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      I’m sure Oanda is one of the best broker or the best. I have practice on FXGame during at least 2 years and i just started live since 3 months. The service customer is very informative and courteous. Last week, i have been disconnected just after placing an order, and when i have been able to reconnect i was in lost. A little slippage has occur in my order. I place a ticket to the support. The made a precise analysis of my ticket and i have receive a refund the same day. WOW, i am very well with this company. The spreads are the best and the platform is very interesting.

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      This Broker is the best one out there. Low spreads stable Platform and Friendly customer service. you can trade Via MT4 or if your at work on stuck in traffic you can use Fxtrade and the I phone Version.
      I also trade off the Andriod platform when i up late at night in bed. Most traders Complain about spikes their Not from Oanda i’ve seen Spikes from Other Brokers and it not appear On their Charts.
      And if your A Newb setting a 30 pip stop loss trying to predict a Top Or Bottom, You are a foul who will soon depart from your money. My Stoploss are around 50-75 pips and Are always Behind a Support line.

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      mabelle casper

      Good platform, but I have seen a few times that Oanda run for the stops. And the spreads widen sometimes extremely much. Therefore it is not a broker for daytrader.

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      The meta trade crashes ALL the time. it was a pain to open a account took about a month i understand regulations but still. Meta trade will crash in demo in live account. Sending money was easy none of my eas work cause there is just constant crashing i havent traded once cause of the terrible crashing don’t waste ur time. forex is hard enough this company won’t last thats a gurantee

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      La gestione finanziaria non è molto professionale e molto lenta. Live Help non è per niente competente. Probabilmente esternalizzato in India o giù di lì.

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      I have been trading with OANDA for over 2 years, excellent customer service, platform is stable, no problem with order execution on demo and live accounts. Some people have mentioned here that logging to a platform fails sometimes and they experienced disconnection problems. However, I had no problems with it and I think it happens solely because of one’s unstable internet connection.

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      I think that Oanda is one of the best ! If you think that they hunt your stop, you can control that. Open on an other computer a demo account at Oanda or ask a friend to give you the price of that specific moment on his Oanda account. You will see that the price for all Oanda’s clients is the same. Oanda is of course taking the counter position of your trade. At this moment you can see that 68.82% of Oanda’s clients are short. Look here: http://fxtrade.oanda.com/analysis/open-position-ratios You can imagine in what direction 68.82% of the stops will be. But they are for all the same. Do not overestimate yourself. I read an estimation of 5 Bilion $ transactions per day on Oanda. If you trade EURUSD, your position is like peeing in the sea.

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      I’ve used OANDA for about 8 months now and their withdrawal process is a bit slow as other have stated however they seem to be doing something a bit scamish lately. I’m trying to withdrawal my funds and the account I originally funded with is now closed. OANDA is refusing to process the withdrawal until I give them a document that my bank is refusing to release. Now I have to talk to lawyers and such to find out exactly how to get my money back from OANDA.

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      I have had a live FX Trade Account with Oanda for several years. I recently added their MT-4 platform, too. I have never had a problem with a trade and the trades are virtually instantaneous. They are the only FX broker I know of that pays interest on cash balances. They are the best FX broker I know of.

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      typical retail forex provider that trades agains customers positions , practicing price stalling , stop hunting and everything that is in the retail fx text book of scalping and draining customers money, platform service disruption when you actually make correct trades, what else should i include that all of you forex retail traders don’t know already,

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      Oanda , a really great forex broker with tight spread,deposit and withdraw via paypal is very fast

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      so far so good i made small profit and withdraw ed to my credit card .
      the java base platform some times disconnect but it is due to my internet provider as you know keeping your internet service connected all time is hard in any portion of the world so i tried metatrader and it is very good so far .i will keep you update
      my regards

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      Ultimo evento con Oanda FXPlatform: hanno rimosso l’opzione per visualizzare i prezzi in valuta in formato a 4 cifre. Mi chiedevo quale scopo potesse avere quella correzione. Forse ci sono riuscito a 4 cifre e noto un paio di errori che ho già fatto.

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      I traded with Oanda more than 5 years and all this time Oanda is best and most transparent broker… I checked more than 200 brokers for this years and don’t find NO other broker which have SL execution guarantee and 24/7 trading – so now I understand why Oanda have biggest trading volume: every Real trader need SL execution guarantee as MAIN broker property… Your SL is in danger if your broker have not 24/7 trading/execution… Moreover – popular now ECN brokers starts order execution only when price already at this point – this adds even more slippage… Also I like Oanda’s direct swift transfer – no more banks needed!

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      HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Waited over a month just to open a live account…There JAVA web based platform sucks. Its horrible….DO NOT get an account here. Go somewhere else.

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      I have been trading forex for over 12 years, and I have tried over 15 brokers. Oanda still ranks as the best. They do widen the spreads around news events and during low volume time periods: and occasionally, the platform locks up. But comparing their issues with other brokers, they are far above all competitors.

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      Ho già 4 mesi di trading dal vivo con Oanda e li adoro semplicemente! L’esecuzione degli ordini è molto rapida e non ho mai avuto alcuno slittamento anche sulle notizie. Gli spread sono buoni. Non ho ancora ritirato denaro ma penso che non sarà un problema quando verrà il momento.
      Uso la propria piattaforma Fxtrade e mi piace. Puoi anche personalizzare la piattaforma in modo molto semplice e anche gestire il tuo account utilizzando account secondari.
      Broker molto buono e affidabile.

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      Very good company, like the web trader. Good at returning your money very fast, speaks a lot of a broker.

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      Be careful with there are news in the market, they can open the spread as much as they and if you have the stop loss not far from the current price they will run to it. Rest of the time is o.k but for news they are awful, You can see 15 -20 pips spread with the GBP/USD easily

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      Lo que parecía ser un buen corredor salió mal. Los spreads inusualmente altos ahora son cosa de la norma. Incluso durante un gran volumen. El pago de la tasa de interés cambia para algunos pares de intereses más altos (no a favor de los comerciantes, por supuesto). Solía ​​gustarles, ahora mueve cuentas a otros corredores que ahora son claramente mejores. Use el corredor ECN, quítemelo. Mi recomendación es mantenerse alejado de OANDA.

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      Have used Oanda for some weeks and pretty satisfied so far.Have made some profits here.I will give them 4 stars because they do not offer higher leverage to Non US clients.Overall great experience

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      I’ve been trading at Oanda for like a month and I can say that they are o.k. and so far I have no problems. The price quote is stable and there are many servers to login with.

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      This broker is very straight-forward with their liqudiity and pricing stuff and I am very happy with that. BUT their MT4 can be “odd” at times and support is really hit or miss.

      Sometimes you get someone great, other times it’s like calling India or a Cable company!

      Overall, they are way better though then the other “big” boys!
      I recommend trading with Oanda to not be messed with.

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      ow….their spreads are the worse ever. I’m a pure news trader. I do not recommend oanda to any who plans to trade news events. I just did a simple news trade just now with GBPUSD pair…on news release their “ask line” barely moved a bit! All at the same time the market price dived! The spike on the news was about 20 pips…but since the ask line hardly moved down along with the market price, the spread came out to be 13-16 pips! I had a 1 lot size trade size for this one; once my order was executed, the spread was so wide I was already at -$150. since the news only moved about 20 pips…there was no way to make profit off of this trade. Oanda is terrible for news trading. I am scared just thinking about trading Nonfarm payroll for usd with oanda tomorrow…scared of having a 70 pip spread and lose over 50% of my account.

      Their execution times are great…just their spreads are something that I cannot stand as a spike trader. I am closing my oanda account and never returning. Would not recommend for news traders!!!

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      Después de probar varios corredores, elegí a Oanda para el comercio real y me quedé con ellos. Sí, a veces los spreads son una locura debido al lanzamiento de noticias, pero es comprensible. Fiable, rápido y confiable … y, por supuesto, regulado por la NFA. No tengo ningún problema con ellos.

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      Was going to open an account with them (just to see how they compare to other brokers I use) and I could not believe all the personal information they required even for a demo. My employer and other information they required was, guite frankly in my personal opinion, absolutely none of their business. Sorry Oanda.You lost a potential client right off the bat! Never had to asnwer so many questions with ANY other broker I’ve ever had in 19 years!

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      Please do not waste your time with this broker. They use low spreads to lure you in but spreads can go up to a few hundred pips during huge volatility. You will just get stopped out with this kind of broker. total waste of time

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      Oanda tiene una buena ejecución y algunas características agradables, pero su ampliación de propagación que ocurre con tanta frecuencia los lleva de ser un broker potencialmente excelente a estar claramente por debajo del promedio.

      Los diferenciales se amplían no solo con las noticias. Incluso cuando no hay noticias, si incluso el más mínimo indicio de volatilidad aparece en el mercado, los diferenciales se duplican o triplican inmediatamente, y permanecen así durante mucho tiempo. A menudo por unos buenos 20-30 minutos o más. Por supuesto, sus diferenciales en las noticias son evidentemente ridículos, por supuesto, pero de nuevo, ni siquiera estoy hablando de noticias; solo comercio regular.

      En pocas palabras, Oanda sigue siendo una tienda de cubo. Ganan dinero cuando pierdes. Ellos (o cualquier otra persona) pueden tratar de hacer que el hecho sea médico de la forma que elijan, pero eso no cambia nada.

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      Oanda has improved considerably over the past few years. Yes, customer service can be difficult (although it also has improved) and, yes, spreads for news traders are impossible. From my perspective they still appear to be a market maker/dealing desk but I cannot say with certainty.
      As long as you are not a very short term trader Oanda should be fine for you. I’ve had no difficulty with deposits or withdrawals – though you must do both exactly right or it won’t work.

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      I have traded with Oanda many years. They just widened the AUDNZD spread by 32 pips, no news, no reason and stopped me out. I do not like them so much anymore.

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      I have been with them for over 15 years. They are Ok but may not be the best. depending on your trading style you may or may not be happy with them.
      They have changed the rule of the game now. An older open position with equal value to a newer one must be closed before the new one is closed.
      And yes. watch out for those spikes which will stop you out too often, “courtesy of Oanda”.

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      Some most traded pairs are no longer tradable like EUR/CHF. often 5 pips spread which is ridiculous.

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      i have traded with them for the past 2 months…Spreads are high esp friday evenings,,,but… They are ok…paid me out when i requested a withdrawl.

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      tomas kling

      Oanda is not a good broker. They trade against his client. They arent what they are supposed to claim. Dont waste your time here and go find a real ecn professional broker.

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      USD/CAD spread on a normal day with Oanda is below 2% until there’s a news event that increases volume and volitility where they will suddenly increase the spread to 8 or 9%. They’re Market Makers and don’t play fair.

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      I have been trading with oanda for 6 months. Working my tail off to try and make it in the forex market. For a while I was making money. My account increased by 10 percent! Then some weird and unexpected things started to happen. I would place a trade only to see the price action switch and grab my stop loss. This happened so many times I thought there was something wrong with me. But I then took a look at some of the things on youtube about market makers and found that market makers work with brokers. I found that usually brokers and market makers work together on a daily basis, but not for long term trading. So I started trading long term thinking that I wouldn’t get caught by Oandas market maker. I asked to speak to a manager and a supervisor. After a lot of talking the manager admitted that the only way Oanda has a chance of making money is by being a market maker. Totally admitted it! I felt like throwing up. If you want to keep your money than find a broker that is not a market maker. Dig deep and make sure it is true. If you don’t want your stupid money go with Oanda. I will be looking into this further to see if I can get some of this money back.

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      I have been with Oanda for the pass 6 years. They are not perfect. After how they handled CHF disaster Jan 15 2015. I know I am going to be with them for life..
      OANDA demonstrated its ongoing commitment to doing right by its clients. Despite suffering losses and vanishing liquidity in the institutional hedging market, OANDA remained true to its 14-year legacy of transparency, integrity and fairness to our clients.
      OANDA did not re-quote or amend any CHF cross client trades. We even took the further step of forgiving all negative client balances that were caused when clients could not close out their positions fast enough (where permitted by regulations).
      Thanks for having our back when we need it the most.

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      Hello, I have experienced frequent service interruptions trading with Oanda for the past year. Also, I have experienced several price spikes and tripped stop losses. After numerous incidents I decided to look on the BBB web site to see if any complaints have been filed. A couple complaints have been filed.

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      Terrible! i am 8 pips in profit but my balance is still negative! the spreads are insane! no scalping here…..
      one trade went 12 pips in profit and 12 pips the other way to stop me out…. thumbs down!

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      watch out, extremely huge spreed, they push the rate to harvest limit orders and stops when comparing the rates with other providers they made loose 25% of my account in 1 trade
      i dont advice

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      natalie greenholt

      I shorted AudCad and my Stop loss always above the prices by 10-15 pips as I was watching. BTW my SL is above the Resistant of H1. In a sudden my SL was hit and the candles from Meta 4 didn’t show any price that high. I contact Oanda, they showed me a chart from Oanda platform. Oanda is a Market Maker, stay away or you will lose.

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      Los spreads son un poco altos, pero son una interfaz de estilo STP, lo que significa que la comisión está en el spread y el spread fluctúa con el mercado. Esto se espera. Son, como se ha señalado varias veces, un creador de mercado. Esto literalmente significa que cada vez que abre una operación, tienen el lado opuesto de esa operación. Literalmente, están negociando contra usted.

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      Agree with Anthony, Missouri, USA
      In addition to high spreads, I would say that the Oanda charges a injustified high charge for withdrawals. I’ve done one between UK branch and Portugal and Oanda charged me 20€. An excessive value, probably without parallel among brokers in the UK. As a whole, the service looks serious, they offer good tools, news feed from DowJones, ThomsonReuters, and 4Cast. For those who aren’t scalper, no problem.

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      I have been using Oanda live for 6 years now. I have never seen or heard of half the problems most here are talking about. I withdraw funds once a month and I am profitable with them. Unlike most of the other truly messed up brokers out there and i have tried many of them. Only thing i can say to those that complain here is LEARN HOW TO TRADE before blaiming the broker .

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      Es ist überhaupt nicht einfach, Geld von Ihrem Konto abzuheben. Planen Sie ein, viel Zeit mit Versuchen und viel Frust zu verbringen und mehr als einmal nach denselben Informationen gefragt zu werden. Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer anderen Plattform.

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      For me I am reporting them to the authorities as I believe they are employing delaying tactics to hold onto peoples funds. I’m disappointed that even under so called regulation these organisations are allowed to exist.

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      Once a withdrawal request has been made they will sit on it for days, then they will send an email saying they need documents. After you have provided the requested documentation, which is absurd anyway, they will again do nothing. After some days have passed and multiple enquires have been made, again nothing happens! All throughout the process they are telling you everything is fine and that you have nothing to worry about.

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      Ich hatte letzte Nacht das gleiche Problem. Sie verlegten den Spread auf dem Gbp / Nzd auf über 30 Pips, während meine Haupthandelsplattform 4 Pips und mein Backup 10 waren. Was mich dann störte, war 10 Pips Spread und eine Minute später war es wieder up bei 30 Pips wieder. Das kommt mir ziemlich zwielichtig vor.

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      POOR they asked me so many papers to open an account during 2 months and finally they refused to open my account, ridiculous
      after 4 years of training account.
      so I open with fxpro it took 10 minutes….

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      Oanda are probably one of the most expensive brokers out there and also one of the worst. I tend to judge brokers on their conduct when making a withdrawal. Firstly they charge an excessive fee of $20 simply to withdraw your own money and then the delaying tactics begin.

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      Breite Spreads, was gibt es noch zu sagen. Die Dinge begannen für mich vor mehr als 4 Jahren großartig. Vorbei sind die Tage, an denen die Spreads konstant unter 1 Pip lagen. Aber jetzt ist es Zeit für einen Wechsel zu einem besseren Broker.

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      He estado operando con OANDA durante casi 4 años, excluyendo el período de cuenta demo. He pasado por algunos altibajos con esta empresa. Diría que solían tener spreads realmente buenos que van tan bajo como 0.8 pips para EURUSD durante un cierto período, pero ocasionalmente veo 2 pips o más para EURUSD ahora. Pero esta empresa solía ser una de las mejores, pero poco a poco comienza a ser codiciosa con las ganancias.

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      Questa società non mi ha mai dato problemi con qualsiasi prelievo o con il mio stile di trading scalping o con i fornitori di segnali che utilizzo. Li consiglio vivamente e spero che continuino ad accettare clienti statunitensi!

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      I’ve been trading with Oanda for around 5 years and will now move elsewhere, after they stopped me out four times wider where i had my ‘protective’ stop loss set. This has happened way too many times now.
      They deny this and state that the order executed as intended, after ‘investigating’ it. I can allow some slippage, but no more.
      I would definitely NO RECOMMEND Oanda.

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      I have started a thread in the scammers section Oanda won’t return 2000 deposit. Be very careful with this company. I initially chose them based on there rep. But this seems to be taking a turn based on recent reviews here and other sites. Perhaps the change in ownership is the cause. Never liked the idea of a DD but option are limited for US customers.

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      chase bartell

      OMG WORST company EVER. I had plan to open a large account with them contact them 3 times vie chat, form and email for them to call me out, NO CALL. I open a standard account online, I submit all paperwork they want Still NO HELP. Then a guy calls me up, interrupts me more than 10 times, wouldn’t let me talk. Then when I asked him why would I even want to open an account with them with this type of customer service, like a sore loser, he screams WE DONT WANT YOU ANYWAY.
      WOW WOW WOW. I would never ever Do Business with such a company. They don’t have my money yet and that’s how they treat me. How are they gonna treat me when They DO have my money. STAY AWAY.

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      Not bad actually… can scalp… no pb in withdrawing…think that they are one of the best Market Makers. MAS regulated…You might know how MAS carefully choose the brokers.

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      Este corredor siempre procesa mis depósitos y retiros de ganancias muy rápido. Sin problemas. Creo que las personas que se quejan de ellos no entienden la seriedad de FX versus un casino. El personal siempre ha sido bueno conmigo … ¡Solo mis 2 centavos! Gracias Oanda!

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      I was having issues with OANDA scalping a few months ago and their Singapore office was very helpful in resolving this.

      Excellent customer service.
      Execution is good now.

      Very happy.

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      fulvio moretti

      Questo broker è sempre stato buono, ma perché hanno chiuso la corrente dopo averlo acquistato? Va benissimo! Molto triste per questo. Spero che offrano presto il Social Trading. Nessun problema e l’esecuzione di mt4 è veloce, ecc.

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      Ich bin ein Neuling und habe ein Demo-Konto bei Oanda eröffnet. Ich fand die E-Mail-Technik und den Chat-Technik-Service ausgezeichnet. Ihre Demo ist zeitlich unbegrenzt, und man kann Währungspaare in Losen von einer Einheit kaufen und in Schritten von 1 USD handeln. Ihre fxTrade-Plattform kann sofort ausgeführt werden und gilt als viel schneller als die von MT4.

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      They closed out my trade for no apparent reason. I’ve been on hold, waiting for customer service for over 30 minutes. Funny thing is, they’re recorded message says, “Your expected wait time is between 2 and 10 minutes.” Hahaha…jokes on me! This is the 3rd time they closed out my trade. This time, my stop loss was 50 pips away, so that can’t be there excuse for closing it out.

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      darius huel

      oanda is stealing traders money by withdrawing money from your account for being inactive. This is never was in agreement when I signed it. I never was notified of this changes via mail or e-mail. Big fraud company!!! Run away!!

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      lokuneva jacobi

      I have been using oanda but after a year i switched to pepperstone and i never look back. Why? Because if the tight spread, better swap rate, high leverage and hedging at the same platform. My capital gain is at faster rate compared to oanda account.

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      Whilst Oanda’s trading platform (fxTrade) is good, and they offer a good range of markets to trade (esp. in areas that allow CFDs) their spreads are hideous. During news, or periods of lower volatility (which is most of the time), they make extremely wide spreads thus making it almost impossible to trade FX. Recently they have also doubled spreads in many of their CFDs (for no reason) which seems like blatant ripping off of customers. For example, oil has moved from 2pt to 4pts, Nasdaq for 0.5pt to 1.0pt etc. If you run the maths, you’ll likely find that Oanda’s wide spreads stop you being profitable.

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      Stay away from this broker as their customer service sucks. How many customers write review of them, they dont bother to even address a single issue.
      I have problems with the platform freezing every now and then. They said the reason to be my internet. I told them that MT4 of other live brokers are working perfectly, they do not have an answer, but they keep saying that they are looking into the issue seriously. Seriously for the last 2 weeks, still not having an answer. Atleast my time and energy writing emails with no response is the only result.

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      Gianluca Russo

      È grazie ad un mio amico che ho scoperto trading online. Ormai
      è da un po di tempo che sto operando con Oanda e sono molto soddisfatto visto che sto guadagnando.

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      I have been trading with Oanda for years. Generally speaking they have a solid platform, and I really like the selection of exotic currencies they offer. Also, their spreads are usually the best I’ve seen especially during normal market conditions.

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      I would like to warn everyone stay cautions on depositing large amount of fund into your account. My live account was suddenly closed even though I still login regularly with open trades. Also had a slightly bad experiences with the brokers. when you’re new to forex investment this broker will keep calling you unnessecary disrupting your time. Even when you email about some general feedback, the broker would just call you and reply to your email via phone call which I do not get it why do the broker choose not to reply via email.

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      I want to share my nightmare story with Oanda regarding fund withdrawals:
      They refuse to process my withdrawal request, they insist that I can not withdraw to my new bank account that they approved for withdrawals. The old account I used with them is closed, it does not exits, I removed it from Oanda system.
      They insist that I have to withdraw to a non-existent account!
      Unbelievable how obtuse they are when it comes to withdrawals.
      Make no mistake; deposits are lightning fast, no problem if it is from new account or or old or credit card or PayPal, they take it all, quick!
      My advice: avoid.

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      The ONLY reason I have an account with Oanda is because they the only ECN account I can use in the USA without having 10 million to open the account (everything else is Dealerdesk). Other than that, I mean………..they are really a bad company to work with…………..truly. Even withdrawing money turned into a 2-3 week issue for me…….but of course…………..deposits work just fine. You cant even delete payment methods off their website once its added…………even if the payment method is expired and haven’t been used in almost 2 years. And if you want funds sent to a different card other then your expired payment method, then you have a submit a form verifying the payment method, is indeed expired, and that you wish to have the funds transferred directly to the bank using checking and routing number ($20 fee). I wish I was making all this up

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      they do steal your money. It happened to me twice on a positions of $1.00 lot and suddenly became $0.90. Not sure what happened there. I wonder how did that possible happened when i have over $4k in account. Other thing that happened to my account as well. I have position that I been holding for more than 10 days. Each day they do charge swap fee. I do understand that every broker do charge swap fee. While I have that account floating. On the friday before week end My position that I been holding and being charge for swap fee every single day. I know that in the following week EU will finally bull. Then i received an email stating. ” Due to my account fall into NFA” been holding for 3 consecutive days they have to close positions.
      And I know I would of made money and got out of my loosing trade on the opening market day. Sad part is I also made a deposit before market close just in case. But their spread sudden increase before market end then close my position and took my money from account. SMH.. Im not sure if others experience it as well.
      Its not the first time that ever happened to me…..

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      Still waiting for I pending withdrawal of more tan 5,000 usd, and they are trying to make my bank responsable, my bank already sent an email saying the never received the funds, Oanda insist i need a letter from my bank, letter that my bank has made very clear they are not sending, it been almost two months and Im at a dead end, I THINK OANDA IS NOT PAYING.

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      I’ve been trading with Oanda now for 2 years without problems…
      I mostly trade the news, so execution and slippage are keywords for me.

      Their execution and slippage are very low, especially on the “new” v20 accounts, EVEN during news!
      Their spreads could be better, but the most important thing for me is that they are safe to trade with.

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      I would recommend caution using Oanda as broker. I have been with them a little over a year. Over the last two month I have had problems such as connection issues when I try to close trades, and most recently I had a trade go in the opposite direction on a long candel and it resulted in a SL rather than a TP. Very strange and still I have not been able to get an explanation from them though I assume broker intervention. I really wanted to stay with Oanda, but now I am looking for a new broker. I am just glad that I found out before I invested more money into an account with them.

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      Horrible customer service. Basically holding my money hostage. I tried to withdraw my account through a bank transfer but was declined because they said I must first exhaust the withdraw through my debit card. This card no longer exist but they assured me to “try” it anyways and the bank would sort it out. I started with with 20$ to test and while the transaction was completed my bank does not see the transfer and basically told me that this is not possible. When I called Oanda back they are now saying that I need my bank to send them a statement saying the debit card is no longer active. I did, twice, and now they are not responding. I don’t have a very large account so maybe the bigger customers get better service but this has been the worst customer service I’ve seen. Every call to them takes 30min before you get a person who basically tells you to email them (which they don’t respond to)

    • #11253 Reply
      Silvia Leonori

      Ho investito in banca per anni e a dire la verità sono molto deluso dal basso tasso dei profitti. Voglio operare nel mercato azionario, ma ho paura di investire per quanto riguarda il fattore sicurezza visto che negli ultimi anni sono cresciuti così tanto i numeri dei broker che non sono affidabili. Ho pensato di provare per un periodo per vedere come andrà la collaborazione.

    • #11097 Reply
      Pedro Delgado

      Buenos días, quisiera saber si alguien que ya opere con Oanda me puede decir que si se necesita abrir una cuenta bancaria especial para las transacciones de pagos y retiros por transferencia y que me pueden recomendar. Gracias

    • #21554 Reply

      I’ve been using Oanda for a few months now and so far have been very happy with both their platform and customer service. As mentioned by some, sometime during major announcement the spreads will spike to around 10 pips but thus far this has not effected my trading. The other things I like about them is that there is never any requoting like other brokers. Also processing of deposits and withdrawals has been very quick. I’m glad I chose them over other brokers.

    • #21377 Reply
      p. moore

      Just got off the phone with OANDA after being on hold for 30 mins. I moved a stop loss to break even this morn on a eurusd trade. Double checked it twice. I was stopped out at the original stop loss I set when I took the trade. My loss.
      After over mins on hold waiting for help the super nice young man told me evidently there was a qlitch. My loss.

      The loss I can handle. The rep I talked to was awesome. I am done with the mins + plus of hold time every time I call them.

      Next stop is Oanda.com to close the account and move them to another account.

    • #21379 Reply

      Never had an issue with my trades, deposits or withdraws. However their customer service is the absolute worst experienced ever!. It has now been 2 hours, and I am still on hold trying to get into contact with a representative.

    • #19669 Reply

      The first thing I did when I consider working with Oanda are their conditions. Licence for me is not the most important aspect, I need my conditions to stay: low spreads, choice of leverage, I start with 1:500 and fast execution, those are broker relevant apart from the leverage of course which seems problematic for eu brokers now. 1:50 means I need to invest 10 X more to reach the same results. so as long as I have the conditions I need and withdraw my money, I don’t care about the licence.

    • #12672 Reply
      Tomas Flores

      Nice broker company with a solid reputation. My first account was opened in 2015. Oanda was the first retail forex broker that has provided tick data for all currencies. I still trade with them by testing expert advisers on small accounts. Good solution for beginners with small amount of money.

    • #19617 Reply

      As soon as you place a sell market order for example, it stalls and shoots the other direction. Its like your positon acts as resistance. Its manipulated to go against you, besides who wants you to take their money, no one of course so, they’ll do all they can to stop you winning and get you in to margin call or bully you to closing your position.
      The market will make you bleed for all you have. Retail traders will lose, and your emotions will play with you, so you end up doubling up and lose more. I don’t know if the market really does that or it’s oanda that maybe manipulates the market in its platform?

    • #21555 Reply

      I have been using Oanda for 6 months now and have had no issues. Their charts follow others and their spreads are good for a company that lets you deposit and withdraw with paypal. I also like how they have no minimum deposit, unlike most scams. I researched them and they operate legally. The best part is when I withdrew my money, it was processed by the next day.

    • #19684 Reply
      Ge. Bognar

      I’m going to start trading live very soon and I’m basically almost set on choosing OANDA as my broker since they are one of the only brokers I’ve understood. I’ve been trading on a demo account for the past 6 months and have been pretty consistent with profits and as a newbie, I think OANDA is the best choice.

    • #44997 Reply
      alex craig

      They advertise spreads starting from 0.6 pips while now I’m trading in the UK 100 with spread starting from 2.1 pips and never dropped lower. Scammers!

    • #19823 Reply

      Oanda – very easy to use platform, spreads are decent during peak hours but pretty shocking outside of that which is an issue if the price is trading near a stop order and a wide spread causes it to trigger.

    • #11251 Reply
      Maurizio Farri

      Da poco tempo che opero con l’account manager e la maggior parte delle operazioni le ho aperte secondo i consigli di lui. Non so se dovrei continuare ad ascoltare le sue indicazioni o no? Potette darmi un consiglio? Grazie

    • #21391 Reply

      oanda closed my account been a client more than 5 years.they ve send 1 mail i didnt see it they didnt bother to phone me.also there support chat getting worse everyday been able to contact them after 4 days in waiting.stay away

    • #21392 Reply

      They hunt my Stop Loss continuously. Emailed them with pics and still not being fully refunded. After a while I just gave up requesting my money because they did not answer. I fell like my account is sandboxed and they just want to drain me up. I cannot recommend them.

    • #19620 Reply

      There are many features brokers can do to limit trading activity and deal with gambling and trading responsibly. Limit leverage, Limit deposit, self exclusion, self time out period, limit trading frequency, behavior watch list, ban binary trading which is gambling, etc etc…
      But you know what they aren’t doing it because they have not been forced to do it by regulators. So they’ll carry on nicely until the regulator say so. I only hope Oanda can do that in a near future.

    • #19824 Reply

      I’ve traded a live account with Oanda for almost 4 years now. I’ve had no problems whatsoever.
      And as far as I’m aware, they don’t charge for withdrawals when doing so via bank wire, which is how I transfer my funds. High recommendation.

    • #11266 Reply
      Daniele Miccoli

      Per me Oanda è un broker autorizzato e sicuro. Mi sono registrato diversi mesi fa con loro e la cosa che mi ha maggiormente colpito è l’assistenza clienti e la esecuzione dei ordini sulla piattaforma.

    • #19690 Reply

      Great for New Traders. Oanda are great for real low deposit trading for new traders. Don’t demo as demo platforms let you win. I used to trade with a demo account with Oanda and when I switched to a live account, it had a very big difference on the strategies I used to practice.

    • #11424 Reply
      Silvana Trio

      La maggior parte dei miei amici fanno uso di Oanda. Fino adesso sono contenti. Me l’hanno consigliato anche a me visto che sono una persona che non ho molta esperienza. Mi aiuterebbe un bravo consulente finanziario. Spero che tutto vada bene.

    • #19651 Reply

      The account could not, in my experience, ever get into the red because Oanda would start closing trades as soon as account margin dropped below a certain %. This has happened to me, I think from memory that they started closing the oldest trades first, and continued until margin level was again adequate. Obviously, on each individual trade there is also the safety measure of the stop-loss applied by either the firm or the trader.

    • #9949 Reply
      Economy guardian
    • #21390 Reply

      Oanda is a big scam, they go for your stop loss even though it is 10-20 pips apart from the current price your trade will be closed. Already filed a complain with the pictures and proofs.

    • #21389 Reply

      I moved to Oanda from another broker. I think there customer service needs to better because one time I had a platform issue, I could not talk to them. I dont think they are ECN. That would be good. I use their web account for trading Forex, it blocks time intervals at times . Their dashboard for account is good. Their order processing is also fine , and it is easy to use. I am checking some of their deals lately, if I like them and some tech issues get resolved , I may continue with them.

    • #21388 Reply

      If you are an American looking for a FX broker, we all now know that you have extremely few choices.
      OANDA has proved to me that they are the best (of the two) by offering round the clock support and no issues ever with execution or withdrawals.
      Obviously they cannot provide the insane leverage the Cyprus/offshore brokers can, but they offer a professional trading environment for the OTC markets.
      As long as you aren’t doing any “arbitrage” trading I really don’t think you will have a problem here.
      I’ve used EAs, signals, and manual range trading here and never had any issues getting trades to go through immediately or withdrawing my funds.
      Very pleased with OANDA Brokerage!

    • #21387 Reply

      Absolutely terrible. I am unable to get them to send my funds back. I have 3 weeks and hours on the phone with them, DO NOT USE OANADA!! Still today they have no idea where they sent the money. Just a big run around.

    • #21386 Reply

      Oanda is a Scam ,i confirm to all traders that: do not open a trading account with this brocker ,this brocker go for your stop loss .you can’t trade with them ,a huge spreads and commission.
      If you want to trade forex and make money stay away from this brocker.
      If you are really good when you start to make mokey you will see you trading platform MT4 disconnect everytime you are on a trade .

    • #21384 Reply

      I opened an account with OANDA and trade through FXTRADE, this platform is good, I enjoy the charts. However, I noticed that my money has been disappearing slowly and margin calls all the time. This time I lost 12,000 again during a FXTRADE technical issue. I feel that they are manipulating their platforms so you ended up in margin calls and also I noticed that it triggered far away your target. Also, there is not a good technical support, their chats are always saturated. SUCKS

    • #21383 Reply

      I’ve sent few question to frontdesk with several email account but they never reply. I’ve tried online chat few times and told me they will reply by mail but never got reply.No way to open account with such company period.
      Don’t even think about it.

    • #21381 Reply

      unite state has only few broke that trading forex but is getting complicate with this broker oanda customer services is not what i expected after waiting more than one hour to find out about my deposit the agent was not able to help stay way from this broke is dificult to contact them

    • #21380 Reply

      Ho incontrato spesso ritardi sulla piattaforma Oanda con conseguenti gravi perdite nella gamma di 200k. Quando ho iniziato a scambiare lotti più piccoli questo non accade più, ma di conseguenza Oanda ha sospeso il mio account. Ho cambiato broker ed è stato redditizio da allora. Fai trading con cautela se il tuo broker è Oanda.

      Lo spread si allargherà come un matto e dieci volte rispetto all’attuale broker che sto usando. Ho fatto un confronto per due giorni.

    • #21378 Reply

      4 years as an Oanda customer, very happy for the first 3 years. And from then to now only DISAPPOINTED, so terrible broker. I got disconnected to their sever during the high volatile trading hours many many times. There are too many maintenance without notice may cause by sever crashed or their software issues… If you are currently with oanda, should prepare carefully in case of the worst things coming.

    • #21374 Reply

      I signed up with oanda a few months ago even though I had real concerns from reviews I read online. But im from the US so my options are limited. Everything went well at first but then I put a buy order from news scalping. It wasnt even close to my order but triggered and whipsawed the other direction. I quickly got out the trade for a loss. I contacted oanda with screenshots with account numbers and they did nothing. I quickly withdrew my whole account….roughly 10k and took the loss as a lesson learned

    • #44977 Reply
      patrick f.41

      I’m in doubts between trading with oanda or activtrades. I operate in forex, I do scalping. Someone happens to have tried both of them?

      • #44978 Reply
        tom pollard

        I’ve previously traded with activtrades and ally invest and now with oanda since a few months. As for the spreads activtrades is better. They have fixed spreads and lower for the major currencies. Oanda in the other hand has more advanced trading tools. About the profit I think Oanda fits you better.

        • #44980 Reply
          patrick f.41

          what about the order execution? As a scalper I need the system to be lighting-fast

          • #44981 Reply
            tom pollard

            To be honest I don’t open a lot of operations a day, but as far as I’ve worked with them I’ve had no problems with the system

    • #44996 Reply
      S. Dresdner

      Ich habe gesehen, dass sie in Deutschland nicht die gleichen Spreads verwenden wie in anderen Ländern. Sie sind hier höher. Wie ist das möglich?

    • #44999 Reply
      Melinda 33

      A friend told about trading with Oanda and I got interested in their website. Since I’m not an expert but I do have some knowledge of finance and investments I opened a demo account with them. The first day I did that they called me to convince me to open a live account even though I repeatedly told them I wasn’t feeling ready for that. Pain in the a.. for like a week till I dropped it.

    • #45000 Reply
      Sean K.

      I like a lot their trading tools, especially the charts. Very accurate and updated. The indicators and the instruments they use are also very helpful.

    • #45001 Reply
      Sean K.

      Non avrei mai saputo di Oanda se non fosse per un mio amico che vive in Ingilterra, loro non fanno tanta pubblicità. Ma da quando opero con loro (7 mesi compiuti ormai) mi sento benissimo. Ho fatto prelievi 2 volte e tutto andato a buon fine. Le certificazioni e le license sono ben chiare e danno veramente tranquillità in un mondo pieno di broker fasulli. Altamente suggerito da me.

    • #50262 Reply
      William Langdon

      Oanda is good, been with them for 5 years and never had any problems. Still have an account there.

    • #50264 Reply
      Felice Martano

      Oanda da quando esiste si è sempre bloccata, è una delle trappole che usano per guadagnare qualcosina in più.
      Detto questo, Oanda dovrebbe essere utilizzata da chiunque abbia un conto al di sotto dei 10K semplicemente perchè permette di tradare anche con 1cent a pip chi pensa di poter guadagnare con un conto “sottile” con una position size di 1€ (o più) a pip ha già un piede e mezzo nella fossa.

    • #50267 Reply
      Ralph Wagner

      Von OANDA kann ich sagen, dass es eine SPECTACULAR-Plattform für die Benutzerfreundlichkeit hat …aber dann, wenn es nicht funktioniert …
      (und ich arbeite nicht an Daten, ich wollte nur einen Trade Close Order verschieben, den ich bereits eingegeben hatte).
      Und am Ende diskutiere ich nicht einmal darüber, dass es sperrt, aber wenn Sie 15 Minuten lang pflanzen und wenn ich versuche zurückzukehren, nehme ich auch für die Unterseite, dass das Passwort falsch ist (aber falsch, wenn es das ist, an das Sie sich immer erinnert haben und jedes Mal, wenn die Schalen noch sind, lässt du mich rein).

    • #50269 Reply
      Sean Alexander

      Approx. a year ago I took a break from live trading and closed my acct with Oanda. I like Oanda but I still feel the need for an MT4 program, especially for sound alerts. I’ve never had a problem with entry, exit, TP or SL execution. My .02 cts.

    • #50271 Reply
      Ethan Keats

      I left Oanda a few years ago because they didn’t have MT4, but now they do, so I’m considering going back.

    • #50273 Reply
      Norman Confer

      Hi, im planning to open a live account in Oanda, i just want to know if this a ECN type broker, as per my checking on different sites, its better use ECN/STP broker rather than a market maker.

    • #50275 Reply
      John McQueen

      I did a broker spread survey. The lowest spread is at OANDA.
      FXCM is on the high side.

    • #50277 Reply
      Marcus Mussen

      I choose a broker who has a very good reputation in the market and whom I can trust. It can be broker in forex uk or in any country.
      OANDA is part of my choice.

    • #50279 Reply
      Arián Bañuelos

      Intercambio acciones con ellos y puedo chatear con un especialista comercial experimentado en todo momento del día. Consulté mis operaciones y operaciones con ellos y me ayuda mucho. Y no tengo comisiones en absoluto.

    • #50281 Reply
      Jayden Jersey

      Now I’m with Oanda and the spreads are high (see the comments in the Oanda thread). But I have to say that Oanda’s executions are decent so far, probably due to the new engine they have recently implemented. From what I read on forex.com, I stay away, but I’d like to hear the opinions of others. Now I’m trying to try MT5 on AMP futures (only futures broker I know that offers free metatraders).

    • #50283 Reply
      Jake Synan

      I don’t want to advertise badly but just recommend the right broker according to your needs, for a quiet operation like my Oanda it is perfect, for scalping I would not recommend it, but you are now used to a Bulgarian or Cypriot broker with 3 fixed pips of spread it is obvious you will feel like going from a bicycle to a ferrari

    • #50285 Reply
      Emilio Trevisano

      Sto operando da qualche mese con Oanda, mi sembra ottimo. Su eur/usd lo spread e circa 1.4. Ho prelevato e in 3 giorni avevo i soldi sulla carta di credito. Forse x lo scalini non va bene ma per una operatività “soft” non mi pare malaccio.

    • #50288 Reply
      Alma Roy

      Good quality broker with excellent execution of trading orders. The financial adviser is professional as well, explained a lot of information and techniques to me. The customer support are helpful, explain everything slowly, simply, and understandable. The educational materials help me a lot, especially when I started trading with them at the beginning.

    • #56483 Reply

      The broker provides analytics and offers educational center. I trade only binary options on stocks so I don’t need to make a fundamental analysis. But there is a full package of tools with technical analysis, news, research etc. Moreover, I believe my current results mostly based on accurate analytical forecasts by the broker. Try to filter all negative comments and just test all your hypotheses on a demo account first. You’ll see how it works and then move to real one. My advice is also to learn webinars on risk and money management. Very useful! No problems with withdraws and order executions. Detailed statistics available on the desktop platform as well as in web terminal.

    • #56487 Reply
      Richard J. Stowell

      I’ve been a trader with Oanda already for 1 year and half and couldn’t be more happy. Oanda surely had some connection problems in the past but I liked the fact that they corrected that. About the customer service, I don’t know if these people actually got to speak with them but they are very friendly as well as the account managers. Oandasend its customers trading ideas and market news often and always brings up nice promotions as well.

    • #56489 Reply
      Nick H. Dobbs

      They do not take order flow payment for stock trades and that’s very important for me as a trader. These are some things that make the difference between brokers.

    • #56491 Reply
      Isauro Giordano

      Sono truffatori di professione…io sono entrato con 250 euro, dopo una settimana hanno cominciato a chiedermi altri soldi per il piano investimenti, al mio rifiuto dopo molte insistenze sono spariti prelevando tutto dal conto, e non c’è più modo di contattarli.

    • #56493 Reply
      Rodney C. Miller

      I won their contest several times, and withdraw prizes as promised. In my opinion, there are even more ways to deposit and withdraw money than necessary. Frankly, I never heard of some of the payment systems, and I saw them in the list of the broker for the first time.

    • #56495 Reply

      If they operate in EU countries they should diversify their product range too I think

    • #56497 Reply
      Christopher P. Barnett

      They trick you to invest with them with the 0$ online trade commissions and than they charge you at least 10$ per operation, justifing themselves they were night trades or against the market.

    • #57551 Reply

      Luckily, I got a call from my account manager with valuable tips on calculating risks (with a video) which was my biggest problem. I’ll keep you all posted in the coming months.

    • #57872 Reply

      Worst customer support
      and too much stop loss hunting .

    • #57874 Reply

      Personally, i strongly belief in excellent customers’ service and good quality products, as a businessman myself. This is what i have found in oanda.

    • #58319 Reply

      The technology that powers their technologies and the concept itself is highly underrated.

    • #58982 Reply

      Good company. Oanda has a clean user interface/trading platform. Legit, so far as I know.

    • #59129 Reply
      dee rea

      Bad Return on Investment really!!!

      you stand a chance of making a profit by burning your money by the fire place then trading with these guys.

    • #59457 Reply

      Enttäuscht. War früher glücklich mit Oanda. Ich hoffe, sie kehren zu ihren alten Gewohnheiten zurück.

    • #59726 Reply


    • #59855 Reply

      Sono riuscito a guadagnare tradando su oanda e mi hanno sempre consentito di prelevare i miei soldi. Non ho avuto nessun problema, a differenza di altri broker.

    • #59933 Reply

      Los retiros son fáciles y se le reembolsan después de aproximadamente 3 días

    • #60075 Reply

      First they are super available, once you open the account and deposited they disappear and leave you at the mercy of yourself. I do NOT recommend oanda.

    • #60156 Reply

      Ah thanks .. basically about 50 euros on forex .. (also considering the spread and considering the fact that I want to operate with standard lots via leverage, no microlots)

    • #60399 Reply

      Ottimo broker, da 15 mesi che lavoro non ho mai avuto nessun problema.

    • #60544 Reply

      THE worrest broker ever,i withdrow 2 Times money from My trading account,they send back after 3 days to My trading account,they dont alow you to withdrow money,bad broker

    • #60792 Reply
      dom lopez

      OANDA held my money and then claimed it was my fault even though I submitted documentation to them numerous times. They are separate from oanda and refuse to accept ID cards EVEN THOUGH every bank including oanda itself accepts ID. oanda on the other hand, REFUSES to accept ID, birth certificates, passports and social security cards for account verification. Stay away from oanda. I do recommend oanda which is a separate entity.

    • #61131 Reply

      Meine Daten wurden kürzlich von dieser Firma verletzt und alles, was ich zu sagen habe, ist, dass ich 3 bis 4 Mal am Tag von Betrugsfirmen angerufen werde, die versuchen, Geld aus mir herauszuholen. Ich hatte bis vor kurzem kein Problem mit ihnen, als sie meine Demo geschlossen haben Konto Ich tausche konsequent gegen Übung und jetzt existiert es nicht Wochen später.

    • #61343 Reply

      I trade forex more then 7 years , i try many brokers inUAS in Uk
      I find oanda trade from the best , they working for you to gain not as many aother thry looking to your mony to loss.

      Check the last drup for GBP/USD in crashed day was low 1.2030
      And other broker 1.1860

    • #61342 Reply
      Jacobo A.

      Excelente broker ya sea en plataforma o soporte.

    • #61495 Reply

      The trading web platform is user friendly. I will rate it again when I start trading with real money.

    • #61630 Reply

      I was looking for a way to make a passive income, came across oanda. The main trading platform is Forex. Information is easy to understand. I followed the instructions for setting up my account. A pleasant gentleman called me back immediately to explain how everything worked. I feel that I am ready to launch myself into the trading experience.

    • #61851 Reply

      Ho provato a prelevare i miei soldi dalla piattaforma, in breve mi sono accorto che il prelievo non era andato a buon fine e ho bisogno di contattare il loro servizio clienti per fornire maggiori informazioni, cosa che ho fatto, ma nessuno nel loro team di assistenza clienti mi ha risposto. Comincio a preoccuparmi e sto pensando di ritirare tutti i miei fondi.

    • #62018 Reply

      I have had an account for almost 2 years with oanda. All of a sudden I could not get into my account on my laptop. I called customer service 3 times over a 2 day period. I was getting very frustrated. Finally today Raphael helped and I am in. I had to do a scan of the servers. He was the only one to let me know about this scan option. I am now good to go.

    • #62148 Reply

      All the brokers look the same to me. I’ve chosen to work with oanda as my trading teacher recommended them as a reliable broker with an above-average quality of market executions. I know some brokers have got better trading conditions (tighter spreads, etc) but I hesitate to switch to some other broker, as I can’t be sure that they would be as reliable in terms of executions quality (that’s an important argument, IMO).

    • #68015 Reply

      In this business enormous attention is paid to the dynamics of work. As soon as you stop – you immediately stop to see the profit and some opportunities. And that’s why I try to stay informed and try something new to understand what exactly can bring me money at this stage.

    • #68140 Reply

      La leva massima contenuta ( 50:1 ) rispetto a livelli spropositati offerti da alcuni broker è già di per sè una garanzia di serietà dell’azienda.
      Massima trasparenza e una piattaforma molto semplice, ma ultraveloce.
      Unica imperfezione la procedura abbastanza lunga per aprire un conto.

    • #68287 Reply

      I recent try to withdraw money from my etoro account but it says my withdrawal request is put on hold and they will send me an email to guide me through the process. However, no emails have been sent and my enquiries have been ignored. It might not be a lot of money, but the money is for emergency use and I have to go through such tedious process and in the end still unable to get my money back

    • #68394 Reply

      Mein Konto wurde gesperrt, weil ich mit der Kreditkarte meiner Frau, die ein gemeinsames Konto mit mir ist, eine zweite Einzahlung getätigt habe. Sie haben mir mitgeteilt, dass sie mein Konto gesperrt haben und einen Kontoauszug als Nachweis dafür benötigen, dass es sich um eine Kreditkarte mit gemeinsamem Konto handelt. Ich habe den Beweis erbracht, aber es dauert nun 3 Tage, bis sie sich bei mir melden, während ich sehe, dass mein Demo-Konto mir Gewinnzahlen zeigt, die ich gemacht hätte, wenn ich nicht gesperrt worden wäre. Wirklich überhaupt nicht beeindruckt von dem Service und es sollte nicht so lange dauern, um zu beheben

    • #69550 Reply

      Great broker with a variety of instruments. Tightest spreads. Thanks!

    • #69554 Reply

      Professional, friendly and excellent service…

    • #69683 Reply

      Per me questa è un po’ una pecca troppo importante per essere trascurata, credo che la varietà di azioni debba essere una priorità assoluta, perché del resto si può solo parlar bene, depositi e prelievi anche importanti velocissimi assistenza clienti sempre disponibile e gentile, mi Auguro che questa recensione porti delle migliorie in questo senso.

    • #73028 Reply

      Schreckliche Plattform, keine Antwort auf Fragen, schwer zu navigieren, keine festgelegten Prozesse, absolut eine der schlimmsten Plattformen, die ich je benutzt habe. Ich werde gehen.

    • #75843 Reply

      Not bad for beginners, but contacting support can take a while. If you have a larger account go elsewhere. Also, only support FIFO for tax purposes, can’t support LIFO

    • #75916 Reply

      Sono un altro che ha depositato denaro ma sono trascorse quasi 2 settimane e non è stato visualizzato nel mio account. Ho registrato più casi ma ogni volta che ne controllo lo stato vengono visualizzati come “chiusi” o “risolti” ma non ho ancora accesso al mio $.

    • #75996 Reply

      Bleib weg, diese Leute nehmen das Geld, das du eingezahlt hast und verschwinden dann.

    • #76086 Reply

      The support team is really good and helpfull with all problems.

    • #76205 Reply

      Blocked trades on stocks I owned, could not buy or sell throughout the day. This caused significant losses and lost opportunity. Etoro appears to have been part of a broader market manipulation to close peoples trades without their permission, cancel orders without their permission and constantly block both buy and sell orders repeatedly during the day.

    • #76273 Reply

      Cerraron mi operación tan pronto como comenzó a dispararse, dejando todas las operaciones que caían en picado.

      Comportamiento repugnante de una empresa que no es de confianza.

      Evítelo si quiere tener el control de su dinero y operaciones.

    • #76338 Reply

      Disgusting brokers- closed my GME position without my permission. Resulted in a loss. Absolute violation, don’t think you can get away with this. Your service will get shut down and die off slowly.

    • #76421 Reply

      Withdrawn money but still no sign or anything!! Someone need to help all these unanswered queries!

    • #76643 Reply

      They close the market when prices change and open when there either a lot higher or lower completely avoiding the use of stop losses and trail stops if you have a buy or sell order on prior to them closing.
      They charge you money to withdraw funds from them.

    • #76722 Reply

      Have been using oanda for a few years now. But recently they seem to be experiencing a lot of technical issues not allowing me to log in. They also did not pay me £2000 pounds of dividends on time, this took 2 months to sort out. And I do wonder if they would have paid it had I not noticed.

    • #76857 Reply
      maria Antonietta

      Semplice e affidabile. Prelievi e depositi rapidi. Commissioni oneste e a volte più basse della concorrenza. Per ora soddisfatto.

    • #77411 Reply

      Social trading concept if perfect and a very good good trading platform.

    • #77694 Reply

      There were crashes, which for many people were done on purpose so you cannot sell on profit, crash was fixed after the market had a severe crash. No refund for the lack of professionalism. Also they lost my time for a survey, which promised to give me 100$ in stock of choice, months later nothing. Their support is not answering any tickets. For me its an absolute scam and do not trust their advertisements.

    • #78167 Reply
      bailey goodwin

      Very good trading platform with lots of additional features

    • #78406 Reply

      Pretty good platform; Easy to use; UI looks very nice; Has less functionality than other platforms, which for people like me that aren’t professionals and don’t need all those itsy bitsy details and changes, options and other stuff that just add clutter to the experience is a godsend.

    • #79853 Reply

      Their platform is just great! Low spreads and swaps, fast execution. Withdraw happens in a few days. Good and kind support team!

    • #79920 Reply

      I like their web platform. The currency converter is great!

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