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TradeStation offers state-of-the-art trading technology and online electronic brokerage services to active individual and institutional traders in the U.S. and worldwide. The company’s innovative trading and analysis platform provides one-click access to all major U.S. exchanges and market centers, while its expansive product offering enables clients to design, test, optimize, monitor and automate their own custom equities, options and futures trading strategies.

TradeStation’s fully customizable market monitoring, charting and analysis tools help clients to identify and act instantly on trading opportunities. The first-of-its-kind TradeStation TradingApp® Store offers hundreds of custom TradeStation-compatible software products – indicators, strategies and other apps – that further amplify the power of the TradeStation platform. With TradeStation mobile and web trading, clients on the go can access core features of the platform from their iOS or Android device, synchronized to their online accounts in real time.

TradeStation provides personalized support from highly trained, fully licensed brokerage professionals, as well as a vast array of educational offerings designed to help clients improve their trading skills. The company’s 14 different account types are designed meet every trading and investment objective, while its simplified low-cost commission pricing plans can be tailored to fit any trading style and budget.

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      George Bi

      Does anyone here trade with tradestation? I can get free trades but I’m also looking for something that has good customer service and software reliability.

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      I have used tradestation for the last 8 months, and have been subjected to some BAD data feed for forex. Gain runs a dealing desk against the clients, and tradestation also likely partners with them against your trades. You will RARELY see green on your order bar

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      Signed up for tradestation analytics could not download the software and they have taken multiple payments from my account. Now refusing to answer emails regarding a refund.

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      Has anyone had any experience with the customer service and tastyworks? What about their software going down and getting stuck in trades?

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      I couldn’t imagine a worse experience with Customer Service. They talk down to all of their customers.
      They treat this place like a Casino.
      Please first try any other Broker.

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      Tradestaion have taken another payment from my bank despite a non exsistant service and confirming the subscription was cancelled. Avoid like the plague #tradestation #scam

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      If you’re a small trader with a small account, Tradestation is the way to go.

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      I have been trading with Tradestation before they traded Forex, once they went to Forex I moved an account over and opened a Forex account. there used to be a commission when they used gain capital to fill trades, but now there is no omissions, there charts are great and I am profitable month after month not only do I trade my personal account but I also manage accounts for others and use Tradestation to do so. Customer support has always been great.

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      They would not let me demo (practice) their demo acct. When I went live I made a mistake and couldn’t get out of the trade. When I called the trading desk they said I was too inexperienced to trade with them so they closed my account. These folks are just rude. Why would I want to do business with them

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      I use TS for my online commodity trading and I believe it to be great. I have not traded forex with them nor anyone else as I am new to it. However, with their 8.3 version I will start trading. If it is as good as their present platform it too should be great.

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      You get Margin Privileges at only $2K Minimum in your account. There’s no minimum amount you have to deposit into your account in the first place. And you can sell options and take advantage of pretty much every strategy out there when you have more than $2K in the account.

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      Charts are good, demo platform is adequate, however frequently crashes, live platform is BAD. Execution even at times of extremely high liquidity on major FOREX pairs is terrible. Slippage is high, spreads are excessive. High risk, poor return. Why would you go with these guys? For pretty charts……

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      Though I’ve had $6K-10K at a time in TS they still haven’t approved me for level 3 options, and I still don’t have Margin privileges. Basically, all I can do is buy calls and puts. And Straddles and Strangles.

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      I’m a newbie at trading and a friend of mine suggested that i start practice on Demo account. He also said that demo is the only platform to test my strategies, check my skills and test any kind of indicators without even losing my money. He suggested using demo with different brokers and reading some reliable forex forums will help me better understand the market and build my own opinion regarding this business on the whole. So does anyone know if TradeStation offers Demo?

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      No Selling options, no vertical call spreads (which happen to be one of my favorites) no Iron Condors, No Butterflies etc.

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      I was traded stocks using this platform for 2.5 years. Orders execution very fast, no latency or delay, a lot of possibilities: indicators, strategies, news. I’m very happy with Tradestation and last month I was opened second account to trade futures. Highly recommend!!

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      Tastyworks is the best for getting the most bang for your buck. Not sure about Tradestation though.

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      i hate tradestation. their rules are pedantic. their service lousy. they force me to phone at some bizarre time of day by refusing to answer anything by email, and then i wait for 20 minutes paying to call the USA from australia and eventually hang up in disgust. If they ever process my funds withdrawal i will gladly give them the middle digit and wipe my hands of the bastards. oh, and they froze my account because i complained about them exercising a short option they told me they would close just before market close on the expiry date. Then they valued it at the strikes not the real prices. run away as fast as you can!

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      I would like to warn everyone stay cautions on depositing large amount of fund into your account. My live account was suddenly closed even though I still login regularly with open trades. Also had a slightly bad experiences with the brokers. when you’re new to forex investment this broker will keep calling you unnessecary disrupting your time. Even when you email about some general feedback, the broker would just call you and reply to your email via phone call which I do not get it why do the broker choose not to reply via email.

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      I get commission free trades at tradestation, with my small account. I was just interested in how reliable the software was and how customer service was with both tasty and tradestation

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      At first I really liked the TS experience, they had everything. Once I started trading live with real money everything went to hell. Stop hunting, manipulation, ghost orders that get change without you knowing it and a new word I learn recently trading the EURUSD requoting.

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      Options are only $1.00 to open and free to close apparently.

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      I have traded FX with them during the Gain Capital years (less than satisfactory) and now for the last few months using their platform. I couldn’t ask for a better platform. I have several accounts with them (IRA, equities, futures, FX) and can watch and trade on all of them. You can place trades between the bid and ask and you are charged a commission instead of the pip spread (about 5 bucks for USD/JPY). They do not deal in mini contracts on their platform. I do not have any complaints with them and find they have been excellent to deal with. Also, no lag in the market during volatility.

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      I have had a situation where I was contacted by Tradestation sales team when I checked out their demo version. When I said I was not interested in opening the account with them for certain reasons, the sales person was actually abusive. Never opening a live account with them.

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      I use TW in unison with Thinkorswim software since its free and very versatile in regards to charts, past movement etc.

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      I have been using TradeStation trading platform for the last 5 years for equities and have found the application solid, good performing, and easily programmable for indicators and strategies. The company is publicly traded and has been excellent to deal with.
      They previously used to set up FX accounts for trading through Gain Capital (they still may) but with release 8.3 they began allowing trading direct with their platform. They do not have a dealing desk and your orders go straight to market.

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      Not sure about the customer service, but I doubt that would matter much in the long run.

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      I’m considering using this broker for FX, but wanted to point out that Gain Capital is still the counterparty to all trades. This disclaimer is at the bottom of the “What’s new in TradeStation 8.3” page:
      “GAIN Capital Group, Inc. acts as the counterparty for each forex transaction and as a liquidity provider to clients using its access to the inter-bank market. In doing so, GAIN Capital Group, Inc. assumes the risk associated with each transaction. A portion of GAIN Capital Group, Inc.’s profitability may be the difference between the bid and the offer provided to the client, as well as GAIN Capital Group, Inc.’s ability to offset any risk transferred to GAIN Capital Group, Inc. by clients.”

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      I love their charts and platform. However I have had problems with their trade fills, ghosts orders and execution on several instances. I started taking screenshots of all of my orders because of this and found it was an issue on their side not mine. The trade desk was anything but helpful. They basically had a “don’t care” attitude.

      I’ve filed complaints with the NFS but nothing is ever resolved. It is best to just keep your money elsewhere.

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      As stated in other reviews, TradeStation is a great platform for developing and backtesting your systems. However, they exhibit a glaring deficiency when it comes to undertaking walk-forward forex testing. Their simulated forex account facility still does not work properly. Demo account balances are zeroed out at 5pm each night, making it impossible to feel comfortable enough with their brokerage services through Gain to graduate your system to a live account with them.

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      Right now I’m looking for a reliable broker with whom I could trade cryptocurrencies alongside regular assets. My main priority, reliability, normal trading conditions and a good variety of assets. Using these parameters I’ve found several companies, among them tradestation. Reviews about them are not bad. Do they have crypto instruments? Or only traditional trading? Anyway, I’m be glad to get any replies about this company.

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      i just started using TS it is extreemly flexible and execution is
      great, Also has excellent technical tools built in. Order placement is so flexible takes a while to get used to all options

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      I use them for index futures and am pleased with the platform, service has never been great, but I rarely need any, looking for a Forex broker because I refuse to trade through Gain.

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      have sent them 3 enquiries, 2 via email and 1 via web site form. last one done 2 weeks ago. until now i have not got any reply.
      cannot imagine opening an account with brokers who do not bother to answer to you

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      Terrible, frustrating experience with Tradestation. I opened a demo account, deposited 5K to avoid monthly charges.
      When I tried to close the account, I was given the run-a-round for several weeks, told I must fill out more funds and wait several more weeks.
      I would avoid this service at all costs.

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      isac ohara

      I attempted to short USDJPY but the order was never filled according to the information I had available. There was no open position and no open P/L. Later the same day, around mid-day and later in the evening, I was in Tradestation and still no indication of any open position. My position was flat. The following morning, out of nowhere, an open short position now shows up for TWICE THE QUANTITY. At the time, I didn’t understand where this came from and called the forex trading desk. I was told to close the position and, of course, my account balance dropped by more than $1,000.

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      I’ve been with TS almost since their beginning and while they have had growing pains, they are one of the top US Forex STP/ECN Brokers. Their platform is excellent and well supported. I did have an order execution problem several years ago and it was resolved when they added $9,000.00 USD back to my account. I tried MT4 for awhile but returned to TS.

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      WARNING: I think they may be running stops in Forex. I’ve had way too many coincidences lately. I seem to do a lot better when I have mental stops and not published stops. Just sayin ….
      I’ve been using the TradeStation platform for years. I originally day traded stocks and lost about 10,000 so I stopped live trading. After more than a year of never getting a trade strategy that worked on short ticks I gave that up.

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      I have recently opened an account with tradestation and although the charting software is taking me a little time to get to grips with its potential looks awesome. I almost cancelled my account because it appeared that i wasn’t able to trade mini contracts. However when i put this to tradestation they said that i could trade minis and to give them 24-48 hrs to set it up for me. It seems that unless you state that you want mini contracts from the beginning the charts are defaulted to full size contracts only. The spreads are also very competitive and means that i can trade of the smaller timeframes without pip spreads taking to much of a chunk out of my profits.

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      the execution is fast, and i’ve never had an issue with slippage. Stop running…well…i guess that happens with any broker, and may be a real part of the data feed. I keep mental stops, so i don’t sweat that, and i generally keep ’em wide anyhow.

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      Gavin Gardner

      It’s a right moment to notice that broker is regulated. Spreads are competitive with other brokers in the industry, which is very well. No re-quotes and other highly popular stuff related to brokers on forex forums. It’s obvious that the company makes money when we trade, so it’s not in broker’s interest to encourage traders to trade more frequently. Of my best recommendations!

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      Como nuevo usuario, la configuración me ha resultado frustrante. He pasado más de 4,5 horas para intentar configurar mis pantallas. Tienen una configuración complicada en la que tienes que configurar muchas pantallas si también tienes opciones comerciales. He descubierto que no puedo confiar en la documentación ya que muchas de las partes que probé no siguen las pantallas reales. En el lado positivo, he encontrado que el servicio telefónico es muy cortés. Sin embargo, muchos deben llamar a varias áreas dependiendo de lo que quieran hacer.

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      Tanner Grant

      A good, reliable broker that I hadn’t had a single problem with so far! I had some issues with my previous brokers, mostly to do with withdrawing funds, but with TradeStation, it is going fast and smooth.

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      Years ago customer service wait times were lengthy but over the last year they have addressed this and there are virtually no hold times at all. The trade desk can be a little curt at times but the need to call them is rare.

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      I’ve traded futures and options with them for 6 months with no problems. Getting my money from Gain Capital takes a few days, never the same day…slight bother…but i DO get it

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      Incredible analysis tools, really. The easy language possibilities are pretty shocking, coming from trading stocks with Schwab and their mediocre platform… strategy testing, even indicator design are possible with tradestation, and overall the TS platform is a wonderful thing.

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      unfortunately I have encountered additional problems using Trade Station Web platform. I was unable to submit a double diagonal SPX spread order. It was also confirmed that the web portal does not allow closing of spread orders as one order. To close a spread order thru the web you will have to submit each side of the spread separately. These type of orders are standard orders and should be part of any online trading system.

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      clare hirthe

      Here lately the yen pairs have been gapped, delayed, or unavailable… The data problem has been going on for over a month….

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      Frank Cox

      Using trade station has been a horrible experience. Their platform is slow, glitchy and crashes constantly. It seems to have a mind of it’s own constantly moving around lines and drawings you have put on your chart. It is slow, gives terrible order execution and crashes constantly. It is a great feeling to have your platform completely freeze anytime there is a spike in order activity. Do yourself a favor and take your business somewhere else.

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      Gabrielle Cole

      No problems at all. Seems like TradeStation has the most effective tools to leverage your skills in market analysis. This is complete FX broker to develope tools and experience will lead to pretty good results in the foreign exchange market. Despite the fact that there is a lot of good features, however, I would want the company to do an update on market analysis on regular basis before I would recommend it to others.

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      Sono dei scazzac… inauditi, gli ho bloccato come minimo 12 numeri di telefono, assolutamente da evitare, truffatori di 1 livello

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      I’m trying to find the best brokerage firm to go to. I’m interested in day trading US OTC stocks with a small account. I’m a UK resident, but I’m not a citizen here. Can I do that with tradestation without any problems?

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      The absolute worst! My experience was a few years ago. It took me longer to get my money back than I used them. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I used the ‘free’ month- which became only free if you placed enough trades (never mind no demo to actually learn the platform). Requested a refund for the balance in my account. Said balance changed after I submitted my request making the numbers not match- no contacting me, just no action because they did not match (close and forward balance was not an option). Called them- will send it right away. Waited. Called-even the person could see how screwed up they had been…. ‘Will close, and send overnight-no fee.’ No check either. Eventually got my check- REGULAR mail with overnight fees deducted! OMG. A few weeks later I got the overnight fees. I may be leaving IBFX because of recent new association.

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      I decided to move most of my futures cash onto the equity side, the website seemed to allow it but logging in the next day I saw noting moved, in fact half of the equity money was in the futures acct. What?!?
      A good trading platform is one thing, but you can’t separate it from how a customers money is managed. They told me they’d send me my cash via postal service rather than allow me to transfer it to the equity side and electronically move it to another broker. That’s 1980’s style money mgmt and just pisspoor.

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      Tradestation over charged me and then refused to reverse the charges. Further, they refused to send me receipts when requested or confirmation emails. So, they can pretty much do whatever they want once they have your money.

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      Tradestation clers forex through Gain but I have yet to experience a problem with that. Every broker clears through someone else. The spreads are competitive and the executions are instant.

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      stops filled without price actually touching (4 pips off), attempts to cancel orders rejected… not happy with it lately.. they were missing USDJPY data for 6months.

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      Sabrina Reynolds

      I have consulted with them regarding the incident that caused regulatory actions against falcon but no serious limitations at all. Anyway, I do review my logs carefully each time I have doubts that orders were handled not properly. In some cases, I have found mismatches of execution and thoroughly checked the trading logs. I have consulted with the support team from back office and they have agreed with my findings. They’ve made adjustments according an issue, which was due to connection lost. I absolutely agree they are not responsible for any disconnections resulting of poor internet connection. I have also communicated with the broker throughout partnership program and they offer really good earnings and compensation opportunities for their clients.

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      You can still trade CFDs on lots of stocks with them so you can trade with a small account. Not sure how their commissions compare so there could be better options but I know their platform and it works well.

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      What in hell has Tradestation been doing all these years? Tradestation is inadequate for Forex trading: (1) NO PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS to test multiple strategies and securities into one concise report (2) NO EFFECTIVE SCROLLING or scanning capability to quickly run through currency pair charts (3) TOO AGGRESSIVE size for new traders, Interbank has penny trades for a lot of practice in this impossible market. (4) FEES, FEES, FEES (5) Gain Capital is so far your worst rating nightmare.

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      Getting set up took longer than needed and they aren’t very helpful to a new person trying to understand the nuances of their platform. It’s not a bad trading platform once you understand it though.
      My issues are with the poor job they do allowing someone to manage the funds in the acct. You can’t set up beneficiaries online and have to use snail mail to do that. After sending in the requested forms for both a Futures and Equity account, I received a confirmation letter recognizing the change to the Equity account but nothing about the Futures. I found out later they don’t allow it for a Futures account, but they never let me know that. They just let it die with no response at all. That’s poor.

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      Very terrible, huge spread. It was 41 pips spread on AUDJPY during a news announcement. FXCM and Dukascopy only had about 5 pips spread at exactly the same time. Tradestation should go to hell.

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      TradeStation is the total package. I have used their platfrom for over 5 years now and trade stocks, options, and forex. Now that they have integrated forex I can trade and track all instruments right from the platfrom. TradeStation is programmable and can be of great assistance in helping watch the market.

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      Using trade station has been a horrible experience. Their platform is slow, glitchy and crashes constantly. It seems to have a mind of it’s own constantly moving around lines and drawings you have put on your chart. It is slow, gives terrible order execution and crashes constantly. It is a great feeling to have your platform completely freeze anytime there is a spike in order activity. Do yourself a favor and take your business somewhere else.

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      Having a horrible experience with Tradestation. Their strategy conveniently stopped working when I was away from my PC. Missing 2 key profitable trades, and keeping me in a huge losing one that should have been exited. When I asked about this, they gave me lecture on not leaving my computer unattended and the risks of trading Forex. There was no disruption on my end, no power failure…nothing…strategy just stopped. I sent screenshots, logs and everything to customer support, a week later nothing.

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      TradeStation trades forex through GAIN Capital, which as stated below, takes the other side of the trade. Slippage can be over 70 pips and averages over 20 pips per trade per side. If you have an effective automatic trading strategy written in TS’ EasyLanguage, you’d do best to find someone else to trade it through.

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      Tiffany Berry

      Beginner here! Thanks to TradeStaton, I was able to considerably widen my knowledge about forex. I can now understand charts, specific market news, etc. I’m not an expert yet, but I’m getting there.

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      I started to trade with this broker around 2 weeks ago and tried 5 trades so far.
      Actually, it was good, i’m satisfied with the service and platform. I traded on little money just to feel the trading, and all 5 trades were successful, I made totally $78. Almost nothing but i guess it is only the start.

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      Customer service has been good and the accounf was very easy to set up so not sure what all the other reviews are on about. But major problems with the platform constantly crashing. Tech guys tried to help but to no avail. Could be an issue my end with internet provider but have no problems with more basic platforms such as MT4 or java based platforms, so sorry TS, its a thumbs down from me.

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      Mike Boyd

      My friend has been working at TradeStation. I have a trading account and it’s still active but investing is more appealing to me. However, etrade has lots of solutions for day traders, position traders and long-term investors. Their web platform allows making all that stuff simultaneously. This use of platform makes me feel like a guru of financial world.

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      i hate tradestation. they dicked me around at every turn. their rules are pedantic. their service lousy. they force me to phone at some bizarre time of day by refusing to answer anything by email, and then i wait for 20 minutes paying to call the USA from australia and eventually hang up in disgust. If they ever process my funds withdrawal i will gladly give them the middle digit and wipe my hands of the bastards. oh, and they froze my account because i complained about them exercising a short option they told me they would close just before market close on the expiry date. Then they valued it at the strikes not the real prices i.e they f***ed up then ripped me off. run away as fast as you can!

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      Horrible fills…for example if your selling to close a position, youll see higher prices executing on the time and sales than what you have your limit order set for and yet your order will still not be filled….horrible!!!!

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      Am I the only one who thinks their prices and commissions are too high?

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        It’s true! Tradestation was my former broker and I left ’em just because of that. They charge for trade more than a lot of other brokers I know

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      N. Morris

      Does Tradestation have the best prices on commissions on large orders (1000-2000) or can others do better than that? Any suggestions?

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      Signed up for tradestation analytics could not download the software and they have taken multiple payments from my account. Now refusing to answer emails regarding a refund.

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      Thieves, thieves thieves = PLEASE do not deal with them. get their charts etc. but DO NOT TRADE with them. However today is getting extremely close to the straw that breaks the camels’ back. I trade currencies also and have witnessed the feed stopped numerous times. Still have the data feeding but their trading platform and charts are frozen. No lies told here. STAY CLEAR..

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      TS is fairly shitty at opening account, transferring funds, customer services, etc.
      you have to open multiple accounts for each asset class which is worse as you have to do a wire transfer or set up various ACHs. + you have to pays fees on both side of transfer. in addition, everything is done via fax and paper so there is digital trace for you.

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      Economy guardian
    • #21893 Reply

      THE WORST THING I FIND WITH THEM IS HOW THEY M A N I P U L A T E their data feed to you. Trading the S & P 500 emini today they stopped the feed for a move of 11 full points. Approximately 2:00pm they stopped the feed again during a fast market of ups and downs of 5 full points.

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      Trade Station are THIEVES of the worst kind. They charge a commission plus a spread and stick right to you. They are not competitive with reputable brokers

    • #19549 Reply

      Tradestation is a good one. Has several month experience with them and satisfied. Still keep some $ in it will merge or return there when have spare time.

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      I’m trying to find the best brokerage firm to go to. I’m interested in day trading US OTC stocks with a small account. I’m a UK resident, but I’m not a citizen here. Can I do that with tradestation without any problems?

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      Megan A

      My brother used to trade with this broker and though he wasn’t very experienced he had good earnings. He had an advisor who followed him frequently and he was very friendly and professional at the same time

    • #19554 Reply

      Having multiple brokers is good for redundancy purpose, reducing impact of broker’s bankruptcy and meeting your different trading needs (spreads, swaps etc). At this moment I’m working with Tradestation as my main broker and another one on the side. Very pleased with the service.

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      We have used TradeStation in our local Trading Group for more than a year. While reasonably satisfied with the software package for most of the time we find their graphics is much inferior to other software and their data feed highly unreliable in peak market conditions. It can cost thousands of dollars to sit in front of a frozen screen not being able to enter another order like a stop or sell order just a few seconds after an order has been placed and the market has taken off in frantic activity. If your order confirmation is not turned on (for fast execution) it can happen that those orders that did not place due to their frozen order server, go in repatedly several minutes later. Naturally you would expect a respone when you sent off the order and when nothing happens you are likely clicking again only to find no reaction. Then all those order will go in whenever their system can cope with the order flow. This specifically has happened three times within 6 months and cost us each time several thousands of USD not even counting the opportunity losses

    • #21891 Reply

      They are highly focused on marketing the platform to newcomers but not equally focused on treating customers well. Money wires are often delayed on their side and turn up very late in your account. While costing you serious amounts several times per year you will be agressively spoken to whenever your stops are only a fraction of a tick away from what they decided to be the rule for that day or who you speak with. You will be without notice locked out within seconds to 2 min and spoken to in an aggressive tone as if a criminal by staff that appears overstressed. It does not make business sense since we are talking about zero risk to TradeStation from a client that has paid over $100,000 in fees per annum at absolutely no risk to them.

    • #21889 Reply

      I would not recommend them for short term trading. This issues with GAIN listed in this thread are real. They also use fractional PIPs so you are making an automatic donation for every trade. Having said all that the Trade Station charting and system testing capabilities are excellent and if you are in for longer term trades it is well worth looking at.

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      They will trade against you, and they have the money, and obviously the right contacts,to guarantee that you will loose money. I have 14 years experience trading the stock market, and about 4 years experience trading the futures markets. I know how to build trading systems that work, but have had every system that I tried fail. You can put together the best system in the world using their software, and their broker teams will just annhilate your trades. The only way to come out ahead using tradestation is to buy and hold like a rock for the long haul, but then you will pay the monthly platform fee. I would not reccomend them to anyone for forex trading!!! And very questionable for trading stocks also!!!!

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      Poor platform, slow loading of charts, diconnects from server several times a day during heavy volumn, wide spreads (use gain capital for forex clearing house), adds commision to each trade not to mention the vairable spreads from gain capital. If you plan to trade forex only, go to a broker that uses MT4, which is a free platform, Tradestation charges $100 a month for their platform use.

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      Tradestaion have taken another payment from my bank despite a non exsistant service and confirming the subscription was cancelled. Avoid like the plague #tradestation #scam

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      data and chart functionality is simliar to every other broker. the worse part is the taxing season as TS does not provide consolidated 1099 you will have to reconcile your trades yourself and manually verfiy the data.

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      Diethelm Naumann

      Guter Makler. Großartige Unterstützung. Ausführung ist schnell. Ich bin soweit froh mit ihnen.

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      Liam M.

      They are very sensitive to critisism. If you complain about something and point out their errors, they’re rude and little explaining. Not a good customer support.

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      Nick Mellor

      Not very ‘welcoming’ to beginner traders. No demo accounts, no trading courses or webinars, and they don’t even offer an advisor to guide you on. Above-average first deposit amounts required. Definitely wouldn’t be the first choice to newbies.

    • #44180 Reply
      Patrick McNair

      I tried to go from trading options and stocks with them in trading cryptos. But they were not very supportive and explaining. I’ve got a huge amount invested with them.

      • #44179 Reply
        Francis J.

        Do they operate in EU or only in America?

        • #44181 Reply
          david hanlon

          They trade also outside the United States. You just need to provide the required documents.

    • #44182 Reply
      jasper k.

      I opened and account with them 3 months ago depositing the minimum $2000. I started trading stocks with a 1:100 leverage and I’m already in 25% of profit. I’ satisfied with their services and fees and I don’t see why some here say the commissions are high. In most of the platforms there are no commissions at all.

    • #50404 Reply
      Norbert Hill

      TradeStation broker is certainly more complete, in the sense that it operates on everything: from forex to options, raw materials … in short, everything or almost anything that can be traded.

    • #50406 Reply
      William Ross

      With Tradestation you have free Forex, you can subscribe in a modular way the subscription to the stock market and ETF, futures and / or options.

    • #50408 Reply
      Alexander Zimmer

      Ich benutze Tradestation und es gibt keine Plattformgebühr. Absolut keine, solange ich 1 oder 2 Roundtrip Trades / Woche mache. Aber ich mache ungefähr 15 oder mehr pro Woche. Mit Tradestation mag ich den Luxus, Aktiencharts wie Google, IBM, Microsoft und Goldman Sachs zu ziehen, die bestimmen, in welche Richtung mein Emini-Handel gehen soll.

    • #50422 Reply
      George Lawson

      I’m new to futures except several free trial accounts.
      Now it’s time for the next step and open a live account. Therefore I try to hold the costs low and the TradeStation offer seems perfect for me and my few roundturns.
      My approach is in the chart via Volume Profile (daily and range) and Footprint(delta).

    • #50424 Reply
      George Lawson

      I was using Tradestation few months ago but i shifted to NT an Esignal due to Datafeed problems.

    • #50426 Reply
      Charlie Fink

      I have been using Tratestation for a couple of years.
      However, I chose a different commission profile, also using a promo that existed some time ago.
      Extremely positive opinion.

    • #50428 Reply
      Harvey Benavidez

      Tradestation withdrawal fee .. Its a very sad affair. Because at the moment the maximum broker does not charge any commission for the deposit and withdraws.

    • #50430 Reply
      Ronnie McAfee

      Hi, there are many trading companies all over the world and I would not say that TradeStation is the best, but they are quite good and for sure you will feel comfortable with them.

    • #50432 Reply
      Ibérico Vega

      Vi un anuncio publicitario en las redes sociales hace aproximadamente un mes y me interesó lo que ofrecían. Me puse en contacto con ellos a través de su página web y me hizo explicar en detalle. Empecé a comerciar. Hasta aquí todo bien 🙂

    • #50434 Reply
      Elliot Bull

      TradeStation is a scam !!!! Please avoid them. They plan that analysts work with you and offer you exchanges and then, when you have enough, they give you bad business. They tell you to add more money to make up for bonuses and then do the same thing again. So in the end, stop contacting you.

    • #50436 Reply
      Annett Bach

      TradeStation sind keine aufrichtigen Makler. Diese Woche werde ich mein Konto bei ihnen schließen. Ich habe nur zwei Wochen mit ihnen verbracht.

    • #56355 Reply

      After almost a whole year of trading with TradeStacion, here is what you should know: Fast and friendly customer support, fast and easy account opening, ASIC regulated broker, fast executions, barely any slippages, fast withdrawals, fast deposits.

    • #56326 Reply
      Josh Chamberlain

      At first, I started with free forex courses, then I began to practice more on a demo account + also I received training materials from the managers of the company. Then I moved to a real account and began to receive a stable small but profitable profit.

    • #56329 Reply

      Continuate cosi per me è la migliore piattaforma che ho mai operato fino ad oggi!

    • #56331 Reply

      Non mi piacono tanto le chiacchiere ma posso dire che come broker è ottimo, sono professionali e hanno la trasparenza più che altro.

    • #56333 Reply
      Joel Sullivan

      I tried to google to see if this platform was legitimate but I cannot find note of it anywhere on the internet.

    • #56335 Reply

      Non capisco come la gente si fa ingannare da queste società. Ecco, basta entrare, informarsi e cercare più informazioni possibili per procedere poi. Grazie per questo forum che è un aiuto per tutti noi e tutti i neofiti in questo settore.

    • #56339 Reply
      Jayden Pope

      I have several open and unresolved support tickets on their site. Their website, application, and technologies are unusable: slow, poorly designed, disorganized, and sometimes just don’t work.

    • #56345 Reply

      Qualcuno mi può aiutare a darmi una strategia per le cripto valute? Quale delle cripto è più stabile al momento?

    • #56350 Reply

      Mi saprete dire qual’è la somma ideale che devo investire per attivare un conto con questa società?

    • #56353 Reply

      Faccio trading con loro da febbraio e sono in positivo fino ad ora. Opero su tron, etherium stellar ma soprattutto btc!

    • #57553 Reply

      This is an economical way to trade stocks. I have had excellent support when I have called staff for assistance. I have used this company for years and have no plans to change brokers.

    • #57842 Reply

      Tradestation charge withdraw fee ..Its very sorrow matter .because in now maximum broker do not charge any fee for deposit & withdraw

    • #57844 Reply

      Ciao, Volevo sapere se con questo Broker si possono ritirare i soldi e in quanto tempo?

    • #57846 Reply

      This is scam broker, stay away from them, Closed your position no reason , it happen before,Have contact the office they said they will investigation, but over a month still no respond.

    • #58303 Reply

      Tradestation is an amazing tool! I’ve been trading on this app for 2 years. They enable inexperienced traders like myself to begin trading and learning without charging me a fortune in trading fees. The interface is very easy to use and is helpful in keeping track of all your investments. I highly recommend this product.

    • #58735 Reply

      As for me, I prefer to work with several brokers. Last few years tradestation is invariably included in this list. Any1coin platform provides me a very fast order execution and there is no requotes. I have never had problems with withdrawals while I working with them. Customer support is also good. Recommend them.

    • #58973 Reply

      Except from the spread they charge $25 fees just to withdraw your funds. Also the withdrawal request takes too long to be added in your card.

    • #59110 Reply

      Hallo, ich bin auch betrogen worden und hab sehr viel Geld verloren. Gibt es eine Sammelklage? Wer kann mir weiterhelfen?

    • #59446 Reply

      One of the all time worst customer service. No phone numbers for customers. Takes days for them to reply via website email. I have debit card that has been compromised and luck I was able to lock the card. Waiting for a response.

    • #59716 Reply

      Tradestation è una piattaforma di trading molto seria , poi è normale il trading è rischioso ma si può anche guadagnare molto.

      Se non siete del campo vi consiglio di copiare gente che farà il lavoro per voi.

    • #59845 Reply

      E’ sicuro da usare con la metatrader? accetta lo scalping?

    • #59923 Reply

      Hola al principio pequeñas ganancias, luego empezaron a hacer operaciones absurdas siempre contra el mercado, moraleja de la historia unos 4000 € quemados en dos días,

    • #60065 Reply

      Tradestation ist kein Betrugsunternehmen, aber es ist sehr unprofessionell. Die Schulungsunterlagen sind sehr schlecht. Der Account Manager drängt mich immer, mehr Geld auf das Konto zu legen.

    • #60146 Reply

      Ciao a tutti. Ho aperto una piatta in demo con tradestation, mi sono accorto che oltre allo spread ci sono costi alti, circa 18 o 36 USD. Ma è normale? Inoltre sto valutando le demo di Oanda e Swissquote. Cosa mi dite?

    • #60389 Reply

      Supporto rapido e chiaro, ho risolto il problema immediatamente, grazie mille

    • #60531 Reply

      Not satisfied. Keeps micro customer in loss. Slow process of transferring funds.

    • #60779 Reply

      I wanted to say how grateful I am for Ally, I am barely getting any hours at work now and tradestation now offered deferred payments because of all this horrible chaos. I am so so grateful because I really need to worry about my kids and making sure they are fine and this is definitely one less stress until my work hours pick up again. So thank you sooo much!

    • #61123 Reply

      Ich liebe einfach Ihre Transparenz, niedrigere Transaktionskosten und Ihre erstaunlichen Handelsplattformen.

    • #61320 Reply

      Really tradestation it’s a good company:good support,awsome services,good plateforms I’m really so happy to be client of tradestation

    • #61322 Reply

      Tradestation es un excelente corredor con buenos servicios. Estoy con ellos durante casi 2 años y hasta ahora no tengo una mala frase que decir. Tienen un sitio web muy completo y el equipo de soporte está en un nivel muy alto. Las plataformas de negociación son convenientes y las herramientas son increíblemente útiles. Ejecución rápida de órdenes y sin retrasos con retirada de beneficios. Además cuentan con abundante base de materiales educativos

    • #61486 Reply

      very simple platform to use and view , thumbs up from me .

    • #61587 Reply

      Guadagnare velocemente non è mai stato facile e affidabile con questi economici Poi mi sono fatto salire su octafx, questo sito è stato molto utile ed è stato fantastico aiutarmi continuamente.

    • #61841 Reply
      Dimitar Pashovski

      Il mio ritiro è stato posticipato, in attesa di risposta via email. Non mi è stata inviata alcuna email. Il mio account è verificato. Ho inviato un’e-mail al servizio clienti e ho ricevuto una risposta automatica che mi informava che avrei dovuto ricevere una risposta entro 7 giorni.

      Ridammi i miei soldi.

    • #62001 Reply

      I was very confused and used my card number instead of my bank account number when I tried to withdraw funds. I was very nervous and in a very calm manner Raphael solved my problem immediately. Raphael help me to reversed my request. He is the best. The best customer service I did receive in a very long time. Please give him an increase.
      Kind Regards

    • #62132 Reply

      I joined this brokerage recently, as one of my mates suggested me that company. The registration proccess was quite fast, it took around 20 minutes and my acc was ready for trading. I have several questions and ForexTB support was polite to answer all of them in the most clear way. I decided to start with small amount and then increase it, if brokerage would be great.
      After 2 weeks of trading, I’m 100% satisfied, so I added $5,000 for my depo.
      I can’t say that’s the best brokerage, but it worth attention, at least it’s better than my prev. company.

    • #64145 Reply

      Gut gemacht

      Ich bin bei meiner Suche nach einer aktiven Handelsanwendung auf Ihre Plattform gestoßen.
      Sie haben eine Gruppe mit leidenschaftlichen und erfahrenen Fachleuten formuliert, die das Interesse der Interessenten als ernsthafte Angelegenheit betrachten.

    • #67992 Reply

      I started working with tradestation more than half a year ago. This time was enough for me to fully get used to a brokerage, its work and of course trading conditions. It’s easy enough to work with a broker with a minimum of problems.

    • #68120 Reply

      Lavorano contro di te per farti perdere i tuoi soldi con un gruppo dirigente molto povero.

      La loro squadra era al 100% responsabile di farmi perdere $ 39652 e ho prove e prove

    • #68270 Reply

      OMG this is a big scam! I lost so much… never again!

    • #68381 Reply

      Ich habe Anfang Dezember ein Konto bei eToro UK eröffnet und am 7. Dezember 1000 GBP eingezahlt. Die Website gibt an, dass der Betrag in meinem eToro-Konto zwischen 4 und 7 (Arbeits-) Tagen angezeigt wird. Es ist jetzt 15 Tage her und der Betrag wurde noch nicht berücksichtigt. Ich habe ein Kundenservice-Ticket ausgestellt, das ohne Lösung geschlossen wurde. Ich habe mehrere Male ohne Antwort nachverfolgt. Es ist beängstigend, dass mein Betrag feststeckt und keine Hilfe in Sicht ist. Ich möchte mich von Investitionen in diese Plattform fernhalten.

    • #69534 Reply

      I have only praise for tradestation. They process my withdrawals quickly and efficiently, their customer service is always ready to assist you and is available 24/5, they have trading platform versions for both desktop computers and mobile devices and the server connection is excellent. The broker constantly organizes totally free educational webinars and through them I was able to learn a lot about trading and the market in general and further develop my skills as a trader. And last but not least they have small spreads and very fast order execution. I couldn’t be more pleased with this broker.

    • #69658 Reply

      Manca una stella, perche credo che la piattaforma puo migliorare principalmente nella navigazione, per me una scuola dove ancora si impara ogni giorno.
      Disciplina e resistenza.

    • #73003 Reply

      Dies ist der schlechteste Broker, den ich je benutzt habe. Ich kann nicht einmal die Aktien sehen, die ich besitze, oder die Barguthaben. Die Gebühren sind enorm, zehnmal so hoch wie bei anderen Maklern. Absolut schrecklich

    • #73129 Reply

      I had more than enough in my account with no open trades and they placed fake trades to make my account zero and steal my money. $50k.The withdrawal I had submitted before that (and received a mail from them) even just disappeared from my dashboard.

    • #75836 Reply

      The website is beyond clunky and I am unable to set normal trade orders. As a result, have lost a lot of $$$. Additionally, don’t expect to get your money out easily or quickly as I have been trying for over a month now and customer service is non-existent….

    • #75906 Reply

      Faccio trading con questo broker da quasi un anno e ho ottenuto un reddito mensile davvero buono. L’unico motivo per cui do loro 4 stelle è perché a volte il ritiro richiede alcuni giorni.

    • #75988 Reply

      hat am 5. Januar eine Überweisung von 5000 US-Dollar an TradeStation gesendet und sie ist noch nicht auf meinem Konto !! Diese Leute sind Diebe. Geld verschwindet nicht einfach und wartet immer noch darauf, 3 Wochen und nichts zu hören. Ekelhafte Gesellschaft gehen an einen zuverlässigeren Ort.

    • #76078 Reply

      I found the platform to be very good providing an excellent trading experiance.

    • #76196 Reply

      Closing GME position and let only people sell, but we HOLD!

    • #76264 Reply

      Reclamado verificado pero luego bloquea las operaciones que dicen no verificado, permitirá la compra de criptografía pero no de acciones. Astuto.

    • #76330 Reply

      Illegally stopping stoploss. Use other company

    • #76411 Reply

      it been pain from few days. tradestation always crash when there is best time to sell or buy. definitely do not recommend to intraday. u can lose ur money big time.

    • #76635 Reply

      No complaints after 7 months. Their platform is far smoother than any of the others i tried too..

    • #76713 Reply

      The App is really easy to use with a lot of information and resources to help you trade.

    • #76849 Reply

      Mi ci trovo bene.
      Per ora utilizzo un conto demo, ma appena avrò un po’ più tempo per dedicarmici, aprirò un piccolo conto reale.

    • #77399 Reply

      Excellent customer service. Very user friendly app.

    • #77686 Reply

      It would be awesome if we could trade at thalf hour of the premarket and have access to all us stocks. Nevertheless i am very pleased with tradestation especially when i learned about the tradestation debit card.

    • #78159 Reply

      Great platform with diverse set of instruments. Copy cats for starters and harvest for experienced! Well done and keep up the good work!

    • #78398 Reply

      Very good and friendly interface. Seamless experience

    • #79909 Reply

      its very easy to navigate. I love the fact that they have been paying me well, the payout is timely, and customer service is superb.

    • #80055 Reply

      Thanks to those that wrote reviews, I am going to open an account with them this evening and by reading the reviews i know what to expect. Thanks again to everyone taking the time to write up them.

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