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      Economy guardian
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      Don’t work with that scamm company. They are after your money only. I’ve lost £20.000 thanks to George K. As he keeps pushing me to open position that I shouldn’t. He was convincing, come on Raf we will me make sure you will earn £5.000 a month….as unexperienced traded shouldn’t aggre to leverage 1:400. When I was in loss £10.000 he told me to stay with it as this is only temporary… In Wolf of Wall Street there was company Stratton Oaklands…they are Stratton Markets… to me they work the same way… only to sell you something so they can take your money….scammers

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      Absolutely terrible service.
      Don’t be tricked into signing up.
      Very quick to extract your investment and promise exciting investment opportunities and a trading platform, only to deliver a very lacklustre experience.
      Part of a wave of new Cypriot pop up financial servce providers clearly benefiting from the Brexit exodus but failing to live up to the FCA standards.

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      I chose it and didn’t regret so far. As I see all traders have different criteria to review a broker. I can only tell that I had my expectations of a nice broker met with Stratton

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      I can’t say nothing about trading with this brokerage, as I’m not professional trading yet, my trading results are moderate now, but I’m just learning, that’s okey. I was looking for a brokerage with educational opportunities and stratton is exactly that one to satisfy me. Look, this brokerage provides short tips about trading with explanations of basic points. There’s no in-depth education, so its inconvenient a little bit, but brokerage support would answer you asap and even help you with your trading and explain some points. Just don’t overdo them =)

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      I was always looking for a company that met all or at least most of the rules of today’s market.
      And in fact, it turned out to be not easy at all, because almost all brokers at least leave something out or specialize in some narrow direction.
      I wanted freedom and security. I found that here and I was actually surprised about it.

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      Sono 4 giorni che provo a contattare l’assistenza per verificare il mio account ma ancora non ho ricevuto una risposta vorrei essere contattato al più presto.

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      Crashing often, sometimes when US market opens and you cannot access the account meaning you cannot close or open positions, losing money.
      UI is ok, customer support not good.

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      I just got into stratton last week and was excited to start trading. I deposited money a couple times which went smoothly until I deposited money last Friday. The deposit immediately seemed fishy as I never got a confirmation email but as the app told me I had to wait three days and the money was no longer in my bank, I decided to wait. Flash forward to wednesday and i am still waiting. I couldnt submit a ticket as stratton never gave me a reference ID for the deposit and the customer service on twitter is taking years to respond.

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      They will sell out their users (us) for the big players, closing buying for GME and others. Trash

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      Very good broker, at the momment any problems. Deposit and withdraw fast. Support responds in 24 hours.

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      Had problems with verification. Sent in a support ticket just to get 3 exactly the same robot messages in a row on the same ticket. After every message they closed my ticket and I had to message to reopen it, since the robot message didn’t solve anything.

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      Love the easiness, the broad range of stocks and crypto’s at my fingertip. Funny sometimes strange community chat. But overall brilliant service.

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      I hope stratton keep growing in the future ,so far is the best I find For trade platform ,better than many others trade platform .I will introduce to my friends and my siblings too .

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      Ich hatte mehr als genug auf meinem Konto ohne offene Trades und sie platzierten gefälschte Trades, um mein Konto auf Null zu setzen und mein Geld zu stehlen. Die Auszahlung, die ich zuvor eingereicht hatte (und von der ich eine E-Mail erhalten hatte), verschwand sogar einfach von meinem Dashboard.

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      jonathan W

      stratton is an efficient platform with user-friendly UI. It is easy to use and easy to win. Besides, stratton will become better if it can offer a lower transaction fee for the active user.

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      Really not great – they won’t let you sell most things, even when it’s doing not great

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      My 1st experience with this site was not great. It took me almost 2 weeks to get my deposit cleared for me to start trading. I had to show them proof of my deposit from my Bank account and this took several mails to them as well as posting a review on this site. I was guaranteed through a mail that they had sorted out the issue and I would not have to go through this ordeal again.

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      The support was very quick to respond

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      Ich habe zwei Stunden lang versucht, den Support zu kontaktieren, um mein Konto zu verifizieren, aber noch keine Antwort erhalten. Ich werde Sie wissen lassen, wenn sie antworten

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