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    • #83558 Reply
      Massimo Pasanisi

      Io mi sono trovato benissimo, mi segue il mio account manager ed è una maniera totalmente diversa come lavorano col cliente.

    • #83501 Reply
      Jenny Benson

      This is the best website that I have ever seen. I will definitely recommend this to others.

    • #83477 Reply
      Klaus Kaiser

      Ein sehr guter Broker hatte bis jetzt keine Probleme. Die Kurse sind in Ordnung und meiner Meinung nach ist der Kundenservice kompetent und freundlich.

    • #83480 Reply
      Freddie W.

      I don’t have a lot of free time that’s why I don’t like this service.

    • #83421 Reply
      Simon Parker

      I have tested the broker myself and there are a lot of deficiencies I could list. There are a bunch of brokerage companies out there way more reliable and certified. Check well before trusting your money!

    • #83468 Reply
      Simon B.

      This is an excellent trading platform with no requotes and tight spreads. Removals are conveniently processed whenever requested and it usually takes 3-5 days to process.

    • #83494 Reply
      Franz Otto

      Absolut seriöser Allround-Broker mit sehr gutem Kundensupport. Eindeutige Empfehlung!

    • #83405 Reply

      I had a problem with withdrawal and I don’t how long does it takes to process the withdrawals? I would like to know if someone had any problems with the withdrawal process? Thanks!

    • #83415 Reply
      Joseph K.

      I think that free daily trading signals are extremely helpful.

    • #83502 Reply
      Darren Lesly

      I like this broker for the diversity of assets to trade with. I like to have trading sessions with cryptocurrencies because you always have a chance to make profit.

    • #83509 Reply
      Adela Richter

      Aus meiner Sicht einer der Top Broker in der. Ein umfangreiches Sortiment und meiner Meinung nach auch zu guten Konditionen. Außerdem passt die Plattform.

    • #83559 Reply
      Maurizio Bellafante

      Mi iscrivo per curiosita e per vedere i costi del spread, leva e altre cose. Ho notato che hanno conti diversi dove tu puoi concentrarti.

    • #83600 Reply
      Luca Salvatori

      Con questo broker ho conosciuto uno stile di trading nuovo dove hanno persino condiviso con me i loro indicatori. Le loro condizioni di trading sono competitive e ci lavorano con broker professionisti.

    • #83450 Reply

      So far nothing is working properly. The promoter that is following me is very unkind and unprofessional.

    • #83453 Reply

      Despite other positive sides, I can add that the quality of forecasts is overwhelming, there is much to learn in search of ideas for deals.

    • #83541 Reply
      Sergio Cipolla

      Questa e’ una delle migliori società di trading e di crypto exchange.

    • #83505 Reply
      Alica Letcher

      I’m happy because my trading skills are improving every day and I always can withdraw my earnings without problems.

    • #83556 Reply
      Marna Noahwil

      They are always holding some webinars that can be helpful to keep us updated with the Forex market. I always like their trading dictionary because it suits with my scalping technique.

    • #83417 Reply
      Marta Parcher

      This trading platform is horrible; I wouldn’t recommend it!

    • #83420 Reply
      Alan G.

      I felt good because they made me webinars and courses on trading strategies, which gave me confidence.

    • #83451 Reply

      This broker is amazing you can find high liquidity and reasonable spreads. And furthermore, there are no restrictions placed on scalping strategies and they provide negative balance protection.

    • #83512 Reply
      Dannel Groß

      Ein lahmer Broker, der meine Erwartungen definitiv enttäuscht hat. Ich kann es nicht empfehlen.

    • #83419 Reply
      Manuel G.

      A friend of mine told me about this broker. I opened an account and started trading. I am well pleased with the platform and my account manager till now.

    • #83448 Reply

      I’m very satisfied that finally, I found a legit broker I’m happy with. Everything is amazing.

    • #83418 Reply
      David Laurent

      On the negative side, the account opening process is complicated and I don’t feel comfortable with them.

    • #83471 Reply
      Wilson Kuhn

      Bisher nur Positives zu sagen!! Ich habe die Auszahlung bereits getestet, keine Probleme, Geld war 2-3 Werktage auf meinem Konto.

    • #83496 Reply
      Gerald Brooks

      Personally, as a trader, this is a good alternative but also depends on what you want to trade. I think the spreads on crypto are overrated, I understand that the brokers are not always offering exact market prices but come on there has to be some logic to it.

    • #83506 Reply
      Paul Sherman

      If we are talking about execution everything is fine, as well as trading conditions, but withdrawal is just unsuitable. Besides the withdrawal is long. It takes at least 3 days, more often all week.

    • #83560 Reply
      Andrea Ricci

      Questo broker è una pura truffa.

    • #83449 Reply

      I always trade based on fundamental and technical and analysis. Although I’m an experienced trader I always think that the help of a specialist is useful.

    • #83455 Reply
      andrew costa

      I started trading since the broker provided me a personal manager. The manager suggested starting with an important investment. We opened several deals while the profit was growing.

    • #83578 Reply
      Antonello Giacobello

      Ho iniziato operare qualche mese fa, partendo da un account demo per testare la piattaforma. Non e’ da fidarsi.

    • #83454 Reply

      I don’t think that this broker is an excellent opportunity to earn money. Everything is so slow.

    • #83446 Reply

      You can have an easy profit to withdraw by PayPal card with no fees. Customer service has been great in answering my question when I’ve had difficulty with the platform.

    • #83497 Reply
      ryan patbond

      I have joined recently this year and so far, this has been the best investment I have made. My account manager made a project for me and till now everything is going fine.

    • #83479 Reply
      Valdo Heinrich

      Ich komme gut mit der Plattform zurecht und es gab bisher keine anderen Probleme. Die Spreads auf Indizes sind gut bei 1 Pip und Einlagen werden schnell gebucht.

    • #83478 Reply
      Sarah Dudley

      I can say that is everything good, fast execution, average spreads, sufficient leverage, and excellent customer support. Highly recommended broker.

    • #83500 Reply
      Mandy Rodwell

      A lovely service, regulated broker, and easy withdrawal. I’m so amazed at their service.

    • #83605 Reply
      Enrique Cabrera

      Mi opinión per el momente es positiva, ya que no he tenido ningún problema de ninguna manera.

    • #83561 Reply
      Ramon Vicente

      La plataforma es muy sencìlla, muy clara y con una capacidad de respuesta profesional y extremadamente ágil. A Recomendable 100% para aquellos que desean conocer cómo funciona y adentrarse en el mundo de la operativa bursátil.

    • #83576 Reply
      Giuseppe Maglietta

      Non sonó trasparenti e professionali.

    • #83564 Reply
      Andrea Fragala

      Credo che e’ un ottimo sito niente male come piattaforma. Se abbassano lo spread su palladium e un po su indici sarebbe perfetto.

    • #83540 Reply
      Emmy Holton

      The quality of brokers is overwhelming. The account manager is unprofessional and does not explain a lot of information and techniques to me.

    • #83606 Reply
      Antonio Coppola

      Mi opinión puedo decir que es positiva, ya que no he tenido ningún problema.

    • #83469 Reply

      This is a suitable platform for me, with good execution speeds, spreads are manageable. Withdrawals are good as well, always within the allotted time. A solid, decent broker, everything you may need you’ll find it here.

    • #83603 Reply
      Marco Sbardellati

      Che esperienza è stata? A differenza delle altre aspettative dei giorni nostri, qua tutto è organizzato e se lavora sui progetti esamina, analisi e speculazioni.

    • #83508 Reply
      Dean Cason

      My account manager is very good. I don’t have that much time to learn or to trade, but I do have money to invest and the account manager helps me while I handle my other businesses.

    • #83475 Reply
      Willmar Frey

      Ein wirklich guter CFD Broker! Spreads sind ok, Gebühren auch, Bestellabwicklung ist schnell und unkompliziert.

    • #83470 Reply
      Geron Wolff

      Erstaunlich, wie gut der Broker ist! meine absolute empfehlung.

    • #83579 Reply
      Nicola Marrone

      In precedenza ho avuto cattive esperienze sul trading binario. Ho iniziato cosi per pura curiosità siccome ho visto una pubblicità. Un amico mi ha suggerito questa piattaforma, e mi sembra molto interessante come broker.

    • #83537 Reply
      Anselma Hartmann

      Besonders gut gefällt mir, wie einfach alles aufgebaut ist. Die Hilfestellung half mir auch, einen ersten groben Einblick in die Welt der Trader zu bekommen.

    • #83602 Reply
      Luca Salvatori

      La piattaforma non è semplice da usare e l’assistenza non è soddisfacente.

    • #83536 Reply
      Jordan Benedict

      I have finally found a broker that ensures me Through communicating with my personal manager and the support team, it is easy to operate.

    • #83510 Reply
      Michael S.

      Finally, I found a broker I can absolutely trust. The support team is very helpful, always ready to provide professional support. Thinking of making my first withdrawal in about a week, but I’m sure things will go smoothly like everything else.

    • #83495 Reply
      Katrina Berge

      Ich freue mich sehr. Die Unterstützung ist schnell und freundlich. Auch die Aufstriche sind in Ordnung. In dem Moment, wo es schneller geht, gibt es manchmal Requotes, aber ich denke, das ist bei jedem Broker so. Empfehlenswert!

    • #83503 Reply
      Aaron Oban

      Many educational materials and webinars are not in access. I had a personal financial adviser, but it was so unhelpful.

    • #83542 Reply
      Ellen Smith

      I could not even think that I would ever engage in such activities as trading. It sounds like something unreliable. But in fact, it turned out to be a very real thing. You can definitely add some bitcoins to your wallet.

    • #83598 Reply
      Stefano Grande

      Sono molto felice di aver trovato un ottimo broker! Servizio clienti disponibile per qualsiasi cosa, l’aiuto del account manager e prelievi rapidi!

    • #83577 Reply
      Ettore Fortunaci

      E’ stato molto difficile ho avuto i alti e bassi e non mai capito come funziona.

    • #83557 Reply
      Cristano Lamma

      Per me e’ una delle migliori società di trading che operano non solo su forex ma anche su materie prime, titoli ma anche sulle cripto monete.

    • #83447 Reply

      Do you think that this broker is the best option for cryptocurrencies? I am looking for an alternative that lets me hold cryptos for several weeks and sometimes even months. That means the fees cannot be high. Would you recommend a CFD broker or a cryptocurrency trading platform?

    • #83445 Reply

      This broker is awesome and can trade in different markets like forex, commodities, stocks and especially in cryptocurrencies. Easy withdrawal system.

    • #83476 Reply
      Lou Bredos

      I had some good advice from the account manager. He helped me understand a lot about how the platform works.

    • #83507 Reply
      Kaiser Hein

      Die meisten Werte haben mich überzeugt und ich habe lange danach gesucht. Bin kein Daytrader. Manchmal bleiben meine Positionen für 3 Monate offen. Also brauche ich günstige Tauschbörsen. Der Kundenservice hat sich seit den letzten Bewertungen massiv verbessert. Regelmäßig ruft mich jemand an und ich erreiche sofort jemanden, der mich auf Deutsch anspricht, wenn ich anrufe.

    • #83597 Reply
      Luca Bertoldo

      Ho notato che a differenza dalle altre piattaforme alcune cripto valute hanno lo spread letteralmente un po’ alto e che la maggioranza è scambiata in dollari. Per quando riguarda non mi sembra apposto.

    • #83599 Reply
      Franco Manna

      Ho iniziato far trading dopo avere fatto un corso di webinar dove mi hanno spiegato tutto in modo dettagliato passando poi con l’attivazione del conto reale.

    • #83498 Reply
      Nick Linden

      This broker was introduced to me by a friend. It’s more professional than other brokers. I know, especially in responding to inquiries and supporting. Highly recommend!

    • #83574 Reply
      Rodolfo Micheli

      Questa era una piattaforma sconosciuta per me, per curiosita ho presso contato con i agenti ce mi sono sembrati molto maleducati.

    • #83620 Reply
      Tiziano Benazzo

      Questo era il broker desiderato da sempre. Non ci sono ritardi in prelievi e precisi su ogni cosa!

    • #83545 Reply
      Michele Ferraro

      Mi piace perche sono seguito bene e costantemente anche più volte al giorno in base alle mie esigenze.

    • #83575 Reply
      Roberto Monti

      Non è una società molto seria, e soprattutto nei pagamenti. E non ti danno assistenza telefonica, skype, mail e whatsapp cosa importantissima, soprattutto per chi è alle prime armi.

    • #83543 Reply
      G. di Stefano

      Il sito è ben strutturato, e mi piace il fatto che ha tanti metodi di comunicazione.

    • #83562 Reply
      Domenico Iannizzi

      Molto differente dalle altre esperienze ho prelevato senza problemi. Per il momento non ho nessun dubbio sulla società.

    • #83580 Reply
      Monica Anselmo

      Non sono ne puntuali, ne professionali la peggiore piattaforma per la mia opinione.

    • #83538 Reply
      Jennison Astley

      I have decided to trade with precious metals, and put some short positions in place. I Had no problems with that, 2 days waiting and the money is in my pocket. Overall, I found trading with this broker to be easy and convenient.

    • #83472 Reply
      Eleanor Morton

      This broker is the best and client support is very useful. They are transparent and have good services.

    • #83583 Reply
      Ilenia Amico

      Non sono contenta ho fatto una scelta sbagliata.

    • #83513 Reply
      Davis Merton

      I have been trading with them for 1 year. As trader would not recommend this broker.

    • #83582 Reply
      Edoardo Granini

      Sono dai primi clienti , ed ho avuto un’esperienza buonissima. Ci sono state anche delle giornate che non mi è andata bene ma ho recuperato con l’aiuto dell’account manager.

    • #83544 Reply
      Alfio Mazzola

      Sono dai primi clienti , ed ho avuto un’esperienza buonissima. Ci sono state anche delle giornate che non mi è andata bene ma ho recuperato con l’aiuto dell’account manager.

    • #83607 Reply
      Michele Ottaviani

      Personalmente ne ho abbastanza di questa piattaforma.

    • #83442 Reply

      This is a great broker! Very trustable and easy! The platform is stable and withdrawals are reasonably quick. I recommend trying this broker.

    • #83504 Reply
      Ubert Herzog

      Guter Broker mit einem riesigen Handelsangebot und großartigem Service. Die Trading-Plattform ist intuitiv und umfangreich. Bearbeitungszeiten für Einzahlungen/Auszahlungen sind gut.

    • #83539 Reply
      Meghan Blessed

      This experience has been good from the very beginning. Highly professional and always there for me. I find the spreads very reasonable compared to my last broker.

    • #83584 Reply
      Augusto Amato

      Da quello che ho letto mi sono incuriosito ad attivare un nuovo conto su questa piattaforma.

    • #83581 Reply
      Domenico Piscitelli

      L’esperienza trading con questa società l’ottengo negativa Non mi hanno fatto capire come funziona il trend e la logica del mercato.

    • #83473 Reply
      Andy Lester

      – I’ve been trading for 1 year and I didn’t have any problem depositing and withdrawing money. Especially when I use a debit card as a withdrawal method.

    • #83499 Reply
      Stephan Seidel

      Anfangs skeptisch, Nonne begeistert. Natürlich sind die Gebühren hier recht hoch, aber die Anzeige und Auszahlung sind wunderbar, es macht einfach extrem viel Spaß hier zu traden!

    • #83601 Reply
      Alberto Previati

      La piattaforma non è molto semplice da usare e l’assistenza non è soddisfacente. Sono un paio di settimane che opero con loro e non ho prelevato già alcune volte.

    • #83514 Reply
      Chris Thomas

      New to Forex you are obligated to know such tools as trading signals and stop-loss function? The account manager is very helpful and can answer and explain you everything about trading, indicators, strategies etc.

    • #83563 Reply
      Alessandro Maggi

      Mi sembra un sito molto interessante e con una vasta gamma di asset.

    • #83401 Reply
      Economy guardian
    • #83452 Reply

      I have been working in this company for a long time, and so far I’m absolutely satisfied with all the conditions of earnings. The platform is convenient, and money is always withdrawn on time.

    • #83474 Reply
      Dave H

      I’m very satisfied! Soon I plan to start trading with a larger amount to enter a project with stocks.

    • #83622 Reply
      Luca Batistella

      Grazie ragazzi per questo forum mi hanno aiutato molto i vostri commenti. Sono contento di aver fatto questa scelta.

    • #83621 Reply
      Massimo Costantini

      Con la chiusura dell’anno il mercato è un po rischioso, consiglierei di non operare sulle valute non sono stabili andate sui titoli americani e su materie prime.

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