nessuno tranne che a se stesso. Grazie a per il livello di professionalità. Non sono un milionario ma mi sento che mi sto avvicinando al mio sogno ogni giorno!

    • #10886 Reply

      I got amazon shares on 16 of august 2017, my amazon have been closed for insufficient margin at $429.70. but the problem is because amazon didn’t drop to this price on this day.

    • #20596 Reply
      a. lewis

      Let me tell you all that this broker ( is one of the worst brokers that exists out there. Their customer support is the worst I’ve seen compared to other brokers in a long time. The customer support of this broker is really unhelpful by all means. I can say that it’s really laughable. The representatives on the chat are ignorant, they don’t respond to your questions with accuracy. I think they are not well prepared to answer questions that need thorough answers.

    • #23834 Reply

      Markets and their traders have provided me with very solid foundation and taught me invaluable lessons, allowing me to trade with far more confidence and success.
      Also, the ongoing tips from my trader are fantastic to find the safest deals.

    • #12684 Reply
      Jan Daley Katz

      I want to notice that Markets offers the most favorable terms for trading. Spreads on ECN accounts start at zero. I do not want to list all of available services and conditions, but for such a relatively young broker it is a great achievement. Look around and you will see that most forex brokers are far behind. It’s clear enough that Markets is among leaders in providing brokerage service.

    • #20599 Reply
      Luigi Baldi

      Gli spread di questo broker sono troppo alti rispetto agli spread di altri broker. I loro spread sono ridicolmente alti secondo me. Parlando di ribaltamenti, in molte occasioni hanno commesso errori nel calcolo dei ribaltamenti. Molte volte hanno raccolto quantità di rollover più elevate di quanto dovrebbero.

    • #20592 Reply
      Beltramo Greco

      Recentemente ho aperto un conto con questo broker e ho depositato solo $100 su ciascun conto. Dopo aver negoziato alcune negoziazioni ho scoperto che i loro spread erano alti, quindi ho deciso di ritirare il fondo. Ma non mi consentono a causa del problema di verifica dell’account. Ho caricato i miei documenti, ma il mio account non è stato ancora verificato, ho contattato tramite la loro live chat e mi hanno informato che non ne sapevano nulla e non possono informarmi quando il mio account verrà verificato. Ho inviato anche un’email al loro dipartimento di verifica, ma nessuna risposta. Ho tutto il documento di deposito in quel broker. Sto chiedendo al team FPA di risolvere il problema il prima possibile e ho anche consigliato ad altri membri di stare alla larga da questo broker.

    • #20579 Reply
      rafael soliz

      Mi forma de evaluar a un corredor es ver cuánto está comprometido con usted después de realizar su depósito, porque cada corredor se compromete antes de realizar el depósito. Pero gracias a Dios, no hice el depósito con ellos porque si no están comprometidos con lo que anuncian antes del depósito, ¿cómo puede esperar el compromiso después del depósito? Mi consejo es que se mantenga alejado de ellos, hay muchos corredores buenos en el mercado, con un poco de investigación seguramente puede encontrar un corredor mucho mejor que ellos.

    • #23835 Reply
      J. Quiñones Beltrán
      Guest es un broker fiable y seguro,ya que tuve un problema con la plataforma movil de trading y como consecuencia tuve perdidas, y en menos de 72 horas tenia el dinero ingresado en mi cuenta, volveré a invertir con ellos cuando pueda.

    • #23740 Reply

      Live chat that responds within a couple of minutes (I have contacted them often so it was not a lucky accident).
      Decent tools (charts show trading volume unlike some), and the “trading central” feature, which displays support and resistance levels and pivot point, is nice to have (but not available for all instruments).
      It’s possible to close only part of a trade (say you have a CFD on 4 shares, you can enter how many shares you want to close). This isn’t available from every broker and very valuable if the market is not going your way and you want to cut losses and reduce risk but keep something going.

    • #20589 Reply
      Alighieri Paolo

      Avevo un conto di trading con MARKETS.COM. Ho fatto trading con loro per un anno. Quasi tutte le cose andavano bene ad eccezione delle spese di scambio. Le commissioni di scambio erano troppo elevate rispetto ad altri broker. Ad esempio: se è necessario mantenere aperto un contratto per 1 o 2 mesi, addebita 34-50 dollari per lo scambio per quel singolo affare. Quindi ho deciso di andare con un altro broker. A parte questo, va tutto bene.

    • #23739 Reply
      Frank White

      They will not refund my money because I have a C/O address. In due course, I made a banking transfer so I could get my money back. In order for me to receive the money back, I must provide them with social security number and copy of the passport of the person I live with. The person has nothing to do with my finances or bank account.
      Very poor service.

    • #20011 Reply
      mario odone

      Mi ha chiamato la settimana scorsa
      Quando ho spiegato al tipo che stavo lavorando che non ero interessato, questo si è inventato che ero stato già contattato in precedenza da un collega e che avevo dichiarato di essere interessato a loro!!!
      Quando gli ho fatto notare che era una “str….” quello che stava dicendo, il tipo si è abbastanza risentito e mi ha tirato fuori che aveva i tabulati delle chiamate etc. Dopo un piccolo scambio di vedute ha chiuso la telefonata anche molto scocciato. Mi chiamano loro, gli dico che non sono interessato e che sto lavorando e quindi non ho tempo, si inventano cavolate e se glielo fai notare ti contestano pure e si offendono!

    • #20600 Reply
      Riccardo Fabbri

      Questo broker è davvero un casino, in ogni senso della parola. Il fatto che abbia sede a Cipro, anziché in un’altra città dell’Unione Europea, è una grande bandiera rossa secondo me. Questo broker non merita di operare sul mercato. È un peccato dover trattare con questo broker non professionale e fuorviante. Spero che più persone possano essere consapevoli delle prestazioni di questo broker non professionale. Non meritano davvero di avere clienti. Meritano solo di essere fuori dal mercato.

    • #12690 Reply
      L. Slater

      Thanks to all contributors on this forum for real comments on Markets. It has played a crucial role in my decision to open an account with Markets. For 2 months of demo and 3 months of real trading I can make you sure that all the good things said about this broker are true. Many thanks to all of you.

    • #20585 Reply
      Mauro Marchetti

      Sono uno dei clienti di e mi sento come se fossi stato ingannato a unirmi a loro.
      Ti raccontano tutti questi benefici, uno su uno, di cosa avevo bisogno.
      Alla fine non ho ricevuto alcuna istruzione da loro, mi hanno detto di guardare attraverso la loro istruzione online sulla loro pagina web, ma devi prima depositare 100 dollari che ho fatto, ci sono passato e confido che puoi imparare molto più da Google e YouTube. Poi i dipendenti mi hanno chiamato e mi hanno spinto a investire di più, a scambiare di più e così via, ho chiesto la loro istruzione che non sono mai in tempo per chiamare, quindi finisco per non ottenere nulla e poi scompaiono e dopo due settimane chiamano di nuovo per dirti i vantaggi. Poi ho parlato con il mio consulente, ha detto che non possono soddisfare ogni cliente. Se sei infelice puoi andare altrove. Come ti sentiresti come loro cliente ?? Con consiglierei il, ci sono molti altri broker là fuori, volte migliore

    • #20590 Reply
      Fernando G. C.

      Terrible experiencia, durante un fin de semana, con las Consultas de Independencia de Escocia, Market hico un BAP de 150 pips a mi favor, por lo tanto, el Take Profit que tuve debería ser ignorado al primer precio disponible en la apertura del domingo. Usaron mi nivel de ganancia para pagarme menos de lo que había ganado. Pregunté si la situación sucedería con un stop loss en mi contra si tuvieran el mismo procedimiento, porque, si estas son las reglas, y estas reglas son siempre las mismas, esto es justo para mí. Pero me dijeron que no. Si la misma brecha está en mi contra, no pueden garantizar que respeten el stop loss. Entonces, si pueden ganar más dinero, usan el TP, si usted es el que pierde dinero, usan el primer precio después de GAP. Hice el retiro de todos mis fondos, y ahora estoy trabajando con otro corredor, sin ningún problema.

    • #20028 Reply
      Muzio G.


      MI RACCOMANDO STATE ALLA LARGAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • #11261 Reply
      Angelo Savatini

      Piattaforma seria a differenza di tante società. Educazione, rispetto al cliente, spread bassi e nessuna scadenza sui cfd. L’assistenza di qualità è ottima, la fase di attenzione al cliente e ritiro.

    • #23836 Reply
      Guest mainly looking for people to put more money on their account
      2. Not helpful in case of problem
      3. Values of some products don’t match with the market.
      4.positive point: micro contracts are good for beginners and small wallets.

    • #20597 Reply
      K. Jacobs

      Ihre Plattformen sind wirklich instabil, beide zeigen sehr oft Störungen. Wenn ich sie nach Störungen auf ihren Plattformen frage, vernachlässigen sie diese Tatsache, indem sie einfach sagen, dass ihre Plattform einwandfrei läuft, ohne Fehler, was nicht der Fall ist

    • #10882 Reply

      Very bad experience, I traded with no deposit bonus. I had a lot of problems, either on verification and withdrawal. In fact I changed broker.

    • #23837 Reply
      Hollie Taylor

      They have a good customers support
      You can execute you orders without much delay
      They are regulated
      You can get your money out pretty quickly

    • #23737 Reply
      k. ahrens

      Momenteel gebruik ik de broker plus500, maar heeft een aantal voordelen boven plus500. Zo kan je bij hun het volume zien wat ik erg fijn vind en daarnaast zijn de brokers kosten bij markets ook wat lager. Helaas is het me alleen niet gelukt om daadwerkelijk een account te openen. Ze hebben namelijk papieren nodig waarop zowel mijn voornaam als achternaam vermeld staat. Alleen op alle papieren die ik heb, staan alleen mijn initialen en achternaam (ook op de belastingpapieren). Gelukkig heb ik wel eerst geprobeerd mijn account te verifiëren, voordat ik geld had gestort, anders had ik nu eerst een bank verklaring moeten kopen, voordat ik me geld terug zou kunnen krijgen. Daarnaast vond ik de klantenservice niet bepaald vriendelijk.

    • #23738 Reply
      dierk wenzel

      In de demomodus was me opgevallen dat de grafiek soms weg valt en dat je de site dan weer opnieuw moet laden. Weet niet hoe deze functioneert als je met echt geld speelt. Verder werkte alles netjes in de demo versie.
      Tip: voordat je geld stort, zorg dat je het vertificatieproces eerst hebt afgerond zodat je je geld ook weer kan opnemen.

    • #11305 Reply
      Gaspare Decina

      Ho aperto un conto di trading con markets tre settimane fa e sono molto soddisfatto del basso spread e delle buone commissioni. La velocità di esecuzione è eccellente. L’assistenza è veloce nel rispondere e molto d’aiuto.

    • #23736 Reply
      Gray Ian

      You need to be sensible with your money. Especially if the hidden rates that aren’t as displayed puts you into catastrophic loss upon entry of a trade.

      Choose another broker

    • #23735 Reply
      samuel carter

      This platform is borderline fraudulent. Spread is two times what other platforms have, and they have a ton of hidden fees for keeping positions open. Go for etoro or literally burn your money to keep warm, you’ll be better off.

    • #23838 Reply

      They have too wide spreads
      The web platform is pretty bad
      They are very pushy and want you to deposit more money and trade more and more – and they call you constantly with “tips” for stuff to trade

    • #23733 Reply
      Steven Mitchell

      When people start to trade currencies on forex they need to understand that by trading with a broker on a spread bet account you aren’t actually dealing with the stock market you’re pretty much only dealing with a bookie. It doesn’t matter whether you trade £1 or 1 million, your trade WILL NOT alter the direction of the currency that you are trading, I really can’t figure how spread bet accounts in the UK are even legal as everything is designed against individual traders which is why pretty much the only traders that really make any money are brokers as there trades are registered on the stock exchange and when you look at the money these brokers invest in a currency on a daily basis then its enough to make the market spike enough to take it past any stop loss that u might have, hence you lose your money. Also I have just noticed that has just introduced another charge called a conversion rate which is actually higher than your spread, I think considering how unfair spread bet accounts actually are this extra charge is a total disgrace. Spread bet accounts aren’t actually legal in many countries and believe me I can understand why, as its a UK legal way of taking people’s money from them at ridiculous rates.

    • #20012 Reply
      Leonardo Panucci

      Non mi sembrano affidabili.
      Secondo me i loro agenti sembrano di non capire niente dell’economia e degli investimenti.
      L’analisi tecnica che propongono non fa senso, “se il grafico è in rialzo dovrebbe continuare ad alzarsi, se e in ribasso dovrebbe continuare a scendere”. Ma quando mai? Se fosse così facile saremo tutti ricchi…

    • #11426 Reply
      Stefano Ferrara

      Finalmente una società e delle persone correte. Ho passato di tutto e ho avuto a che fare con persone che mi hanno truffato nella maniera più brutta. Adesso mi sto riprendendo e non ho più il timore se riavrò i soldi indietro o no.

    • #20580 Reply
      A. Duarte

      MANTENTE LEJOS DE ELLOS, prometen mucho, p. señales y educación, pero apena ayas realizado un depósito, estaras solo, sin contacto por correo electrónico o teléfono. Estafadores.

    • #20117 Reply
      Corrado Ricci

      Non ho mai avuto problemi con, ma adesso si. Ho una trade aperta e non me la fa chiudere. Non mi rispondono nemmeno alla mail. Spero di poter prelevare.

    • #20009 Reply
      Carmela Mauri

      Purtroppo io ho già avuto a che fare con e mi sono fatta fregare una cifra considerevole, e loro negano ogni responsabilità. Quello che vorrei chiedere è se esiste possibilità e in che modo, di rivelarsi.

    • #23839 Reply
      Tobias Weisz

      Zugegeben, ich mache hier erst seit einem halben jahr meine erfahrungen, fühle mich aber sehr gut und freundlich beraten und aufgehoben. Anfangs gab es probleme mit Metatrader 4, da ich einen Mac benutze, aber dank kompetenter unterstützung klappt nun alles hervorragend.

    • #23732 Reply
      Courtney Lee

      So far my experience has been extremely positive; I have doubled my money within a month and haven’t experienced a single point of concern. Most of the negative feedback and concerns raised by other users I think have been the result of misinformation and/or lack of understanding. Brokers like these are held to a high standard and it shows with

    • #23840 Reply
      Tim Mason

      I am getting excellent services from Markets since 2010 and I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a good company to trade with and good support team and good accounts managers.

    • #20584 Reply
      Luigi Cecco

      Sto commerciando da 3 settimane e tutto è molto corretto. Ho avuto un piccolo problema con i miei documenti, ma è stato risolto in seguito. La formazione non era approfondita, ma era istruttiva. Prelevato già 50eur e penso di continuare a fare trading con loro.

    • #20004 Reply
      Maurizio Manna

      Ho cercato e provato molti broker, ma sono rimasto poi fedele a Uno dei motivi principali è che ho bisogno di avere spread contenuti e condizioni di leva vantaggiose sulle materie prime, dato che i miei trade riguardano per lo più questo settore. In particolar modo, direi che petrolio e oro sono i due asset su cui vado più forte.

    • #23841 Reply
      Patricia Kohl

      Hände weg von diesen leuten! ich habe 250,00 euro nach einigen stunden schon verloren und wurde ständig gedrängelt mehr zu investieren habe ich nicht ! das sind betrüger vom alles feinstensogar ein kredit sollte ich aufnehmen mein bonus bei den kreditfirmen hat mich gerettet habe keinen bekommen was ich schon wuste.das sind betrüger vom aller feinsten HÄNDE weg

    • #23843 Reply
      Wilhelm Josip

      Last ja die finger davon. Leider war ich zu gutgläubig und bin auf diese maschen hereingfallen mir wurde gezeigt wie man viel geld verdienen kann und das konto dementsprechend aufgestockt und wie man von 1000 Euro ein mehrfaches verdienen kann. Ich habe sogar geld bei der bank aufgenommen und eingezahlt, danach war das geld verschwunden und ich wurde nie mehr angerufen, auch nach mehren e mail meiner seits herschte stille, und keinelrei reaktion mehr. Fallt bitte nicht auf deren sprüche “vielen dank für ihr vertrauen” herein.

    • #20027 Reply
      Enzo Lombardi

      L’unica cosa positiva che ho avuto con la, è che ho ritirato 200 euro e mi sono arrivati sul conto, in merito ai Broker è come salire su una barca ed andare alla deriva. Ti chiamano solo per farti depositare altri soldi. MEGLIO ABBANDONARE IL TUTTO

    • #11095 Reply
      Josefa Vázquez

      Hola a todos, alguien conoce o ha trabajado con MARKETS.COM? Si es así, que opinión le merece?

      Por otra parte, en otro foro de esta página, he leído muy mala opinión de FXGM. He visto que en la lista recomendada para encontrar broker, figura como regulada. Aunque parece que dejó de estarlo en España en el 2013. Me interesa mucho vuestra opinión y consejo. Muchas gracias.

      • #16467 Reply
        Julia Sosa

        Para mi ha funcionado bastante bien. Son eficaces y muy practicos.
        El otro no lo conozco.

    • #16403 Reply
      Emilio Nucci

      La cosa più importante che deve avere un broker secondo me è la trasparenza e la velocità sui prelievi. L’ho verificato varie volte con Markets e posso dire con certezza che è tra i migliori su questo punto

    • #20029 Reply
      Ferrari A.


    • #23845 Reply
      Eric Schafer

      Die rückzahlung wird verweigert. Man verlangt einen aktuellen kontoauszug meiner bank!?
      Mit BIC und IBAN ist man nicht zufrieden. Sie fordern die bankleitzahl u. kontonr. u.s.w – usw.
      Dafür täglich telefonanrufe von mitarbeitern die kaum deutsch sprechen und versuchen mich zu weiteren transaktionen zu überreden.

    • #23731 Reply
      Egidio G.

      Attenzione al trader ho effettuato una vendita di un titolo che avevo in portafoglio. ha accettato la vendita accreditandomi il profitto ma dopo qualche ora mi ha stornato il guadagno in quanto a suo dire c’è stato un malfunzionamento sul suo programma. Ho chiesto che mi venisse dato il guadagno ma la risposta è stata negativa al massimo. Ho tutto documentato con foto. Vi consiglio di non fare operazioni con questo trader

    • #23730 Reply
      Billy M. Robinson

      Very bad! I’ve been trying to login to app for the last two weeks but it kept on saying “under maintenance we will be back soon”

    • #23844 Reply
      Peter Jansen

      Finger weg von und Ich habe ein paar euro investiert und ein angeblicher Julian Lorenz war mein “Broker”. Ständig wurde ich animiert einen größeren betrag zu investieren, habe ich natürlich nicht gemacht. Dann gab es keinen Kontakt mehr, wahrscheinlich war ich jetzt nicht mehr interessant.
      Nun beantragte ich die auszahlung meines guthabens, aber ohne erfolg. Ständig wurden fadenscheinige begründungen angegeben, dass eine auszahlung nicht möglich ist.
      Das ist der perfekte betrug. Aber wie heißt es so schön? Man sieht sich im leben immer zweimal.

    • #23729 Reply
      Jennifer Jules

      I have not really had a bad experience with this broker, all seems to still be going my way since I started using them 5 months ago. The interface is user friendly and with the fib fusion strategy I make hundreds of dollars on a weekly basis. To enjoy you actually need a working strategy.

    • #23728 Reply
      Dean Turner

      At the beginning it was a bit “like any other broker”.
      The website seems to be normal, nothing special but, when I received the first call from the account manager, my opinion about them changed. The person on the lone was very professional and didn’t ask for my money first (very unusual in this industry), after he realized that I really understood everything he let me to go into it (even that I told him that I hadno problem to start with a low amount first, he said “no, you should understand what you are doing and where your money is before that”).
      I have been trading for 4 months now, took some money out, happy for now.

    • #23727 Reply
      Patricia Lee

      I really don’t want to say something bad about them but I can’t find any reason why it takes 17 days now to send me the money back.
      Hope someone just made a mistake and it is not on purpose
      At the beginning everything was fine until I was asked to put some more and I said no, they changed the whole relationship with me.
      When I said I want to take the money out they stopped calling even.
      Waiting for my money now.

    • #23847 Reply
      Karen Haupt

      Die ist eine reine betrüger plattform. Die plattform macht zerst einen sehr seriösen eindruck und die versprechen klingen sehr verlockend. Man wird aber daurend aufgefordert mehr geld zu investieren. Wenn man das nicht tut wird die software manipuliert und ihr geld ist in kürze auf null gesunken. Danach kommen wieder Anrufe um sie zu überreden noch mehr geld zu investieren um das verlorene wieder zurück zu gewinnen, was natürlich wieder nur solange funktioniert als sie immer wieder gedl investiern. Man kann also nur verlieren. Es ist ein fast geniales betrugs-system.

    • #23852 Reply
      Tolomeo Bianca

      Piattaforma completa, buoni gli indicatori presenti e i grafici. Ottimi i bonus.
      Molto utili i consigli giornalieri di analisi tecnica dell’esperto.

    • #23851 Reply
      Carlos Borrego

      Satisfecho con Markets en los dos años que llevo operando con ellos.
      A destacar la excelente atención al cliente y la preocupación por la formación, cosa que he aprovechado muy bien con ellos, tanto en webinars como en cursos presenciales.

    • #23850 Reply
      Bruno Iadanza

      La mia esperienza con il Forex online mi ha fatto conoscere il broker Markets. Grazie a loro giorno dopo giorno riesco ad osservare i mercati finanziari con particolare riferimento al forex. Markets mette a disposizione tantissimi strumenti per elaborare le proprie analisi tecniche e fondamentali; offre una assistenza clienti unica per i contenuti e unica perché in madrelingua del cliente stesso. Stimola il trading grazie ai suoi corsi, i seminari gratuiti ed infine grazie alle sue basse commissioni. Nonostante io abbia azzerato per ben due volte il mio conto, ad oggi grazie ai suoi bonus, e alle sue commissioni sempre più basse sto recuperando le perdite subite.

    • #23849 Reply
      Romolo Mazzetti

      Sono dei professionisti molto seri e competenti, sempre disponibili a chiarire dubbi o dare consigli. Anche la piattaforma è perfetta.

    • #20598 Reply
      Berg Miroslaw

      Sie scheinen plug-in-programme zu starten, um trades zu verlieren, denn wenn ich ein geschäft eröffne, scheinen die preise immer mein vordefiniertes Angebot zu erreichen, damit ich die trades verliere. Das ist mir schon oft passiert und es ist sehr verdächtig. Ich habe dies erkannt, weil ich oft gesehen habe, dass die preise auf ihrer plattform in kurzer zeit sehr hohe spitzenwerte aufweisen, ohne dass in diesem zeitraum grundlegende Nachrichten vorliegen, die diese hohen spitzenwerte unterstützen können. Als würde der broker gegen sie handeln.

    • #23853 Reply
      Greco Adriano

      Piattaforma molto completa, semplice e ottima da utilizzare, specie da app per iphone, buoni i consigli di trading.

    • #23854 Reply
      Ariadna S. C.

      Encontre a Markets de casualidad y tras hacer un pequeño estudio de mercado contacte con ellos. Lo que más me gusto desde el principio es que tengo siempre un soporte. Al principio un comercial, luego una persona para enseñarme el entorno y ahora un apoyo técnico con la que puedo tener contacto en cualquier momento, bien por teléfono o por email. Es un trato personal, de tu a tu, y eso no lo tienes en todos los sitios.

    • #23855 Reply
      Benedetta Zacchi

      Ottima società per fare trading online, buona piattaforma e ottimi consulenti che suggeriscono giornalmente posizioni da aprire.

    • #16405 Reply

      Esecuzione ordini abbastanza veloce, attenzione al cliente disponibile e cordiale, molteplici servizi a disposizione. Niente da lamentarsi

    • #23860 Reply
      Isabelle Kay
      Guest offers us the opportunity to trade with the best tools available, and new traders benefit from online training, where each person can learn his rithmic skills by assimilating the basics, techniques that allow to have a much more “professional” approach, because trading is not a casino and even less a game. Trading can be free for some, business for others… Everyone can enjoy it. We must give ourselves the means. gave them to me.

    • #11301 Reply
      Giorgio Carlini

      Da anni utilizzo Markets senza aver mai avuto nessun problema e ottenendo profitti buoni.

    • #20582 Reply
      Marcel Baecker

      Ich habe einige Probleme, wenn es darum geht, mit einem legitimen Broker zu handeln. Ich muss nicht viel über mich selbst sagen, aber alle meine Telefonanrufe werden mit erweiterter Sicherheit aufgezeichnet. Sie glauben, sie könnten mich täuschen, indem sie mir eine britische Nummer oder Zypern zeigen, aber einer meiner Sicherheitsberater hat den Anruf aufgespürt und weißt du was? Sie sind in Israel und nicht von irgendetwas, von dem sie behaupten, es zu sein.

    • #23861 Reply
      G. Thompson

      I have used Markets for a couple of months and I must say that they have a good customer service department. All questions I had were answered quickly and professionally. Cashing out from my account also was quick.

    • #20594 Reply
      Zachary Graham

      Some days ago, when I entered their platform with my username and password, I realized that all the “history” of my operations had been erased, as if they were not there before. All of this happened after I sent an inquiry to their support desk (which is terrible, by the way) regarding some rollovers that they had deducted from my account, which in my opinion, were huge, compared to the amounts traded in those operations.

    • #11303 Reply
      Corrado Miceli

      Ho fatto trading con molti broker, ma Markets è di gran lunga il migliore. Ogni cosa è esattamente come te la descrivono. Sono onesti e molto disponibili.

    • #20010 Reply
      Luigi Carbone

      Conosco e che tipo di operazioni fanno fare e devo dire che non sono malaccio. Ovviamente ci sono andato con i piedi di piombo e arrivato alla cifra che volevo e ho ritirato… Scartoffie da compilare non tante anche perché sono stati intelligenti ad istituire il servizio whatsapp. Molto più veloce che scanner e stampanti.

    • #20013 Reply
      Gaetano Rizzi

      Ciao, come posso prelevare da loro? Non risponde nessuno. Devo fare qualche chiamata da qualche parte per avere info? Dove trovare uno di loro ?

    • #11123 Reply
      Jordan Ceballos

      Buen día mi nombre es Jordan Ceballos, desde hace más de un año he estado con markets y hasta el momento he tenido una excelente experiencia, atención, asesoramiento y educación por parte del equipo de Markets, en especial de Alexandra Marin. Es una gran analista, una persona agradable, amable y cordial, me brinda información importante de los mercados y siempre está atenta a ayudarme y resolver todas mis dudas.

    • #23864 Reply
      Orlando Bernardi

      Utile per chi interessa intraprendere una nuova esperienza, purché motivato. Certo è che come ogni disciplina professionale richiede una preparazione di base specifica, questa che gestisce il denaro, richiede quindi una consapevolezza in materia economica.

    • #23862 Reply
      Virginia Wood

      I am very satisfied with the commercial and technical service offered by Markets. The platform MT4 runs well, Markets is easily reachable by phone, your account manager gets back to you every two weeks to evaluate your current trading situation, and the spreads are reasonable.
      I highly recommend this serious broker.

    • #23863 Reply
      Rachel Campbell

      Mr Stefan Schwarzenberger from supported me in the first weeks of my trading activities very well. He was very friendly and provided me always interesting tips at the right time. Trading makes more fun when you can start with such professional support.

    • #23867 Reply
      Dominik Koehler

      Ich kann noch nicht so viel sagen, habe vor kurzem angefangen Traden zu Lernen. Das Lehrmaterial finde ich ganz gut, gerade für Anfänger! Dazu noch freundliche Betreuung und passt alles. Möchte und hoffe viel zu verdienen;)

    • #23866 Reply
      José Oliveira Correia

      A Markets tem uma ‘ótima assistência, alem de plataforma própria muito boa, não tenho nenhuma reclamação!!!

    • #11125 Reply
      David Ruiz Hernandez

      Muy agradecido con el servicio hasta el momento, he tenido una rápida respuesta en todos los servicios: apertura y activación de cuento, solución de inconvenientes, soporte y calidad, y facilidad de retiro incluso con transferencias internacionales. Muchas gracias!

    • #11131 Reply
      Paula Aguilar

      primero puntual con los pagos,
      segundo servicio al cliente excelente
      tercero facil de usar

    • #11257 Reply
      Alessandro Maio

      Io ho iniziato con markets dopo 3 esperienze negative. Negative perché ero inesperto e non comprendevo certe dinamiche. Oggi sinceramente è cambiato tutto. Ho una persona che mi insegna ad usare la piattaforma, mi dà notizie di mercato e non esita a spiegarmi i rischi quando sono in procinto d’aprire il mio trade. Ottima anche la fase di prelievo, precisa e puntuale.

    • #23870 Reply
      Enrico Schiavone

      Sono contentissimo della mia esperienza in Markets. Mi piace perché non mancano i bonus quando si opera in misura massiccia ed oculata. Come non mi manca mai il sostegno del mio bravissimo Manager Account (Beniamino Miconi) che attraverso consigli mirati e segnali di trading vuole farmi guadagnare soldi veri… Poi ci penso io a perderli, quando opero di testa mia… ma questa è un’altra storia.

    • #11307 Reply
      Daniele Tamburini

      Ho operato con svariate società di trading, più c’ho perso che c’ho guadagnato a dire la verità. Ma adesso è da un po’ di mesi che opero con markets da solo facendo operazioni sui titoli e in generale va bene, meglio da quando facevo operazioni seguito da qualcuno che non sapeva un tubo.

    • #23872 Reply
      Thomas Dodd

      Markets was my first experience in the world of currencies… the most exciting thing I’ve done. Very good platform, the latest financial news at all times and the possibility to interact with other traders and observe their work. Wonderful opportunity that allowed me to grow and develop my knowledge in this area. I’ll never forsake this platform.

    • #20583 Reply
      chris bailey

      My main reason for applying was to test their live platform and withdrawal procedures/timings. I figured if everything is acceptable to my liking, I would move the bulk of my accounts from FXCM.
      But after almost one month account opening, after talking to 7 different agents, completing multiple verification calls, quizzes and questions, and still with no account manager in sight, it is best for everyone to STAY AWAY from this broker.
      They can’t even do the basics right. What if I were to deposit my own funds with them. So to avoid any headaches, STAY AWAY from!

    • #23873 Reply

      Este broker lo escojí por estar vigilado por la FCA de Londres, han sido puntuales con los pagos de retiros y cuidadosos en atención al cliente

    • #11264 Reply
      Giancarlo Fiorini

      Faccio trading su questa piattaforma da circa 3 anni e non ho avuto noie particolari ai molti prelievi fatti compresi gli accrediti effettuati su postapay sempre molto veloci.

    • #17613 Reply
      Ricky Mariani

      Facendo trading con Markets ho capito che definitivamente non esistono i soldi facili. Quando questo broker mi ha presentato il suo progetto mi sembrava una cosa così facile e come una persona entusiasta, curiosa e con qualche soldino a parte, mi sono diventato operativo entro la settimana. È andato tutto bene, avevo un consulente che mi seguiva e tutto ma non avendo il tempo e non potendo dedicarmi completamente ho deciso di ritirami e quando avrò tutte le disponibilità possibili inizierò di nuovo.

    • #23875 Reply
      Craig Scott

      Great care by the personal broker. Instruction in the technical details of the trading platform, strategy meetings, help with questions, video tutorials. You can find everything for a good trading.

    • #11181 Reply
      Raquel Sanchez

      Bróker es confiable y orientado al cliente. Trabajo con markets desde más de 1 año. No hay problemas con la ejecución. Puedes trabajar con todos tipos de asesores, incluidos asesores de scalping. Depósito y retiro dinero con tarjeta de crédito, todas las operaciones se procesan bastante rápido.

    • #23876 Reply
      Luca Bacchisio
      Guest sono anche professionali. Il bonus accreditato quasi subito, il mio manager mi contatta ogni giorno tramite e-mail dandomi ottimi segnali.

    • #23877 Reply
      V. Harris

      I’ve been trading with since December 2016 and never had any problems with them or the trading platform. They have a great Customer Service and are very helpful. They are always ready to teach you new things so that you can be successful!

    • #11420 Reply
      Claudio Nari

      Amo questo broker. L’unico problema è che se la mia linea è lenta è molto difficile fare trading.

    • #17612 Reply
      Valeria De Angelis

      Io ho un po di tempo che sto operando con Inizialmente ho operato sul mercato valutario e quello di materie prime per poi passare a quello azionario. A volte seguo anche i consigli del specialista pero non spesso e non perché lui non è bravo ma perché mi piace operare in autonomo una volta capito come funziona la cosa.

    • #23884 Reply
      Giusy Palumbo

      Fin dai primi passi, straordinariamente gentili e professionali, ti affiancano per condurti in questo incredibile mondo degli investimenti. La piattaforma professionale completa quello che poteva essere solo un giudizio positivo.

    • #10042 Reply
      Economy guardian
    • #23885 Reply
      donatella magnani

      Ottimo broker forex dove sei seguito ogni giorno dal tuo consulente ed hai a disposizione i webinary gratis per chi si approccia per la prima volta nel settore.

    • #17617 Reply
      Milani F.

      Dire la verità a me non piaceva fare trading e ho iniziato con Markets per pura curiosità. Sono molto contenta con tutto. Anche se a volte faccio degli passi sbagliati, non importa. Markets mi ha fatto cambiare opinione sul trading.

    • #16406 Reply
      Mirko Lucchese

      Qualcuno sa dirmi se con loro si può operare con conto demo prima di aprire uno reale?

      • #16410 Reply

        Con loro mi sa di no, ma puoi farlo con altri broker e appena capisci come funziona apri il conto reale

        • #16412 Reply
          Mirko Lucchese

          Non è che sono proprio senza esperienza perché qualche mese fa’ ho avuto un conto con un altro broker ma ho perso quasi tutto, operando in autonomo. Cmq ogni broker ha le sue specificità anche in un conto demo credo. Cambiano i spread, l’esecuzione ordini, la velocità del server etc.

          • #16414 Reply

            È vero. Pensavo fossi neofita. Il mio consiglio però resta sempre quello di non fare trading da solo ma seguito da un consulente. Loro sono specializzati al campo e seguono i mercati in continuazione, ne sanno di più quindi.

    • #23886 Reply
      Conte Bartolomeo

      Penso che sia un tipo di mercato molto affascinante perché non è influenzabile da persone facoltose. Con lo studio dell’analisi tecnica, attenti ai dati macroeconomici potranno arrivare guadagni propozionati all’investimento.

    • #17616 Reply
      Franca Aruta

      Ho trovato questo forum qua per caso e mi fa piacere perché mi avevano contattato da Markets due giorni fa ed ero molto perplessa. Dalla presentazione si nota che sono ben professionali e tutto ma il primo commento che lego qua è di star lontano da loro. Invece il primo commento in italiano è che ha una esperienza sorprendente e sto pensando di provare anche io. Non si sa mai, magari il servizio in Italia è migliore di quello in altri paesi. Qualcun’altro in Italia mi potrebbe dare una opinione?

    • #16462 Reply
      maria t.

      Il mondo del trading è totalmente nuovo per me, ho letto diversi libri di trading e ovviamente quelli relativi all’analisi tecnica, intendo che la mia base in questo mondo è buona ma sempre quando inizi devi avere qualcun’altro che indichi i tuoi errori. Consulenza decente.

    • #17618 Reply
      Matilde Farina

      Essere una donna nel mondo di trading non è facile. Io personalmente non mi intendo molto della finanza neanche dell’economia ma avendo il consulente di Markets mi sono diventata anche io brava. È una ottima società per i partecipanti. Adesso posso discutere anche con altre persone riguardo ‘sta cosa.

    • #17614 Reply
      Ellie H.

      In my opinion, has the best team one can ever ask. Great customer care, account managers, financial consultant, management. I’ve been working with them for 10 months and until now, they have kept their promises. If things go as planed, I hope I’ll never have to change broker.

    • #17338 Reply
      Daniel Munger

      Hello everyone. I’ve never done trading before but I heard that it’s a good opportunity to make some extra money. I was searching online and I found this broker here. So I’m in need of your opinion, as a beginner, is this the best broker I can find? Or there are better?

    • #17619 Reply
      Mason W.

      How can you have a great experience with this broker when everything they do is give you indicators to make you lose all your money? I don’t understand their goal. Do they want a client for a long time or want to lose them all?

    • #17615 Reply
      Hollie Hyde

      Working with has changed my opinion about trading. I have had many unpleasant experiences before, markets would be the last broker I’d try and I never regret that decision. Thanks to my account manager I could now use trading as an income for my family.

    • #17362 Reply
      D. P. Rose

      I’ve been a client of this broker for 8 months now and I can honestly say that I am very pleased and very satisfied with their customer/client care, their account manager and the whole staff that has helped me out in everything that I need. It’s one of the best online investments that I’ve ever made. I am very happy that I finally found a broker that is exactly how it’s introduced.

    • #26954 Reply
      Julie Adams

      This broker is one of the worst brokers I’ve seen out there in the Forex Market. Their spreads are one of the most expensive ones among all brokers that exist out there. Their customer support is really laughable. The chat support is incompetent by nature. But the worst thing about them is, that they seem to always be trading against the individual traders, because whenever I set a pending order (either a buy stop order or a sell stop order) the market quote always seem to reach the predefined quote. I don’t have proof that they run plug-in programs to reach the predefined order, but all the clues seem to point out to that fact. Because it’s very difficult to believe that, whenever one sets a predefined quote in a pending order , the “market” which is represented by their “platform”, always reaches that predefined qoute that one establishes before hand. And from that point onwards, the market quote could go up and down very drastically. It gives the impression that they make the market quote reach your predefined quote, just to make you lose the trade.

    • #23887 Reply
      Steven Gordon

      By the good teaching program and the good care, I have improved my knowledge and my investment. Of course you’re inclined to make more mistakes at the begging so you need the help of someone more experienced and trustworthy. I think I’ve found it with them.

    • #23888 Reply
      Samuel Campos


    • #26956 Reply
      Jeremy Gills
      Guest is the best broker I have tried so far.
      They are fast and reliable, and my account manager is very friendly and always keeps his promises! The support is very good too.
      They might have a slightly higher spread than other brokers I know, but they have enough costumers so that the slippage is far less than at other brokers I have tried, so all in all they are NOT more expensive than those with a lower spread!

    • #23889 Reply
      E. Testa

      Mi sono sempre trovato bene sia con la loro piattaforma che con i loro collaboratori. Soddisfatto !!!

    • #23890 Reply
      Andy Garner

      When withdrawing funds they remove the bonus funds they gave me when I made the first deposit. When asked, they answer that when you withdraw funds every bonus funds (given to you for other reasons than the deposit made) are removed. Doesn’t seem right to me.

    • #23891 Reply
      Jimmy Colin

      I approached the forex very cautiously, however time by time I started becoming very enthusiastic, also thanks to the keen attention the professional staff of guaranteed me. Highly suggested!!!

    • #26964 Reply
      Q. Dubuque

      I’ve been trading for a few months now with Markets, and so far no problems at all. You have your own account manager who answers all your questions. No problems signing up for an account. I think it is easy! After I complained, my demo account was reopenend. So I think they are customer friendly.

    • #26961 Reply
      Zulauf Odessa

      Dont waste your time with I dont know what kind of bullsh.t it is, but their customer support is terrible. They dont even have good charts, no indicators, price line on their charts is changing and overall bad impression. Did not try live account, but I dont even want to anymore.

    • #26960 Reply
      N. Green

      Opened a live account, but with the minimum deposit. Opening the account was easy, only had to send copy of my passport and proof of address, which I did via mail and was approved the same day. The account manager seems friendly enough and not pushy about me putting money in. (Of course these things can change fast enough once they have your money haha)
      Their leverage is 200:1 I would like to change it to 100:1 don’t know if that is possible though. The advantage is you can trade a lot more then just forex with them.

    • #26959 Reply
      leanne jarvis

      I’m facing problems withdrawing funds from my account.
      When I opened my demo account for testing since I’m new to Forex, the phone operator kept hampering me for making a deposit, even though I just wanted to try the free account. After 4 days, I deposited only 250USD in the account, just to see how it goes. Afterwards, I received an email from them requesting me to verify my ID and residence (due to regulation issues), the email said “The EU regulation guidelines include clients’ document submission as part of the application with” That information was not given (of course) before making the deposit. Fine, I sent them my ID and phone bill, but I could not find any official document which contained my full address, hence I was not able to verify my place of residence and was still not able to do live trading with my deposit. So, I went on to withdraw the deposit of 250USD which I had made, and for my (not so much) surprise, they sent me an email that the withdraw request had been cancelled (without my approval of course) because my documents are not complete, ALTHOUGH that was not a problem when I made the deposit!! I understand there are levels of bureaucracy in every company, but that is just plain stupid and appalling. I hope that helps you reconsider BEFORE depositing anything with those goons. I also hope that my credit card info is not stored in their database…

    • #26958 Reply
      Duncan Hurst

      The representative from called me and convinced me to first deposit 100$ so in return I would receive 75$ as a bonus. As of now, I didn’t receive anything. And again after 3 days they called me and asked to deposit 1500$, so promised that I would receive 1000$ as equity bonus which I can withdraw in the next 2 days. I have deposited the same amount but 1 week passed and there is no deposit amount in my account. I sent several mails to the support and there was no response. After 10 days the representative called me and asked me to do a trade with 1.0 lot for EUR/AUS with sell call. And I asked whether it has anything to do with my deposited amount or bonus amount. He said once the trade is initiated you will receive the bonus amount in 2 days. So I trusted his words and made the trade without putting the stop-loss. I waited for again 5 days for my bonus amount without closing the trade and there was no response. Finally a single trade made me lose around 1350$. And there was no proper response from customer service and as well as no email support.

    • #26957 Reply
      John Clayton

      I have had very little help from my trading specialist and I still don’t know how to trade after two weeks. When I have tried to call my trading specialist AND my account manager, using the main number that I have received calls from, the phone rings twice but then hangs up. I am getting no customer service support at all and considering I have put £300 into my account, I should get better value and I am starting to worry about why I am not getting it!

    • #43959 Reply
      Marco Nucci

      Qualcuno in Italia ha lavorato con questo broker? Vedo che la maggior parte dei commenti sono in inglese o altra lingua. Mi hanno contattato ieri e proposto di investire con loro aprendo un conto minimalista. No so quanto potrebbero essere affidabili ma da quanto traduco gli altri commenti non sono assai positivo.

      • #43960 Reply
        baresi roberto

        Personalmente non ne ho avuto una esperienza piacevole. Il consulente con il quale lavoravo era sgarbato e per questo ho fatto richiesta di chiusura del conto. Hanno messo 1 settimana in chiedere documenti di verificazione e alla fine ho prelevato solo 1000eur da 1800 che avevo nel conto.

        • #43961 Reply
          Marco Nucci

          Ti ringrazio della risposta. Lo terrò in conto.

        • #43962 Reply
          Gianna L.

          Non so con quale consulente lavoravi Roberto ma io sono cliente loro da 8-9 mesi, lavoro con Oliver e sono contenta. Oltre gentile è anche disponibile. Casomai potevi chiedere che ti cambiassero consulente.

          • #43963 Reply
            baresi roberto

            No, non lavoravo con lui. Ma se uno rappresenta la società non vedo perché gli altri devono aver preso altra formazione ed essere diversi. Le politiche devono essere uguali per tutti.

    • #43964 Reply
      Sebastian G_88

      I saw a pubblicity banner of this broker and got interested to learn more. I opened their website but is not very explaining. Has lack of a lot of information. Someone can tell me about their fees and commissions, products they have?

      • #43965 Reply
        Kethy Gordon

        High fees starting on 0.2% and higher spreads that a lot of brokers.

    • #43966 Reply
      sam barlow

      Is the second time that I have a slippage today during my trade. What’s going on? The support centre is unreachable.

      • #43967 Reply

        I had a glitch too today while I was opening my third position. May it be any server problem?

        • #43968 Reply
          sam barlow

          I don’t know. But is irritating.

    • #43969 Reply
      Daniel Pfeiffer

      Relativ gut als Makler. Zertifizierte und garantierte Fonds für Kunden.

      • #49108 Reply
        Devid Moreno

        Utilizzo da 3 mesi ormai. Ho un account micro (100$) e fino ad ora non ho alcuna lamentela da fare.
        Se ho domande o problemi, lo staff di supporto mi risponde velocemente per email. Aggiungerei le loro view di mercato giornaliere e settimanali come un plus. Tuttavia, non mi piace la loro piattaforma web e la piattaforma mobile perché funziona lentamente.

        • #49111 Reply
          Alessandro Martelli

          Ti offrono consulente finanziario?

          • #49113 Reply
            Claudio Ivone

            Salve Claudio,io sono cliente loro da 5 mesi e mi hanno affiancato anche un consulente che mi seguiro,finora sono soddisfatto.

            • #49115 Reply
              Josh Wilkins

              Normal broker Standard conditions for trading, but some exotic bonus offers and trading pairs. Withdrawal system and support works is usual, tested it a month ago. Made a deposit of 100$ and got 200$ profit back. So you can be at ease in your mind about your funds with this broker

    • #49630 Reply
      Marcel Schwab

      Der Handel auf der Plattform von ist wirklich fantastisch. Sie haben es geschafft, eine Plattform zusammenzustellen, die viele Plattformen auf einem Konto enthält. die ich auf meinem Handy verwenden kann. Das, was ich am häufigsten benutze, ist Sirix WebTrader, das über die Social-Trading-Funktion verfügt, mit der ich andere Trader-Trades verbinden und sehen kann. Dies ist sehr hilfreich, um gute und profitable Trades zu machen! Sie sollten sie versuchen

    • #49632 Reply
      Giacomo Marconi

      Dovrebbero avere spread fissi di 3 pip,su eur usd a lotto standard parliamo di 30 $.
      Direi che sì sono abbastanza cari

    • #49634 Reply
      Piettro Valente

      Io sono cliente markets da un po di tempo e non posso poi parlare male, gli spread si, ci sono, ma dal momento in cui non si fa scalping e si opera con i minilotti non pesa poi più di tanto. Invece mi piacerebbe approfondire con zenid la questione relativa al market maker.

    • #49640 Reply
      Lewis Baldwin

      I only signed up for a demo, in the meantime I inquired online and I found almost only negative opinion about it. If they are market makers they see among other things your losses, as well as opening positions against you. I would migrate to other ECN shores
      I understand that they are very good in marketing though :/

    • #49642 Reply
      Attilio Floresta

      Io ho fatto un versamento da 8 giorni e ancora non me lo hanno accreditato sul mio conto. Li ho contattati e mi hanno detto che stanno investigando. Vi aggiorno!

    • #49644 Reply
      Carles Pulido

      Hasta la fecha, han pasado 12 días desde que hice el pago y nadie sabe aún darme una explicación. ¡Mantente alejado!

    • #49656 Reply
      Hayden Wright

      I opened an acoount with and after 3 months the closed my account and take all the money ,when i asked about the reasons of closing the account they told me that my documents is fake and after that they didn’t answer me anymore although i opened accounts with alot of forex company by the same documents and withdraw thousands of dollars without any problems .

    • #49661 Reply
      Will Clapp
      Guest was having serious problems with their computers and trading platforms. I opened 3 positions in the morning. After sometime, when I came to check, I noticed that two of the positions had vanished. I immediately went on a live chat and explained my problem and was told that everything would soon to be taken care of. That day I had five live chats and three phone calls with them. For ten days till the 28th of March, trades that were closed would suddenly reappear on my trading platform with huge losses.

    • #49663 Reply
      Leo Santoro

      Hanno davvero tanti strumenti disponibili, e danno un buon supporto anche per fare i primi passi sulla mt4, usare le prime tecniche

    • #56230 Reply
      Ellis Bates

      Anyone has experience with earning huge amount of money at Markets? Tens or hundreds of thousands of USD.
      Since they are market maker they sure don’t like it.

      Do they start to cheat you big, or the forward your trades to the market and let you earn big money?

    • #56235 Reply

      Ho usato Markets per circa 7 mesi e il loro processo di prelievo è un po ‘lento come altri hanno affermato, tuttavia ultimamente sembrano fare qualcosa di un po’ truffa. Sto cercando di ritirare i miei fondi e il conto con cui avevo originariamente finanziato è ora chiuso

    • #56232 Reply
      Robert Lee

      It’s quite profitable to deal with them – they offer interesting promos and offers, many of which I took part in. Spread is paid in time, high percents, and a really cool website. Technical support is fast to help to solve all issues.

    • #56234 Reply
      Ethan Khan

      Its my third year with Markets. I think they need to improve the trading system and people behind it. The system is very poor in account balance calculations and often limits trading on the basis of wrong calculations. It is frustrating and I loose money due to timing of trading.

    • #56238 Reply
      Matthew Blake

      Awful experience of opening an account. Awful first impression of Markets. You will feel helpless if you choose to be their customer.

    • #56240 Reply

      Sono truffatori di professione…io sono entrato con 250 euro, dopo una settimana hanno cominciato a chiedermi altri soldi per il piano investimenti, al mio rifiuto dopo molte insistenze sono spariti prelevando tutto dal conto, e non c’è più modo di contattarli.

    • #56242 Reply
      Josh French

      I have been trading with Markets long enough and can honestly say that the broker is the absolute one I can rely on. I have never thought Forex can be the market you can make money on. However, my transition from equities to currencies was painless. I have been learning courses and materials from broker. Broker provides free comprehensive educational materials, video lectures on FX, e-books and webinars. Of course, markets are different but my trading style is applicable to any market.

    • #56244 Reply
      Mark Wall

      Markets has very limited features for Options trading and you need 10k open deposit.

    • #56246 Reply
      Luke Dunn

      STAY AWAY FROM THEM, they promise a lot e.g. signals and education, but as soon as you have made a deposit, you are on your own – no contact over email or phone. SCAMMERS.

    • #57816 Reply

      DO NOT use markets – It has many hidden charges, bad customer services. Apart from earning money from you they are not supporting any of your investments. Believe me I am a genuine user and I am very disappointed of the platform and services.

    • #57818 Reply

      I’m a live account, the spreads are really fixed, the execution is not so fast, news trading is possible, the questions is too slow to be answers. I’m finally trying to withdraw my funds. Let’s see how it goes.

    • #57820 Reply

      Their customer service is poor, server is down sometimes, i could not close trades at times, lost money in a few trades because of that called a few times and when did not get response eventually gave up.

    • #58288 Reply

      Tutto ottimo, tranne forse che alcune azioni appena quotate non son disponibili subito.

    • #58640 Reply

      I was surprised by the ease of access and graphic layout of this broker. I was able to see my account information quickly and conveniently.

    • #58726 Reply

      I read so many reviews about unreliable markets brokers and I was really cautious while choosing the broker. I deposited money in markets only after reading about FCA regulation. The verification process was very serious. And they provide negative balance protection. Customer online support is professional, but it’s pity that they don’t work on weekends. Also, they offer good platforms with fast execution, low spreads and fast processing of accounting.

    • #58958 Reply

      Markets deleted my positive copy trades but they did not cancel any trade to the original trader. What a mess. Probably because we are regulated in different jurisdictions?

    • #58962 Reply

      I have been using it for 5 years now, high fees, but it is really easy to use, and powerful at the same time.
      Only part I see they have some issues is related to the crypto market..

    • #59099 Reply
      stefano Zorzi

      Non mancano anomalie, ma in linea di massima mi sembra tra i brokers più onesti.

    • #59432 Reply

      Molto facile da usare per l’investitore intermedio. Interfaccia semplice, facile da usare e apprezza il rilascio regolare di nuove funzionalità.

    • #59434 Reply

      Great app. Very easy to use. Simple UI/UX

    • #59702 Reply

      Durante il lock down COVID19, per provare ad investire una piccola somma in Bitcoin, ho aperto il conto dopo aver letto con calma le condizioni contrattuali. Confesso di essere nuovo a questi argomenti di trading e piattaforme CFD, ma voglio condividere comunque la mia esperienza personale ad uso di altri neofiti.
      La piattaforma è ben strutturata e di facile utilizzo, consente l’utile esercizio di simulazione con il portafoglio virtuale e si possono fare i versamenti con le più diffuse modalità; io ho scelto Paypal.
      Ho caricato 1000€ nel conto e acquistato 1000$ (valuta obbligata per tutti gli investimenti in markets….) di BTC. Giornalmente seguivo le naturali fluttuazioni della criptovaluta e nei primi giorni ho sperimentato anche quanto è facile perdere soldi.
      C’era però qualcosa che non mi convinceva; quando il profitto visualizzato era nettamente positivo, il valore del patrimonio, se visualizzato in Euro era comunque negativo (cioè ero in perdita).
      Dopo due settimane ho voluto studiare la questione e ho scoperto che il tasso di cambio tra dollari ed Euro era molto alto, comportando così una perdita di valore in Euro anche solo versando e prelevando gli stessi fondi e senza investire nulla!

    • #59833 Reply

      Sie sollten feste Spreads von 3 Pips haben. Auf Euro usd pro Standardlos sprechen wir über 30 Dollar. Ich würde sagen, dass sie ja ziemlich teuer sind

    • #60054 Reply

      Ciò che mi sorprende è il fatto che nessuno scrive o si assume la responsabilità della pubblicità che li fanno a un broker definendo affidabile e sicuro per investire i nostri risparmi. Anche se qualcuno ha avuto una pessima esperienza, continuano a dire che un broker autorizzato e certificato da diversi enti. Non fa alcuna differenza se si tratta di un broker autorizzato o di un broker truffa.

    • #60135 Reply

      markets gives a bonus, can any of you clarify how it affects leverage?
      Is it better to calculate the leverage without taking into account the bonus?

    • #60382 Reply

      markets are reporting real negative reviews from this platform. People should be able to express themselves on your services. How many of your customers have you granted their withdrawal requests?

    • #60521 Reply

      My advice is stop placing margin calls on clients account thereby closing their trades In losses even when there’s no threat on the pending trades and also stop withdrawal of funds from clients wallet when they didn’t authorize it cuz that’s what I call stealing.

    • #60770 Reply

      brokerage offers fast orders execution, as I understood that’s because some orders are filled inside the company and the rest that haven’t find pair is delivered to the market

    • #61300 Reply

      grandes diferenciales, pero lo más impresionante fue la rapidez con la que puede transferir fondos entre operaciones de a / c con diferentes monedas base. por ejemplo, usd y euro. además, los amt se convierten a tarifas de plataforma mt4 y se transfieren instantáneamente … muy impresionante

    • #61302 Reply

      Good company ! Good platform, good back up, friendly, serious. You can trade in mini lots, which you can adjust yourself. Recommended for beginners.

    • #61475 Reply

      Overall I enjoy markets and find it a good experience.

    • #61610 Reply

      Non commerciare con queste persone sono una truffa. Ho appena perso 9500 euro. Recentemente ho provato ad accedere al mio conto di trading online con loro e il sito è stato completamente rimosso.

    • #61829 Reply

      Buona pubblicità, ma sfortunatamente nessun supporto o assistenza durante il trading.Ho avuto una migliore esperienza con il mio precedente broker.

    • #61990 Reply

      They have a 7am cutoff for same day withdrawals. This is ridiculous for an Broker with 24/5 trading . You shouldn’t have to wait 24 hours for a withdrawal put through before noon. There is also a lot of slippage on their trading but only on losing trades. Winning trades seem to close with extreme precision on your TP.

    • #62120 Reply

      There basically is no education, and nobody will guide you step by step through software installation processes, bu thanks goodness nowadays this shouldn’t be a problem. Even the good old MT4 is more of a plug-n-play app.
      The broker is regulated and safe to trade with.

    • #64127 Reply

      Der CFD-Handel ist für mich eine neue Erfahrung. Früher habe ich binäre Optionen gehandelt, aber das war eine totale Katastrophe.
      Ich las Handelsforen und sprach mit anderen Händlern. Schließlich wurde ich überzeugt, dass der binäre Handel auf lange Sicht zum Scheitern verurteilt ist. Mein neuer Broker ist also ein CFD-Broker. Geregelte und seriöse.
      Ich denke, der Handel mit Forex und CFD ist etwas schwieriger, da Sie sowohl an Ein- als auch an Ausgänge denken müssen, aber es gibt keinen freien Luch, oder? Bisher gefällt mir die Handelserfahrung hier. Der Handel ist schwierig, aber zumindest weiß ich, dass der Broker die Charts nicht zu seinen Gunsten manipuliert.

    • #67980 Reply

      This brokers offers to choose between no commission-trading and tight spreads. As for me, as a client of this company, I tried both offers. If you have all types of the FxPro available accounts, you can shift between different trading styles.

    • #68105 Reply

      Ho utilizzato per 3 mesi abbondanti questo broker. All’inizio mi sembrava molto valido. Ma nell’ultimo mese si è scombinato completamente. Intanto i grafici si aggiornano quando vogliono (per anche 5 minuti interi i grafici restano immobilizzati), poi APRE POSIZIONI DA SOLO (mi sono trovato aperto posizioni su indici o crypto, perdendoci circa 30$) e l’assistenza è completamente assente (dicono di risponderti in breve tempo, ma ci mettono minimo 2 settimane).

    • #68252 Reply

      No problems for me so far. Note that isn’t really for day-trading. More like investing.

    • #68368 Reply

      Sie haben keinen Kundenservice und haben mich bisher fast 10.000 US-Dollar gekostet. Ich bin seit Mitte Oktober 2020 bei ihnen. Mein Konto ist immer noch gesperrt, weil sie mir immer wieder kleine Geldbeträge in Rechnung stellen, die zurückgegeben werden, und dies als Ausrede verwenden, um mir diesen Geldbetrag in Rechnung zu stellen, um mein Konto freizuschalten

    • #69445 Reply

      No matter what youtubers say, markets is definitely a scam. They refuse to send me my withdrawn money and keep sending me senseless e-mails that do not explain anything. Keep away from them.

    • #69517 Reply

      My telephonic experience with your employee Ivanna was simply excellent. She is very professional, reveals a fantastic knowledge about the company policy and customer care.
      Please make sure everyone is trained to Ivanna’s level! Thank you!
      Best wishes

    • #69640 Reply

      Ho una posizione aperta che ha superato lo stop Loss, provo a chiudere manualmente la posizione ma dice impossibile da chiudere quindi per un problema del sito io sto perdendo soldi. Male male

      Edit: mi ha risposto l assistenza con una cosa che non centra nulla con il mio problema. Io ho una posizione aperta che etoro mi impedisce di chiudere dandomi un errore “impossibile chiudere posizione #849411266” quindi ho 500$ bloccati in questa posizione. E mi hanno risposto spiegandomi la differenza tra buy e sell qua stiamo parlando di soldi non stiamo giocando, vi ho allegato anche la foto dell errore e neanche e’ stata guardata.

      Edit2: dopo più di 2 giorni finalmente la posizione si e’ chiusa.
      In conclusione soldi bloccati per più di 2 giorni, ovviamente ho anche pagato per avere la posizione aperta. Ho prelevato tutto e chiuderò il conto mai trovato così male e mai avuto problemi così gravi in nessun altro sito

    • #72984 Reply

      Ich habe angefangen zu handeln und dann Crypto Trading mit Swissquote entdeckt – ich mag die Gesamterfahrung, aber dann habe ich auch andere Plattformen entdeckt und festgestellt, dass viele andere Plattformen viel günstiger sind, daher benutze ich jetzt eigentlich nicht mehr so ​​viel . 1% für Crypto Trades ist einfach zu viel.

    • #73106 Reply

      Had a bad experience ,wasn’t easy for me until I met this expert company, I will highly recommend this company below

    • #75825 Reply

      I like markets for what it can be and tries to be, having said that I loved the platform for its simplistic nature, ease of use, everything people rave about when they’re mentioning the good.

    • #75900 Reply

      Nel complesso è un buon broker con alcuni piccoli problemi che sono stati rapidamente risolti dall’assistenza clienti.

    • #75975 Reply

      Dieser Broker hat mich nicht enttäuscht. Natürlich habe ich vor meinem Beitritt viel gezweifelt, weil ich zuvor viele negative Erfahrungen mit anderen Brokern gemacht habe

    • #76068 Reply

      I have been trading for some time now with markets and in my opinion they are an excellent broker with very good trading options.

    • #76185 Reply

      Market manipulators, they are against you the whole time

    • #76256 Reply

      No tengo nada malo que decir sobre ellos, pero estaba buscando corredores que pudieran ofrecer algunos detalles adicionales. Por ejemplo, quería retiros más rápidos si fuera posible y la capacidad de comerciar con criptomonedas si quería.

    • #76320 Reply

      Blocking trading of GME due to pressure from hedge funds, auto selling shares. wow do not use. freetrade all the way.

    • #76401 Reply

      They steal peoples money, please dont use site.

    • #76622 Reply
      Guest is suitable for beginner traders like myself and it is very easy to trade with.

    • #76701 Reply

      For this moment without any problems, fast deposits and withdrawals.

    • #76836 Reply

      I cant even count the times markets went offline this year, but yesterday was the last straw… Being offline for 14 hours while the market is super volatile has costed me hundreds of dollars. Im out

    • #77676 Reply

      Do not trust this website!!! Complete scam.
      I have had multiple issues with their website with zero support from the customer service.

    • #78150 Reply
      David Bennett

      Am only dealing with crypto at present. It is good that i get a regular monthly call which did not have previously. Thanks you.

    • #78386 Reply

      A good platform. They have made investing easy for beginners and experienced users alike.
      1 big drawback is the withdrawal process. Long (several days if you are lucky) and lacking in clarity. Otherwise would have given a better review

    • #79897 Reply

      The service I received was very helpful, the agent explained to me everything I needed to know. With no time I made some money and took out my profits. now I’m in the game…

    • #80049 Reply
      Talia F

      They don’t have the best customer service but they were helpful at the end

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