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With over 3,500,000 clients since it was founded in 2009, XM has grown to a large and well established international investment firm and has become a true industry leader.

XM is currently built of more than 450 professionals with long-year experience in the financial industry. Our extensive experience combined with support for well over 30 languages, makes XM the broker of choice for traders of all levels, anywhere.

We have the expertise and the resources to help everybody realize their investment goals, like only a big broker can.

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      Economy guardian
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      Μην ξεγελιέστε από τις προσφορές XM! Αυτά είναι όλα για διαφημιστικούς σκοπούς. Άνοιξα έναν ζωντανό λογαριασμό για πρώτη φορά, αλλά δεν έλαβα τα $ 30. Είπαν ότι είχατε λογαριασμό πριν.

      Διαβάστε πρώτα τους όρους και τις προϋποθέσεις τους! λένε ότι θα σας δώσουμε% 50 στην κατάθεσή σας, αλλά αν αποσύρετε οποιοδήποτε ποσό από τον λογαριασμό σας, όλα τα μπόνους ακόμη και τα προηγούμενα θα ακυρωθούν αμέσως. Αυτό σημαίνει, μπορείτε να καταθέσετε, μπορείτε να κερδίσετε κέρδος, αλλά δεν μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε τα χρήματά σας, Είναι δικά μας

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      I would say that this is the best broker but sometimes its variable spreads can suddenly become high! Though, it should be mentioned that at average they are really tight. I am trading on standard account. For example the highest average for EURO/RUB is about 0.5 here. I can get the best prices by applying fractional pip pricing with 5 digits. There are really no requotes, no commissions and no hidden costs. I feel relaxed here because I do not expect any unpleasant tricks with order execution or slippage as it can be with other brokers. Sometimes I turn to expert advisor trading. It is rather reliable and reasonable, makes profit for me. I like forex world championship here hold every month. I took part in it once but couldn’t win $50.000. Perhaps I should try again to get to the final round with the prize money amounting to $500.000.

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      You know, I am trading within several brokers so this one is not better or worse compared to the others. Of course to succeed one should be experienced and stay informed of the events influencing the prices but still the options and trading conditions of a broker do matter. So, depositing is quite easy here. Though, you can have some delays in withdrawing and the process itself is rather complicated. The support is not helpful. Perhaps, only beginners can turn to them. I’ve heard that this broker changes its name and that is not a good sign. And the spreads can be high

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      Sono da molto tempo con XM e sul mio conto IB ci sono più di 500 trader, parlo con loro sul mio Facebook, mi dimostrano che ci sono scambi, ma la mia commissione si riduce drasticamente. XM ha un modo per bloccare la maggior parte dei trader sul mio conto IB, in modo che non riceva commissioni, solo una piccola quantità. non consiglio XM. I ragazzi scelgono HYCM.

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      Ich bin so nicht beeindruckt von XM, die Spreads sind sehr hoch, sie schaffen falsche Lücken, Geld verschwindet von Ihrem Konto und schließt Trades ohne Grund.

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      Don’t be fooled by this broker they scam people. Am speaking from what they did to me. I made enough profit from them after that they took it all.

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      Worst customer service waiting for two days for wothdraw and still pending

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      They are crooks, they know how to make your profits to turn up very slow and they move your pending orders so that you can only have losses. They only wanna benefit and take our money. My accounts have all blown because of them moving my pending orders! Be very careful when signing up with them. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone at all.

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        Wow! This is exactly what they are doing , I even emailed them and they pretend not understand what my issue is about

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      Durch die Eröffnung eines Handelskontos bei XM können Sie fast alle wichtigen am Markt vorhandenen finanziellen Vermögenswerte handeln. Willst du Verträge für Rohstoffe, zum Beispiel Öl? Bitte schön! Bevorzugen Sie Gold oder andere Edelmetalle? Sie können sie handeln! Es gibt Anteile internationaler Emittenten von den meisten Weltbörsen. Ich habe mich für XM entschieden, weil sie von mehreren großen Regulierungsbehörden reguliert werden. Vor allem bin ich froh, dass sie mir stetig Gewinne einbringen, sie ziehen sehr schnell Geld auf die Karte ab. Ich benutze MetaTrader5. Es gibt kleine Fehler, aber nicht kritisch, ich ziehe den Gewinn regelmäßig ab.

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      I was trading Gold spot meta5, I opened buy but the price goes down 1547. I checked the chart of other broker’s chart, the price was 1558 .how is it possible? I think they are not Even connected to forex.

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      I’ve been in the game for 3 years and I used to think trading was a scam but I never gave up. I used to believe every negative theory out there. I took some time off and got knowledge. All that negative chat is nonsense.

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      Sono un trader di questo broker ma non capisco di questo broker perché quando scambio una notizia prendono il mio profitto e il mio capitale è tornato alla fonte che tipo di broker è questo che ha manipolato i tuoi soldi.  XM non è un buon broker

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      I registered an mt4 demo account but when I logged into the trading platform it dates “2013” instead of “2020” . Help please

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      Most of you guys are probably noobs, complaining about spreads. If you’re actually experienced, you’d know that the smaller your time period on a chart, the higher your spreads will be. This ain’t a scam, that’s how it is with all brokers and platforms. The only reason people say forex is a scam is cause they’re inexperienced and lose money due to their own lack of knowledge.

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      So che è così divertente leggere tutte queste comunicazioni negative solo perché sono niubbi. E ovviamente non leggere le condizioni quando si fa trading con un bonus o un credito di 30 usd. XM è legittimo, l’unico problema è l’utente.

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      Deposited my money in… and when i loged in my mt4 it said authorization failed. I couldn’t be able to withdraw my money back. they only take from us.

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        The same is happening with me. They are a bunch of thiefs and corrupt as they can be.

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      xm nicht gut. Manipulation verbreiten. groß verloren auf xm.

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        I’m confused which broker is perfect then guys?

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        which broker is good? cause almost all brokers if I check there review I see conplaints

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      andrea D’santos

      ¿Entonces Xm ya no permite que la gente retire sus ganancias? Deposita una cierta cantidad de dinero, comercia y obtiene ganancias. Todo lo que le permiten retirar es lo que ha depositado. Esto no tiene sentido.

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      My mentor advised that we should open Xm bonus account so that we can experience live trading. I was honest with them that I am a beginner, but that does not mean I can’t notice spread manipulation,pending being moved. Each time I’m on profit spread increases like crazy. If you are a beginner like me 70% chance U won’t make it. I glad I did not deposit any money

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      Absolutely ridiculous spread. Stay away from this broker.

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      How does a pending order disappear out of the blue?

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      I have been working with XM for a little more than six months. Of course, while I am trading in very small volumes, everything is going on more than well and the broker is showing himself quite adequately and decently. Under the terms, everything is super, without special restrictions, a lot of platforms and tools to choose from. All that I withdrew came to the account the same day. And I heard from others that they haven’t any problems with withdrawal. In general, at the moment I am satisfied and there are no special complaints.

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      XM es una estafa, ganan un botín con diferenciales. Recuperar el dinero cuesta 25 $. Hace que la inversión y el trading intradía parezcan fáciles, lo que no es así. ¡Huir!

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      chriss wu

      This site is NOT reliable lol. I’d suggest keeping your distance.

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      Hice una solicitud de retiro hace 14 días, pero aún no hay comentarios. El chat en vivo es muy genérico y no proporcionará ninguna información más que mi cuenta está siendo investigada.

      Sin correos electrónicos o avisos, simplemente están reteniendo mi dinero.

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      Un broker di tutto rispetto. Ho fatto una recensione su XM dove l’ho analizzata in profondità. Invito gli utenti alla lettura prima di registrarsi.

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      Ich bestätige, dass dieser Broker nicht sauber ist. Er wurde von vielen einführenden Maklerlisten abgelehnt, weil er seine fälligen Provisionen nicht bezahlt hatte.
      Besser nach einem anderen suchen …

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      As a beginner, the way it operates does not seem bad, although I don’t like opening many positions, but reading the various posts here on the site the dynamics are more or less similar to other experiences … negative … He wants to take me out of currencies and go to raw materials, but says it takes more investment. From this point of view it is very pressing and this thing stresses me. I just left, I don’t know a bat. I do not think they are regulated and this stops me from going further, if tomorrow they close everything or no longer answer the phone?

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      Finally they opened my account, I paid in my small capital and I should be operational from tomorrow.

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      Ho inviato i documenti la settimana scorsa e non mi è mai arrivata la conferma! Ora rischio il congelamento del conto e la perdita dei soldi

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      great apps, and very good graphic position interface, easy to do trade for started

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      This is the worst broker I have ever used. I can´t even see the shares I own or the cash balances. The charges are huge, ten times what I pay at other brokers. Absolutely awful

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      have never made a late payment, they made a mistake on there end that says i missed a payment they admit it is their mistake but don’t no how to fix it. meanwhile i am getting negative reports on my credit which jumped up my insurance rate and is giving me all kinds of problems they say it may take up to 45 days to fix but it has already been over 90 days what a bunch of low life lairs.

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      Es ist ein guter Kundenservice, sie sind immer bereit zu helfen und zu versuchen, die besten Optionen für uns zu geben, um eine Lösung für jedes Problem zu finden, das wir haben könnten.

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      Very careful guys they reported to the tax office.
      if you’re using any types of income support be careful, cos they reported to the government you will get headache with the tax man.

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      Mejor Broker … bajo spread, mejor servicio al cliente y recibe sus retiros a tiempo … etc.

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      On the fifth of march, I lost an immense entirety of funds to this company. I was sure the issue wasn’t from my end since I had guaranteed setting my stop loss before I put the trade. However, when I woke up the next day, I found my trade had surpassed “Stop loss” and all my cash was no more.
      Promptly, I kept in touch with the help group and they affirmed they couldn’t take care of business.

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      Ho provato a creare un account Tradestation da febbraio. Ho impiegato più di 40 ore per farlo. In primo luogo, l’impressione potrebbe sembrare un servizio clienti decente, ma finiscono per rimbalzarti tra i diversi reparti. Mi hanno rubato 130 dollari più il tempo, soprattutto.

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      Adoro questa piattaforma di trading!
      Ho molta esperienza con questa piattaforma, è così interessante. Adoro il copy trading e il supporto che offrono

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      Ellen was very very very helpful to me. I dont know a lot with regard to setting up my platform and she was of such great assistance and very patient. Very great customer service so far. May she be blessed in everything.

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      I was trying this broker for five months and it suits me.
      Before I joined the broker I heard a lot about its cTrader platform. However, once I tried it, I realized that I would better continue using my tried and tested Metatrader 4. I’m a huge fan of this platform. I tried cTrader. All I can say that it’s very sleek and intuitive. I don’t need its depth of the market feature because it confuses me rather than helps me.

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      5 Sterne

      Die Person, mit der ich gesprochen habe, war sehr höflich.

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      XM is the first broker that introduced cTrader to me. Earlier I was convinced that it was impossible to create anything better than Metatraders in terms of functionality. I was wrong. cTrader gives a more detailed picture of the market. It’s ensured by a richer arsenal of tools. For example, you can use more timeframes than in Metatrader.

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      Male Male Malissimo!!!
      Se vi balena l’idea di provare questo broker cambiate idea prima di lasciarci soldi anche voi!!
      Non dite che non vi avevo avvertito!!

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      Taken 3 months to return my crypto after closing my account 3 MONTHS. And I STILL haven’t received it. Pls don’t sign up with these guys unless you’re going to live forever, they are slow. Really slow.

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      Leider ist ihre “soziale Plattform” in vielerlei Hinsicht fehlerhaft. Likes und Kommentare verschwinden, Personen, die Sie hinzufügen oder die Sie zu ihrer Beobachtungsliste hinzufügen, verschwinden und selbst wenn Sie versuchen, Ihren eigenen Beitrag zu mögen / zu kommentieren, wird der Kommentar 9/10 Mal nicht angezeigt.
      Diese Fehler sind sehr frustrierend und ich hoffe, xm kümmert sich bald um sie.

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      i had a previous issue with actually withdrawing my funds in my account during november and it took them nearly a month to eventually give me the funds. I was shocked to find that they had sent less then i had made by £50. its taken a further month and I have had to actually explain how much i am owed by doing my own research to get a response saying we will move this on to the finance department. i haven’t heard from them in a week. This company couldn’t care less about whether they get your money back or not and no care if you are in a urgent situation. Stay clear, would have a better chance making money from selling mud then you would with this joke of a company.

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      If you are looking for a proffessional brockerage then think oppenning an account at xm.

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      Salve ho fatto un prelievo il 17 dicembre 2020 ad oggi non ho ancora ricevuto niente
      . Sono passati la bellezza di 15 giorni!.. ho mandato varie email con nessuna risposta.. mi potete fare sapere dove sono finiti i miei soldi? Forse non ha capito io ho allegati i miei estratti conti via email.. non so il quale conto siano stati mandati i soldi.

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      Instabile Handelsplattform, die bei starkem Verkehr abstürzt. Der Kundenservice ist inkompetent und kann Beschwerden nicht bearbeiten. Gute Preise im Vergleich zu anderen Schweizer Banken.

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      Etoro have kept £16,000 from me since I did a faster payment bank transfer to their UK Coutts bank on January 8th. Its now the 18th ten days later and I have never seen my funds again. the £16,000 didn’t even get to my wallet, its literally gone missing. I have sent xm around 23 support tickets screaming for my funds back.
      I have had one email back stating they would transfer my funds back like I have requested but the funds have never been sent and this email came 5 days after I transferred them.

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      They changed their method of verification. They don’t do email anymore. You can’t call them. They only send canned texts. You can’t resolve anything. My account is on hold, I can’t access it. Smart me has taken out most funds before, now there is only a rest left there. Otherwise: Meltdown, Catastrophe .. No seriously, these people are incompetent. Don’t give them (much) money!

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      Ho inviato un bonifico di $ 15.000 a XM l’8 gennaio e non è ancora riportato nel mio account. Più preoccupante è che l’assistenza clienti non risponde completamente. Sono convinto che questa piattaforma sia una truffa e nessuno dovrebbe usarla. Considera altri come Coinbase e Gemini.

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      Alles ist schön und gut, bis die Zeit gekommen ist, sich zurückzuziehen. Ich habe etwas mehr als 8.000 verloren, weil ich mit verdammter Gesellschaft zu tun hatte.

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      They closed my profitable GME positions four hours after market close, and backdated the closure. I guess they kept my stocks and just paid me out for whatever they thought it’s worth. Blatant theft of a couple thousand.

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      XM blocked all other trading options except closing your position on GME thereby trying to bring the price down and participating to the market manipulation on 28.1.2020

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      Confiabilidad terrible. Atención al cliente inexistente. Con mucho gusto aceptarán cualquier dinero que deposite, pero inventarán todo tipo de obstáculos cuando intente hacer un retiro. Evite estos cabrones a toda costa.

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      Simply robbers taking advantage and no way you would get anything once take from you

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      Have had really good experiences while trading CFD, very easy to use app.

    • #76619 Reply

      Some minor issues like most platforms but overall good trading experiance

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      To be honest, this is not for you if you’re looking to get rich fast. Trading takes patience, don’t believe anyone who tells you anything different.

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      Omar Squalli

      The only good thing about it is the interface.
      Other than that, they are a band of scammers, platform is always down in critical moments. At these moment, they do not let you open/close trade or adjust your TP/SL. The only thing that you can be sure of is that they do not care about people they care only about getting your money.

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      It’s an easy app, reliable, and very interactive, I just hope they offer more webinars from top traders!

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      I have registered with xm 4 weeks ago and invested $1,000. My account was under review and they asked for proof of address. I submitted a utility bill that was rejected, then submitted a letter from my employer but never got any feedback from them. Out of sudden, they liquated all my investments a week ago and started a withdrawal process, which I haven’t approved neither was informed about.

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      Sie haben ihre Kundenerfahrung wirklich verbessert, aber ich hatte in der Vergangenheit Probleme mit meinen Investitionen und habe einen guten Anwalt von Global Reclaim ai .co bekommen, der mir bei der Bearbeitung meines Falls hilft und alles zurückbekommt, was ich investiert habe.

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      owen goodwin

      Great Customer service and easy to use platform.thank you very much

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      Would like to have more companies to trade and options for calls and puts

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      jason l.lester

      When I say digital assets I mean crypto. More currencies.
      Platform is very nice.

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      it seems legit, im just trying and we will see later what happens 🙂

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      Derek Vito

      The BEST for transparency! Would recommend to anyone.

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